Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Few Background Checks

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  2. That last one made me sick in my mouth abit….

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  4. lostintranslation

    How has Daniels1986 not been banished from this site yet?

  5. 1: What is on that guys ass?

    2: Is that a penis? It looks weird!

    3: Ewwwww. I really didn’t want to see this. Take it to an dark corner people.

  6. 1. I think it is what they call a “strawberry”. Baseball and softball players get them when they slide. Either that or its a really disgusting hickey on a really disgusting hairy man-butt.

    2. Maybe a penis with blueballs??

    3. I’ll second that ewwwww. Wanna bet that young lady’s mother is not on facebook? Let’s hope not anyway.

  7. spammmmmmer gimp

    yaya you suck

  8. Hey, sorry to interrupt, but does anyone know how to get a vomit stain out of the carpet? I just made a bit of a mess…

  9. She kinda looks like she’s in pain. He needs to work on his “skills”.

  10. People need to learn decency, this is disgusting.

  11. @gingivitis: hahahaha.

    @yaya: Would be GRREAT to see her mom commenting on this.

    @Daniel1986: Go fuck yourself !

  12. I think Louis and Heath need to speak to Daniels1986 to get some stylish and avant-garde clothes because they look like muppets. And is Heath drinking Bacardi Breezer? Good job he didn’t see those bare arses at the time or he’d a wanted to fuck them.

  13. I would like to see the unblurred version of #3 to see if her eyes are open because by the looks of things she is asleep and/or dead. Shame on you young sir.

  14. What the facebook is that thing on that guy’s ass?????

  15. #3 – Looks like they’re rolling. I’d guess there at a rave but where are the kandi kids?

  16. desolation row -

    as copied and pasted from yaya’s comment (#6):

    “I think it is what they call a “strawberry”. Baseball and softball players get them when they slide. Either that or its a really disgusting hickey on a really disgusting hairy man-butt.”

    just…you know, scroll up sometimes. does a body good & all that. :)

  17. Cheers mate :D didn’t see Yaya’s comment…
    Regardless of his disgusting ass , this might be the best photobomber ever.

  18. @15, 16

    It’s a tattoo of Ireland.

  19. Could be a heary mole (UUHHHHGGGG, I want to vomit)

  20. She’s just a touch inebriated and lost balance hence starting to fall backwards. The kind gentleman was simply trying to stop her from falling and his hand accidentally slipped down her skirt. It was bound to happen…

    I love how his right hand is cupping her breast as well. God there are some classy folk out there!

  21. looks like someone got photobombed

  22. I can’t stop looking at that guys ass. It’s so gross, and weird.

  23. Oh and picture 3 I’m loving the guy on the right’s sideburns, they’re some real old school lamb chops!!

  24. The penis in #2 looks more like a candle. Maybe the graffiti is actually some kind of shrine to the boobs?

  25. @eenerbl look away girl friend, look away! I agree though, it is odly fascinating. Note the way he isn’t just dropping trou but is poking his hairy man-butt out, as if offering it to the photographer, ewww ewww eww

  26. gingivitis
    February 4th, 2010 at 8:35 am
    Hey, sorry to interrupt, but does anyone know how to get a vomit stain out of the carpet? I just made a bit of a mess…

    you just took that from a previous lamebook entry and tried to make it yours. how annoying.

  27. alfied09 ummmmm… I wasn’t trying to make it my own, it was a deliberate reference to the previous post. But please do accept my apologies if my short comment on lamebook has caused you any irritation. I completely understand how things like that can ruin one’s day…

  28. Hey Dot,

    Get back to work…


  29. @gingivitis, I was gonna try to explain but why bother.

  30. Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeext!

  31. Wow, I’m pretty sure I know the couple in #2. Looks like there’s a penis graffitied behind them. Huh.

    #3 is just disgusting.

  32. PMSL :L:L:L as sick as this is, its just really funny

  33. That last one is just disturbing! How old are they? 12??? And she looks like she could pass out at any moment…sigh..

  34. Pretty sure the girl in #3 goes to my uni… might even be on a course that does a module with mine D:

  35. The girl looks ROUGHHHHH in the last one! Not cool.

  36. On behalf of the first picture, why isn’t this post called “A Few Background Cheecks”?

  37. nice one @ijustsawfly :)

  38. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    Looks to me like the two guys in the first one are doing a couple background checks of their own, if you know what I mean.

  39. #37
    My point exactly.

  40. I'm Canadian Also

    #2 doesn’t look anything like any Delta Upsilon chapter house I know.

  41. 1: That kid has sores. And the two dudes that are supposed to be in the photo look like gigantic douche bags. This would be a good submission to “” as well.

    2: Notice the confederate flag in the background. How much you want to bet these two kiddos are siblings at a reunion/KKK rally.

    3: That girl looks like she is about to vomit on her face. Also her shorts are awful. There is so much wrong with this photo.

  42. also: AIDS. hahaa

  43. the graffiti in #2 looks just like the shit we put all over the walls of my friend’s garage, in which our band used to practice

  44. ahhhh
    #1 – no place for a lovie dovie photo.. clearly..
    #2 – Has leprosy on his arse.

    this is all.

    (pretending I didn’t see #3)

  45. dude in the last photo is going for the gold.

  46. She looks like she’s in pain, I think he can’t find the gold. It’s lost in a jungle down there. Look at her face, he’s not doing something right.

  47. insert clever name here

    That guy looks pretty sexy. He wouldn’t have to get me trashed to touch my good good.

  48. looks like bitch has just been given the SHOCKER!!!

  49. I see the Guidos in the top picture are bearing their backsides, presumably for the other male Guidos to take advantage of.

  50. lol, Edward and AIDS are in the picture

    btw, Mr. AIDS has pink boxers on, maybe he doesn’t like what he’s reaching for

  51. what is that silver thing in #3?

  52. I think the guy in pic #1 has a great ass actually!

  53. Except the big nasty sore…

  54. @jupiter

    The theme in the club was Beach Party, the silver thing was an inflatable shark.
    Classy, I know.

  55. Haha, that last picture is hilarious, I feel pride for that “couple” and that now the whole of facebook now know that he has fingered what is probably a part time hooker from the looks of them her. Oh and that he obviously needs quite a lot more practise.

  56. *that “couple”, how now the whole of facebook now knows

  57. only one person (#41) bothered to note the extreme douchiness of the two dudes in the first pic – between mr. Tracksuit and mr. Bacardi breezer neither are worthy of those two girls. they aren’t even worthy of – more like

  58. oh, and what’s so mysterious about a bruise? you people act like he’s a leper for having a bruise on his ass? tough crowd.

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