Wednesday, December 9, 2009

You Can’t Judge a Book …


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  1. I definatly would… so it’s okay ;)

  2. Sometimes pictures speak louder than words lol

  3. chill out love.. and yes i would

  4. Maybe that’s just a parent teacher conference in the pic.

  5. Well that picture, which speaks 1000 words, is worth a lot more than that mess of a paragraph…

  6. Ohhh Chess club.

  7. I think I saw this girl featured in a clown porn film with Chaz the pro-rodeo clown from earlier. It’s amazing what she ‘crams in’ in her 5% of time when she is not with Meela.

  8. Seems just a tiny bit too defensive if you ask me, there’s something fishy about this one, I wouldn’t trust what she says…if only there were some way to be sure if she really is a cheap hussy proud to be photographed at parties with the back of her thong hanging out…

  9. I assume Meela is her pimp.

  10. Hahahahaha once again, sensible madness, you win the Internet :-) (I, too, love your blog btw)

  11. It’s hard out there for dyslexic ho…”fucking busy, seriously, people” should have been “busy seriously fucking people”…

  12. Even without the photo, her name gives it away…

  13. Seriously PPL! Leave her alone! She’s with Meela 95% of the time! That’s proof she isn’t with people ALL the time.

  14. I think we sould read backwards. There`s a hidden message:”stop making assumptions about me/ I´m fucking, busy/ With some another guy/ When I don´t answer the phone” — Clever Girl!!


  16. What a stupid whore. You’re going no where in life, and your ass is showing.

  17. haggie- i was thinking the same thing hahaha

  18. Nevermind the 354 pics of herself she’s got listed there. Probably most of which she’s at the bar with her thong hanging out, and drinks in her hand(s) as she gets photos with 2-3 guys at once.

  19. The Scarlet Pimple

    Methinks the “lady” doth protest too much.
    And by “lady,” of course, I mean “skank-nasty ho.”

  20. You stay classy, Chelsie.

    Nice underwear!


  21. I don’t get it…

    Does that mean the “BUSY” is a girl? Because you knoe that she’s fucking someone!

  22. I don’t get it…

    Does that mean the “BUSY” is a girl? Because you know that she’s fucking someone!

  23. My bad with the double post, speed typing never prevails.

  24. I would do Chelsie very fast and very hard…I also like robots and sausages…

  25. @Big Bud Niles:
    I’m not so sure why you posted you like robots and sausages, cuz I enjoy them too, and I’m sure a lot of people do. Robots rule…sausages taste delicious. Unless you mean “cock”, then, no, that’s disgusting and you should be shot in the face.

  26. taking a page from the Lindsay Lohan book of “I’m not a drunk ho, guys!!!”

  27. If you dress like a skank, talk like a skank, party like a skank, and have 354 pictures of yourself on Facebook…you’re a skank.


    Somebody had to say it.

  29. @hollymar Nice.

    I could almost see her pouty face and her feeble foot stamping.

  30. 354 photos, and that’s the one one you chose for your profile?
    Is this the only one you aren’t doing duckface in?

  31. It’s been my experience that girls who feel the need to announce they aren’t whores to pretty much everyone they know are, in fact, whores.

  32. You could lose a lot of change in that ass.

  33. Using the immortal reasoning of Dave Chappelle – if you’re wearing the uniform, you can’t get offended when people assume that’s what you are.

  34. As a female, I strongly agree with Le. Right on the dot.

  35. Do you think she has any I’m-in-the-bathroom-in-my-undies pics????

  36. Anita, probably 54 out of 354. With that kissyface thing going. And, as Kal said, the other 300 are her in the bar with a dozen or so admirers.

  37. I think I may be in love. I’ll bet all 354 show her whale tail.
    What’s “duck face?”

  38. Does she have a hump just above her ass? By the fuck!

  39. @ SeeBea:

    Your welcome. :)

  40. I’m /w stupid.

  41. Seriously guys, stop judging her. Just because she’s wearing jeans that show her ass, her black g-string is hanging out, and she’s wearing half a shirt does not mean that she is “some scandalous girl, tramping around”! I really don’t understand why people would think those awful things of her!

  42. You can’t judge a book…
    But if it’s all tits and ass,
    It’s probably porn.


    You can’t judge a book…
    But if it’s all tits and arse,
    It’s probably porn.

  43. Why don’t I believe you Chelsie?

  44. I m looking forward to her next fb update where she 2(as the skanks from yesterday) is looking for the guys she slept with at aarons party

    Hey guys

    Does anybody know the guys that i slept with at Aaron’s party , i m pretty sure it is one of them that knocked me up because that bartender and his brother from the day before told me that they were sterilised …

    Oh yeah , please do not tell Meela about this

  45. The bit about people who went to school with her not knowing her….. so she was a hussy there too?

  46. No whore. Seriously fucking busy. 95% of the time. And I’m the Tooth Fairy, son of the Easter Bunny.

    Liked the whale tail, though.

  47. She’s all class

  48. Would have loved it if the screen shot was taken with the mouse pointer hovering over “Poke Chelsie”.

  49. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    @ Antaarctic Circle – haha! Poke Chelsie made me laugh too! Peurile minds…

  50. Wow – I love the fact she comes with her own speed bump. It’s a timely reminder to all behind her to slow down.

  51. I am actually rendered speechless. If your a nymphomaniac, just step up to the plate, your boyfriend might just like it more than you know…

    Can I get a hell yeah?

  52. every guy loves a nympho from time to time …

    hell yeah !

  53. Considering that her photo displays about 5% of her face, I’m assuming her thonged ass is the most attractive part of her, and she’s got a pretty fugly face. Perhaps Meela is blind.

  54. <3 <3 <3 @ Svetlana

  55. Based on the picture I would bury it in her ass.

  56. Huh, Chelsie, I poked her, she ain’t so hot. I mean I wouldn’t kickerouttabedforeatincrackers, I’m just sayin I’ve had better.

  57. Haha. How does this whore not understand why people call her a whore? LMAO! Skank. I hope you have AIDs.

  58. sbs_kcbaby, you suck, seriously. What the hell kind of thing is that to say about someone?

  59. ^I’m with prettypixels. It’s not cool to wish that kind of ailment on someone for any reason! I hope a group of big black African dudes with a 20 inch penis’s rape you senseless and leaves a trail of blood and come in every orifice you have!

  60. ^ And gives him AIDS?

  61. “fucking busy” is right.

  62. lol i dont know her, i havent been in school with her, but i surely do know a slut when i see one!

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