Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Your Ink Stinks

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  1. Jonny – that is brilliant – stag weekend memory I would say.

    To the skinny white kid…may you remain a virgin forever, that fate you have sealed.

  2. penis tattoo? REALLY?!

  3. p.s. 2 is fake – but my comment stands – you look like a goon. but clearly fake overlay, it’s not even aligned correctly and has ridiculous contrast for a tattoo

  4. worst_episode_ever

    haw haw chirstina, the fucking idiot didnt even realize it was spelt wrong till adam pointed it out, LOL! the second one i cant read, and the penis ones are too ridiculious to even comment on

  5. #2 looks shopped. i can tell from the pixels, and from having seen many shops in my time.

  6. Meh. Though I would be mad pissed if the first one was me. Seriously.

  7. worst_episode_ever

    plz someone translate the second one…

  8. white sex? really? and all this time i though “once you go black…”

  9. Holy scary penis!

  10. I’m not sure what’s worse on the first one, the spelling or the back fat?

  11. brandon, tiger woods called; he wants his pants back.

  12. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…. unless you get it tattooed on you permanently.

  13. I’m totally judging Christina for that misspelling. I’m “jugding” her too.

  14. Johnny’s penisbirdosaurus is an abomination. Look at it. It’s inanimate, but I can still hear it crying out for the sweet release of death.

  15. Brandon, Tiger Woods phoned again. He also wants all the white sex to himself. Sorry.

  16. I truly hope that #3 and #4 are gay. There is just no room on the hetero male body for a penis tattoo. I’d rather have a tat with a typo…

  17. What part of the body is Jonny’s tattoo on? The shaved body hair/red bumps are almost worse than the tattoo itself.

  18. I’m guessing the penisodactyl is on the lower stomach, right above the pubes. Yuk.

  19. I think the flying cock one might be something to do with a Vivienne Westwood campaign, about Leonard Peltier


    Its still pretty shitty though…

  20. HAHAHAHAHHAHAH PENISODACTYL Stretch wins 3 intermets for that one!!

  21. Christina, God called.

    He says you’re fat, stupid, and even His kid hates your guts. He’s surprised you even spelled His name right.

  22. i still can’t tell what Saul’s picture is about…? all I can make out is an asshole, a penis and reindeer horns? wtf?

    p.s. Penisodactyl ftw.

  23. @ringinginmyhead – bwahahaha! Nice. Tiger Woods jokes ftw.

  24. I don’t know… They used a lower case “g” to write God, and because it is larger than the rest of the letters, it looks more like an uppercase “J”… So in technicality, her tattoo says “Only Jod can Jugde me”

  25. You did it again for me Soup, thanks guy.

  26. White Sex = Albino Sex?

  27. I feel like I’m in Jurassic Park with scary dino penis. Penisodactyl and Penisbirdosaurus.

  28. Big jaws and teeth, long necks, short necks, some have big heads, some have little…

  29. tattoo artists should get some serious testing in spelling before they’re allowed to do it

  30. @eenerbl

    I’m guessing if the penisodactyl had big teeth, the vaginodactyl would say “oh, HELLZ no” and run the other way.

    That, ladies and gentlemen, is one possible explanation for the extinction of the penisaur – especially the feared Penisaurus Rex.

  31. I’m confused as to what a Penildactyl has to do with Leonard Peltier…..

  32. lol Stretch, I think you are correct!

  33. @ Babytard When you go in to get a written tattoo, the artist asks YOU to write it down. I have 9 words written permanently on my body and each and every one I had to write so that the artist is not held liable for misspellings. 7 are names and the last two are “mom” and “dad” and yep, I even had to write those out.

  34. @AZFreckles – yes, the client has to write it down first, but it would be handy if the tattooist could spell check! Especially when they are writing on your back.
    And who says her tattooist wasn’t dyslexic?

    Sign Writers are another bunch who should be able to correct their clients – I once saw a sign on a sandwich board outside a shop advertising “Friut & Veg”. How does this happen?!
    I don’t know who was wrong first, the client or the artist, but the client still put that sign out the front of the shop every day!

  35. It is not the artists’ job to spell-check. Plus after they apply the transfer, they ask you to look at it to make sure it is correct and in the placement you want it. If the artist was dyslexic and made the transfer wrong, she should have picked up on it when she viewed it. Nope, this is chalked up to HER shitty spelling and/or HER inattention to what was being permanently put on her body.

  36. It’s still probably a good idea for a professional artist to know how to spell simple words.

  37. I will admit that as a professional, he probably should have pointed out the discrepancy and asked her if that was what she wanted, but it is in no way his responsibility to just fix it without her authorization. Then again, if I were a tattoo artist and people were ignorant enough to bring me things that were misspelled, I would put it on just as they had it and laugh about it the whole damn time.

  38. That flying pencil dick nightmare may have just frozen my genitals permanently.

  39. I was getting all worked up after the earlier entry with the background checks and loose girls …

    And then i saw the first picture

    No boner for me today …

  40. What, Father Sha? You don’t find a mis-spelled tattoo on back flab attractive? What’s wrong with you, man?

  41. I dont know gingi , i must be getting picky at my old age

  42. Christina,

    You’re fat, stupid, and a retart.

    — “Jod”

  43. Tim, you’re a retard. Unless a retart is a new word that combines retard and tart (which would mean gay).

  44. The first one looks like “Only Jed can jugde me”

    @Tim, #42. What the hell is ‘retart’?

  45. Retart is a word that originated on Lamebook. Some post, some time ago used “retart” instead of retard and it stuck. Since then, various people have used it as an actual word, always with one or two correcting him or calling him a retard.

    At least no one has yet said “What is a retart? Is that like a twice baked potato, except with a fruit filled pastry?”

  46. mcowles, you’ve got to be shitting me right? You genuinely think ‘retart’ is a word that originated on lamebook? Or is this your sly attempt at humuor? And by sly, I misspelled ‘silly’.

    I’ve called people retarts long before lamebook came into existence. It’s an easy typo to make, and no matter what internet forum you go on, inevitably somebody accidentally types retart for the ‘first’ time and it sticks.

  47. @Nivea

    Yes, I know retart was used well before lamebook, but what I was meaning was that there was a post here that centered on the word and it has been continually used here, since then.

    I have no idea if Tim was referencing it or just made a typo, but judging by previous posts here, I’d guess it is the former.

  48. Simpsons reference: Love when Ralphie screams, “I’m a unitard!”. lol I like using unitard. I’m just surprised retard or any version of it has made it back into daily usage…

  49. Eruption of Nothing

    Isn’t a unitard one of those pleasant spandex outfits that wrestlers wear..?

  50. Yup.

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