Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Yes, I Would Say So…

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  1. It simply means the brother has evolved, not retarded.

  2. And you’re retard for not understand his in depth, highly evolved language.

  3. no sean. but am i the only one who finds it hilariously ironic that you think your brother is the retarded one?

  4. Sometimes the best way to deal with something is to have a sense of humor about it. (Also, believe it or not, mentally disabled people have a sense of humor too — depending on the level of retardation, his brother may have gotten a smile out of it too.)

  5. ^good on you. I’ve taken your wonderful advice and vow to mock many more spastics in the future.
    you might like to give it a try as well, you joyless fuck.

  6. Mentally disabled people are easy to kill.

  7. ^ how come you’re not dead yet?

  8. Mentally disable robots are for some reason even harder to kill.

  9. *disabled

  10. I did chuckle at this.

  11. ^I enjoy the many-faceted irony in this thread.
    especially ElBrosepho up there in #8. puffing up his nuts and calling that t1000 clusterfuck out, but still happily convinced he’s talking to a robot.

  12. ^Hypocrite Alert. Weren’t you trying to use robot syntax logic on it the other day?

  13. ^Correct. However, for the 3rd time, I must point out that I am a cybernetic organism, not a “bot”. I am a mimetic poly-alloy. Liquid metal.

  14. ^you’re an acne-ridden, pre-pubescent spaz.

  15. ^yeah yeah yeah, organism, you’re still preaching to a choir of fucking lunatics..

  16. Oh fuck, franky, why u do dat nigga?

  17. Dropped Your Heart

    ^All I get out of reading the comments is that you’re one fucked up dude who might possibly be a robot because your head is clearly up your ass yet you’re still able to spam the internet.

  18. Dropped Your Heart

    Major pc lag. That was for Tbag or whatever

  19. ^ I agree with all the other fags talking shit about the T100 or whatever the fuck he’s called. Plus he has a small dick.

  20. I could squish you all together and make a cunt-cunt-cunt-cunt-cunt-cunt-cunt-cunt sandwich. And if I pushed a couple of inches more, it would just be arse hole.

  21. don’t be a prick frankenstein. I am a hypocrite, but not this time. I used robot syntax logic to show up the flaws in his tragic mantle.

  22. Oh custard pies! Do any of you stop fighting ? Although I do feel sorry for msanne , who displays signs of a lack of a sex life.

  23. ^ she’s a cunt, no need to feel sorry for that thing.

  24. did i hurt you that bad?

  25. Yes! The soap the doctor recommended isn’t getting rid of the crabs you gave me.

  26. try going to a human doctor, you miserable fucking specimen.

  27. Did you just call me a specimen? You’ve crossed the line you stinky fucking twat!

  28. you might see it as crossing a line, I see it as dotting the is and crossing the ts.

  29. Hey franky? Listen, about that whole birds who’s name ends with “I” all love anal was a bullshit fucking lie, this new gal doesn’t like it…like…at ALL! Last time I take your motherfucking advice….on the other hand, she does enjoy being choked to nearly losing conciousness during sex, so, that makes me almost happy enough to look past it….

  30. Wow that’s really weird, because my spacker brother doesn’t have any teeth either!

    I kicked them out to stop him biting himself.

  31. Capn, you gotta ASK first.

  32. Fuck difference does it make, I mean, really? I just assumed since she kinda sorta admitted to being a sub and proving she could deepthroat proper she’d be ok with it…..I mean she was ticked with the finger when going down on her……….fuck man, you woulda thought I’d tried to shove a wooden light pole in there…this bullshit just takes all the fun out of ass to mouth, ya know?

  33. 9 don’t be upset. You show me where a line shouldn’t be crossed and I can guarantee that ms has crossed it several times. That is what makes her amusing. And a good cunt.
    Tinman lube yourself up a bit. Maybe then you won’t be such a fucking retard

  34. You are all fake. You are simply jealous of my reality.

  35. No, FUCK that, you can have your…fucking…”reality”, T

  36. Hey ’9′, you’ve said you’re a fucking robot like that other fucking ‘tard (t1000). So how did yuo contract an STD, fucktard.

  37. A MsAnneThrope — your comment, “^good on you. I’ve taken your wonderful advice and vow to mock many more spastics in the future.
    you might like to give it a try as well, you joyless fuck.”

    Was that directed at me (advising people to have a sense of humor)? If so, I should clarify my comment.
    I didn’t mean go around and make fun of everyone you see. I just meant if you were friends or close with someone with a problem, don’t act like it’s something to grieve about constantly. Most disorders and people’s reactions to them have many sides. If you know someone well and know that they don’t hide there disorder as something to be ashamed of, then I don’t think there’s a need to be over-politically correct. (For instance, if they’re in a wheelchair and joke about how they really know how to rock and roll or something. Or my favorite accidental pun was when I went to the neurologist (I have epilepsy) and my friend innocently said, “Wow, this joint’s really jumping!”
    So it’s one of those things you take on a case-by-case basis. Some people choose to ignore their problems completely and, if so, you should respect that. But if they or their friends choose to make a joke about it, you should also respect that coping mechanism.

    If your comment was directed at me (completely ignore this if it wasn’t), then it seemed like it was YOUR comment that dehumanized disabled people while MY comment recognized humanity and diversity.

  38. *their disorder

  39. ^I’m not quite sure WHAT it is you’re trying to say, but fuck humanity and diversity and all that shit…let’s just not go and try to call a retard anything other than what they are…fucking mongoloid bastards!

  40. ^That too. To each his own!

  41. (However, Capn’, I’m assuming that many retarded people have trouble finding someone to partake in intercourse with,are not Mongol, Manchu, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Annamese, Burmese, Siamese, Tibetan, Inuit, or American Indian, and are not conceived out of wedlock.)

  42. ^ Oh God, we’ve got another one trying to use Lamebook as a fucking humanitarianist soapbox.

    Dude, you’re looking for the third door on the left, past the hairy feminist undergrad coozes.

  43. confused here.
    am I a horrible beast this time or not?

  44. I think…possibly…it’s trying to teach you to be a better person.
    The faith is strong with this one.

  45. It is amazing how many times you people feed the trolls, even when the sign specifically says not to.

  46. ^those signs we kept defacing to say ‘your mom’ until the council took them down?
    no. i never saw them.

  47. Oh goodness, no I’m not a “fucking humanitarianist soupbox” person.

    I actually didn’t intend my comment towards Cap’n to be meant in any sort of political way or as any sort of activist.
    He just said that retarded people are “fucking Mongolian bastards,” and a lot of times when people are vulgar, I like to think about what they’re saying literally (Like, whenever anyone says “I hate this fucking class,” I think “hmm, wish I could take a class on fucking…” My only intention was to mock someone (in an admittedly fairly lame way), not to actually contribute anything substantial.

    MSAnneThrope: Your comment that said “^good on you. I’ve taken your wonderful advice and vow to mock many more spastics in the future.
    you might like to give it a try as well, you joyless fuck.” struck me as less than friendly.

  48. ^gee. do ya think that, perchance, I was somewhat out of order for mocking you straight to your dull, sweet, blithe face? when all you were doing was so earnestly exhorting us to get a sense of humour?
    how on earth could that possibly be construed as unfriendly?! you’re paranoid, brah.

  49. laugh.out.loud

    jakubs, they are just kiddin’, don’t be mad bro.

  50. ^fuck off, bitchtits. you’re not the boss of me.

  51. Jakubs, could you please clarify what you meant with your second comment to MsAnne? Because that still confuses me a bit.

  52. laugh.out.loud.:

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to get my dull, sweet, blithe knickers in a knot.

    I just make the unfortunate mistake of taking people on the internet seriously…
    Perhaps I should take my own advice and get a sense of humor? Yes, that seems in order.

    Buckle_up: I was just clarifying my first comment. It seemed to me that a lot of people were attacking whoever posted this facebook status for making fun of his disabled brother. And I wanted to come to his defense, because I think that it’s Ok to make the occasional politically-incorrect joke, so long as it’s not meant with malice.

    And then my other comments were trying to clarify stuff when people seemed (possibly rightly) baffled by what I was saying.

    (Reading everyone’s comments again, I’m like, “Oh… mostly these people are attacking each other, not the guy who did the Facebook post. Ok, have at it y’all.”)

  53. jakubs Please could you write me a 1300 word dissertation on how you once got confused on an Internet forum you easily bamboozled fuckwit.

    All jokes aside I’m not sure what message you were trying to convey to buckle_up, please could you clarify your clarification?

  54. Oh my god. “Bamboozled fuckwit” is going on my top ten list of greatest things I’ve ever been called. I commend you.

  55. ^I’d like to hear the rest of this list.

  56. well, now that I’ve actually taken notice of this. Jakubs, nobody CARES about fucking retards, they are now, and they always will be…retarded. YOU unfortunately, I must inform, are one of THEM…so…listen…next time you’re trying to tuck your own dick into your asshole just to see what it feels like, I want you to think about me….slapping you in the face…with my…GIGANTIC..WOODEN…PIRATE…COCK, OK? ARE WE FUCKING CLEAR, now?

  57. @jakubs, you’ve misunderstood. Each and everyone of us here is OK with the occasional politically-incorrect joke, so long as it’s meant with malice.

    Are you autistic, by the way?

  58. >t1000 says “that is fake”, Cap’n Says, “we demand all malice, all the time!”

  59. ^you need to fucking relax.

  60. I’ve got you’re fucking “relax” right here, buddy…I’ll be back in a couple of hours.

  61. Mrsbeatusmongous


    also, you should include more fibre in your diet.

  62. oh well, fuck…excuse me…my sincere apologies..I meant, “your”, I just fucked it all up…what do you want from me? I can’t call you “Ms.” and I can’t call you, “beatus”, I’m NOT going to call you “Mrs.”…what the FUCK should I call you?

  63. I’d go with – ‘a fucking abomination’.

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