Thursday, August 6, 2009

You Really Wonder How He Could Cheat On You?


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  1. Yeah. No clue as to why he’d want to try maturity out.

  2. Cheating is wrong. End of story. The fact that she may not come across as emotionally mature doesn’t justify the fact he is a douchebag.

    You can tell this website is run by men.

  3. I think I’m missing something. She doesnt seem that terrible… certainly not by lamebook’s standards..

  4. I agree, she seems OK… your average 21 year old. Harsh, dude.

  5. Feminists still exist? Shocking.

    This girl’s entire “about me” section is her referring to other people. As in, she’s so lame she is only given a purpose by her family, boyfriend, or what place she stays in.

    She’s lame.

  6. None of you are catching the fact that she spends most of her time in Florida and Connecticut while he is in college for in Oklahoma. She has been in college for 3 years, which is the entire length of their relationship. Did they meet on Facebook? Seems as though that might be the cause of some problems.

  7. J is right– this post is about the geography. They’re freaking half a country away. You people fail at critical thinking.

  8. This one is really normal compare to the rest posted on lamebook.

  9. or maybe Justin posted this one haha.

  10. He lives in Oklahoma. She “never sees him, except in the summer”! Classic college naivete in regard to long-distance relationships, but usually people figure that out by the end of their freshman year.

    That’s why it’s amusing.

    That, and she posted the details of her boyfriend cheating on Facebook.

  11. Is it wrong to cheat? Definitely. Is it wrong to publicly announce to everyone that your boyfriend just cheated on you? Probably.

    I can’t speak for the editors, but I find this post ridiculous because A) Her about me is still praising her boyfriend (who she never sees, which obviously led to the cheating, and is probably the reason why this post is here in the first place) and B) that ‘about me’ looks like a 13 year old’s profile on AIM in 1999. She starts by saying her name. Why? Your profile has your name in huge bold letters at the top of the page, why would you need to say it again in the about me, unless you’re setting up some sort of humorous quip (My name is Mike and I look for unicorns to kiss). Then she finishes with the all encompassing ‘love ya.’ Which is also so stupid and juvenile. Come on, the girl is 21. Not some 7th grader drawing hearts and horses on her geography binder.

  12. Candy Blackmail

    A post from him liking this would be epic win.

  13. @#2 No

    You can tell this website is run by men.

    Uh yeah, because men are totally okay with being cheated on. WTF? I agree that this isn’t a great example of lamebook, but you need to get a grip on reality. By the way, I’m a woman too.

  14. I’m still wondering about “find someone your own age douchebag”.

    Would that make the cheating okay, then?

  15. Very low, Lamebook, very low. Even if the girl seems childish and “lame” it doesn’t mean she deserves to be cheated on.

  16. Pupik, I’m pretty sure she means find someone your age to have a relationship with. I dont think she meant cheat with someone your own age.

  17. It’s also funny that she stresses the age of the woman he cheated with. Why does that even matter?

  18. Jonas, I’m a feminist, yet I think No has something stuck up her ass. Sure, being cheated on would be a horrible experience, but to call it “wrong” is a moral judgement and just simply naiive. It’s a complicated issue, and you never know what’s actually going on in any reltaionship.

  19. J is right in #6 and Jacqueline is age-ist.

  20. Jewels, I don’t think it’s complicated at all, and I don’t think No has something up her ass. To cheat on someone IS wrong, if you want to go screw someone else other than your boyfriend/husband DUMP HIM, it’s not a very difficult concept.

  21. I agree with “wow”. It’s wrong to cheat. There’s never a reason to cheat. If you want to be with someone else, break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend. You can’t just say “you never know what’s going on in a relationship” to justify cheating. It’s never right. Are people just too dumb to break up with their boyfriends/girlfriends? Seriously.

    And I do agree that this site is pretty much run by men, as “No” said. Yeah, that’s right. Blame the girl for him cheating. It’s only his own fault… right. If he thought he didn’t see her enough, he could have broken up with her. It’s both of their faults that they live in different areas and don’t see each other that much, not hers. It’s not hard to make arrangements to see each other more often than just the summer.

  22. This post is totally about the long distance of the relationship.

    It’s saying, “Hey you really didn’t see that coming after three years of a long distance relationship where you rarely see the guy?”

  23. i know people who have cheated on their significant other after TRYING to end the relationship and realizing that they were dealing with a full-fledged crazy stalker.

    granted, this doesn’t make it “right” by some people’s moral standards (mine included), however there are so many complicated factors in relationships – it’s really not as simple as just “breaking up”. i dated a boy who had been broken up with a girl for MONTHS, and she would show up at his house at all hours of the night threatening to beat me up and begging to get back together.

    to judge others’ moral decisions is really pointless in a world full of variety and individual experience.

  24. Right/wrong doesn’t really matter in terms of making it funny. She’s 21 and thinks she’s in a serious relationship with someone she sees only in the summer.

    And they’ve been boyfriend/girlfriend exactly as long as they’ve been apart: 3 years.

    It’s the juxtaposition of the status and the profile (which she’s also forgotten to update) that make it so great.

  25. Puma for the win!

  26. Yeah, when a man cheats on you it’s totally wrong, and all men are pigs, and this site must be run by men, and cheating is always wrong and always the man’s fault.

    You go, victim.

  27. They obviously included the About Me for a reason. I don’t think it’s so much that she’s talking a bunch of crap. I think it’s that she says in there that she never sees her boyfriend, thereby admitting authorship of the relationship’s demise.

  28. Bri Bri Bee Rat

    “Love ya”, too, Jacque ass.

    Also, her status should be “easily amazed”.

  29. Really, in this day and age if you are in a long distance relationship with someone and you are both in college you should expect to get cheated on. It doesnt make it ok, but your a moron to get into the long distance thing.

    Also, alot of 30 year old women are very horny and aggressive. couple that with the higher maturity level, and its pretty easy to see why this dude cheated with an older women. Im 26, and I like chicks of all ages obviously I love hot 21 year olds but at some point you have to talk to them. and its nerve racking. thats why older women are nice.

  30. Don’t worry Jacqueline, now that you’re 21 and wise to the world you can get drunk and have trashy rebound sex with non-30-year-olds until graduation. How’s that English degree coming?

  31. Cougars rock

  32. go moomoo! and cougars!

  33. Fucking Hell, guys. Don’t you think you’re overreacting somewhat? Putting this on Lamebook isn’t the same as condoning cheating.

    Two things about this make it lame. The fact her status update is incredibly childish and stupid is one. The fact that he “About Me” section sounds like it’s written by a seven year old, and is totally at odds with her status is the other.

    Lighten up.

  34. So,it’s okay if he cheats-as long as it is with someone younger than 30??
    Charlie-you have lots to learn,young grasshopper….I’m shuffling off with my cane,because 40 is looming on the horizon.

  35. I don’t think is lame…just naive and sad.

  36. @Charlie I guess you’re right. I’ve done everything from 16 to 45, and they all have their uses. I mean “positive qualities”. Sorry.

  37. i think you guys are missing the point here. the title says “you really wonder how he could cheat on you”. she mentions how she NEVER SEES HER BOYFRIEND (ONLY DURING SUMMER). she’s in FL/CT all the time and he’s in oklahoma. if they’ve only been with each other for 3 years, then that means they’ve only seen each other on 3 occasions (being there’s only one summer each year). they probably had one of those phone/internet relationships.

    cheating is not okay, but the girl is stupid for not understanding how it could have happened.

  38. I don’t think she’s stupid. She obviously TRUSTED her boyfriend….that’s something relationships are fucking based on. She has every right to be upset.

  39. She says he “now” goes to college in Oklahoma. Just because she has been in college for 3 years doesn’t mean all 3 years they were apart. He could have lived in Florida where she goes to school and last fall left for Oklahoma. Either way though, I think this is a weak Lamebook entry.

    And I’m sorry but we’re calling 30 “cougar” now?

  40. Well said, KBoogie. And good call on the cougar definition.

  41. 30 is cougar if you’re 21. Especially if you have the maturity of a 13-year-old.

  42. Damn, leave the girl alone. People on this thread are pissing the fuck out of me.

  43. Why, what are you, a kidney?

  44. lol, that was a good one I have to admit

  45. Candy Blackmail

    @ #21: “There’s never a reason to cheat.”

    There’s ALWAYS a reason to cheat. Otherwise, cheating wouldn’t ever occur. Do I condone it? No. But it’s naive to think relationships and the myriad of reasons of why they fall apart is so black and white.

  46. Candy, sure people cheat but there is never a reason that justifies it. Get over yourself.

  47. I’m ashamed to say that she lives in the same state as me.

  48. ‘ugh’, your trust comment was one of the only ones that made sense. Thank you for pointing that out.

  49. I don’t understand what distance has to do with making it acceptable or ‘understandable’ that someone would cheat. If someone is wanting to cheat they’ll do it whether they’re 1000 miles away or live with you. If you’re not going to be faithful or not willing to put in the extra work that long distance relationships (or any relationships) require then you should end it. They’re not for everyone.

  50. No problem Vera :)

    And Cici, I agree with you 100%, I’m glad to see some people actually have a good head on their shoulders on this thread.

  51. Not sure why this post is making fun of her..i spose saying “yo” is kinda lame. That’s all I can think of.

  52. I’m mostly in agreement with your assertions, but I would counter that there are a few instances in which it is in fact RIGHT to cheat:

    1)If they’ve cheated on you first, in which case you should also videotape it and not use a condom.

    2)If a stripper or celebrity propositions you, ugly or not.

    3)If a midget propositions you, ugly or not. Sorry, “little person”.

    4)If you’re in a different zip code.

    5)If you’re horny.

    6)If your woman didn’t make you breakfast that morning. Also videotape in this instance to drive the point home.

    7)On the Sabbath.

    Otherwise, cheating is WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!

  53. Isn’t the problem that she only sees him in SUMMER?

  54. So what if they only see each other during the summer? That still doesn’t give him a reason/right to cheat.

  55. oh fuck off with that shit, the morality in here is depressing. anyone stupid enough to have a long distance relationship deserves to have their heart broken and their cereal pissed in at every opportunity.

  56. somewhereunderthesun

    ahaha I am pretty sure the guy could not say ”it’s not about you babe, it’s me, I am sorry”.. Because obviously it is all about the girl.. good job mate.

  57. 30 and over 30 women rule! Good one Justin !

  58. Pft, he’s still an ass. I hate how so many people are justifying cheating just because he is far away. I’m in a distance relationship now and it is hard sometimes, but I have enough control of myself and love/respect for him to not cheat! If I wanted someone else that bad I would have the decency to break up with my SO first.

  59. People like this are the reason why I left Naples, FL.

  60. Don’t get this. Nothing wrong with her profile details. She seems a little excited, if anything. And anyone thinks that that qualifies her for being douchebag, then they are probably kidding themselves as noone here can claim not to have an excited/effervescent friend.

  61. @ Last Night — You dont see it? Her boyfriend is in Oklahoma. She only sees him during the summer. now read the title of the post again.

  62. Lol @ first few people who completely missed the fecking point!

    She says herself she NEVER sees her bf, then bitches about him cheating on her like they’ve had a flawless relationship for three years. Three years of pledged celebacy for just talking on the phone would probably drive most lads that way. Best thing all round.

  63. Geographical issues or not, cheating is wrong. Dump the other person first.

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