Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Few Background Checks

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  1. Don’t get the first one… altho it’s too bright to see my screen even with my face a centimetre from it and squinting my eyes up.

    What is he doing in the third pic..?

    I feel my brain cells are dead today.


  2. Open coffin in the background on #1

    Not a clue on #3, but i have a feeling that’s a good thing.

  3. #3, he’s licking the monument behind them, idk why…

  4. Oh, haha, duh. I thought it was a fireplace.


  5. I don’t really get #4- Is that a he or a she? And what is he/she doing??

  6. thats not a coffin, thats a porno. you’re not buried nude..

  7. I think #4 is a chick. But that’s just me, he/she could be a fat guy with horrible moobs.

  8. WTF is up with the first one? xS

  9. Those are some manly arms in #4. Creepy.

  10. It’s definitely a coffin….it just has a naked person inside…extra creepy porn then?

  11. #1 the dead guy is wearing a button down. The lighting is making it seem like its skin colored. :/

  12. #1, a nude man in a coffin. WTF?

  13. and the fact the person in the coffin isn’t nude… you can see the suit compared to his hands, but it does look pretty close, lol.

  14. Doesn’t look like a button to me. Looks like a nipple. A senior nipple.

  15. Oooooh, now I see the suit. But still.

  16. victorfrankenstein

    bg checks are my favorite bc its like a puzzle.

  17. Wait wait, i think we need investigate the first one further… whta kind of porno involves A COFFIN?!

  18. @jleebee Vampire porn?

  19. a bloody good one

  20. @ jleebee – you think it’s a porno and you’re worried about the coffin and not the baby? ;-)

  21. #3 looks like a good ole fashioned photo bomb

  22. #4 Is wearing a dress, which makes me think “female” but you never know. In addition I see no junk where the panties are, so again I am assuming chick, then again I have met some men who aren’t very well endowed and enjoy dresses.

  23. first of all, i´d wish you to excuse mistakes, as i´m no native speaker, i think you´ll be ok with that.

    #1 is it really a coffin? i could be a bed too, hard to say from this angle….and it defenitely looks like a nipple, whatever it is.

    what bothers me really is, all are argueing about 1+3+4 but what the heck is the couple doing in #2. i mean, clearly it looks, like the guy is humping her, but he has his pants on (ok it would work through the zipper, but hey, he´s white, u know?) but it can´t work through her skirt which is defenitely not pulled up?!?!?!

    maybe a lambada class…whatever.

    #3 i´m not sure, it looks like the guy tries to lick AND hump the louvre glass pyramid.

    #4 i think it´s a girl. whatever it is, those are damn ugly briefs it´s wearing.

  24. lissie , i am not sure , those knees , legs and arms make me call out tranny.

    What are they doing in 2 ,dancing ? Or is she just sitting down on the exact moment this pic was taken ?

  25. Why are people having so much trouble seeing a man wearing a suit shirt in a coffin?
    How can the “nipples” be in those spots?

  26. I really don’t see a shirt in that first picture. I don’t see any nipples either, but I do see a belly button.

  27. In picture #3 I see a child wearing a red shirt/coat behind the girl on the left. I think the guy is just sticking his tongue out at the kid, i.e. playing with him. Nothing to see here.

  28. Shitbrix!

  29. bellybutton would be a logic possibility. i still like the nipple idea *gg*

  30. Ok guys in the first picture I’m almost positive that it’s a woman in the casket and she’s wearing a pink pantsuit sort of think with buttons. You can tell the difference between the pink coat/jacket/shirt thing and her hands, which are folded on her stomach.

  31. Can you really “wear” clothes if you’re dead?

  32. @julesweree
    Only during foreplay.

  33. No matter how I look at it, I still see nudity. I’m not sure what’s going on in #4.

  34. Necrophelia.

  35. the last one is Classy. hot damn.

  36. #4 you can see the fat chick’s underwear in the background

  37. There’s no way that’s a chick. Those arms are EXTREMELY mannish if it is.

  38. #1 – definitely looks like a crib/coffin. Thought it was a coffin at first, read comments, was leaning toward Porno, but a messed up tv, then the suit was mentioned and back to the coffin. That suit did look like a person laying on their back though with a nipple showing.

    #2 – two people dry humping in the corner…

    #3 – no comment…

    #4 – a fat woman. What I thought were muscular arms are actually really nasty folds of fat on her, and she’s got boobs. Just nasty.

  39. Am I the only person who thinks the girl in #4 isn’t a “fat chick” but just an average size person in a really awkward position, wearing full coverage undies? (Thankfully)

  40. Christina.Willemina

    #3 is the inverted pyramid at The Louvre in Paris. But what the guy is doing to it…I have not a clue…

  41. the first one is a coffin, maybe this will help people that can’t see it..the head is on the left behind the baby s head and you can see the folded hands….the button just looks like a nipple if your trying to look at it with the head on the right…

  42. i’m still seeing a naked chick in #1

  43. I’m with swamp hen. Belly button tho….not nipple.

  44. Still can’t work out number one. I feel like it’s one of those magic eye puzzles.

  45. Haha number two.
    Number three, the guy is sticking his tongue out at a kid standing on the monument. You can see the pants and red shirt between the girls are, lol poor him to be caught in that moment.
    No comment for number four though… oh dear. lol

  46. Ugh, it seems as though every post on here seems to have a coffin in the background. The first time was funny, now it’s getting old.

  47. #1 is a porn for sure. At the very least, we should agree it is a shirtless male in the background. No one would be in a coffin with an arm under their head and the other on their chest. Just be grateful baby’s head is blocking whatever is happening below his chest.

  48. geez you are all blind ,its obviously a coffin(anyone been to a funeral before?)look at it for more then a second ,ITS A DEAD BODY! GRRR

  49. #1 looks like a tanning thing, i doubt people would dress like that at a funeral.

  50. tanning beds aren’t usually lined with quilting.

  51. #3 the kid is standing too far back and at a weird angle for him to be sticking his tongue out at him?

  52. hahahahaha gross to the first one..

    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  53. lol Do people seriously not look in the background of the pictures they are posting, or is it intentional?

  54. What’s the big deal in number one? You can see a tiny part of a open coffin. I’ve never really understood why people seem to make some sort of taboo out of death, it’s just a natural part of life. Pictures of bloody corpses would be way over the top, but otherwise? Meh.

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