Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Bumpy Road

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  1. Have fun raising your deformed/mentally challenged kid. I hope those smokes were worth it.

  2. I bet she gets down to 1 cig a day by the time the baby’s born.

  3. Any doctor will tell you that the stress from quitting smoking immediately is more harmful to the baby than gradually cutting back. Ideally, you should quit BEFORE getting pregnant, but shit doesn’t always work out that way. That being said, uploading a picture of your pregnant self with a cigarette is a sure-fire way to get backseat mommies to crawl up your ass.

  4. ^no they wouldn’t

  5. www@babycenter@com/0_quitting-smoking-during-pregnancy-compare-your-options_1406034.bc

  6. If you’re addicted to tobacco/alcohol/drugs and you suddenly quit, your baby goes through withdrawal too. It actually is better to cut back like she’s doing rather than go cold turkey.

  7. Codename Dutchess

    Ah hell, people smoked like fucking chimey’s in the 50′s and their kids turned out…well, they were born. There’s something to be said for that. Smoke up, Sammatha! (I hope her name really isnt “Sammatha”)

  8. I was never cool enough to smoke when I was a teenager. Or get pregnant.

  9. Holy hell, she looks like she’s twelve.

    As for the smoking: Claiming that quitting cold turkey is somehow worse than just throwing it down is ridiculous. It’s cigarettes, not crack, for fuck’s sake; the “withdrawal” isn’t that hardcore. Meanwhile, with every cigarette a pregnant woman smokes, she’s increasing the likelihood of miscarriage and stillbirth, and the baby will start getting more oxygen (because, y’know, those smokes aren’t just damaging the mother’s lungs; they’re affecting the fetus’ as well.)

    I mean, seriously, if pregnant women don’t want to give up their smokes, fine — it’s their baby’s life they’re potentially endangering. But there’s no need for them, or other people, to justify their continued smoking with bullshit “facts” about quitting cold turkey.

  10. Gah. Obviously in that second paragraph, I meant to say that once the mother QUITS smoking, the baby will start getting more oxygen.

  11. When i was pregnant i asked my midwife for niccotine replacement patches or similar to help me quit smoking. She told me 1. better to cut down and then stop rather than just quit. and 2. and her words “your sure you want to quit smoking? you will miss it once baby is here and your stressed out” i was gobsmacked. as it turned out i did the cut down method, because she had advised it and midwives are the peoples advice your supposed to follow when your pregnant?

    And i agree she looks about 12. so many things wrong with that picture other than the cig! I was also a teenage smoker but i dont think my mum would have allowed me to do it in the house if she knew about it!

  12. @wildstarr, this is your Mommy. Yes. They were worth it, you deformed/mentally challenged kid.

  13. midwife != doctor

  14. snoofie: fetuses don’t breathe. they are incased in an amniotic sac. no oxygen is going in or out of their lungs. sorry to ruin your fun >:)

  15. Clucks: Midwives are not doctors. Yeah, they’re good to have around, I suppose, but there’s a reason why they can’t do the same shit that doctors can.

    ..Plus, why the fuck would you need to ask your midwife for nicotine patches (or even your doctor, for that matter)? You can usually buy that shit over the counter without a prescription.

  16. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    BlargBurger, you sir are technically incorrect, the best kind of incorrect there is when you are correcting someone on the internet.

    Look up Fetal Hemoglobin, while oxygen isn’t going going into the lungs(yet), Fetuses still need to breathe.

    sorry to ruin your fun >:)

  17. true true. but he was (as far a I know) he was talking about the fetus taking in oxygen, which it does not while still inside the womb. Hell I may be wrong but that’s what I get from health class

  18. Think Pink? Are we talking about Victoria’s Secret, lesbians, or baby girls?

  19. I figured it was breast cancer

  20. @BlargBurger, Wrong again! A foetus need oxygen very much, and it get’s it from the mothers blood stream.

  21. Chuck Norris had lungs after 3 days of gestation and began breathing on behalf of his mother.

  22. @BlargBurger
    Sorry bro, but you are wrong.

    Any human cells have to have oxygen to survive. A fetus gets it’s oxygen supply from it’s mother via the umbilical cord, which is like a big vein that transports oxygen and nutrients contained within mom’s blood to the fetus. If mom’s oxygen supply is depleted due to damaged lung tissue or a decrease in oxygen levels, mom keeps the O2 and baby gets the shaft. When the baby doesn’t receive enough oxygen to develop, it often comes out deformed or with a mental disability. Also, if the mother or baby are damaged too traumatically, a miscarriage or stillbirth can occur.

  23. Your midwife was probably an idiot smoker.

  24. Oy! Did anyone else notice the 08.22.12 caption…which I would assume is the due date? That would make her what? 6 weeks?

  25. Take another deep drag of that cigarette. You think they care about those pallets? They PISS on those pallets.

  26. @Clucks – that was the single dumbest comment I have ever read.

  27. Okay. If she is due 8/22/12, that means she conceived, roughly, the first week of December. Putting her at about 4 weeks, and even skinny girls don’t start showing until 12 at the earliest. So I hate to break it to you sweetheart, but all you’re showing everyone there is your fat gut. Which is gross.

  28. Pregnancy is calculated starting the first day of the last period and lasts 40 weeks. She is 7 weeks 2 days based on a 28 day cycle. But you’re right, she’s just bloated or showing off her gut. Her baby is just the size of a blueberry.

  29. She should take up stogies. Bitch is smoking for two now.

  30. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    She said she’s trying to quit, and she’s clearly not very far along. Although the idea of the baby going through withdrawal too is nonsense, since a this point her baby is basically a kidney bean.

  31. Yeah, the baby might be a blueberry or a kidney bean or whatever, but at this point it has a soul, and so her actions will definitely land her in hell forever because she’s harming the baby.

    The baby might end up in hell too, because the baby might die before it’s old enough to say a basic prayer to Lord Jesus about how sorry it is for sins it has committed like that time it swore at Spongebob.


  32. alright I understand the umbilical cord and all that fun stuff. yes the child needs oxygen and etc but in my case i thought he meant the fetus itself was breathing, via it’s own lung nose etc. my fault on every case. sorry

  33. gonzo thank you for bringing light to this very boring comments section. I’m still laughing my as off!!

  34. #31 MIGHT end up in hell? Doubt it, cos Gods fake.

    Can I push upon the crowd my intellect of all things wise? Thanks. DrChalk, sometimes women do not show, AT ALL, when pregnant, so please take back your vastly sweeping statement of all things very unfamiliar to yourself.

    Anyway, AIN’T NUTHIN’ hotter than a woman with a cigarette in her hand. The fact she’s pregnant only tests our own morality, to see if we have what it takes to get to the next level, this bitch has probably prestiged 8 times already.

  35. Gonzo, you may be right, but she’s so fair that there’s a high possibility that the baby may be a ginger.

  36. @crustylovelips

    If scientists could put you alone in a room, and attach some kind of EM coil to you, we could create limitless energy from your ability to indefinitely and angrily argue with yourself.

    Someone call those geeks at CERN, tell ‘em I got something they need to look at…

  37. If scientists put me alone in a room, and attached some kind of EM coil to me, it would pop.

    On a relative topic, ever wondered that some day, they’re gunna be able to “plug” brains together, if brains are just electric impulses, why not plug ‘em together? But then you gotta wonder…would the two “plugged in” brains, argue with each other? Of course not, I hear you argue, you’d simply control them. But, do our brains control us? Or do we control them? Hmmm?

  38. If scientists could put Crusty alone in a room, that in and of itself would be an interesting experiment.

  39. I’d escape. I’d be like a ninja when the fat nurse came round to give me my jabs, i’d jump into one of her rolls of flab and refuse to leave until I was clear of the building. I’d use the syringe as a snorkel.

  40. In the interests of equality of opinion, we should point out that whilst Crusty will use ‘science’ and ‘syringes’ and whatever to escape, they could just as easily have used faith.

    What works for one person is different to what works for the Taliban

    Thanks and goodnight. Now where’s my medication?

  41. If crusty was attached to an EM coil it would open a rift in the fabric of reality.

  42. Don’t confuse Crusty with Chuck Norris, Maus.

  43. I think the point for “crawling up her ass” is she doesnt know any so called facts about cutting down vs than quitting cold. Shes continuing to smoke bc its easier for her. You know lazy, undisciplined, etc. Im pretty sure the kind of teenager who can exert self control and delay gratification is the kind who ISNT getting knockes up and posting preggy smoking pics of themselves online.

  44. im really curious how sarah typoed “bump” to “bumb”, the b is far off the p, also what is “think pink” ?

  45. Flames, first off, it’s because Sarah is an idiot, and idiot do stupid things like that. Second, she’s letting everyone know what color her nipples are, since that’s so important to her.

  46. *idiots. Dammit, what’s wrong with me today?

  47. Chuck Norris makes me moist all over again.

  48. regardless of which is healthier, the whole cheesy photoshop edit and babyface points to her being like 12 years old. Sad.

  49. Am I the only one who read it as “chink pink?” Regardless, she looks 13 and that is pretty much the trashiest pic I’ve ever seen.

  50. Ugh what a dipshit. By the looks of this 13-ish trashy girl who smokes in her house AND in a preg pic that’s not even her showing from her oxegen-deprived baby, just from all the cheetos and dr pepper, I’d say she’s full of shit about quitting, and even if she is quitting, what good is it doing atm?? And @ bunnywuffles, I read it that way too.

  51. Sammatha? Also, she looks like she’s about 14…

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