Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Little Extra Info

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  1. I'm Canadian Also

    Did Stephen just admit to all of his facebook friends that he prematurely ejaculated?

  2. Stephen and Tori… Barf.

    Danny, TMI.

    And the last one… I thought “idiot” until I saw “Breeding only”, and then I was confused. Doesn’t that mean she only wants sex to have children?


  3. I think the last one is a man… About Me: hung horny guy…

  4. Tori and Stephen need to be shipped into a war zone where they can no longer disgust anyone with their attention-whoring orgasm talk. excuse me, i mean, premature ejaculation talk.

  5. I was all into the last one until I read the breeding part :(

  6. Stephen: Learn some control, dude. Six minutes is nothing to be proud of.

  7. Oh, so it’s a gay guy? But breeding only? Still confused.


  8. If I was Stephen I wouldn’t brag about lasting less than 6 minutes. That’s not much of a ravisihing, that’s barely a nibble.

  9. @Otto. Stephen is celebrating his latest improvement, up from 30 seconds. Let’s all let him shout it from his Facebook rooftop.

  10. Stephen just announced that he still performs like a virgin.
    Plus, notice how tori says “I love pleasing you”…he probably only got a hand job lmao

  11. @Elle Bee: “breeding” is a term synonymous with barebacking. make sense now.

  12. @HCTK96: of a blowjob.

  13. stphen is whipped!

  14. As yes, thank you dcrearview.

    What I find really lame, is that the ‘event’
    has literally just occured and Stephen whips put his phone to put it on facebook. And Tori, who I’m guessing is still right next to him, replies.

    Seriously, just say it to each other… You can’t possible have put it on facebook to let other people see your tragic little moment..?


  15. That last one is immoral!

    If God was ok with gay sex, then why did he put teeth in anuses? Huh?

  16. @mcowles

    the gays got bold once raptor jesus went extinct

  17. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    I was as confused as Elle Bee… Thanks Dcrearview for clearing that up! I learn so much on LB!

  18. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    (note: there was no sarcasm in my message. it was in all seriousness.)

  19. wowI must be out of touch with today’s terminology. a hung, horny guy who is into men and sex and likes it raw, I shudder to think of what “barebacking” and “breeding” actually are :(

  20. barebacking means – sex without a condom

    breeding means – sex without a condom again

    breading means – having sex with a newly opened loaf of bread… usually kept in the plastic bag, so that it doesn’t fall apart upon entering (like most women do :( )

  21. the last guy must have an AIDS fetish

  22. Danny… you found a “polyp” in your colon? Maybe I’ve just spent too much time with my head in a textbook lately, but I’ve got images of a tiny coral polyp just chilling in his anus.

  23. I love how there’s only six minutes between Stephen’s “I am sooo ready” and his update about how *~amazing~* it was. Tori loves pleasing him but I guess she gets nothin’ back! Way to go, Steve.

  24. @friendofgum

    Yup, a polyp:

    My sister had polyps in her colon a few years back.

  25. Wow I feel really bad for Tori. She spends 6 minutes pleasing him and instead of returning the favour he goes on facebook. Pathetic excuse for a man.

  26. Oh, and the last guy is a fucking moron.

    That is all.

  27. I thought breeding was an obscure term for pregnant. Some weirdos have a fetish for screwing pregnant women…

  28. prolefeedprocessor

    Breeding isn’t “the same as barebacking”. Breeding is called breeding because it refers to cumming in someone, which is how one would breed. Barebacking is no condom. Breeding is no condom+internal cumshot. It is very high-risk, but it does feel better and a lot of gay guys think that HIV is inevitable for them anyway (which is very untrue), so they don’t care.

    Just thought I’d clear that up, since everyone seemed lost.

    And Scott…ewwwww.

  29. Tori and Stephen are the worst kind of people.

    They probably aren’t even having any ‘sonic boom orgams’, they’re just terrified that people will look at them and think ‘huh, Stephen and Tori, they aren’t having sex. freaks.’. Instead, people look at them and go ‘huh, Stephen and Tori. I hate their fucking guts.’

  30. I never realised how innocent I really am until I starting coming here. So much to learn!!

  31. Elle Bee, I know exactly how you feel!!

  32. @I’m Canadian Also
    I have to agree with you, that’s the first thing I thought as well.

  33. hey elle, hey ohwhat… i have some candy in my van… if you come with me to help find my lost puppy i will give you some :)

  34. @Elle Bee…I am with you there as well. After checking out the lemondrop site out of curiosity from a few days ago, I now wish I had that bit of innocence back – that ‘freedom from seeing old man sex’ innocence that i never realized i could lose in the first place.

  35. @mccowles… raw is without condom… breeding is nutting inside

    used in a sentance… yeah, i’ve rawed married chics before, but never breed em… too much risk

  36. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    ditto on that Elle Bee and Ohwhataworld … I feel as if I’m in class after leaving school!

  37. so that it doesn’t fall apart upon entering (like most women do )

    Up top!!!

  38. Derryck sounds like a fantastic person. I remember so many times where I would have loved to get revenge, by taking a massive dump on some poor sleeping person, who did me wrong. I’ll note it down in my ‘Things I’ve learned by visiting Lamebook’ book along with the term ‘Breading’. Thanks for that Mcowles, but just to clarify, where should I stick the loaf of bread?

  39. Slimjayz: Candy -and- a lost puppy?! Count me in!


  40. Yeah Dino has family that reads his stuff. His cousins Tyrano and Brochaea. Oh and his sister Stega…

  41. the last one….so very very wrong. and Tori and Stephen need to be smacked for posting that shit.

  42. I know it’s probably been covered somewhat, but I will stress the point…

    Stephen sweetie, what you are describing is never a good thing, take it from me. You’re most likely young and have a lot to learn, so I’ll cut you some slack for now.
    But if take those premature arrivals into your sexual future, you’re gonna be a very lonely boy.

    Count on it.

  43. Why is Tori so excited to ravish her bf? Esp. when he’s such an insensitive loser…

  44. Tori is probably so happy with pleasing Stephen because she’s never had an orgasm and if she lives in the bible belt, probably doesn’t think she can. Women are designed for helping men arrive before the jet and breeding. Remember kids, always stick your lady in plastic bag first lest she fall apart upon entering. Air holes unnecessary.

  45. @I’m Canadian Also… I agree… given the timing, I say he was in and out in 4 minutes flat! hahaha

  46. lol

  47. Its the fucking Beatles

    Oh for fucking hell’s sake. I wish more people would report this shit and get these fuckers off FB FOREVER MORE! Oh wait! That would put LB out of business. Carry on tosspots.

  48. What I like about visiting chicks in jail is that they can’t run away.

  49. CommentsAtLarge

    Wow. I… They… Really? Congrats Scott, Lamebook has found people that make you seem classy. And poor Dino, dragged into this sort fo company for a simple cliche update.

  50. CommentsAtLarge


    Damn not having an edit feature

  51. @Slimjayz

    Ahhh, I knew there was a subtle distinction between barebacking and breeding, but I couldn’t remember it. Thanks :) .


    After breading, you should put the loaf in the fridge, to allow to “keep” longer… especially if you were doing some bareback breeding with it.

  52. @mcowles

    I’ll write that down in the book as well. I can’t believe all the good advise Lamebook has to offer.

  53. RingingInMyHead

    mcowles, you are the greatest.

  54. I think the best part about Tori and Stephen is that she got him bad for the bad/short sex. SHE is the one who posted this to LB.

  55. @Elle Bee

  56. I learn so much on Lamebook… I wish I could forget half of it.

  57. Breeding could also mean only straight guys. Some gay men are only attracted to straight men.

  58. Look at it this way, Tori should be happy Stephen doesnt last long. She wont complain about how sore her mouth is after. Sounds like a winning situation to me.


  59. @mentholbic I think if he meant ‘straight guys’ he would have said ‘breeder’

  60. I’m with you all the way, Shadowpolish.

    Maybe I’m an idiot, but I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out Stephen’s metaphor. I have no idea what the flick the jet plane could be. Also, for the 4th one, I pictured Dino from The Flintstones sitting on a prehistoric rock computer typing away. Don’t deny it, you all did too.

  61. Tori and Stephen gotta be fake. Besides his PE confession, “No, thank you. I love pleasing you!!”?? c’mon now…

  62. Tori and Stephen were obviously having cybersex. The posts we missed were:

    Tori: Oh yeah baby, I’m SO ravishing you right now.

    Stephen: fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

  63. Notice he posted “im soo ready” at 8:41pm
    Then “it was amazingly orgasmic ” at 8:48pm
    Couldnt of been that amazingly if he came in like 5 minutes

  64. Or it could be that Tori wrote all that, and she just logged into his facebook account to respond, logged out, and then back onto hers. OR vice versa….lol

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