Friday, January 15, 2010

A Few Wins for your Friday




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  1. lostintranslation

    Jason FTW!

  2. Jason has a point.

  3. cereal rapists… the worst kind!

  4. It’s been a while. But there we have it.

    Two more legends to be added to the Hall Of Fame:

    John and Jason.

  5. I once stuck my penis in a bowl of oatmeal. I think you know the rest of the story.

  6. Julia, allow me to introduce you to John Merrick.

  7. Holy crap, that is awesome!!!

  8. Well played John

  9. johns comment is like loads of other facebook groups so its kinda lost its funny by now…

    i thought damons was funniest

  10. The top two post were mediocre at best.. I should really start submitting if you guys thought those were hilarious as that is they type of conversation that happens within my friends pages everyday.. The last one did make me giggle.. soo.. JASON FTW!

  11. The first one is really funny, the second one is dumb, but the third is worth framing ;)

  12. Who are you winking at?

  13. Paper Towns!

  14. @Adamn -It’s an eye-twitch, tard… Geez…

  15. @Mnic You should get that looked at, you also seem to be suffering from mild tourrette’s.

  16. “So,” he asked, wiping himself off with a towel, “is it not natural to copulate with a bowl of Count Chocula?”

  17. @bethaneybailey
    Yes! Can we presume Julia is a Nerdfighter in that case?
    HOO HAH!
    I wonder if John Green will be proud that Paper Towns inadvertently made its way onto Lamebook.

  18. oh well noone else has said it so I may as well say it…

    I like turtles

  19. So Jason, do you prefer whole milk or 2% with your cereal. I personally prefer whole…

  20. @Adamn -You already looked at it… but clearly you’re no doctor, seeing as a diagnosis of “tourette’s” has nothing to do with an eye twitch… Douche!… I’m sorry, that kinda just blurted out there…

  21. @ Mnic See that’s what has me worried, that spasmodic vocalizing is a clear sign and just for your information uncontrolled muscular twitches is another warning sign…… just don’t get on a bus or you might wind up on youtube.

  22. @Adamn -Touche’. However, would typing really be considered “vocalizing”?… Are you hearing the words I type?… Weird.

  23. @Mnic Good point, i think i was just in denial, i didn’t want to believe that you were so far gone that your fingers have started typing full sentences without you realizing it. I guess there’s no hope :(

  24. @Adamn -True that. While it’s true that every man has his price, yours is the only one clearly labeled at the top of a pancake menu

  25. @Adamn -… no comment?… I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hit a soft spot… heh heh heh!

  26. you two are both frodo.

  27. @ Mnic Good fucking grief i hope there is something wrong with you so that your parent’s don’t receive a reproductive ban

  28. @sosr -When you were born they threw away the mold. Also, they threw away the glass womb, the intravenous feeding tubes, the contaminated petri dishes, and most of the funding.

  29. @ sosr and your mother’s a whore

  30. @Adamn -I bet you’re wondering how I have this kind of insight to your life, huh? Just call me the horoscope guru for today:)

  31. @ Mnic I’m just assuming you mistook your dad’s supply of LSD for multivitamins today but either way I’ll bite, i could use some amusement. How painfull will Kiwi’s death be? i want a hospital’s 1-10 scale assessment.

  32. @Adamn -Death will not come to Kiwi any time soon so I will not be able to answer that question. But for your amusement I will direct this Horoscope to Kiwi “When asked where you see yourself in five years, refrain from laughing wildly, crying suddenly, and jumping clear out of a nearby window.”

  33. @Mnic hahaha yess yess i thuroughly enjoyed the part about crying and self-defenestration. it pleases me…..

  34. @Adamn -*Thoroughly. But yes, I thought you’d enjoy that. :) Anyone else you’d like me to demean?

  35. Anonisgayisgay, i hate him based purely on his name but the hatred runs deep nonetheless and Rush Limbaugh, i loathe that fat stupid fuck.

  36. @Anonisgayisgay -(don’t take this personally, it’s just business) “People will come from miles around to seek your wisdom on all manner of things, which is proof that people will do anything for a good laugh.”

    @Rush Limbaugh -”You can learn a lot by putting yourself in another person’s shoes. Go the extra mile and put yourself in their clothes, their delicate hosieries, and their intoxicating undergarments.”

  37. @Mnic I’m not sure what site you are copying from but i welcome any opportunity to insult those whom i despise

  38. @Adamn -I said I was a horoscope guru, not an ORIGINAL horoscope guru, duh :)

  39. get a room.

  40. @sosr thanks for the invite but i prefer the company of women, but good for you for taking initiative, i’m sure there is a burly guy out there just waiting for a saucy little fruit topping like yourself.

  41. I was about to suggest getting a chat room.

  42. S-elf-esteem= all time low
    O-ral -gives all the time
    S-exually confused -don’t worry, there’s an explanation “you’re gay”
    R-ecluse -it’s okay to have imaginary friends

  43. @chiiro -”They say you love money more than anything else in the world, but then, they’ve never seen you around a stack of pancakes.”

  44. @ Chiiro that means you are fat

  45. I can just picture it in my head…

    Doctor: “Now, how did you get these scratches and cuts on your penis?”

    Guy: “Well, doctor, it all began with a Facebook comment and a bowl of corn flakes…”


  46. *waves to nerdfighters*

  47. Adamn vs MNic, love or hate each other?

    I cant’t decide

  48. @wordpervert Lamebook is like a soap opera, so it probably switches every five minutes.

  49. So am I the only one who DOES have the primordial urge to stick my penis in my cereal?

  50. This is very entertaining. Please continue.

  51. Apparently Jason doesn’t see a difference between “want to be around” and “stick my penis in”…

  52. well you do eat cereal so would eating out the bowl count as a sexual urge??

  53. @3 BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA, thank you Dump ass that one made up for Adamn and MNic’s self-aggrandizing boring bullshit, and a special mention to flaptastic as well.

  54. John and Jason FTW

    I wish my friends were this funny!! :)

  55. I have a primordial urge to stick penis anywhere.


    …and that’s all I really have to say.

  57. Is it just me who had the name T.J. Hooker pop into my head when I read Damon’s comment. Lame I know, and strange considering I’ve never seen it, but all the same it popped up.
    @misanthropic4u I just made a ‘win’ comment similar to these ones, it is quite regular on facebook. Shall I submit my own joke to Lamebook?

  58. chickens dont clap

    @57 TheDonMega12 – That reminds me of the real estate firm that used to advertise around where I live, called L.J. Hooker. The ad with the little girl saying “thankyou Mr Hooker!” always made me giggle.

  59. @Anitalaff -I can think of a number of places I wouldn’t stick mine. Here are a few examples; cigarette lighter, mini guillotine, anywhere near a snapping turtle (Zombie kid might though), in between a closing door, Oprah, a fish tank with piranhas, a toaster, your mom, etc.

    The list could go on and on.

    @wordpervert -I have no idea… he seems like a total douche but has a very similar sense of humor as mine. All I know is that sparring with him is entertaining if nothing else. I only come onto Lamebook to kill time while at work.

  60. @NormanEinstein, Kudos on the Elephant Man Reference

  61. Nerdfighters!

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