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Meat And Greet

Isn’t it annoying when people post about exercising during the quarantine? Let’s focus on staying home and ice cream. Also, follow @lamebook on instagram! We’re the mint chocolate chip of jokes!


It’s impressive how unproductive we can be with so much free time. At least we’re impressive. Please follow @lamebook on instagram for more content!

Emergency Services

Did you watch that Tiger documentary on Netflix?? IT’S NUTS. While watching, please disable your adblocker and follow @lamebook on instagram!

Chest Fighter

Quarantine thoughts – Why don’t people get an 8-pack tattooed on their stomach? Also, please follow @lamebook on instagram for more content!

Hot Topical

Is it worse being quarantined alone or with people? Also, please whitelist our website if you use an adblocker. Really feeling frisky? Follow @lamebook on instagram! Really, really feeling feisty? Yeah, us too.

Wipe The Rules

If you want some good karma, please don’t use an adblocker on our website (whitelist us, please). You’ll just see a couple banner ads, and it means a lot to us. We’re barely hanging on right now.