Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Body of Photos

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  1. Ben!

  2. Lol willies.

    I… genuinely have nothing else to say xD
    word, slim, ee? :P

  3. Frap Girl’s tattoo looks like it says Coca-Cola.

    Also, what exactly is a “Frap Girl?”

  4. Sydney, how did you get that picture of me?

  5. if the chick in the last one is doing what is alleged…. wow.

  6. ItMightBInteresting

    Umm…with a name like Monkesha, are we really shocked at the prom dress pic??? And I think it says “TrapGirl”…I could be wrong though

  7. I’m serious, it really does look like me, although I don’t remember putting fake tan on.

    Same hair, jewellery, body type, and most importantly, same position I was in, in a bar just last week.

    Hmmm, I’ll have to brush up on my discretionary skills.

  8. Trap girl makes MUCH more sense.

    Although, I didn’t take Monkesha to be the drug dealing type.

  9. Love the first one that is awesome!!!

  10. @wordpervert Wow you must be one awesome chick!

  11. I thought everyone gave BJ’s in bar’s????

  12. Is everyone including the person that posted it oblivious to the fact that he got every question wrong in the test and he/she’s proud that the corrections for his/her stupidity resulted in a penis shape? And the poster wasn’t in the slightest bit ashamed of this fact so they posted it on facebook for all the world to see how stupid they are.

  13. I interpret the first one as someone who really sucks at math.

    The dress actually says “CrapGirl”. She has an incontinence problem, it’s there as a warning to others to stay away from that part of her body.

  14. I read Crap Girl, but that could just be wishful thinking. I’ve always wanted to find a dress that says ‘crap girl’ across the bum…

  15. i want to be fed pancocks every morning!

  16. @uoykcuf – he said the test wasnt his. up to you to believe that or not.
    and, where are these bars that people give bj’s in? i need to start going there.

  17. I thought it was “Rap Girl” as in… “I like big butts and I can not lie” (Sir-mix-alot)

  18. nah, it’s trapgirl, as in it’s a trap.

  19. Dear Sydney, you can continue posting pics like that to facebook. Thanks.

  20. Blowjob in bar pic is kind of hot! Nice job Sydney

  21. I’ve saw a girl give head to a bloke outside a bar once.

  22. I got a blow job in a bar before… it was so hot… we were in a booth and people were all around, but noone seemed to notice the chics head bobbing in my lap… She got nervous after a minute and stopped so I had to take her out to the car and bang her… id of done it in the booth if she had let me

  23. only 3 monkeshas on facebook

  24. it says TrapGirl. she prolly just hangs out with drug dealers, but that would be too long to put on a dress.

  25. @ cajun Yeah, that was my thought to.

  26. Its trapgirl… it much of gotten hip to be a drug runner… back in my day we kept that shit on a need to know basis…

  27. @slimjayz….You warm my heart and other body parts when you tell stories like that

  28. What does trap girl mean exactly?

  29. @word

    if that chic looks like you minus the fake tan… im in! :hot:

    if you want to know what I look like then watch goodfellas… my son thought I was in it cuz I looked like Ray liotta’s charactor… although I think my eyes are better… got deep eyes with long lashes… basically I’m too pretty to go to prison and you are hot as fk

  30. well hello cupid… exhibitionist? or just want to watch me exhibit?

  31. slim Let’s just say I would have let you do me in the booth

  32. well just know that when the crowd starts to gather I aint stopping until Im finished… here, lets just set you on the table to make this easier…

  33. I look like Bea Arthur in Futurama. Death by snu-snu!

  34. Perfect a public place and on a table. I get to knock both off my list at once.

  35. that episode was awesome… i dont remember which chic had bea arthurs voice… but id give snu-snu with giant amazon women a go… bet they could kegel the cum out a fella

  36. @cupid

    I have those off my list, but would love to go again… i think its hot when you can help someone else get through their list… Plus I enjoy public fun… I still have a couple items left on my list

  37. British, you rang?

    word, you are hot!

    slim, I’ve never given head in a bar, but your story makes me want to. I did however get it on in a public park, while a bum was present. I was pretty wasted at that moment and didn’t give a shit. (I’d like to add that I did not have sex with said bum, he was just a lonely bystander)

  38. Bar skanks rule!

    And Bea Arthur’s character was the Fembot who ruled the Amazonians.

    “Do you know what it’s like to be a fembot impersonating a femputer in a malebots’ maleputers’ world? DO YOU?”

  39. ee… i have had public sex numerous times, but never really while people were watching…. I am sure i have been watched before doing it though… one of those times was on a roof top during the day in full view of the space needle… only time i have been really watched was when i was a bull for this cuckold couple

  40. instant_classic

    the math wasn’t what scared me. Hell, we know he won’t be a scientist. Penis pancakes..funny. The fact that Trapgirl is airbrushed on a bridesmaid gown (yes, this was a wedding) is what makes it ghetto worthy! Now the bj in the bar….ftw!

  41. instant_classic

    Why would this chick lie about it being a prom photo? smh! I saw the dress, and it was in fact a wedding.

  42. Public sex isn’t all that uncommon though. At least not where i’m from, there are a few public hotspots for it that most people round here know about and in at least 2 pubs that I can think of have people having sex very often. Even the ladies toilets in the cinema near me has had a couple going at it 3 times that i’ve been there over the past few years. In fact ladies toilets quite often are used for it.

  43. uoykcuf… going to take a shot in the dark that you are not in the US

  44. No slimjayz in England, the shithole part of it. But saying that one of the areas that is well known for it is practically behind eton college and not far from windsor castle, oh if the queen knew what happened on her doorstep. Though that’s outside by the river thames not in a pub.

  45. Hey Slimjayz meet you in England… the Queen’s doorstep in now on my list

  46. uoykcuf- omg where do you live?? i think i want to move there.

  47. disregard my question. i should’ve refreshed before posting. totally moving to england though.

  48. Haha just move anywhere in south east england you’ll come across it eventually. Just watch out for the swans by the thames eh.

  49. @Teabobaggins

    off topic, your username makes me think of a joke i have with a friend of mine:

    Scroto Baggins & Dildo Faggins

  50. Toadette is the winner

    i feel so left out that i’ve never had public sex. i’m sure hubby would be up for it…not sure of a good place around here to do it though.

  51. Toadette not even car sex? Thats usually good starting point if you can find a street or a road with a dead end and park up there. Any type of scenic walks are usually good as are woods/forests and beaches, you can nearly always find somewhere if you look hard enough and as I said ladies toilets although that’s not very glam!

  52. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    sighs.. still have nothing to contribute… guess I will just live vicariously through all of you for now!

  53. Chewbacca shagger

    I found out about “dogging” 2 weeks after leaving England. And, there was a carpark that was well known dogging spot not far from where i was living. Ripped right off.

  54. Chewbacca shagger

    My ex and i did it on a park bench right beside the main highway north of Brisbane. And in a river with about 100 people swimming not 10 metres away. We did use a bit of discression that time though. Not too much splashing.

  55. I’ll only tell this one story but thats because it’s funny rather than just sexual but my ex picked me up and we went to this place in his car that had sort of a dead end round empty area surrounded by trees at the end of it (the irony is its called glory hill lane!) and we went there done what we went there to do then he threw the condom out of the window and drove we home (about a 20 minute drive) then drove back home (about another 20 minutes) and then he got home and realised the condom was on the bonnet. it was so funny and in broud daylight driving down busy roads and worst thing was it was his dad pointed it out!

  56. *drove me home not ‘we’

  57. My folks adopted a bunch of kids. They were also horrible racists. They named my Asian sister Gookshi, my Jewish brother Kikenburg, and my Mexican brother Spicoli. I have to believe that if they ever had a black child, Monkesha would have definitely been on the list of potential names.

  58. Soup, I’m a bit disappointed. That was in no way sexual, or crude! I hurt Soup, I hurt.

  59. ee, darling, Monkesha was the name of that black chick with trapgirl on her ass.
    I lol’ed soup, I lol’ed.

  60. Eenerbl, not crude? I was offensive towards 4 different races!

    If it makes you feel better, I did rampage all over my sister Gookshi’s snatch like Godzilla destroying Tokyo. There was a rubber suit, frightened townspeople, and lots and lots of screeching.

  61. Soup, I didn’t say it wasn’t offensive…
    but you made up for it with Godzilla destroying Tokyo.

    nuff, I had a giggle too, but I just wanted more!

  62. I am Penis Khan, invader of Asian woman, scourge of slanty vag everywhere.

  63. Wow right in the middle of the bar! At least take it to the bathroom or parking lot like the rest of us.

  64. Perfect! The slantey vag did it for me!

  65. I am about 99.99999% shure I go to that bar in the last picture ALL THE TIME. serious.

  66. I made an account just to say that I wish I was that guy in the last picture.

  67. @chewbacca shagger you live in brisbane? got any more good public places? there’s a boardwalk in wynuum that might be fun but i’m not sure if i could put up with mosquito bites on the bum.

    also anyone holidaying in airlie beach, qld try the lagoon. you’ll be one of a million.

  68. This one time I was sitting on my computer desk in my dorm room and I was masturbating like a crazed squirrel and I realised the door was open like 0.543 cm (I measured). So I have checked sex in public on a table off my list! Booyah!!!

    By the way, I also look like that short girl in the last photo.

  69. I got head in a car parked in a bar parking lot, that’s “car park” for those over the pond, opened my eyes and there was this drunk guy nose against the glass watching us. Pretty damned funny.

  70. ee, you always want more. It’s a good thing soup obliged with some slanty vag. Mmmm, mm.

  71. nuff, I know. :( (Sometimes I think that’s a bad thing.)

    God, I feel so demanding. It’s just once I’ve had something, I can’t just revert. It’s a problem, I know.

    I would like to restate that Soup did oblige, and now I am happy.

    Sadly though, I must retire. My wine has filled me (like I wasn’t filled already from slim, lex and word) and it’s been a long day.

  72. sydney could’ve done a better job getting that BJ picture. i mean, seriously? we can’t even see anything! i have a story about other people having sex in public. i live in san francisco and my friend and i were at coit tower one evening (it was not dark yet). the parking lot is very small and it curves around the inside perimeter of the lookout area. basically if you’re parked in the lot, everyone is walking past you. we walked past this one car and there were 2 girls and a guy in it. the guy was in the front seat with one of the girls riding him and the 2nd chick was watching the whole thing from the backseat. we stood and watched for a while but since most of the action was happening below the window, we gave up. whatever.

  73. MachineGun Monica

    I had sex in a fake airplane thingie in the middle of a field in Fort Benning once. I also had sex on the back of a quad (4-wheeler) in the woods, I had sex in a parking lot and got busting by a security guard and once at a State Park and got busted by a cop. I’ve had sex in rivers, swimming pools, god, you name it. I never realized just how much public sex I’ve had until this post. Thanks Lamebook for the trip down memory lane!!!

  74. Seriously though, my wife and I used to have sex in the car all the time in our younger days when we didn’t have a private place to ourselves.

    Now that she’s pregnant and puking all the time we have gone back to the car. She just sticks her head out the window and I go at it. Then (if the neighbour’s dog hasn’t stopped by during the night) I just hose down the driveway the next morning.

  75. slim, an even cuter Ray Liotta?

    Yes please.

    And yeah, I’m not kidding, BJ chick does look like me (in profile at least), minus a few years.

    But like an excellent wine, one improves even more with age.
    I’m definitely better now I reckon.

    Enough with the love me do shit, sex in public is an absolute fetish of mine, and I endeavour to do it as often as possible.
    The hard part is convincing shy partners to agree.

    Had some good successes, but ready to up the ante with the new fuck interest.

  76. I love that story Walter.

  77. Thanks dude. Some of it is even true.

  78. All the stuff about still having sex is a lie. *sigh*

  79. I’ll share now.

    A few moons ago, on a work related trip to the States and Canada, I was flying business class, so I guess there was an element of privacy attached, but not much.

    It’s a 14 hour trip from here, and I was sitting next to this very hot American dude.
    To cut a 14 hour story short, I blew him right there in the seat.
    Flight attendants knew what was going on, did I care?, not bloody likely.

    Call me a slut guys if you must, do I care, not bloody likely.

    Good memories.

  80. TonicClonic wins this thread, for Futurama reference and for awesome seizure reference.

    Wordpervert: I know flight attendants. They didn’t care either. It’s not a 14-hour flight to anywhere if somebody doesn’t get a beej from an attention whore.

  81. Are saying I’m an attention whore Turkey?

    I prefer the term exhibitionist.

  82. Haha on the last picture.

  83. I'm Canadian Also

    The best part of the math test one was the “ouch!” that the teacher wrote right at the tip

  84. @Word…

    Since you have already said you will have my babies can we just get married first? lol…I am starting to fall so very in love with the amazingly beautiful words that you spew onto this site everyday.

  85. the test looks like a penis to me.. see the two circles at the bottom. then the two lines go up and join. ahaha. i didn’t bother to read the 80-something comments though, just thought i’d point it out.

  86. lmao

  87. @ 75.wordpervert…..I was under the impression that u, like most of the commenters here, were in the US of A, but your 14 hour flight precludes that. May we ask where you DO hail from?

  88. @87.randomuser I have a feeling word is seeing a bit of BritishHobo on the side.

  89. Public sex… were you lot never teenagers? I rarely did it under my parents roof, let alone in a bed! I have had many sandy bottoms and gravel rashes and seen plenty of semen float away in a public swimming place…

  90. Why does public sex end after you teenage years KayCee? Im 22 and keeping it going, best so far is the condo docks in Lake Tahoe, got lots of looks from the boaters.

  91. I’ve done some crazy shit too but I wonder if everything I’m reading is true…

  92. I didnt take the time to read all the posts, whats the most absurd one so far?

  93. Well, it doesn’t but being a teenager is when- i imagine- most would partake in such activities, considering most are still at home and all. I’m 24 and I still enjoy a frolick in the ocean with my lover every so often :)

  94. I envy you, oceans alil to far from me, not worth the 3-4 hour drive.

  95. randomuser, I’m from Australia.

    txikiwi, I’d have him on the side if I could.

  96. hazydream,

    I tried marriage once.
    It didn’t work out.

    So I’m a little shy of such a binding commitment.

    Maybe we could live together and see how that plays?

  97. CommentsAtLarge

    Coincidentally tonicclonic, I look like Bender.

    Reading this post has made me realize that, perhaps, I need to add a few places to my list.

    Word, your intelligence is sexy – knowing you are an Aussie that looks like the girl from the bar just tops it off. I know there are plenty of others that agree as well ;)

  98. cunninglinguist

    Yeah, I would totally be that chick giving head at the bar. I have no shame like that.

  99. @cunninglinguist

    Your name is very appropriate then!

  100. thepainofothers

    Re last pic. What are the chances of actually knowing who these two are! Looking at them separately I would have dismissed the resemblance, but together, it’s definitely them. Wonder if they’d like this as a token of their time together…would decorum allow that I ask? Or would that make me equally as psycho. (Probably the latter!)

    Also, picture taken by Sydney? He’s from Sydney (the city) and lives there, but both were quite likely to be found in a bar as American as that one looks. She’s around though.

    @ wordpervert, chick in the pic is gorgeous but I’m pretty sure she’s got much less mastery of English, sorry.

  101. Everyone knows that when you’re giving head in a bar you’re supposed to accidentally drunkenly go into the beer storage room and get yourself kicked out by a barback who was in search of some kind of crappy beer.

    I’ve heard.

  102. -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  103. @uoykcuf the person who posted the picture said that it wasn’t his test! you clearly didn’t read the caption correctly. But whoevers test is was should be embarrassed.
    @killerbunny L M A O i checked too ! HHAHA

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