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In Stile

Does everyone have several half-full cups around their home? Just us? Please turn off you adblocker on our site (whitelist us). It means a lot to us!


Exercising during the quarantine is essential for people’s braggy social media posts. Please follow @lamebook on instagram for more content! No workout videos!

Finding No-No

Maybe the quarantine will run burglars out of business. Everyone is home, no robbing, so they just become doctors. Why didn’t we think of this sooner? Follow @lamebook on instagram! Share our posts! Cut your own hair in the bathroom mirror!

Game Of Owns

I learned if you look in your couch cushions, sometimes you’ll find that you’re really dirty. So many crumbs. Please disable your adblocker on lamebook and follow @lamebook on instagram! I’m eating the couch crumbs and would love your support.

Bowl Of Hot Sick

Has anyone done more than one puzzle? We forgot there’s a reason we don’t do puzzles normally. Please follow @lamebook on instagram for more content! We’re the corner piece of content!

Show Your Boredom

Catholic churches are doing a drive-thru for confession right now. I hope priests are wearing those drive -thru cashier headsets too. Please support us by turning off your adblocker on our site (whitelist us) and follow @lamebook on instagram!