Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Few PhoDohs!

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  1. Just bad. I am going to go back to work.

  2. No way… I know that kid in the last one! He’s a complete asshat.

  3. I know the kid in the first one.

  4. Millionth and threeve!

  5. Uh?

  6. Number two is about as creepy as it gets… Nice one.. Dad :/

  7. Those kids in the pool are about to get a practical lesson in phsyics Archimedes stylee.

    Two objects can not occupy the same place at the same time. Four children and a whole load of swimming pool water are about to enter earths orbit.

    Who said obese, pie filled White Men Can’t Jump?

  8. I’m in the van in the first one.

  9. The tattoo one.. That girl looks kinda anorexic. Not to mention how creepy that is.

    Also that kid’s foot looks like it’s stuck on the net.

  10. #3 makes me laugh
    how is that even possible?

  11. #3 has to be Photoshopped.

  12. Ok on #3 I opened it with Photoshop and it is his shadow on the pool water, matches the kids shadow watching Shamoo the Dunker.

  13. Is it just me, or does the girl in the tattoo look like she is ready to fellate that knife?

  14. first of all that tattoo is terrible,and wtf,thanks dad for being the creepiest man ever.ew.

  15. I don’t think there is any hope! And wtf is up with that dudes neck? Where did it go?

  16. @episode
    How does the drawing look anorexic, exactly? My tattoos don’t really eat all that much. Should I be worried?

  17. @episode; KID? That is not a kid.

  18. Pic three is yet another example of decent looking girls having relationships with douche nozzles.

  19. @shekilled Thats no kid, it’s a space station

  20. Number three isn’t photoshopped, he just jumped backwards from the edge.

  21. cursormortis beat me to it, of course that’s what he’s done

  22. I saw the same thing episode; the hips aren’t in proportion to the shoulders… if it was a real person, it would be a starving one. Anorexia aside, why would she even nonchalantly tell the world that her dad is such a creep?

    I need somebody to explain the fat guy jumping… is it lame because it’s a fat guy jumping? I don’t get it, at least he’s excercising

  23. That last one is horrible. I am also going to be a design snob (and by that I mean complete nerd) for a second and say- way to layer your files there! The afterall word (which is not a word) is being chopped off by another layer.

  24. I’m pretty sure #3 just jumped backwards off of the edge of the pool. Not that hard.

  25. #3 is totallly real because that is totally my fat ass.

  26. Plus, I still don’t see how this is lame….

  27. My physique can defy the laws of physics.

  28. @blitzkreigbetty (#13) – That’s exactly what I thought. She’s totally going to suck that knife’s dick.

  29. I can’t stop staring at the off center belly button in the second one.

  30. This is scary, I know EXACTLY where the first picture is at. What a small world. I’ll have to look for that car.

  31. Pauly, I was also confused by the lameness of that picture. And I created a username just to say what cursor said. Beat me to it.

  32. But the $64 million question remains unanswered…

    pauly, did you get in the hole?

  33. I mean, get it in the hole?

    But that’s a golfing term, isn’t it?

    No matter.

  34. Of course I did. NBA JAM style. Can’t you see the size of my head?

    You mean with the kids right?

  35. No, I didn’t mean the kids.


  36. Yeah….me neither.

  37. where are all of the people crying that shamu is getting made fun of for being fat like that other blob that got taken down because all that was lame was that she was huge? Or is it only girls that get defended?

    Personally, I laugh at everyone’s misfortunes, male or female. that way I never have to get off my high horse. or it that I never get on a high horse… or is it a soap box… fuck IDK.

  38. I don’t discriminate, skinner. An obese man is as repulsive to me as an obese woman. Sometimes, more so.

  39. OMG we are making fun of fat people again! NOOOOOOOOO !Get a rope! Preferably a strong one to hold fatty’s weight.

    Wait. What?

  40. Without fat women, I’d never get laid.

  41. @pauly

    But isn’t it expensive? I hear having to have yourself pried from a fat fold by the jaws of life can cost a pretty penny. Try skinny hookers. They are much cheaper.

  42. “Hookers are cheaper if you kill them.” @GaryJBusey (Twitter)

  43. MsBuzzkillington

    In the defense of the tattoo.. she said her dad used her face as the tattoo.. not her body. But it’s still creepy that he put her face to a naked body.

    COME ON PEOPLE…. the pool one is obviously photoshopped. Why are we even discussing how funny that would be? It’s not real. Unless some how he has found a way to jump straight out of water a few feet into the air. The pool is probably a good 8-12ft wide? I highly doubt he jumped from one side to the other.. according to this pic he would have missed making a jump from one side to the other by inches. I don’t think that’s possible.

  44. It’s not photoshopped, he just jumped backwards from the edge of the pool.

  45. teo is right. That’s all I did.

  46. Why has everyone failed to notice the guy in the background of #3 playing beer bong in front of all the kids?

  47. JJ you win. That’s exactly what he was doing.

  48. That orange monster thing all down the board is annoying me.

  49. Hi I’m here about the– … never mind. *walks away*

  50. Isn’t the guy in the back of 3 doing a beerbong to an audience of kids?

  51. I think #3 just threw out all laws of Newton and Einstein in one glorious attempt to get laid. I’d do him.

  52. @ JJ and username1234 – yes. Yes he is. Lmao!

    That tatoo is just plain creepy looking as it is, even worse to think dad-of-the-year used his daughters face as a model for a naked chick with weird boobs giving a knife a blow job. WTF is wrong with this world…

  53. Okay, so what if #2′s dad is the tattooer, not the one with the tattoo? Does that make it any less creepy?

  54. No, idiotlegs, I don’t think it does.

  55. am i the only one who thinks the guy in #4 looks disabled?

  56. @Submerged….if you’re ever in Henderson, that’s where you’ll find that van


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