Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Little Sick

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  1. Scott ftw :)

  2. I’ll bite.

  3. Thinking I’m going to regret asking.

  4. I don’t know either

  5. #5 is a quote from The Oatmeal, just fyi.

  6. I looked it up on urban dictionary ‘giving a blowjob to someone while thru ate defaecating’

  7. *they are defaecating

  8. I know Nick is probably joking, but I want to slice his fucking tongue off anyway.
    Dicks as hard as prosthetics… I’ll take one of those any time.

  9. I laughed at Scott’s comment.

    Blumpkins? Ok…

  10. nick’s joke would only be funny if he knew that the kid was ok. otherwise he can suck it

  11. Nick is the ultimate hipster.

  12. The 1st one reminded me of a (true) story, a friends uncle is a dr, a patient went after getting his hiv results, the dr asked how it came out and the patient said good, they were positive! Terrible, I know, but it really did happen.

  13. Jayem, I’m calling bullshit. First, if your friend’s uncle really is a doctor, he needs to have his license revoked for violating patient-doctor confidentiality, regardless of how vague it was. And second, the ambiguity of it all just reeks of ‘I picked this up somewhere and reeeeally want to pass it off as mine, because I soooo need everyone to realize that THIS DID HAPPEN.’ You know. A friend of a friend of an idiot.

  14. You are allowed to tell vague stories if there are no identifiers, otherwise you could never talk about work, people need to talk about work.

  15. @dilysin: “while thru ate” hahaha love it!

  16. I gotta say, I’m not a fan of the blumpkin. I usually like to work the prostate when I’m blowing a dude, and the logistics of the shituation make for a poor performance.

  17. I know I should read what I am typing, as clearly I am not very good.

    I would have cut and pasted, but urband dictionary mispelt defaecating..

  18. Soup for the win with ‘shituation’.

    And dilysin, ‘defecating’ is how you spell it in the US, so not technically.

  19. They spelt it deficating

  20. Urband dictionary.. I should give up now :)

  21. I”m all about new and exciting ways to spice things up, but a blumpkin. So not going there.

  22. blumpkin – The delicately balanced art of getting your cock sucked while taking a dump.

  23. i definitely had to urban dictionary blumpkin. wow.

  24. its one of those things you wish you didnt learn today, I mean, i was happy in my ignorance

  25. I googled it to find the meaning – yea! to free exchange of information!! I’m gonna try to use blumpkin at least once a day in my vocabulary to increase my intellectual IQ.

  26. The first one had me laughing so hard I had to call my mom & share it with her (minus the potty word). She was cracking up.

  27. @Andrizzle

    Mom is not cool with “potty” (don’t ever use that word again, or at least until you have a child) words, but HIV jokes are all in good fun?

    You should send her a link to this site. We will get along famously. I will regale her with stories of my glory days working the at the truckstop. Glory hole that is. I had AIDS spilling out of my mouth like a baby eating mashed bananas.

  28. Thanks Soup, I now have a very apt description for those occasional embarrassing moments.
    I can laugh now rather than cry.

  29. Your #16 comment that is, Soup. The above one made me gag haha!

  30. Actually, I gag as well when in a shituation.

  31. that dina woman described a good portion of the 12-year-old boys in the area…. “brown hair, brown eyes, pretty tall”… gee, could you vague that up for me?

  32. Geez Soup……….I’m laughing and gagging at the same time. That is just not right.

  33. Ahhh, Soup. You’re always there when I need a good chuckle.

  34. Define: blumpkin.

  35. Whoa. Thanks urbandictionary.

  36. For those of you who have just learned what a blumpkin is, you might enjoy this helpful video:

  37. Don’t worry. It’s not video of a blumpkin.

  38. What the hell is a Linsey?

  39. ahhh i so laughed out loud at cracked and digg in the bedroom

  40. Ah Linsey. You can spot a keeper when she’s still at school, but has had multiple HIV tests already. Call me.

  41. I miss the days where seeing “Read the rest of this entry” meant excitement and an actual story to read, not just more stupid screen shots which could easily be put on the main page. The hairs would stand up on the back of my neck, I´d make myself more comfortable in my sofa, and even though it usually ended in a facepalm, it was always a pleasure to read the dramas of cretinous FB users.

  42. Yeah right! “Read the rest of this entry” used to mean there was something really juicy coming up, that just couldn’t be displayed on the main screen. What good days they were.

  43. Samantha’s is from a webcomic called the Oatmeal!
    its hilarious!

  44. Isn’t that the Nick from the previous posts that turned out to be “capable of murder”.

  45. thanks rsonnack, I knew I had read that somewhere before but couldn’t place it.
    The Oatmeal is so good, everybody check it out.

  46. I’ve learnt something new today. Thank you Lamebook and your blumpkins.

  47. nick’s comment is a definiton of black humour. Nice

  48. lol

  49. my test results are always positive !

    That’s a good thing now isn’t it …

  50. @ waggagepatch, 1st, I don’t live in the US, and c onfidentiality here is a bit more lax, shall we say, also, as long as no names r clues to id are given, how is it a breach if confidentiality?

    I don’t care if you don’t believe it, it is true.

  51. they should to a scientific study to see if there is any correletion between dirty rooms and dirty vagina’s

    I’d volunteer to test the chosen testsubjects

    But maybe i havent thought this one through…

  52. fathersha i dont think you’ve thunk/thought this through, there’s no telling whats out there and how many of them there are

  53. Ryan’s is stolen too. It’s from a Spongebob episode spoof. LAME

  54. These chicks are gross. Eshapeshaly Elle.

  55. haha, Nick is awesome :D

  56. Wow, I didn’t know about this site until today. Who would’ve known that a comment on my friend Dina’s status would make it onto the Interweb. And no, I actually didn’t know if he was okay before I said it. But I know he’s fine now. (I did not eat a 12 year old)

  57. @NickL


  58. haha Nick

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