Monday, October 19, 2009

3 Oh 3, It’s the Magic Number


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  1. I want to call fake…

  2. The poor girl never stood a chance with a name like that.

    Joshua looks like a douchebag so he kind of deserves it. I bet he uses the word ‘guns’.

  3. Yeah, I was thinking fake as well. I’d like to think that this ‘Mercedes’, or any human, could not possibly be as stupid as to put all the guys she would be juggling on her FB page.

  4. Damn all the other J’s got a chance I want mine

  5. Been there…of course it wasn’t plastered all over facebook….and the girl had been engaged to one of the guys for 3 years.

  6. Maybe this all stems from a car rental service.

  7. EducatedGuess.. youre probably right – everyone has ridden her by the looks of things…:-)

  8. mercedes ! you go girl !

  9. Is he suppose to be writing this on her wall? Cause if its a status update, I would call it fake. Cause there is no reason for the Justin dude to be like “who are you?”

  10. @ negya – what do you mean ‘you go girl’ she got caught and was stupid enough to put them all on her facebook list… someone was bound to say something. And if stinkypie is telling the truth then the girl has a problem keeping her legs crossed.

  11. Why hello Joshua Scott Settle, Justin Whritenour and Justin Mathew Hill. De-anonymised in 8 clicks of the Facebook people search.

    Yet only one is friends with a ‘Mercedes’. Strangely enough it’s the one who called her a whore.

  12. Maybe she deleted them by now or something?

  13. @Queen Bee

    I think stinkypie was referring to a similar situation rather than this specific girl. That’s how I understood it, anyway…

  14. If this is real… its amazing…

  15. Haiku is fucking
    Mercedes too but thought he
    was the only one!

  16. wow how do you guys find these people by doing facebook searches so quickly?

  17. @Queen Bee I was referring to a similar situation.

  18. See, I don’t get this. These guys must all know each other if they are commenting on his status. It’s not like they are all commenting on her’s. So how can Joshua not know who Justin is when they are friends on FB?

  19. nah it must be from her page, someones seen it and can see all the comments.. which would explain why the supposed other boyfriend wrote “Who is this” … it all makes sense…

  20. @matt it makes sense, if he wrote it on her wall and then they all commented on that post….I’m on facebook too much.

  21. Wait… maybe they just all drive the same car.

  22. @ canuck hahahahaha- that was classic

  23. faaaakkkeeee!

  24. to quote vreenak:

  25. Gotta be fake. Nobody would be douchey enough to have the profile picture Joshua has.

  26. @HappyNat Uh, I beg to differ.

  27. @ Ketchup, it’s easy.

    First, search for Justin Mathew. There aren’t many names that start like that and finih with a very short name, you can do a visual confirmation on the blurred pic.

    Second, you check his friends and find that he is linked to a Justin Whritenour. Again, visual confirmation on the pic.

    Third, Justin is linked to a Joshua, visual confirmation on the pic matches the guy above.

    Fourth, Justin is linked to a girl called Mercedes, who has a high school in common with Justin Mathew Hill.

    Stalking is fun. Want me to show you a picture of your mom?

  28. HAHAHAHAHA i hope this is real, its sooo epic

  29. @25, yeah, I’d also like to think that, but if you search the name that @11 posted, you’ll see that the douchiness is real. Very real. And apparently, so is the massive stupidity and sluttiness of Mercedes.

  30. She’s clearly just going through the alphabet. Next up, see how many ‘K’s’ she can get!

  31. This totally reminds me of Triple J

  32. Ooooh caught in the act of facebooking, hahha.

  33. Hahaha – thats classic – hmmm from her profile pic, cant see what the fuss is about ;)

  34. OMG, this girl is like SO MUCH SLUTTY!

  35. lol, dating 3 Js at once~ hmmm
    oh and @Dave, thumbs up!

  36. Mercedes Phillips… What have you done?

  37. I’d hit that

  38. I’d Eiffel Tower that.

  39. Dave*bowing down* ur awesomeeeeeeeeeeee <3<3<3

  40. @canuck

    Show me a picture of my mom.

  41. I’m only curious to know if she ever called either of the Justin’s Joshua, or something like that. Dating people with the same letter name must get very confusing.
    Since she’s obviously not bright enough to keep them off her facebook, she must at least keep their names straight.

  42. This looks like Joshua posted this on Mercedes’ wall, then the other dudes decided to comment on it, for the people thinking it’s a status update.

  43. I’m guessing that Mercedes has a “J” tramp stamp…

  44. Why would he write on this dude’s status and ask him who he is? Why were they even friends if he didn’t know him?

    People are stupid, we really are.

  45. I’m assuming it’s a status update, of course.

  46. if this is a status update how would the justin guy know he’s talking about HIS girlfriend when he’s using a completely diff name… so prolly yeah its a wallpost…

  47. That could be a wall post too (on the girlfriend’s wall)… not necessarily a status update…..

  48. i didnt think wall posts had the “like” button??

  49. Yeah, you can like a wallpost on your own or a friend’s page.

  50. I’m agree with Matt.. both Justin Matthew and Joshua are Justin W’s friends, and only Justin W who is friend with Mercedes, therefore it’s not possible for Joshua to write something on Mercedes’wall and if it’s his status..there is no reason for Justin W to ask who are u , since they are friends.

  51. ugh..I mean Justin Matthew is not friend with Joshua if this is Josh status, Justin Matthew could not comment on it either..I think I got confused by these 2 Justin’s =P

  52. No, none of them are friends with her now. She must have deleted all of them. I think this was clearly a wall post and then comments on it by her other boyfriends.

  53. No I take that back, Justin W is still friends with her. Wtf. I still think she must have deleted two of them. There is no way he would say “who are you” if they were friends.

  54. @ Maddy; yes they do

  55. is it wrong I reeeeeally wanna send this to her?? (i don’t know her but a little private msg wouldn’t go astray)

  56. With a name like mercedes she is bound to be a slag

  57. fake! no doubt.

  58. Go easy on her, guys, she probably has poor memory and could only remember the first letter of her boyfriend’s name. Only later would she recall that it was “Justin,” although the last name would remain a tad fuzzy. :(

  59. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    What do you call a man with a half-inch penis?

  60. ^ It that a trick questions? Your use of the word “man” here is a little misleading.

  61. @ Canuck post #21
    That is quite possibly the funniest thing I have read in days!

  62. Sounds more like a Maclaren than a Mercedes .. What a goer !

  63. I know her, she is the step-sister to my ex girlfriend.
    I am totally not surprised this happend.

  64. @ my post above: Went a-digging, I was incorrect

  65. John Players Standard

    So much win. Mercedes is cool girl in my books.

  66. John Players Standard

    Hey you guys know about facebook privacy settings? Yeah you can set your settings to ‘everyone’ and everyone can look/post on anything in your profile. Check it out guys. You can also make everything private so only your friends can see your shit.

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