Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Few PhoDOHs!

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  1. 1-I think that’s kinda cute. Probably just something she made to make her friends laugh or something. I dunno.

    2-Jake overreacted and yes he should have labeled the picture. But, Shannon, you see someone when to Europe and posted a pic of a rusty old gurney it’s PROBABLY Holocaust related.

    3-LMFAO (I think that was intended.)

    4-Let the “She’s so hot! BONER BONER BONER I didn’t notice a dog HARD ON HARD ON HARD ON. I wish I was that dog! FAP FAP FAP” comments begin.

    5-YAY!!!!!! That was beautiful!

  2. Ok, JUST noticed the misspelling on #1

  3. If I was Shannon and saw that photo I would not have a fucking clue what it was. Maybe if he added a caption people would not comment like that. Because seriously dude, you don’t need to bitch someone out because they don’t know what a Holocaust operating table looks like or the story behind it.
    Just sayin’

  4. Yep I can’t help but think perhaps Jake should put a lil caption on his photos.

  5. Jake needs to pull the wiener schnitzel out off his ass and get off his high horse.

  6. I know how Jake feels, I’ve been deeply into the Holocaust lately and with it comes a lot of guilt and other fun emotions. HE SHOULD HAVE CAPTIONED THE PICS but…I mean, come on Shannon…

  7. Kristi’s dog looks like it got into Kristi’s meth stash. Poor little thing.

  8. Jake is an idiot. In no way was Shannon being disrespectful or inappropriate in her comment. I don’t think it is fair to assume that people would know what that was a picture of. And there was no need for his massive rant, trying to make her look stupid. All he needed to say was “No, it’s a holocaust operating table”, or even just label the photo. Grrrrrr… I must be in a bad mood today cos that one has really irritated me.

  9. I can’t help but to notice Kristi’s really weird side boob.

  10. Meh, you are probably right gingivitis. I am just empathizing with his rant because I could see myself doing that…BUT THEN I’d apologize profusely later…LOL!

    But I am starting to agree…kinda…he should just label the photos. But it doesn’t take a genius to know what that was a picture of. I dunno. Meh, I think you are right.

  11. In a way, I think the weirdest thing about Jake’s post is that he took a photo of a bed basically used for torture, and then posted it on facebook.

    P.S. Kirsti really needs to put on a bra

  12. I would post that on facebook totally! My husband and I are planning a trip to Europe when our daughter in a teenager (so she can remember it and appreciate it more) and I would TOTALLY post this pic. However, I know me. I’d post it in a folder marked as “Holocaust Photos” or something. I wouldn’t be under “A splash of Europe”…and it would be labeled. But that’s because I am a chatterbox know-it-all.

  13. Jake’s a prick. How the fuck was Shannon supposed to know? And then he gets all uppity on her and acts all self-righteous.

  14. That comment is half finished. But I feel sick, so just make ujp the rest yourself.

  15. @ penny

    You’re a know-it-all? Noooooo! We never noticed :)

    I think your education and interest in the holocaust is clouding your reasoning here… The average person isnt going to start walking down the mental steps to lead them to realizing that was a holocaust operating table… I could see myself making a similar comment to Shannons… Cuz I am a chatterbox jokster.

  16. Really, if I had seen a pic of a bed like that, I would have thought someone was making a Eastern Europe hospital joke. Really, being from Europe, I’m a bit offended that “A splash of Europe”, is supposed to be enough to make you think of Holocaust

  17. @ eenerbl

    I think because of the angle and the size of her tits that is a little front tit and side tit in that pic… Doesnt help shes not wearing a bra… Oh and I find it hot that a chic noticed the sideboob :thumbsup:

  18. @eenerbl – All I see is the side boob every time I look at the picture.

  19. Jake’s travel agent sucks. No wonder he’s pissed.

    Kristi’s dog is having a fit because she’s got 3 dagger-like fingernails buried in its chest.

  20. i have a facebook

    Shannon’s picture comment was JOKE. Thus the winking face, and the fact that nobody would ever think a picture of a rusty gurny could be a hotel bed.

  21. Jake needs to calm the fuck down. There was nothing indicating that this was a picture of something from a concentration camp, especially with the whimsical title of `a splash of Europe`. Europe has all kinds of history, this could have been from anywhere.

  22. that is one messed up dog!
    and i agree Jake needs chill out abit she wasn’t waving a nazi flag, just a little witt.

  23. I actually thought the pic with the “bed” was from the abandoned sanatorium in Beelitz right outside Berlin (btw, its awesome for photoshoots!):

    Not really holocaust directed :D

  24. Haha I thought I was the only one that noticed Kristi’s weird ass boob

  25. @ Penny
    I disagree with your comment in #10. It does look like an operating table, but maybe its an old one from Russia back in the day when the communists ran the show? Who knows?! Jake definitely overreacted to Shannon’s comment. The ONLY way I see myself agreeing with you is that the previous photo in this series had something obvious/stated about the Holocaust.

    But to make this into an open-faced compliment sandwich, Kudos for being interested in learning about the history of Europe and WWII. I think it’s definitely fascinating to learn about the events leading up to the war and the innerworkings of the governments involved, as well as the heroics of our fine Canadian boys!

    That is all.

  26. …aaand @Penny: You could show that pic to every Berliner and 80% of them would guess it was taken at Beelitz sanatorium…

  27. @ poopface

    ewww her boob reaches her toes. Be weird if its just the one boob

  28. I love typos. Cunt and color…hahahahaha. Pure gold!

  29. Jake’s an asshole

  30. Slimjay, you are probably right that my recent interest in the Holocaust colored my reaction.

  31. Jake: The sophiticated douche bag.

  32. Bit of an OTT reaction from Jake, considering she didn’t know where the picture was taken.

  33. Marit – “I’m a bit offended that “A splash of Europe”, is supposed to be enough to make you think of Holocaust”

    I feel that same way about Cheese-wiz and George Bush as an American!

  34. Shannon’s comment would’ve been a lot better if she had said “hostel”, thus referring to the film of the same name, in which tourists were tortured on what we could imagine being similar beds… Thus linking it with the Holocaust in a comic, yet respectful manner, and rendering Jake’s rant completely unnecessary.

  35. Jake’s obviously overreacting. So much in fact he’s saying things like “let them bleed to dead”. Now wipe the spray off the monitor and pop a val champ.

    I’m not sure about Phoebe, but Kristi has a prominent Spaniels Ear in that photo.

    Tammy, that just made my day; audibly laughing in the office.

  36. jake needs to clean the sand out of his vagina

  37. misssaigon…really? Getting overly (yes, I said OVERLY) passionate about human atrocities is a vaginal activity?

  38. I saw that gurney, and the first thing I thought was “Cool, he went to Pripyat”. Then I read his comment, and the second thing I thought was that I hoped Jake got a splash of radiation poisoning with his Europe.

    Those kinds of self-righteous attention-whore types who post ambiguous comments/status updates/photos really annoy the shit out of me. But they make good lamebook fodder, so it all evens out.

  39. not every rusty hospital gurney equates to the Holocaust. what about Bosnia? there were other genocides in Europe.

    personally I would have made a crack about Jake not having travel insurance so he could go to a more respectable medical establishment to the sand out of his vagina.

  40. The Blind Assassin

    Somebody get Kirsti a bra and Tammy a paper bag to cover up that ugly hair!

  41. PennyLane, Jake wasn’t overly passionate about human atrocities – he was overly passionate at someone not knowing his poorly labeled photo was that of a Holocaust stretcher.

    Shannon didn’t make a joke about human atrocities.

  42. @PennyLane, Jake isn’t gtting passonate about human atrocites, he’s a fucking douchebag who’s been to Germany and has decided to be a self-righteous prick about it. He probably wouln’t have known what that picture showed himself, before he went, but now he’s been he feels ike he can treat everyone else like an idiot, because they didn’t recognise a dirty old gurney. Top be fair, it could have been a prop from the set of ‘Hostel’, but there you go.

  43. i hate the way that “europe” just seems like one giant singular entity to a lot of people outside of it. like you could say you were going to europe and that would be enough because it’s not like europe is just the continent which contains different countries or languages or cultures, heavens no. topic..

  44. In Shannon’s defense, while on a holiday in Europe we stayed in a “hotel” in Switzerland which was an old prison. The”beds” were not much better than that gurney with a sheet, blanket and pillow. Also if we hadn’t been to one of the concentration camps in Germany I would have never suspected and didn’t suspect that the gurney was from one until I read the comment by Jake the Jackarse

  45. She’s so hot! BONER BONER BONER I didn’t notice a dog HARD ON HARD ON HARD ON. I wish I was that dog! FAP FAP FAP

  46. She’s so hot! BONER BONER BONER I didn’t notice a dog HARD ON HARD ON HARD ON. I wish I was that dog! FAP FAP FAP

  47. florita, “europe” is one singular entity. It’s a continent called “europe.” It’s one of seven continents on the planet earth. And sometimes its easier saying “im going to europe” rather than saying “im going to london, then flying to paris, then driving to madrid, then driving to lisbon, then swimming to venice, then running to rome (yeah my travel agent is an idiot), then flying to poland so I can take some photos of concentration camps, then flying to london, then going home.”

  48. To Penny Lane:
    It looks like you frequent 4chan a hell of a lot. If so, don’t stay there too much. It will completely fuck you up.
    If you don’t, forget what I said and don’t go there.

  49. That Tammy typo has to be freudian, N is nowhere near U and T on the keyboard.

  50. TheEyesHaveIt…I didn’t say she did. Are we gonna do this again sweety?

    Walter, Beanstalker…I <3 U

  51. As for the Holocaust thing to those of you jumping on him, calling him this or that…I think you’re being uncharitable, but then again, this IS lamebook!

  52. I can’t be arsed to read through all these comments, so if it’s been said before I apologise. BUT! About three seconds after I noticed the dogs’ eyeball being halfway round into its’ head, I noticed how huge Kirsti’s tits look! Ahaaa.

  53. Florita, do you not think that’s the same for EVERY continent? People say they’re visiting Asia, or Africa or America..same with Europe. Like Walter says its much easier than listing every single city you intend to visit.

    On a side note, I used to get annoyed that people outside of the UK refer to our accent as “british” when there are so many differen accents within the UK. Then I realised Americans probably get equally annoyed when we say “American accent”

  54. different**

  55. That dog is HILARIOUS though. I might print out that photo because everytime I look at that dog I get a good laugh. He’s wearing a t-shirt with a little heart on it. He’s like the guy from Goonies… love it.

  56. PennyLane, I know you’re not into respect, but please don’t talk down to me. You obviously weren’t clear in your comment considering I wasn’t the only one who seemingly misunderstood you.


  58. Speaking of getting sand out of a vagina…TheEyesHaveIt…LET IT GO.

  59. …It WAS Chunk, right?!

  60. Totalpixie..yes, yes and yes.

  61. PennyLane, I was simply asking you to please not talk down to me. It was a simple request.

  62. Nothing is simple with you TEHI. You’re like a moody bitch who says “Fine!”…no, it’s not fine.

  63. I asked you to not talk down to me, Pennylane. That seems pretty simple to me. It was just a request, that’s it, nothing more. If I offended you in my post regarding the “overly reacting” I’m sorry, but I really don’t think I did. My wording was very similar to the beginning of J_L_C’s post. If you feel the need to be insulting and talk down to me, then there’s not much I can do. Sorry my request upset you.

  64. If Jake had labelled his picture Shannon’s joke would have been even funnier in my opinion.

  65. I will always cherish the initial misconceptions I had about you.

  66. So much for my request, I guess.

  67. HAHAHA! Michael wins!

  68. If Jake had added a caption, he wouldn’t need to bitch so much.

    Hotels in Europe are never that great. I stayed in a ’5 Star’ hotel there once that was no better than a motel in North America.

    If I just look at that picture without his colourful words, even I have no idea what it is.

  69. I found Kirsti’s profile. There’s some photos even better than that one.

  70. wow, cynic, way to generalise.

  71. Is it just me who doesn’t know what’s going on in this comments page?

    Probably all make sense in the morning.

  72. Walter: yes, i appreciate europe is a continent, i never said otherwise? just like.. being from europe, i do not feel european. i feel english. just like german people feel german, bulgarian people identify as bulgarian.. it’s just a bit of a generalisation that pisses me off, same with the “british accent” thing, as if everybody from ireland, scotland, england and wales has the same accent.
    but haha, you have a point, it is easier to say it just kind of annoys me. ah
    totalpixie: haha i know, it annoys me all the time, really. not so much if someone was like, visiting America The Country, but if they were visiting The Americas i suppose it would annoy me? dear god i have no idea what i’m even saying any more haha

  73. and i suppose the fact that jake expected shannon to know instantly that that was a holocaust gurney cause it was in europe? like oh, europe, what isthe only thing of note that has ever happened there? the holocaust, of course! and harry potter!

  74. floria, i got ya.

  75. @BritishHobo: Penny Lane is a Holocaust denier and TheEyesHaveIt has floppy boobs. Now you’re all up to speed.

  76. Look, it’s not disrespectful to Europe or Europeans to say “I am going to Europe.” Maybe Europeans don’t understand but when an American goes to Europe they usually plan on visiting many places of interest since they are so close together. It’s easier to just say, “I am going to Europe.” It’s not meant in a rude or disrespectful way.

    Seriously. I was watching a British comedy a while ago and they had an “American” on the show and they had the guy in a cowboy hat, chaps and rattlesnake boots and he kept saying “ya’ll”….I HAVE NEVER SAID THAT WORD. NEVER.

  77. Holocaust denier? WTF?

  78. @ florita

    Yippie for being english… You are also Europeon, so get over it

  79. @soup

    What kind of boobs does penny have? Shes all fiesty in this thread and thats kind of hot

  80. Fuck you’re a know it all Penny.

  81. They have callouses from being dragged behind me.

  82. Yeah but Penny…look at the “english” people on american telly…I mean the woman in frasier?? Stereotypes are just easily recognisable.

  83. TRUE!

  84. The Eyes Have It—- you’re on lamebook…. Talking down to people is what we do. Ya dig?

  85. If the chic on frazier were a true sterotype her teeth would of been fukt

  86. Okay, so it wasn’t a nice hotel for the Jews. Plus, there wasn’t cable or pay-per-view.

  87. I wish I could get those rubber pancakes now. I need to go back to America because it’s been too long since I’ve had some of my momma’s sophiticated homestyle cookin.

  88. As someone who attended a Jewish elementary school where they drilled images of the holocaust into my head for 8 years of my life, I did not instantly recognize the holocaust hospital bed. For fuck’s sake, all we know based on the album name is it’s somewhere in Europe. Europe is a big place and full of artifacts of which one might want to take a photo. There’s no way of guessing the significance of that hospital bed. It’s almost as if Jake didn’t label the photo so someone would leave an uninformed comment and he could lash out like the self-righteous prick that he is.

  89. @slimjayz

    True – but according to a recent OECD study, British (and German) people have the best teeth in the world.

    And florita, note that I said “British” instead of “English”, before you get all hot and bothered.

  90. Just brush your teeth, then we’ll all be good. (and floss twice a day, as recommended by the DA)

  91. I personally don’t mind if someone says “American accent.” Although there are many accents in America, they all fall under the umbrella of American, easily distinguishable from Australian or British or Jamaican accents (etc.) in the same, or similar ways. By the way, when we say “British,” we often mean “English,” even though that’s still a denial of the different ENGLISH accents. But if it makes you feel any better, no one I know of calls Irish or Scottish accents “British.”

    @ Penny Layne : I say y’all. I’m from Kentucky, where most people say it, but that’s not why I say it. I used to refuse, thinking it was a corruption of English; but then I realized English /should/ have a way of distinguishing “you” singular from “you” plural. “You all” is just too clunky. Solution: we should all embrace “y’all.” Y’all take care now, ya hear?

  92. Hey, first time one of my comments is awaiting moderation. I wonder if it’s from using the word “pr&ck” or the word “c$nt.”

    If Tammy can say “c*nt” then I should be able to say “c(nt.”

  93. Actually Storblington, it was “cleanest teeth” not best.

  94. why does everyone always forget Wales when it comes to Britain?

  95. bliggle, there is already a plural “you” – its “yous.” And I’m sick and tired of yous country people trying to bring in your English curruptions with redneck contractions. (this is a joke)

    Seriously though, I don’t think we don’t need a plural “you.” But if there are people who really think it’s an essential part of the English language then yous have the right to that opinion and I have the right to judge y’all. (when i said “yous” and “y’all” i meant “you”)

  96. Frankie McBaseball

    jake is totally justified in his rant, how about you fucks go back to nazi germany

  97. #1: It’s not so much the missing “s” that shows up her lack of sophistication, it’s more the Paint(TM) puce heart and the clueless schoolgirl pose that play their parts in making this an iconic image of our age.

    #2: Jake needs to remove those holocaust torture implements from his arse before retaliating in his own comments section. I had no idea what it was a photo of, despite being pretty gruesomely interested in the human race’s sick history. Check for some amazing rusty, creepy images of abandoned hospitals, asylums, and whatnot throughout the UK and Europe. (Not even gonna comment on the accent/generalisation/continent tangent).

    #3: It may be a joke, or she may not have noticed that it’s supposed to be turkey. Either way, I wouldn’t want it anywhere near my mouth. [insert pun here]

    #4: Frazzled bleached hair, acne-scarred face, sideboob, manically-depressed dog. Winner of a photo. Michael made the perfect comment.

    #5: Unfortunate typo, but even more unfortunate haircut. That’s gonna take ages to grow back into something human.

  98. I have no idea what the turkey pancake thing is about. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

  99. Actually totalpixie, it was the least number of teeth decayed, missing or filled in a 12 year old child.

  100. I think her haircut is cute…

  101. GrammaticalErrors

    Jake is an ass!….That is all.

    @Rach…I never forget Wales, maybe cause my dad’s Welsh. That might be it.

  102. Wow penny lane, I never woulda guessed that you were a liberal, what with all your pompousness.

  103. I’m not pompous. I just have correct opinions.

  104. Yeah, weird, but I always picture Penny Lane as a kind of Maggie Thatcher sucking a lemon. :-)

    Purely an online impression, of course, not intended to convey any real-life political leanings.

  105. I am going to go kill myself now. Bye!

  106. …and now I feel bad.

  107. Jake isn’t an asshole for being upset about the Holocaust. This one’s an exception. At least he cares deeply about something and it’s nice to see an opposite extreme to the Haitian orphan jokes.

    For those who claim he set this up so he could bash on people, give me a break. Get over yourself. Dinks.

  108. Penny Lane— I still love ya!

    Dee-Lite– Dinks? He isn’t upset about “the holocaust” he’s upset because someone made a joke on a pic that he did not label. He went off on a tangent and made himself look like a dumbass. If she had said, “Looks like you stayed at a nice hotel, see any Jewish folk while you were there?” Then THAT would have warranted the attack. Other then that…..yeah he’s just a dumbass.

  109. Thankyou for the enlightenment, Storblington. Whatever news channel I saw it on said “cleanest”…but I guess that term would cover lack of decay, fillings, and missing teeth in a general kind of way.

    Dee-lite…can you honestly say you knew from that picture what it was? Because I sure as hell couldn’t. If Shannon had made that joke knowing what it was a picture, it would have been distasteful, in my opinion. But she didn’t. And that’s really Jake’s fault for not captioning his photo more than her ignorance. And in my opinion he went completely OTT. And made himself look like a complete dick. He really should have said something along the lines of “actually, dear but misguided friend, this is infact a photo of a nazi concentration camp operating table, which had some atrocities performed upon it, and I feel therefore that making jokes about such an object is in rather poor taste. However, I apologise for my obvious oversight in the lack of caption for this particular image.”

  110. Penny Lane, please don’t kill yourself. You amuse me.

  111. I just wanna say, that I’ve stayed in hotels in New York that were far worse than the Holocaust.

    Also, posting concentration camp-pics on Facebook under such a touristy headline is truly perverse, and Jakes clear obsession with nazi death violence is far more disturbing than the awful joke I here opened with.

  112. knowing what it was a picture of** my post should say. I’ve had far too much pain medication and am clearly suffering on a cognitive level.

  113. Rach – I’ll never forget Wales; Welsh girls are alright looking, and generally pretty sexually liberated – what’s not to love?

  114. Penny Lane and Alas are my kind of folks! (Alas – particularly #95). Whew! *wipes tears*
    The past few days I have read, with interest, the inflammatory comments between Penny and TheEyesHaveIt and they have made me wish for a facebook ‘like’ button type thingy for lamebook so I can DISLIKE pretty much every one of TEHI’s comments. What a whiny-assed douche! No matter what, he has some lame-o, not-so-witty retort and has the obnoxious need to have the last word. Hats off to Penny for not engaging in a profanity-laden flame war. You have waaaay more patience than me :)

  115. Jake is such a douchebag! Her joke was hilarious, it`s not like she knew what it was.

  116. Putting cutsie purple text and a heart on your pic and attempting to label it sophisticated, is not.

    I thought the gurney was from an abandoned insane asylum. Jake is a twerp, seems as though he did that on purpose to ambush someone. What a prick.

    The dog pic is funny. Nice shirt. The opaque eye is a little disturbing.

  117. Exactly.

  118. @Penny: You are annoying.

    And Jake is a complete imbecile.

  119. Absurdrelief, I’d need more than a DISLIKE button to show what I think of some of the bullshit on here.
    Tammy get your money back on that haircut.

  120. Oh and Penny honey, I saw this coming a mile away. You do comment long, hard, and frequently. It was eventually gonna get ugly.
    Maybe, dial it down a tad.
    Just a thought.

  121. @ 101, you just made a statement and contradicted it, all in one breath. So if you’re not pompous, then why do you assume you’re correct? A true “liberal” would be open-minded. But I guess the Democratic Party is an oxymoron, like “The Employee Free Choice Act” or “Liberal Gun Laws”.

  122. OfficialSnak, I’m taking a leap of faith here and presuming she is well aware of the meaning of “pompous” and thus making a joke with that statement.

  123. What is this?? Pick on Penny day?? Penny I love you, however, the haircut is pretty ugly. As for Jake, what a wanker.

  124. @ Penny Lane

    You are so f’ing annoying. You are not cute, witty or charming…so stop. Please. Just stop.

    Oh and SomeRandomChick, stop kissing Penny Lane’s ass. It’s getting pretty pathetic.

  125. Holocaust didn’t happen

    On a sidenote, I had no idea that table was related to the Holocaust
    However, I knew it was a gurney/ OR Table of sorts

  126. Meh, I’m still fascinated by the side boob, it keeps calling to me. Get out of my head side boob, get out!

  127. Jake needs to lighten up.

  128. @scarfey: Chunk was the fat kid, wasn’t it? I think you meant Sloff (or however it was spelt)…


  129. I’ve slept on rusty bed-like contraptions when I was travelling the eastern parts of Europe. And you can clearly see that Shannon is making a joke. In Latvia or Lituania whatever it is named in English, one can sleep in an old Soviet prison. Point being, I don’t even find it that weird that someone would assume that it could’ve been a ho(s)tel.

    @eenerbl: That side-boob is fascinating though. It has a charm in some way.

  130. Concur with eenerbl and Anonanus. The side boob is strangely fascinating.

    I think Kirsti’s dog is a frenchie pug (half French bulldog, half pug). If that is the case, the answer to Michael’s question would be an emphatic “yes,” if the frenchie pugs I’ve been acquainted with are any indication.

  131. Elizabeth Bathory

    OR MAYBE that screen shot was taken out of context – maybe Jake’s friends knew he was goingon a trip to Europe which included visits in Holocaust related places, maybe it was the main goal of the trip, maybe this fact was all over his profile, the statuses and other pictures.

    Maybe it *was* obvious this picture had something to do with the subject and Shannon was stupid enough to make a joke. Maybe she’s uber annoying IRL too, so any means justify the end.

  132. @stretch: I agree; that side boob is strangely compelling. I keep coming back, wanting to make friends with it… Please feel free to read this as “She’s so hot! BONER BONER BONER I didn’t notice a dog HARD ON HARD ON HARD ON. I wish I was that dog! FAP FAP FAP”… But I don’t mean it like that.

    I want to bury that freaky dog in an unmarked grave. Then take it’s place. FAP FAP FAP

  133. Even if we suppose that Shannon’s really annoying, and if we assume Jake’s made it blatantly obvious that he’s been to see some historical European gore-porn, and even if the other 36 photos were of gas chambers and barbed wire, and even if he’s spent weeks updating his status with “Jake is still thinkin about dem poor jews”, even supposing all of that, it still would NOT be OK for him to react like that to what she said. If she’s so irritating that his eyeballs itch when he reads her comments, he should de-friend her.

    I can only assume Jake recently tried to seduce Shannon, and failed. Then it would make sense.

  134. I agree with all of the posts above, that:
    - April is definitely “sophiticated.”
    - Jake is a pr-ck.
    - Leah is probably funny but possibly dumb.
    - Phoebe is the best most amazing Super dog ever!!! I think when the photo was taken she was saying “HEEEEYYY YYOOOOUUUUSSS GUUUUUUUUYYYYYYYYYYYYSSSSSS!!!!!”
    - Kirsti’s thigh is like a sneezing 1000 dolla stack.
    - Tammy’s photo was cropped too high. It photo doesn’t even come close to showing the results of the work done.

  135. @WS: I’ve just burst out laughing at that and now look like a pillock in a busy office with coffee dripping off my monitor… You’ve just made my day!

  136. there’s no such word as yous. you is both singular and plural. whoever thinks that yous is an actual word didn’t pay much attention in English class.

  137. Jake is a cock. He not only has a chip on his shoulder, but a giant sack of kosher potatoes.

  138. Keanu Reeves In Speed

    I want so much for Jake to come on here and bitch us all out for being so disrespectful as to have his facebook picture of a Holocaust gurney on here. Don’t we know that everyone should be completely reverential of everything all the time?

  139. *chortle* leave it to eenerbl to be on the same page with me. The side sag boob shot was the very first thing that captured my attention, and now that it has it, it won’t let me go.

  140. It will haunt you yaya! I dreamed of side boob last night, woke up in a cold sweat, not good!

  141. ParanormalRomance

    Have to put my 2 cents’ worth in here — You *might* want to be careful lumping in Ireland in regards to being part of Britian…I would wager there are quite a few people who are citizens of the Republic of Ireland (its own country BTW) that would take serious issue with THAT generalisation….just sayin’

  142. OMG, did Jake stay in a Slovakian hostel?

  143. Oh and by the way, the penny is a useless form of currency. Take that!

  144. The penny is not a useless form of currency. At school, I was taught that if you drop one off the top of the Eiffel Tower, by the time it reaches the bottom, it will gave gained enough energy to punch straight through someone and bury itself into the concrete. I’ve been saving up pennys for a scientific expedition across the Channel, in the hope I can hit a Frenchman…

    Back atcha, OfficialSnak!

  145. let’s see…

    Jake posting a moderately interesting picture +0
    Shannon posting a comment, clearly intending sarcasm +1
    Shannon careless in bringing out his sarcasm -1
    Jake responding to Shannon’s comment +1
    Jake getting a little disturbed probably due to emotions brought upon understanding the cruelties of the Holocaust -0
    Jake having such emotions +1
    Jake flaming Shannon for it (to neutralise his and possibly others’ insensitivity) +1
    Jake flaming Shannon in public -1
    Jake being overreactive -1
    Jake not being informative beforehand -1
    Jake finally being informative +2
    Jake not having a sense of humour (due to emotions though) -1
    Jake using bad words as exclamations on someone in public :( -1
    Us judging -0 (it’s lamebook after all :)
    Me analaysing -127

    The verdict : eh, seems ok-ok to me.

    Lessons for Shannon :
    -watch before you joke. It’s good to be humorous and entertaining regularly, but make sure it’s at the right place and time.
    -possess more knowledge to understand what are (or is? When do we use the “refer to first noun” rule?) the “right place and time”

    Lessons for Jake :
    -be informative.
    -if you’re sensitive, be more careful in presenting stuff that might have insensitive responses.
    -have a sense of humour.
    -possess more knowledge to understand different individuals’ senses of humour.

    Haha, Jake actually realised that Shannon was joking, but he still needs to learn to take it as a joke and just that.

    @freezit4 : you yourself admit having flaws in your judgments and yet you dare post such tl;dr of a comment with mixed up format and think self-stabbing will save you?

    -freezit4 of the NYLon Island who loves cats, goats and Electric Six. Aspires turning everything into what he loves. Loves confusing.

  146. oh yeah! *analysing.

    I mean oh yeah! at the smileys! :3

  147. Am I the only one who assumes Jake did all of that on purpose? I see (poorly socialized) people do it all the time. He posted an ambiguous photo in an ambiguous title and with no caption, then when somebody posted about it he went up one side and down the other.

    He baited her. He wanted somebody to say something “ignorant” so he could get on his soap box and show all of his Facebook visitors how experienced, historically informed, and passionate he is about the Holocaust.

    If I were Shannon I would most likely have responded in kind. But then, I react pretty strongly to being assaulted with graphic descriptions of violence with no purpose other than to make me look like a tool.

  148. Wow, quite the conversation going on in here.

    But lets get back to what’s important: Side Boob and Corky (you-know, from Life Goes On? Get it? He was retarded).

  149. Sorry, I didn’t know I was offending people so much. I guess I crossed a line when I thought I was just having fun. I am sorry to those I’ve offended.

  150. I tend to agree with guynamedmark….in just this one blurb Jake has presented himself to me as that kind of douchebag.

    I’m not sure I understand the people “sort of” defending Jakes reaction and blaming Shannon for being ignorant.

    I consider myself to be a relatively smart girl, but when I saw the pic I did not assume it to be a gurney from a concentration camp. There is such a thing as old hospital or mental asylum museums which might display such things. Its also possible that during his adventures in Europe he just happened to spot this old thing. Some people just never throw shit away.

    I also don’t think it safe to assume that because someone is visiting Europe, naturally they are going to visit the Holocaust museums. If I’m ever lucky enough to get there, it will probably not be really high on my list of things to do….please don’t mistake that for ignorance or a lack of awareness of how significant those events were in our history. Its just not at the top of my list of things to do…at least on my first visit.

    Jake should have captioned the damn pictureLabeling the album “Splash of Europe” didn’t help Shannon (or anyone else for that matter)identify the subject of this phot either!

    This fail is Jakes, and Jakes alone!

  151. @ blue smarties

    The penny will reach terminal velocity long before it gets to any speed more than enough to annoy someone it hits.

    terminal velocity is the point at which the air resistance = gravities pull on the object… This means there will be no acceration at that point

    Oh and I have dropped a penny on the eiffel tower… Lost sight of it before it hit the ground… About as exciting as spitting off a bridge

  152. No, if the penny hits the cement, it’s useless, but if it hits a Frenchman, you will have lost a penny but gained a friend.

  153. Before the grammar police get me

    *gravity’s :doh:

  154. jake indeed needs to clean the sand out of his vagina

  155. The girl with the retarded dog has a weird, yucky boob, and I find it incredibly distracting…but her hair is amazing. Speaking of hair, I really don’t like Tammy’s haircunt.

  156. So, I made it to comment 101 before I finally gave up and decided to just put my 2 cents in. (Sorry if what I say is made irrelevant by comments 102-154.)

    #1. Yes, I take issue with his douchery in being a presumptuous show-off who holds people to his own twisted and unreleased expectations only to degrade them when they fail to meet them. It’s unreasonable and (I think) a bit mentally unstable to assume that everyone you know has exactly the same knowledge that you do.
    I also have an issue with it since I’m someone who hasn’t a chance to really travel. Granted, I don’t know Shannon’s background, but if I were in her shoes I’d wind up offended because being able to identify that sort of photo caption-free is the sort of thing you could only do if you’ve had the chance to travel and see it. For those of us who don’t get that opportunity, it’s a smack in the face to be talked down to because of it. Plus, why the hell does Jake get to do it when he clearly doesn’t deserve to?

    In regards to the accent debate, I think it’s worth taking into account that even though the U.S. is separate in regards to accents and culture, it’s still a unified government system. The states have separate identities, but we’re all relating back to the same government and country. I think Americans consider themselves Americans far more than Europeans consider themselves Europeans. As someone said before, they much more commonly relate to their country of origin. There’s some technicality to be noted with the fact that Americans isn’t the continental term, it’s the country’s. North Americans include Canadians and Mexicans. I would take much more of an issue with being grouped together with North Americans, much as I imagine it is for Europeans. I identify much more strongly with my country than my continent.

    ..just something to consider. :]

  157. that dog is adorable. I love it.. wish I could get my dog to make a face like that.

  158. By #1, I of course meant #2.
    Go me.

  159. Uh, Jake? If it’s such a serious matter, maybe we don’t include that particular photo in a journal entitled “A Splash of Europe.” Dick.

  160. I think Jake is a fucking moron. I mean really… “A Splash of Europe”? It’s been 70 fucking years since the Holochaust. For fuck’s sake:
    1. Stop guilt tripping people for something that happened 2 generations and a half ago.
    2. Don’t post serious or “touchy” shit on facebook and certainly NOT without a caption.
    3. ENTIRE CIVILIZATIONS were lost to wars, much bigger in size and population, in the entire history of human kind. Jews weren’t the only ones killed off like dogs, as a matter of fact, that’s a custom for any conquering civilization, to kill off their victims and strike terror in them. You don’t see Persians making crappy ass movies about it and winning oscars because it’s “politically correct” to go along with them, just because Alexander The Great conquered them and burnt down their capital.

  161. Rodo, you are a complete asshole. Of course the Jews weren’t the only ones killed in the Holocaust, but the scars are still with us. You really have no right to an opinion about the Holocaust (or “Holochaust”) if you can’t even fucking spell it. I hope you fucking die.

  162. Because everything in Europe is Holocaust related

  163. I agree with Rodo, and STFU “JoannaNeedsMeds”. You don’t see movies about how London is being taken over by Muslims who still hate the Western World, but that’s life.

  164. I thought it was a canvas stretcher that someone had urinated on – hence ‘a Splash of Europe’.

  165. wow didn’t shannon’s harmless comment stir up some emotion.. yet i read earlier today a girl stating her ideal match being hitler with zero backlash.. this is a tongue in cheek site, the comments don’t need to be over analysed like you’s are writing a fucking thesis or some shit.. but i guess if the #1 comment is from a misguided killjoy with no real grasp or understanding of people(@pennylane) then this was bound to happen.. especially when you get a site with a group of people who like to feed their ego’s by writing semi-intelligent semi-eloquent comments that they think will make people go wow this guy is much smarter than me wow what insight i’ve gained from reading their comments blah blah blah..

    aww jees, maybe i fit in that catagory too..

  166. Eh, sometimes I bleed to dead too.

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