Monday, April 12, 2010

A Few PhoDOHs!

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  1. #2 wins

  2. the second one is full of win indeed

  3. why would you take a picture of people peeing and puking?

  4. come on, give it up for the dog in the tortilla!

  5. Gross.

  6. the dog in the burrito is great!

  7. 1st one – I lol’ed, didn’t even feel bad about it.
    2nd one – dear god I hope he knows that girl.
    3rd one – the best part is the Tigger in the background.
    4th one – bahahahahah

  8. 3rd guy prob fell asleep in his child’s room..

    Still funny though

  9. I’m giving the win to LB for a complete set of quality photos for once. #2 is the best though, followed closely by #1.

  10. Oh man, what a depressing view of the world to wake up to xD

  11. Dog made me laugh, girl looks like she’s genuinely struggling to breathe, so that’s a laugh riot, picture 3 just makes me hate myself for knowing he’s in a high school musical blanket, and four is fucked up.

    Now I’m going back to sleep.

  12. First one was definitely the funniest. I liked the second and third too. Fourth-We’ve all seen that scene way too much!

  13. What a waste of a tortilla…now it’s all chihuahua’d.

  14. My daughter made that face as I snatched her up. Queue the DHS phone calls…

  15. The first one isn’t any different from normal Taco Bell.

  16. im not sure whats more worrying in #3.. the HSM pillow or the fact that its only 19:55.

  17. definitely the HSM pillow

  18. @casstasstic: Well, since the tortilla already has chihuahua stink on it, the only logical thing to do at this point is to go ahead and grill that rat dog up and serve it with a side of refried beans. Reminds me of the stuff you used to be able to buy on the street in Juarez back when you could still go there without getting shot.

  19. tangalangadingdong

    @joshualburris It’s ‘cue’ the DHS phone calls. BTW are you in Pickaway County OH?

  20. nah, looks like he’s in the playground in terminator 2 – the nuclear holocaust dream sequence one.

  21. The guy is the 2nd one kinda looks like Q.Tarantino , which makes it creepier. Tarantino and his weird fetishes. Maybe it’s just me ,I don’t know…

  22. @Desolation Row: He looks more like a douchebag to me.

  23. @BritishHobo
    Not a douchebag. He isn’t really choking her! lol It’s his daughter and they are goofing off. Why so serious?

  24. aww. the pedophile sleeps. precious.

  25. In #2 the actual pic is one thing (even the girl on the bench in the background looks disgusted) but did he have to call the little girl a bitch? Like c’mon.

  26. You guys have no sense of humor. He didn’t call her a bitch. He is just stating (in a humorous way) that he ain’t afraid to choke a bitch out! The lady in the background isnt even looking! Take the stick out of your ass and laugh bc its friggin hilarious!

  27. I know hilarious … friggin’ even but that ain’t it.

  28. Mass, YOU are a douche. What is so horrible about it? He didn’t call her a bitch. He didn’t really choke her. Father and daughter goofing off and this picture is what came out of it. The caption that he added just makes it funny. Get over it.

  29. It’s ‘mass’

  30. @mass Like I said, you are a douche. You didn’t answer me either.

  31. Oh, I’m sorry I was busy rinsing out vaginas with my fresh vinegar scent.

  32. What’s that in guy #2 ear? If that’s a hearing device it’ll take the fun out of laughing at him. Well, at least for 5 minutes or so.

  33. @mass Touche.

    @yellowsulfur I think you are talking about guy #3 and it looks like wadded up paper to me or possibly tin foil. Hearing impaired or not, there is no excuse for an adult man sleeping on HSM bedding though.

  34. The last one is just art.

  35. The funniest thing on here is mass’s fresh vinegar scent.

  36. There’s much to comment on here.

    No1, the guy does look like he eats Mexican food on a regular basis, no?

    No2, I’m with Desolation, that does look like QT.

    No3, I don’t know who those dicks are on that pillow slip, but I need new bed linen, and that might be good for a laugh.

    No4, while I’m a fan of some bodily fluids being sprayed all over, puke isn’t one of them.

  37. What you dont see in #2 is his 12yr old girlfriend behind him. Spooning.

    That bed set was his gift to her on their anniversary. Sweet, I know.

    #1 It’s funny because it probably isn’t much different from what he eats normally.

    #3 The only thing thats funny about this is the “Im not afraid to choke a bitch out”.

    #4 I’m sure their “brah” thought this was hilarious and they all laughed about it for days. Lame.

  38. too much to comment on just too funny

  39. @soka
    i wish malteser would sometimes say that

  40. Choke a bitch out – not really funny when referring to a little girl.

  41. MomLovesElectro

    for the first time I actually laughed out loud at the second picture.

    people need to calm down…I bet thats his little sister or something.

    the 1st one is just clever

    the 3rd one looks like my uncle sleeping in his daughters room so not that funny.

    and the 4th one is just gross and I have seen worse in person

  42. The first two were the only good ones. Choking a bitch out is what I do on the daily and it really is tight. So it sucks to you who dont find humor in it

  43. #4 is gross. As a somewhat sober female I’ve always wondered what all those mystery spots in parking lots were.

  44. @momloveselectro Its his daughter.

  45. MsBuzzkillington

    Joshua’s picture makes me lol. Seems almost like it was an accident… they were goofing around and he accidentally choked her. The caption is just priceless… and the fact that he made that caption shows that he meant no harm.

  46. Oh…. it’s his daughter….,

    Still not funny.

  47. I prefer to smack my bitch up.

    Thanks Prodigy for one of my favourite song titles.

  48. #1 that’s just how I love my rat-dogs. Wrapped in a tortilla shell, Mexican gourmet at it’s finest.

    #2 I can’t say anything about that picture other than WTF!

    #3 that’s the closest his restraining order let’s him near anything related to little kids.

    #4 smooth moves exlax

  49. Amazing how many ppl knew that that is HSM bedding…

  50. @mourning glory It is funny. Just as Msbuzzkillington said and as I said earlier. Father and daughter goofing off at the park, no ill intentions, this picture was a result of the goofing off and the caption he put makes it hilarious. All of you who are acting like its crazy need to chill out.

  51. And before anyone says anything, no, I’m not advocating violence against women (if you know me at all, that ain’t it).

    I just have a fond memory in reference to a “Will and Grace” episode where Karen Walker was marrying the John Cleese character in Vegas.
    She wanted to walk down the aisle to that song.

    It was hilarious. You had to be there I guess.

    Sorry, I’m getting off topic here people.

  52. The picture is cute. The caption isn’t.
    Anyone who thinks it’s hilarious needs to chill out and realize that not everyone agrees.

  53. Chewbacca shagger

    I have some photos of my daughter and me in stupid poses as well. If child services ever found them and were after something to ping me on and didnt know the story or my turd of a daughter, i’d be fucked.

  54. i’m going to have to echo mass and mourningglory. number two is just not that funny. i find a lot of things humorous but when i saw that picture and read its caption i just felt pity for the daughter. that father just seems lame and immature to post something like that on facebook. no tact.

  55. Chewbacca shagger

    #1 is that kinda like a mexican hot dog? Thats all those stupid little dogs are good for and even then, there’s not enough meat on them. You have to farm them for a few months to fatten them up to even get a feed.
    I have passed out on my kids bed before too and they took pics on my phone of it. It happens…I hope.

  56. I can’t see the second one :’(

    It won’t load for me.

  57. You would think my caption was “My daughter, the stupid bitch” or something. Chill out people, it was only a joke.

    I took her within inches of her life, only to ease up to remind her who’s in charge.

    @skeleton_key you are right, it was lame and immature. I dont know what I was thinking when I took this picture just knowing that it was going to escape my small circle of friends and somehow, not only end up on Lamebook, but compel you to leave a comment. I apologize and it will never happen again..

  58. Does it make a difference that the mother took the picture and didn’t find any harm in it? Some of you people need to settle down- or gain a sense of humor.

  59. 1- The look on the chihuahua’s face almost makes me feel bad for it. Almost…

    2- I flipped out a little bit when I first saw it, even though it’s probably a joke. She really does look like she’s struggling.

    3- What’s that silvery thing in his ear? Oh, and nice room.

    4- Victory, mostly because of how hard it is to get capture both activities in the same picture.

  60. My girlfriend’s called Peta… Hmmm
    Anyway, second one is pretty king, but I’d say we’ve all done the third… Right guys? Guys?

  61. The picture isn’t the issue.
    Calling your daughter a bitch is.
    But what do I know… I don’t have a sense of humour.

  62. @joshuajburris Look, I get that it sucks that all these people are giving you shit because your caption, which you thought nothing of when you wrote, is being scrutinized on the internet. It’s just not that funny to put a played out Wayne Brady quote in reference to choking a hooker and slap it as a caption under a picture of you and your daughter. Maybe I’m being too sensitive but, in my opinion, fathers are supposed to be overprotective of their daughters.

  63. eh- I thought it was funny!

  64. yeah I thought #2 was funny too!
    I LOLed at that one. The whole thing that made it funny was reading the caption and then realizing it was a guy and his daughter. haha

  65. I feel sorry for Joshua too, poor guy, even when he justifies himself he’s getting shit for it.

  66. LOL

  67. I have photos of my daughter holding her dad in ankle locks and arm bars. THAT’S funny. #2 would only be funny if she were choking the guy.




  70. Perhaps the reason that some people take umbridge to both the action depicted and the caption in #2 is they may have experienced abuse as a child. Just you know…could be a sore spot?

    …just sayin’. Some people find vomit funny, and others don’t. Turns out, people are different. Who knew?

  71. “Child abuse? What’s that!?”

  72. hahaha.. oh my goodnesssssss.
    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  73. I hate elixabeth so much, I registered just to get rid of her last comment.

  74. i like that person.

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