Friday, October 15, 2010

A Few Friday PhoDOHs

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Fucking A, Animal.

    New style of abortion, Interesting seaweed color, I guess the tattoo is not the only thing taking up too much space

  2. WTF is going on with this guy’s tattoo?? GOD THAT THING IS TERRIBLE – WHO PAYS FOR SHIT LIKE THAT?

    lol Dukey

  3. Who the fuck thinks that seaweed, regardless of colour – is pretty? Fuck my dog.

  4. At least he shaved his armpits

  5. Who doesn’t

  6. gotta say i like the picture of the guy kicking the baby!

  7. Who doesn’t.

  8. wtf was that photographer thinking

  9. Tattoo guy is too much of a wuss to get it all shaded in in one sitting

  10. Ok that last one was pretty good. It got me grossed out – I must have seen that many LB posts that I know expect the worst of people :-s

  11. How do people get tattoos with misspellings on them? I mean for the tattoo I’m getting next week I spent a long time going over the design to make sure it was perfect. Plus wouldn’t the artist say something along the lines of ‘Do you want these words spelled right? Or what?’

  12. mad, I figure tattoo artists are so tired of people coming in with all sorts of weird ‘symbolic’ sketches/misspelled words that they just don’t bother to question it anymore. I know if I was inking poeple, I’d get a kick out of designing huge spelling errors all over their chests.

  13. *people

  14. mad, you’re assuming all tattoo artists can spell. Just like any other profession, they have their share of people who can’t tell your from you’re and to from too.

    Plus, the main job of the tattoo artist is to design what you asked for. If the tattoo artist tells you to proofread it and make sure it’s EXACTLY what you want, the mistakes aren’t their fault.

    We used to do this in making signs for schools. We got sick of having to correct freaking principals on how to differentiate your from you’re, so we adding to the work form a statement that all signs would be created exactly as requested. Another big one was “Parking for busses only.”

  15. And ha! I have my own error. We added to the work order form, not adding to the work form.

  16. Tattoo artists should be required to ink red squiggly lines underneath every spelling error. (Free of charge.)

  17. The thing I can’t figure out is that “not” is wearing off or wasn’t completely outlined. It looks like a press on tattoo until you get to the last three words. Also, the tattoo artist isn’t talented enough to script words himself (or herself), it’s a very clear print out of a Word font. So it stands to follow that the artist probably thought the words were spelled right anyway.

  18. And that is exactly what it looks like when you have an abortion. It isn’t a microscopic baby, complete with skin, eyes, fingers and toes. It is a hairy, dead kitten. You are essentially killing a hairball, not a baby.

  19. But wouldn’t you pick your tattoo artist carefully? Like I researched various local artists before settling on the one who’s doing my tattoo, and I discussed the design with him, etc.
    And why on earth are only three words filled in, and the others outlined? The whole picture makes no sense!

  20. what are you having? and where? that guy in the photo is just a wuss – can’t take all of it in one sitting

  21. Um, ok, it is a rat on a stone wall, with a grave marked by a celtic cross. A raven sits on the gravestone, and another raven flies in front of the full moon. It is going on my right forearm. It will take two or three sittings, first sitting is next week.

  22. i really like it – good luck! come on now, you can do it all in one sitting. make sure and post pics when it all goes wrong ;)

  23. The artist said he can’t do it in fewer than two, maybe three sittings – I suggested doing it all at once, I want the whole thing now dammit! I’m getting it done at by Casper.
    And unfortunately I don’t have a facebook account. Ok, that’s fortunate, but the point is, I can’t get any lamebook posts. I will, however, post a link to pics if anything gets f’ed up.

  24. jesus i hate spiders but that’s a good un!

  25. Hey, Douchetastic, I work in the sign industry as well :)

  26. English people have taken over all the best blogs on the net and it’s fucking annoying, because nobody thinks my accent is novel or cool anymore.

  27. There.

    I have filled my daily quota of vapid, idiotic, self-indulgent but slightly true comments for the week.

  28. And now i’ve overshot. how many weeks in a day?

  29. There’s no spiders? Just ravens + a rat.

  30. @Mad2physicist
    That’s because you clearly aren’t ‘cool’. Rather then thinking about the marking that will be on your body for the rest of your life you would’ve woken up one morning and had your half-retarded cousin mark you up prison style after a long night of sniffing paint and drinking on your mobile home porch. That’s only if you’re cool though.

  31. mad2physicist… are you serious? That is the ugliest tattoo I’ve seen in a long time now, I don’t know if you’re joking, since this is lamebook and all, but if you’re not, I don’t want to be mean, I want to help by saying: don’t do it. Sorry

  32. the tatoo thing is old, we get it, the moron got it wrong.

    Chelsea and has stupid friends.

  33. sorry that should have been chelsea is nasty and has stupid friends

  34. @hp > Very funny! Love the idea…

  35. Curly, the number of sittings is because it will be about 8 by 4 inches. Can’t convert to metric right now.
    Angie, no, not joking, and it is cool to a goth :) .

  36. @hpcan, i agree, but they should also put in the green squiggly lines as well for grammatical errors such as the to and too debacle.

  37. @mad2, personally, I like that tattoo design. I say go for it, though I’m no matter what people say on here, you will anyways, haha.\

    Josh sucks.
    Yes Loni, because when a fetus kicks, it puts its hand under the leg and then proceeds to kick, for extra oomph!
    Chelsea, I believe you’re leaking seaweed, dear.

  38. Purebs, I like your suggestion.
    Keona, thanks! But you’re right, only my wife has veto power over my tattoo.

  39. Josh, you had quite a good body, and you went and fucked it all up. Why?, dickhead, why?

    mad2, I like you, and I especially like the idea of you teaching math when you’re drunk. Now, I know everyone has their own personal taste and all, but, fella, if you put that thing on your body… yikes. You say you’ve thought about it – think about it some more.

    Argh. Youth is wasted on the young.

  40. Not a fan of ink are we word? Personally I love it, especially on women.

  41. In word’s case, it’s “Damned young people.” instead of of “Damned old people.

  42. mad2, I am, actually.

  43. mad2 @ 29 – i clicked your link and looked at some of casper’s work. it was the spider on the guy’s neck i was on about.

  44. I like the celtic cross, mad2, I have Gaelic writing. Pity about the rat… but to each his own :)

  45. I love rats. And rabbits. A good rat will kiss you on the lips.

  46. mad2Fan of Tolkien?

    Pet rats are cute ( I had one in my childhood, and rabbits too), but the rabid-looking, plague-causing type scare me. Really, I’ll jump on the table and scream!

    Word, I thought you were one of the young. One of my favourite quotes btw.

  47. Saffer, I am, although I got the name Nuada from Celtic mythology; he was (as you might already know, having a Celtic tattoo) the king of the Tuatha De Danann, off and on.

  48. @ pureb – Haha, I agree.

  49. No I meant by your screen name: Valaraukar, or does that mean something else too?

  50. Oh, yes, Valaraukarsbane means ‘Slayer of the fire demon (i.e. balrog).’ Not many people pick up on that, I’m impressed.

  51. Oh but on youtube, I just used Valaraukar. So yes, balrog (usually I add ‘sbane’).

  52. you did add the “sbane” I just left it out. lol. It’s 3:30 I’m not thinking clearly, my feet ache (god knows why I like heels) and I’m pissed about clubs closing at 2am (I hope the whole country is not like that!)

    great talking to you mad2

  53. there was me thinking lamebook was a forum for the pitiless mocking of the most pathetic individuals on facebook. turns out i was wrong: this comments thread has exposed the lamebook community as a tragic assembly of furries, goths and fantasy nerds. sure, you guys are marginally better at spelling than the idiots featured on the site. but other than that? you’re no better than the juggalos and rednecks you laugh at. yes, josh has got an awful tattoo. but that rat in front of the moon thing, jesus christ that is bad. this isn’t a competition to see who has the worst tattoo, but if it was josh wouldn’t stand a chance. please someone tell me this is all a highbrow self-referential joke that i’m not part of, perhaps something along the lines of an ironic, post-hegelian master-slave reversal. i’m beginning to lose faith in the internet.

    sorry for being a dick, but this is lamebook. where lame stuff gets called up on. not a rat kissing, fantasy fan fiction, shit tattoo convention. am i being unreasonable?

  54. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    It’s called a circle-jerk clique buddy so whoop out your dick and stretch your hands to your sides, do a reach around if you must but do all of these and the moment you feel 2 hands on your penis the joke will be clear to you.

  55. *Circle Jerk Playground Clique, Dukey. The playground bit is crucial.

  56. Vincent has awful tattoos himself or it’s Josh himself.

  57. ok so the last 3 words are shaded because they’re supposed to be bold. with emphasis. its a stupid tattoo but im pretty sure thats just for emphasis

  58. @june and Dukey, you’re spot on. The only thing you forgot to include was the muttering of Semitic phrases*

    (I don’t know how to italicize my words. Forgive my keyboard fail.)

  59. i’m actually very happy with my tattoos. they reflect the sneeringly non-committal attitude of casual indifference with which i drift through the pointless void of my existence. i’ve got a pictogram of a penis tattooed on my penis, and a my little pony above my left nipple. also, i have a backpiece which is basically an entire page from heideggers “sein und zeit”, with annotated footnotes. still think i have awful tattoos now, mr smartypants?

  60. The “sneeringly non-committal attitude of casual indifference with which i drift through the pointless void of my existence”?

    Heavens to Betsy. You sound like a pseudo-intellectual, self-righteous douche. Please don’t validate yourself all over our rug, we just had it cleaned yesterday.

  61. There are probably more reasons for doing it in more than one sitting. When you have a tattoo with that much black in it, sometimes you have to wait for it to heal and go over it again to get even coverage. I have a tattoo with a lot of black in it and my artist told me that if he went over it a fourth time in one sitting, it would tear my skin and cause small scars.

  62. Don’t bother june, I’ve already got the Rug Doctor out…ugh..this will take all day to get out.

  63. Thanks, Keona. You’re a lifesaver.A furry, gothy, fantasy-nerdy lifesaver. <4

  64. oh dear vincent. your referencing of german philosophers and verbiage mongering somehow (don’t ask me) called to mind a robert musil quote (if we’re trading teutonic blows):

    ‘the “practical philosophy and poetry” of most people, who are neither originators, nor on the other hand unsusceptible to ideas, consists of just such shimmering fusions of someone else’s great thought with their own small private modifications.’

    maybe you should re-read sein und zeit and familiarise yourself properly with the concept of dasein, and perhaps you’ll pick up a personality on the way.

  65. apropos lamebook becoming shit, though, i agree. the comments sections is just scum and scurf.

  66. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Junebug: Did someone just call Hobo “scum and scurf”?

  67. dukey, i’m sorry to say that viewing the lamebook comments section nowadays is like going into a record shop with 100 broken records playing on 100 faulty phonographs.

    uroboros – the comments eat themselves.

    so i suppose that i am calling hobo ‘scum and scurf’, indirectly.

    and that, my friends, is as good a parthian shot as any. good night.
    (last one out turn off the lights!)

  68. Oh, june, you know me so well! You’re welcome. I’m assuming the <4 is a variation of the <3 heart?

    vincent, alord, all of what you said went right over my pretty little head. As far as intellectual goes, I'm on the short end of that stick. I liked the big intelligent words, though.

    To the dictionary! It's time to expand my vocabulary again.

    I bet Hobo looks like complete balls irl.
    alord, LB, I end this comment on a geek note: The only time I've heard of or seen Uroboros was at the end of Megaman ZX Advent. The last boss was fought on a Leviathan sized floating ship named Uroboros. :D Quite a hard boss, too. Had two or three forms and laser rape everywhere. Sort of a Shoop da Whoop on lots of crack.

  69. Vincent, no, you are not being unreasonable. On the other hand, nobody, least of all me, cares. I do like the fact that this tattoo has split everyone into ‘excellent’ and ‘shít’ camps. And in case you didn’t notice, someone _asked_ about my tattoo, I did not simply post it at random.
    If you’re going to have philosophy tattooed on your back, why Heidegger? Not the worst choice, but it definitely provides further evidence that you like to sound smart without actually saying much with content. I’m surprised you didn’t go with Hegel or maybe Sartre; ‘That which is in the mode of not being what it is by being what it is by being what it is not.’ Don’t get me wrong, I am an existentialist in the sense defined by Sartre of ‘Existence precedes essence,’ (in some ways; obviously, there are limitations) but damn some of those existentialists liked to run their fat yaps. Here’s an existential suggestion for you: why don’t you ‘be in the mode of being that which does not read the comments that annoy you?’
    Keona, as I recall, Uroboros is a snake that eats its tail.

  70. Ohhh. :< I feel dumb. I really should try to learn Great, speaking that way isn't helping my case any. Bah..I can't blame being sleep deprived this time, even though I am, because even if I had sleep and was fully on the ball brain-wise, I still wouldn't understand this. I'm currently not in college but they definitely didn't teach any of this in high school.

  71. Keona, self-education is the answer, I didn’t learn this stuff in college or in graduate school either. Just read everything you can (except Twilight as Hobo can tell you).
    Of course, Uroboros cannot hold a candle to Jorgumundr.

  72. The two e’s, two apostrophes, and one o would have, as Josh would seem to agree, taken up to much space.

  73. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Self-education is awesome, Plus you get to have sex with your teacher ;) .

  74. I would love to, Dukey, but only if it’s mad2.

  75. Keona, your last comment reeeaally cracked me up. Dukey will tell you why.

  76. Teo, Josh has never apparently heard of making the font size slightly smaller to accommodate the actual words?
    Keona, then it wouldn’t be self-education. And my perverted yet ‘loyalist’ position with my wife precludes it:).

  77. June, why did it crack you up?

  78. Yes….why DID it crack you up? I was just making a slag-gy/ slagee joke? (what IS the proper Brit version of slutty? I know it would be slag+ something.)

    @mad2 Then the student with have to become the master. I’ll get my man, you, and your wife all in a classroom, and break y’all of your loyalist ways.

  79. thanks for your interest in my comments. i just want to tell the world that i’m sorry – i didn’t mean to cause anyone harm. i was just indulging in a bit of harmless trolling. i was bored – is that such a crime? actually, yes, according to kierkegaard – but i digress.

    alordslums, i’m glad you mentioned musil. i don’t quite see the link to heidegger, but it’s a great quote and certainly a great riposte to my “verbiage mongering”. on a similar note, “Die Welt des Schreibens ist voll von großen Worten, die ihre Gegenstände verloren haben” – musil appears to have anticipated the lamebook comments page with that one! also, you are right about my lack of a personality. still, it hurts a little to have it pointed out in a public forum like that.

    mad2physicist – first of all, thanks for your good-natured reception (or is that meek acceptance?) of my cyber bullying. commendable effort on the philosophy banter as well, but what’s with the heidegger bashing? just because you aren’t familiar with his work doesn’t mean you should dismiss him in favour of more ‘popular’ theorists. you aren’t honestly going to try and tell me you have ever read more than five pages of hegel, and as for sartre – the justin bieber of 20th century thought – come on, you can do better than that.

    junebug – you’re absolutely right. i am all of those things you said, and i deserved that. you really knocked me down a peg or two, so you did.

  80. Anyone else really liking this Vincent guy?

    I dunno. He made me lol.

  81. I like him. He’s spot-on, too (in his first comment, that is. All that other shit just goes over my head). Sorry, vinnie, but when people talk theorists, I fall sleep. But, hey, whatever turns you on, buddy. I loved the Bieber analogy, though. Awesome.

  82. He does sound a lot like slumsy. Hmmmm… probably why I like him.

  83. Vincent, I meekly accept nothing. I am actually quite familiar with at least two of Heidegger’s works, and part of a third. Honestly I think his thought on the connection between appearance and being is, eh… his only real contribution. I by far prefer Whitehead and early Russell.
    Sartre was an idiot, but he did give a nice definition of existentialism.
    Yes, I read more than 5 pages of Hegel. I quit reading him and called him a fücking moron when I realized he denies the law of noncontradiction (see his Science of Logic).
    Keona, if you are going to be running a class like that, I think you need to start officially calling yourself ‘Mistress Keona.’

  84. mad2, fuck existentialism. I know you can be funny. Stick to the funny. Just a thought.

    Love, word

  85. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Word change your screen name to existentialism and more people would gladly fuck it.

  86. Word, my ‘mistress Keona’ line was hilarious, I thought. I’ll try to avoid getting caught in metaphysical expositions though.

  87. i like a song call Existentialism on Prom Night….

  88. *called

  89. Dukey, it looks too much like excrusiasm. Sorry. No dice.

    mad2, yes. That sort of stuff. Sort of.

  90. Is an excrusiam like an orgasm of pain?

  91. It’s what I thought of when I first saw the name. Now, it just equates to crazy.

    Oh, and, buddy… no more rats or rat tats. I hate rats. Deal?

  92. Well I am getting the rat tat, but… you don’t have to look at it? How’s that?

  93. Thank fuck.

  94. I like the tattoo Mad2!

    I’ve never understood the dislike of rats… in my opinion there are much scarier/nastier things in our world, crawling around, being slimy and disease ridden.. yuck. Roaches are much nastier than rats…

    I think I’m the last person on the planet that doesn’t have any tats

  95. Don’t encourage him, Valenya. I do agree with you, though, there are many things nastier than rats – a few people I know, for starters. You’re not the last person on the planet without ink, but you’re well on the way to being so.

  96. Rats are very cuddly as you can see in the video I linked. Valenya, I don’t know any people face-to-face who have tattoos, and only one person online (excepting the local denizens).
    Dammit, now I am sorely tempted to change my pic to the rat tat, just for word:).

  97. ..used to have a pet rat named Shelly, she was awesome.

    No tats though, word’s going to do my first one.

  98. Oh, Saffer, apologies. I was temporarily bedazzled by vinnie. I wouldn’t mind seeing a some more of him. Anyway, I am young… at heart. And, that quote is one of my faves, too.

    mad2, you won’t do that because you like me.

    mass, I’ll let your rat-love slide. I’m not artistically inclined, so I can’t mark you – with ink, anyway. I know! You should get that virgin skin of yours inked with my name. I’d like that.

  99. I realize I’m later than Chelsea’s period with this response, but…

    @mad2physicist (#76) – I was under the impression that a font needed to be at least 36 point in order to be legally considered overedge. Less than 36, even if it means being able to correctly spell words, is just asking for trouble with the International Xtreme Font Association.

  100. Philosophic thought and tattoos. They so often go together. Both are essentially worthless, but imbue the owner with a warped sense of superiority.

  101. Soup, my conclusion, after spending several years agonizing over philosophy, was that:
    YES, I can describe shit conceptually.
    Not sure anyone feels ‘superior’ because of a tattoo. Ok I’m sure Josh does, but otherwise…

  102. Mad2
    Once in a great while I’ve been known to have a philosophical thought about my place in this world. Sometimes, I’ll even share that thought with friends. But our discussions rarely require footnotes to make sure that everyone understands that we are referencing the “great thinkers”.

    You’ve never met anyone who thought their tattoo made them more spiritual, clever, or hard?

    I’m not trying to bust your balls here, but it seems that you’re looking at a limited segment of the population.

  103. Soup, to be honest, I only know one person who has tattoos. They view it as self-expression (as do I). Other than that I’ve read about people getting tattoos for spiritual reasons, but I’m not sure they view themselves as ‘superior;’ maybe they do. Anyway I’m sure there’s those out there like you say, but for those of us who view it as pure body-art that doesn’t seem to be the case.
    Maybe I should rephrase my statement about philosophy. I was interested primarily in ontology and epistemology, and where that’s concerned, most of the ‘great thinkers’ were full of shit.
    Sorry Hobo, I’ll try to focus on more sex jokes. Speaking of which I see you tolerate mass’ love of rats. Is this because mass is putting out for you?

  104. Self expression is a wonderful, truly human thing. But we also love to follow the pack. Look at the prominence of the lower back tattoos on the ladies. Or the arm bands on so many guys. This is the product of unoriginal thought. So where is the dividing line between expressing yourself, or just trying to conform to the latest fad?

    I also have to ask: You say you’re a teacher, and you plan to get this big ass tat on your forearm. You aren’t at all concerned that this might have an impact on your future job opportunities?

  105. Soup, I am a graduate student and I TA/teach various college classes. My goal is to be a professor in mathematics. The mathematics community is very lenient. I have a friend who is a professor whom I recently watched give a talk at the American Mathematical Society southeastern meeting in goth ensemble. He did face some refusals for jobs in the southeast from sticks-in-the-mud; I wouldn’t move to the southeast anyway.
    Anyway, the tattoo will be covered if I have long sleeves on.
    Your wearing of pants seems quite unoriginal to me.

  106. You are right. See how insidious the hive mind can be? The glory of my cock should be exposed for all the world to see. I have allowed myself to be brainwashed by the masses into covering my most sensitive bits. No longer. I will poke my rod of freedom into the eye of injustice.

  107. mad2 #103, I’ll assume you meant me, not Hobo, unless I’ve missed something along the way? No, mass is not putting out for me. I wish. It’s just I’ve “known” him longer than I have you, thereby making me more willing to accept his negative points (rat-love). You’re an interesting and highly intelligent person – no doubt. Lose the goth/rat shit, and you’ll do just fine.

    Soup never wearing pants… unlike most philosophy, that’s something I can get my head around.

    Enjoy the rest of your evening, fellas.

  108. Soup, I now have two black eyes, an anal prolapse, mushroom prints all over me, and currently at the hospital having a rape kit performed on me, police all around.

    Please, watch where you wave it around! I was not the injustice your schlong sought out to find.

  109. Don’t be silly. Even my victims love the loving I give them. Oh, my little Keona, you are exactly the sort that I need to pound with my dong of clarity. Your man does not appreciate the special kind of crazy that you offer.

  110. Hahaha, he does in his own ways. The fact that if most if not any other woman were to want what I do, experiments and all, and be with him, they would say fuck him and leave, or cheat. I’ve thought of that but, but’s not right obviously, and I can’t bring myself to do so. Because as crazy as my sex drive is, I’ve got what sluts don’t: self control and a conscience. They have what appears to be Blue Waffles. Poor broads. I’m proud to be crazy, and even if I weren’t it’s not like I could help it. I could state that I’m your plain Jane, but I’d be lying about my inner thoughts, emotions and lust for Soupisms.

    You pound me while I try to pounce some convincing into him. Always wanted a train. Let me grab my chain, rope, cat costume. I just need a human collar to put the chain on. Anyone got one?

  111. Ah yes word, I meant you, not Hobo, sorry to both. And as to the goth thing, at least I never wear makeup. Though that is as much laziness as anything else.
    Keona, try, I’m sure they’ll have what you’re looking for.

  112. All I have to reply with, is a perverted =3 Thank yoouuuuu.

  113. Now the thing is I never even realized collars were a BDSM thing until recently. I always thought goth girls wore them so they could pretend to be covering the bite marks of a vampire. They are hot on girls regardless.
    And you’re welcome, I am a source of much perversion in general.

  114. Even larger selection

  115. Hm, but will they fit on a man? Sure, I want to order one for myself, but if I’m going to lead my man around as my dog in public, I’ll need one to for his neck. Although, any should fit since he’s not a fatty like Peter Griffin in which is neck has been consumed by the fat cells, in order to become pure lard.

    What do you think, mad2? I’ve not a clue. =S

  116. Sizing is a problem with these things. I have tiny womanly wrists by male standards but I had to get the largest wristband size they had to fit. No idea if collars are similar.

  117. My english isn’t the best, but.. it’s quite shocking that my english is so much better than so many other people who speaks english as an official language.. In sweden, swedish is the official language, not english.. but in school we learn english at age 9. Most of the swedes can tell the difference between “your” and “you’re” haha..

  118. Hm…I’ll have to find out for myself or ask one of of my nympho friends, they’ll most likely know. They’re into all of this crazy stuff. Thank you for the links though.

  119. On topic: I think the seaweed is pretty. But why would you take the pic with someone’s FEET in it?
    Fisdeg, I believe this is because ‘rank idiocy’ is rarer in Sweden.
    Keona, you have multiple nympho friends and you want to have orgies? Did you somehow come to life out of a porno?

  120. Lmao..*face palm* ok..well, ONE nympho friend. Who has a girlfriend that is one, too.

    I agree with you, seaweed is definitely pretty. Though, I think they could have chosen a better color. One that’s not to suggestive, but then again, that would ruin it’s lameness and be just an ordinary seadweed pic.

  121. “Yes, I read more than 5 pages of Hegel. I quit reading him and called him a fücking moron when I realized he denies the law of noncontradiction”

    mad2physicist 1, georg wilhelm friedrich hegel 0.

    how do you like that, hegel, with your pompous long words and your immeasurably influential phenomenological approach to the rigid structural frameworks of analytic philosophy. mad2physicist of lamebook says you’re a moron, so why don’t you just take your 8000 page manuscript and shove it up your crusty german bellend!

    mad2physicist FTW!

  122. If you deny the principle of noncontradiction, you are a moron. Also I am in RL more than just ‘of lamebook.’ I do have qualifications in philosophy.
    Keona, nympho with nympho friend (female, I presume? And thus les/bi? In males, it isn’t called nymphomania, I don’t think) with girlfriend who is a nympho still sounds like something out of a porno.

  123. Also being influential doesn’t make it right/worth shit. Hitler was highly influential, for example.

  124. Oh, well damn. I guess it’s just porno status, then. It is a male with a girlfriend. By nympho, (this was their words also, not mine) they told me they’re nymphos because they love sex..ALOT and all the kinky S and M activities.

    If they were les nymhpos…’m not sure how I’d handle that friendship, lol.

    Go to 5:00 onward. I’d like to make a video of this caliber in the future, minus the random fat guy that’s apparently going to be whipped and beaten. I’ve still yet to discover his purpose, save for being a cock blocker.

  125. ok, sorry. make that “mad2physicist, qualified philosopher, of lamebook, furnet AND real life”. anyway, stop being so modest. you totally pwned hegel that time when you called him a moron. it’s something you could tell your (anthropomorphic?) grandkids: hey kids, when your grandaddy was a but a fledgling gothrat, he used his (online?) degree from one of those cute provincial ‘colleges’ they have in america to pwn hegel himself. FTW!

    i’m just presuming you’re american because you’re so earnest and precious about your qualifications, it’s adorable. i bet you’ve got your certificate framed above the coffin you sleep in. sorry if you are in fact canadian or australian, i know how protective you all get about your colonies.

    also, in a hypothetical (online?) combat situation, would a dwarf with a degree (defence + 5, mana +4%) beat a mage with a manuscript (magic +8, knowledge +13)? i was just asking for a friend of mine, he wants to swap his elf-crafted battleaxe for an MSc in Astrophyics. I keep telling him there’s no future in this “real life” sector he’s trying to break into, but kids these days, they never listen eh?

    btw i’m sorry i keep teasing you, it’s only because i consider you a worthy opponent/easy target. if it is any comfort, i do feel a slight twinge of guilt and shame in the dank and lonely recesses of my blackened soul.

  126. You mean a random softcore (or hardcore?) video, or just interested in videography in general? Now as a song video I am highly in favour of having such a frank vid. The band isn’t bad either. And great lyrics. Particularly the question is: where is there a party like that?!
    Are these your friends? I am assuming not.

  127. Vincent, I don’t mind being teased at all. Stop having a bad conscience, you’re fucking up the ascent that surpasses man.
    Yes, I’m American. There will be no grandkids. And actually I’m quite unqualified as a philosopher but I do it anyway. I don’t have a coffin, but one would probably be more comfortable than this damn bed, although it’d be hard to fit us (wife and myself) into one. And I don’t know that it’d match the decor.
    I don’t know which gaming system you are trying to use there, but I believe you have spouted meaningless RPG gibberish. As meaningless as Hegel’s drivel.

  128. Softcore/ hardcore. Yes, this band is amazing. :D This cover is much better than the original by Lil Wayne. Much better.

    I want to find a party like that too, you keep a lookout over where you are, and I over here. I wish they were my friends. God knows what STDs they probably have, though.

    As for vincent. Worthy opponent? e-debates are srs bizness.
    I jest, I jest. Please don’t rage on me with your blackened soul.

  129. Keona, go listen to zeromancer,, similar singer but better band.
    I don’t think my wife would be into that kind of party:)

  130. This is the fate of America? >.<m I've forgotten how to make the HXC Rock Devil Horns as an emoticon. They just made one more fan. :)

  131. btw how does one make one’s name into a link?

  132. My link didn’t post about America.

    As for making into a link, I’m not sure myself. =/

  133. Well, she certainly lacks a map.

  134. Your name…how di- o.O

  135. In one’s profile, one puts an address for ‘home page.’ However, it only affects future posts. I have tried this numerous times but always changed it thinking something had gone wrong when none of my old posts changed.

  136. Ah, alright. Thanks. :) Perhaps I’ll put one up…although the only sites I’ve joined is myspace, facebook, myyearbook, fmylife, and this one.. hm.

  137. hey, so i’ve got manners. i was brought up that way. i apologize before and after sex as well.

    also, the last time i laughed at an emo kid on the internet, he went and killed himself on webcam. gosh, i felt terrible for days after that happened.

  138. So that I DO take exception to. You will not confuse me with those whiny teenyboppers (emo kids), thank you. Technically I wouldn’t even claim to be goth although I do like the associated style.
    And since you like advising me, here’s a trolling tip: you should work a bit on being less obviously sarcastic. Although you were almost spot on with your score before. I would say:
    Reality: 1. GWF Hegel: 0 (which according to him is secretly the same thing as 1).

  139. the funny thing is, the tattoo guy only had like a portion colored in… now this could be one of two reasons… one.. he ran out of money… or! two… he was to wuss to finish it…

  140. … ” i apologize before and after sex as well”…

    This bastard is funny.

    mad2, he’s funny. Oh, by the way, I hate laziness, but in your case, I am imploring you to stay lazy. No makeup, teacher. Ever.

    So, with this in mind, I did the math…

    Goth + rat = full count
    Goth + rat + eyeliner = strikeout

    I know I’m right.

  141. Testing link.

  142. wewt.

  143. Alright all who read this at a later point in time, I’m out for a bit. Take care.

  144. Word, I don’t deny the hilarity of Vincent, but I do think he should aim for perfection in trolling. I also submit that if he’d like to suggest Hegel doesn’t suck he should provide evidence of this.
    Does wearing all black make one goth? In any case, goth + rat = full count… of EXCELLENCE!

  145. I want to have Vincent’s babies

  146. I could have sworn today was Sunday..because I came on here expecting new posts. Woops.

    IMO, Wearing all black doesn’t make anyone goth, or emo. It can also a type of fashion. Some prefer to wear bright colors, some prefer girl type clothing and lots of pink, the girls that do this get labeled with prep. It’s a matter of how you dress+ how you act+ your mindset that would determine if one’s a label, or clique.

    Personally, I think we should do away with labels and just let people be themselves. What they wear won’t effect us or offend, well, at least it shouldn’t anyways.

    I wear whatever I feel like that day, lately it has been mostly black. But I don’t cut myself and wish for death, I don’t wear make-up at all, and I don’t wear spikey collars, wrist bands, fishnets, or fingerless gloves. I once did as a confused young teen trying to find acceptance. Though crazy rock is my favorite genre, sadly the type of music one listens to can be incorporated to what “clique” they’re in. Labels are for soup cans, people!

    mad2 go for the tat. I think it’s badass. :P

  147. affect**

  148. I wear mostly black as well, especially in Winter times, just because it’s discreet. Orange jackets and this kind of things are certainly not for me.

  149. I am not sure if anyone said this already or if I am being Wallace, Waldo or whatever the fuck his name is, but it looks like the only part he could sit through was the last three words the other part has not been done yet.

    thank you for your time

  150. So now there’s me, DukeySmoothBuns and Duke?


  151. ok, sorry. make that “mad2physicist, qualified philosopher, of lamebook, furnet AND real life”.

    My personal favorite part of this hole thread lol

    P.S. Mad2 I understand you’re tattoo has personal significance(?) but I just feel like you should make it a bit better… Not to be rude or anything!

    But just add some more detail to the animals… make it more life like. That way in 15 years the kids you teach wont look at you and ask if you’re daughter drew it on with a crayon :P

    Again it might be a personal tattoo that you designed and are in love with it, that is fine! I know I came close to having a manga drawing I made in high school tattooed on me(wich would have been a terrible mistake now).

    Tootles you horny lamers!

  152. vincent and mad2 are frodo. Can anybody point me too any recent interesting/entertaining comments discussions?

  153. @Walter Sadly, there most likely won’t be any until new stuff is posted, hopefully later today since the weekend is gone.

    I like Frodo…only because he lets me swim around in his pool. Goof exercise, you know. Also helps build up lung capacity.

  154. Bucket, it is a deliberate minimalist style on the animals. I didn’t draw the animals btw.
    Keona, I agree; I don’t consider myself goth, or anything else, I just wear what I like. Also maybe you can convince my wife not to wear make-up, I have been trying to convince her women shouldn’t wear makeup for some time. But fingerless gloves and wristbands just look good.
    Now when people say ‘Frodo’ do they mean the Ring Bearer? Or some guy from LB posts?

  155. As to collar necklaces on girls, I should add.

  156. Good** Goof exercise? the hell is wrong with me.

  157. I thought in this instance Goof exercise woulda been a more appropriate term

  158. Even if the spelling on that tattoo was perfect it would still be awful.

  159. I think Elizabeth hit the nail on the head with that one

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