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  1. Fake tans are not your friend.

    Alternate message: nice jew fro

  2. Burn.

  3. Sarah rocks.

  4. Sarah has the wrong you’re. This apparently automatically makes her a douche on this here interweb site. Also, why is she still friends with the guy? Popularity whore. And probably a whore in general. In my relatively short time on this earth I have found that pretty much any girl who puts down a guy for his appearance, is generally a superficial whore bag cocksucker for money.

  5. The only thing missing is a popped collar.

  6. I wonder is Sarah the “girl that thinks you are a huge douche bag” or the one “that you completely blew it with”?

    Either way, she’s probably underestimated the value guys put on “I’m with two girls” photos.

  7. If I were him, I’d leave the photo up now just to annoy Sarah. With those kind of comments she is undoubtedly a stuck up bitch anyway.

  8. Looks like Sarah isn’t quiet over him. Why else would she bother writing a mini-essay on his profile picture? If she didn’t care – she wouldn’t bother.

  9. Am I the only one that thinks her scrambled profile picture looks like it could be this picture.

    and I would too Smidgen.

  10. @BWS
    I do think you’re right… they look quite alike

  11. @GK and BWS

    There seems to be a hint of green in Sarah’s profile picture. Plus the blue is a little too off to the right; but I agree, the blue looks as if it’s the same colour.

  12. Sarah is a bitch.

  13. I agree, Sarah is a bitch attention whore. She obviously wants him to respond.

  14. Darkwing – True. People who air their dirty laundry on Facebook are attention whores. Even worse are the people who make vague updates such as “wacth yo bak bitch!” etc. They don’t even have the balls to state who they’re supposed to be addressing.

  15. @no way

    your feats of logic astound me.

  16. @Hill Billy
    You smelt the insecurities too? :)

  17. I’m color-blind…so I’ll take y’alls word for it.

  18. @Stupid Youtube Comments

    indeed. also a strong desire to make all possible insults to sarah before anyone else could.

  19. Her profile picture does look similar, but there’re some white pixels on the right side. So it can’t be the same photo.

  20. as a woman, I’d just like to say that I think Sarah is being a bit of a bitch too. she needs to move on from whatever it is she’s still pissed about and she might want to start by removing herself as a “friend” on his fb page.

  21. I agree with Boz :)

  22. Why was she even going through his pictures in the first place?

  23. sarah, why are you looking through his pictures?

  24. She was probably going through her own tagged photos.

  25. Nobody else likes the “take me out of the picture of you and me together so nobody associates us together” part?

  26. @ Joshua
    I too like it. Ironic, seeing as her telling him that publically furthers the association.

  27. It’s pretty clear that she’s not over him.

  28. I think she hit the nail on the head, what a douche.

  29. 1. She can untag herself and anyone who has been on facebook for more than a second knows this.

    2. Her profile picture is the same picture just cropped differently. I’m going with he “completely blew it with” her.

    What a winner on both parts.

  30. @29

    What do you mean she can’t “untag” herself? I’m still using livejournal, so I don’t know about these things. Ireland takes a long time to catch up to these things.

  31. The way I read it, it looks like the picture is of Sarah, Sarah’s best friend, and Sarah’s best friend’s very recent ex.

    I bet Jewfro just cheated on Bestie Poop, and Sarah now hates him and is bitching on his Facebook out of loyalty to her friend.

  32. I’m with GK.

  33. He can’t be that bad, they’re friends on FB after all. And I like how option A is “crop me out” while “get rid of the picture” is only option B.
    I deduce she’s a whore whose friend he completely blew it with.

  34. wow. did she kind of sort of imply that any guy who is 5’5″ is a loser?
    I mean, I get he has control over his choice of hair style and whether to sport a pole or poleless facial expression but his height? really?
    She’s clearly a 5’3″ loser. 5’4″ tops.

  35. As a 5’5, Irish male who is very hip, I can say with certainty that I am not a loser.

    Ladies, check out my livejournal to scope out my specs.

  36. Am I the only one who thinks Sarah’s profile pic is the same as his but slightly cropped to the left? LOL

  37. okay am I the only one who thinks this dude looks like will ferrell?

  38. @30 and @35 are not me. Obviously. I don’t think I could ever say with certainty that I am not a loser. Also, I like LiveJournal. I wouldn’t transfer to wordpress unless there was some purpose in doing so, other than appearing cool.

  39. 38 and 39 are not me either, my evil copy.

  40. @36 No, her pic has a light background, his is black. His shirt is striped and her pic has someone with a bland blue shirt. I doubt she would rant like that, while having up the same pic.

  41. BURN motherfucker!
    Sarah assraped you online!
    Does it hurt to walk?

  42. Same thing happened to me, so I can understand why Sarah had a rant about it; it is pretty annoying. Difference is, I didn’t publicise my thoughts on Facebook.

  43. ^ Nah, you published them on Lamebook instead.

  44. If YOU’RE going to make fun of someone….try to make sure YOUR grammar is right so you don’t look as pathetic as they do.

  45. ^ What a stupids comment.


  47. It’s suprisingly easy to pick the real Boz commnts from the cock-sucking manwhore Boz comments.

  48. Sarah is a horrible little girl….everyone stuffs up something with someone in some point of their lives….Sarah is a stuck up ho that needs a quick nd swift reality check.

  49. Boy She is rude…. just take it down would have been enough. I don’t know what he did to her but still…

  50. Am I the only one ho noticed that Sarah has the exact same picture on her profile? LOL dumb cunt.

  51. Racist plastic white douche. She’s probably getting more ass than anyone else here, though.

  52. @Blah

    Hmm…I actually don’t think that’s the same pic. The background on the guy’s is black and her background is a blurry beige.

    It would be great if it was though.

  53. I don’t really care about Sarah or douche, but the image is not Photoshopped. The “pixels” people are saying give it away are just image artifacting from blowing up a small crappy photo. Not to mention said artifacting is too smooth and clean to have been clone-stamped in. Would a guy with that shirt have digital photo manipulation skills anyway?

  54. if that were true jaalyn then why would it only ‘pixel’ on their faces??

  55. #9

    I thought the exact same thing.
    That’s the lame I can find here. Her scrambled picture is that picture!

  56. Hi, I’m Sarah! First of all I have no idea what this website is and don’t know how this ended up here. Secondly I am not the girl who was dating him, I am her best friend who hates the piece of shit because he is a mentally abusive guy that is an overall scumbag. I have only met him once, which is when that picture was taken which is why it was weird that he used it as his profile pic after they had broken up. I don’t know why this thing is pixelated but I’m glad it is because this is an obvious invasion of privacy. Lasty my profile picture is not the same picture at all, it is my boyfriend and I with two other people in it, sorry to disappoint.

  57. LASTY?!?! hmmm. You profile name on here works.

  58. I have got to remember “jew fro”. That’s comedy gold, that is.

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