Friday, February 11, 2011

A Little Something Extra

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  1. Fiirst?

  2. Yey! These are boring. #2 is slightly disturbing. Lesbian bestiality?

  3. Really, Dawn? Really?

  4. i imagine dawn has had a lot of awkward conversations with her friends after that one. maybe she can hook up with that kid from the post a long long time ago that bragged about his love of beastiality.

  5. dawn meet kizoka, kizoka meet dawn.

    i bet they’d have the happiest pets in town.

  6. Reuse a condom? Gross.

  7. MsBuzz, it’s for THE ENVIRONMENT. I bet you’re against menstrual cups too.

    So am I.

  8. Some of you guys might not want it, but I want more details about Dawn’s love life.

    I’m no condom expert, but I imagine it’d be pretty damned difficult, if not impossible, to get one of those bitches back on once it’s been unrolled.

  9. I’d like for you to try, word.

  10. The food pyramid does need to change. Boob juice and vagitables are gross. I don’t mind dabbling with some fruit’s meat and nuts, but a burly cock is the only way I feel filled up.

  11. 32 of her whore friends likes that status in just 18 hours? “We’re there, dude.”

  12. Hawkbit, crawl quickly back under your stone. We don’t need your kind of insulting people here in the real world.

  13. God Allison stop bragging will you. You’re making me feel guilty.

  14. Word,
    I was once hooking up with a guy, and he pulled out a condom. I asked him if he wanted me to put it on, and he said no, he’s got it..
    And proceeded to unroll it, then attempt to put it on.
    It didn’t work.

  15. Yeah so you guys didn’t know this? I just found out really recently that if your cat is in heat… a temporary fix is to masturbate it when a Q-tip. I’m not even lying. I wish I were. So then I Youtubed “q-tip cat” and you’d be amazed at the number of videos there are.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go vomit. Shit like that really grosses me out. I even have a big problem looking at a dog with a boner.

  16. with*. with a q-tip.

  17. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    ijkl0marissa the entertainment value of that story must have been greater than the actual sex.

    Lulz I thought that was common knowledge. Does anyone here not know the cat and Q-tip thing?

  18. the youngest, I used to have to jerk-off our German Shepherd to keep him from killing the neighbor’s kids. His name was Walter.

  19. I don’t like my chances, mass, but I’d give it a go due to it apparently being good for the environment and all.

    ijklomarissa, was it that numbskull’s first time using a condom, or having actual sex? Either way, a big passion-killer for you. And it’s probably safe to assume it didn’t work out between the two of you.

    Lulzy, I wanted more info about Dawn and her sexcapades with her kitty, and you delivered. Thanks. And of course I checked out a few of those vids. I know you say that stuff grosses you out, and by God, some of the owners of those pussies are pretty fucking freaky, but holy hell, those cats really seem to be enjoying themselves. Their orgasms last a long time, by the looks. I know what I want to come back as after I die.

  20. I’d be very good for your environment, word.

    *condom free since ’83*

  21. hey word, seriously you dont want to come back as cat… The male cats penis has small barbs on it so the sex would kinda hurt

  22. Dukey, unless one owns an unspayed pussy, how would one know about kinky stuff like that? I don’t like cats, anyway. I’m a dog lover.

    mass, I don’t know what to say to that. I’m a little shaken at the moment.

    noodles, from what I saw on one of those vids, the girl cats don’t seem to mind in the slightest.

  23. I creeped out by cat owners, now I have a reason why.

    mass how many kids do you have?

  24. *I’m

  25. No, I didn’t know about fucking a cat with a q-tip. *shudders*

    And Wordy, I did notice that the cat seems to be feeling SUPER good whilest having an orgasm. A full minute and a half of rolling around all crazy-like.

  26. @saffer .. define ‘do you have’.

  27. Wow. I just dropped by to see what was happening, and was not disappointed. Horrified, but not disappointed! Plus, I have never been so happy that all my animals are spayed, so thanks for that.

    Incidentally, noodles, doggie dicks have barbs too. I think lots of animals do; another dirty trick of mother nature to help ensure species survival.

  28. *those you acknowledge, those you know of, those that haven’t been disproved in any court of law yet, and any strange calls/ letters from anybody 27 and under in the past years.

  29. Totally, Lulzy, that’s what I’m saying. And I don’t care if you guys think I’m a sicko, but I got sort of turned on watching those two cats get it on. The female cat went nuts when she came. No wonder cats want to get out and roam the streets. They’re all looking to get laid, and now I can see why.

  30. …oh 8.

  31. sometimes you people worry me…

  32. …fuck noodles, you should come to the meeting.

  33. time and date?

  34. 7:00 pm .. every Tuesday. Clothing optional.

  35. sounds like fun ;)

  36. Who says you don’t learn something new every day? I just learned how to pleasure a cat. You never know when this information will come in handy. Thanks, lamebook!

  37. you also learned that nature is very cruel and handed out barbed dicks to some unfortunate animals…

  38. Humans can have barbed dicks, too. I will never make a homemade cockring for my boyfriend again.

  39. Ok, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that last comment. He wasn’t my boyfriend.

  40. lol! Actually i bought a vibrating ring for my bf we used it the first time we had sex. it was probably about 1 inch wide and stretchy. It was to big for him… He isnt my boyfriend anymore…

  41. noodles, you said you wouldn’t tell! If you weren’t such a size queen, and gave me a little more than a cursory scan, my pencil dick would have eventually filled all the right spots.

  42. well i wasnt going to name you but you screwed that idea… I dont think i had any holes that small seriously

  43. have* forgive me its late…

  44. I went to YouTube intending to look up the cat videos but I somehow got distracted by videos of women breastfeeding. Some things just aren’t meant to be.

  45. By the way, Lamebook, I’ve made good on my promise and have watched all the available episodes of Jersey Shore. Can you stop blocking most of my comments now, you cocksuckers?

  46. The quicker a condom can come on, the better. Inept fumbling or an unrolled condom and it’s like you’re trying to squeeze toothpaste back into the tube.

    My first boyfriend did the unrolled condom thing. Like marissa, it didn’t work. I should have taken that as a hint that the sex would be inept, but I did not.

  47. morrigan i know what you mean… Ive gone out with a guy that was literally a 2 stroke… That kinda sucked. When he was done i was like, is that it? Seriously?

  48. I had a 2 stroke once, it was a YZ250 … pretty hairy ride. You should look into one, noodles .. or call me. I also had a 440 Intruder but we can talk about that.

  49. I have a 2 stroke now. It’s a Victa. If anybody wants to take it for a spin around my property I’d be more than happy to oblige.

  50. … sweet, you still at the same place Walter .. I’d love to jump a termite hill on a Victa.

  51. late reply, mass #30.

    8 is a smaller number than I expected you must be good at taking care of things or just in one very long relationship. I was going to say never trust a woman that says she’s on the pill (very few of us are not broody), but hey, 8 isn’t bad.

    Noodles #47, that doesn’t ‘kinda suck’ it SUCKS. please tell me you’re kidding?

    Boy do I feel so happy with life suddenly not knowing any 2- stroke guys, or cats in heat, thank you lamebook’s comments section. Thank you.

  52. Yes, I love them so, saffer … Cindy, Bobby, Peter, Marcia, Greg, Sam, Jan and Alice.

  53. @50, *crush, ant, behind.


  54. Paint_my_nails_please

    Shut it, jr888.

    Enjoy your visit, Hawkbit.

    For the record, my cats are spayed and my condoms are eternally rolled.

  55. @jr888 Actually, in the real world, people are as insulting as hell. Get over yourself.

  56. @saffer. I wish i was kidding…

  57. I have officially read every Lamebook Entry from the first one on page 686 page 1 as of 2/13/2011

    I am a fucking loser!

  58. to*

    I am a fucking loser who can’t type to save my life

  59. .


  60. repoed now try fmylife. Com

  61. that ^ was a win, noodles : )

  62. It’s Valentines Day and I am reading about how to get cats in heat off, the perils of putting a condom on and two strokes, truly a momentous day.

  63. Frigging off a cat with a Q-tip is actually a practical joke that I have played upon the world via the medium of You-Tube and pretend vets.

    It follows its’ less successful predecessors, frigging off a pussy with a rolling pin and wanking off a kitty with a milk bottle.

  64. repoed2, I have read all them plus the cooments. I am the fuck king! Just kidding.

  65. I’ll let Allison use Foodstamps.

  66. I’m willing to bet that Alison and all 29 of her slutty friends are fat. The association between penis and food is not a good one.

  67. Noodles, on behalf of men everywhere, you have have our apologies for the two-pump-chump. You are owed extra strokes, and I’m sure many of our representatives can handle your request.

  68. #62 I agree, putting on a condom after 2 strokes is not an easy task.

  69. doctorchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    What I want to know is; has Allison had one huge portion or five medium sized portion?

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