Friday, July 16, 2010

Lil Wins

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  1. First!

  2. ben is an fuckup and stever can suck my ass

  3. teehee someone is gona be liek OMG U SAID AN WHEN IT IS A!!! cus lamebook comments are full of cunts who all tell unfunny jokes

  4. It would be “cause” honey, not “cus”. Or “cuz” would even work.

    Please and thank you!

  5. Woops, forgot a comma in front of “honey” up there.

    The teacher has been taught.


  6. I think I may have just witnessed the conception of our future commenter anonisgayisgayisgay.

    I feel dirty. 🙁

  7. Why would Philip use Facebook to inform the world of his disgusting sexual habits and preferences. As the Bible says:

    If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads. – Leviticus 20:13

  8. That names blows my mind. Are you saying that ‘anonisgay’ is gay? or are you saying ‘anon’ is gay, no really he is gay? I need to lie down.

  9. LOL @ Dave. I enjoy when someone adopts the “Fuck it, I’ll just say what everyone else is thinking then?” attitude.

    I feel sorry for the poor fiance now though. That guy is in for a strict “checking in” schedule. And probably an STD screening when he returns…

  10. @ dan_fargis
    Maybe Philip was just stating his interest in raising barnyard birds. Interesting that your mind went there, though.

  11. I’m liking Joe.

  12. @ Chesty La Rue – that’s what I was thinking. Now I’m really wondering about dan_fargis. I love sausage but if I say it out loud, dan_fargis is probably going start thinking about naked altar-boys when all I meant was breakfast. Now he’s going to think about naked altar-boys for breakfast…I can’t win.

  13. @nicoretta am saying the user anonisgay is gay cus hes a fuckin douchebag who used to write liek paragraphs of stories that wernt even funny and everyone would be like HAHAHA YOURE SO FUNNY when it was jus fuckin lame as shit!!! the commentz section here is soooooooooooooo gay!!!!!!!!!

  14. fourteenth!! YAY! oh wait is that not an accomplishment?

  15. @dan_fargis

    Philip is a chicken farmer. Doesn’t your scripture say something about the rot of the human mind? I’m pretty sure this is evidence you need to fix yours.


  16. ah that was quite a sweet little thing from Jessican that just got allshit on by miserable morgan

    and Fargis, that quotes from the old testament, you Jewish as well now?
    It also says in Leviticus that men shouldn’t cut the hair on the side of their heads so I can only assume you’ve got the ringlets to go with your beliefs

  17. Man, if you see someone’s left their facebook open and the absolute BEST thing you can think of is ‘likes cock’, you may as well just give up now.

  18. Leviticus also says thou shalt not wear garments woven with two different kinds of thread. So I dearly hope your cotton isn’t mixed with polyester. Straight ticket to hell!

  19. Every time I read one of Dan Fargis’ comments, I am happily reminded of why I am an atheist! Killing people for being gay…indeed!

  20. Ah Dan Fargis, my favourite lamebook poster, how you brighten my day. Another bitch slap to Jesus from the Fargis machine. Dude seriously……Leviticus?? Of all the books to quote from you chose the book that says women are evil because they have periods… you are an almighty spaz.

  21. @ anonisgayisgay will you marry me?

  22. @8 and others.

    i’ve always had the same problem with LLCOOLJ. i’d just like to apologise now if i’ve already mentioned this. but it’s a little something i like to spend hours thinking about when the fancy takes me – something i like to call


    now, the rapper LLCOOLJ was born james todd smith, but legally adopted the rap name of LLCOOLJ, which supposedly stands for ‘ladies love cool james’ (touché).
    there is an obvious inherent problem with this name – one that i’ve wrestled with for years. the ‘james’ to which the name (LLCOOLJ) refers, no longer exists, making his moniker defunct. ladies may well love cool james, but who IS he?

    if ladies love the current incarnation of said rapper, then surely his name should actually be LLCOOLLLCOOLJ. except this is also impossible – in order to say this name out loud, you are still acknowledging the existence, somewhere, of a ‘cool james’ – a ‘cool james’ THAT DOES NOT EXIST!

    the only way to satisfy semantics, then, is a prismatic infinite chain – LLCOOLLLCOOLLLCOOLLLCOOLLLCOOLLLCOOL….

    this is where my mind hits a wall, my rational rubicon, as it were.
    can anyone help me solve this puzzle (prior marijuana intake recommended)?

    answers on the back of a stamp please.

  23. @ alords, you have actually just made my head explode. Seriously. Bits of skull and brain matter are now plastered to my screen.

  24. @ lamebookpro
    hahhahaha sadly i am sure that thought was in fargis’ head long before the lamebook comment section.


  26. @eusadnama

    Actually, it would be ’cause. But way to suck at being the internet police.

  27. Actually I would be the grammar police . . . But I really shouldn’t bother with only 4 hours of sleep. I just show my stupid. It’s a catching case, watch out!

  28. Phew, cheers anonisgayisgay. Im glad anonisgay only writes ‘liek paragraphs’ of unfunny stories, if they were real paragraphs it would piss everyone off!

  29. @alord

    I think that is one of the conundrums grouped with “The Song That Never Ends” (for those of you who don’t know, the lyrics are “This is the song that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends, some people started singing it not knowing what it was, and they’ll continue singing it forever just because this is the song that never ends…”, etc). No one who has ever started that song should be done, because it is the song that never ends. I suppose it’s one of those mysteries we need to just accept that we will never know the answer to, like why Jello never really melts and why socks get lost in the dryer.

  30. @eusadnama: Stop trying.

  31. a bit like the chicken and the egg

    oh wait

  32. Socks get lost because of the trolls that come in the “tween” time , they also hide carkeys, wallets, and other small important objects.

  33. and rant about religious piety

  34. the only one that I found even remotely funny was Dave in response to Monica.

  35. Why are you ragging on each other and not the LB posts?? (That’s LB NOT lb)

  36. Samantha .. I would say people rag on each other here because it’s the Internet, and because a lot of us are bored or looking for attention or just unfunny windbags like alord.

  37. Pfft. I want a 3 day long bachelorette party damnit! And I am surprised no one has gone on a “Nickleback sucks” tirade yet. Hmmm.

    Oh, and hi eusadnama! Haven’t spoken since our drugs, booze and sex party.

  38. @FuckMustard–oh right, the trolls. Little fuckers.

  39. Philip, if I wrote that as my status on Facebook, I’d get the same response, so I’ve never bothered.

  40. Hiya Katypants! How are things in the great, untamed north?

  41. @Samantha: Actually, it’d be more like Lb.

  42. And I dug these. Sooo… that’s all.

  43. YoinksTranslator

    I’m really interested in Fargis’ job, maybe he is a priest, as apparently they can’t get their mind off “wurst” either.

  44. @Mass You’re my favorite

  45. Sorry *favourite I’m a Londoner!

  46. Hey Bulldog! TGIF! Today has been insane. I am counting the minutes till I get out of here and back to my big bottle of Merlot. How’s everything in the dirty dirty? Still hot as a motherbitch?

  47. @Samantha … and you’re mine.

  48. “I would say people rag on each other here because it’s the Internet, and because a lot of us are bored or looking for attention or just unfunny windbags like alord.”

    what have i done to deserve this…?

    thanks mass.

  49. mass, alord’s ok, my man, and what’s this about Samantha?

    I’m hurt, mass, I’m hurt.

  50. prunellafarkitt

    I kinda liked alord’s LLCOOLJ rant, sure had to look away from the monitor a couple of times cos it felt like I was being sucked into some bizarre vortex but meh it made me laugh 😉

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