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world cUPDATES

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  1. you think if i get tested for the clap i’ll get a free jacket?

    gee, i hope so.

  2. OOPS, forgot to block out that last name lamebook…

  3. Although Bethany is a moron, she isn’t wrong.

  4. haha i live in northants! can i have my free pants now?

  5. I’m not sure what excites me more. Free pants, or 2 girls 1 world cup.

  6. Last pic made me smile :)

  7. im not exactly sure but i dont think germany started world war 1?

  8. the justin beiber jokes are starting to wear a little thin now

  9. @Little_sheep

    While the conflict that led to the war started in Austria, Germany was the the first country to actually make a military move.

  10. @Little Sheep

    The Austrians (Austria-Hungary) and the Germans (Deutsches Reich) invaded other Europian countries after Franz Ferdinand of Austria got assassinated.

  11. *European … of course. Too fast language switch.

  12. nothing noteworthy apart from i want to strangle bethany.

  13. that someone would doubt the Germany started either World War is mindboggling. and scarey.

  14. Austria did nothing wrong…everybody was on vacation! Now, on your left…

  15. * “that” not “the”

  16. That last one had me laughing so hard, I almost peed my pants!!! Stupid soccer watchers, how could they not realize that!?!??!????

  17. the fate of intelligence

    Personally I just hate it when people always come back to this “You started and then lost the worldwar!”-thing everytime Germany wins something. It might be right but it has got nothing to do with the world cup.

  18. @bell83773

    In their defense, the only other choice was GER NIG, which as we all know, is Russian for “Pig Vagina”. So their hands were somewhat tied.


    It doesn’t bother me that someone questioned the Germany starting both world wars. The assassination of Austria’s prime minister along with the Serbian Black Hand’s involvement were main causes. The fact that the first military swing was by Germany doesn’t make the other facts not as factual as the facts that they are. Germany was just being a good ally/friend to Austria. Then they took it a bit too far, haha.

  19. @belle83773

    You are a fucking idiot. That is all.

  20. @the fate of intelligence

    I also hate people bringing up insanely old stuff as a defense. I was watching a baseball game awhile back, where the Oakland A’s beat the Cincinnati Reds and a Reds fan said “oh yeah? Well, the Reds beat the A’s in the 1987 World Series! HAHA!”


    “Oh yeah? Well, 70 years ago, your country lost a war!”

    “Oh yeah? Well, your country is responsible for Britney Spears AND Lindsey Lohan!”

    Which seems like a bigger put down?

  21. @mcowles: good point with the Britney/Lindsey thing. and the list goes on from entertainment to politics…..

  22. The only thing *I* am saying to all those Germans out there is just: CORDOBA! In your face! Ha.

  23. ..poor britney and lilo….are they really bringing more shame to a country than nazi’s did?

  24. the fate of intelligence

    @mcowles & dcrearview: Yeah, it’s just stupid and you look like a really bad loser. And when people start like that I could also come up with some things… *cough*George W. Bush*cough*

  25. Last picture has an Indian flag representing Nigeria?

  26. it’s actually niger, not nigeria.

    (lolololol they invented a country called NIGER now, omg those crazy eurapeeens hahaha!)

  27. uhmm except that it’s not in europe.

  28. oh dear tabitha.

  29. @ iamtomdonlan and alordslums
    The picture is of niger’s flag, although it was nigeria which were playing. They’re two different countries.

    I think Niger was called something else before, but i don’t think it was us europeans which changed it as Niger is situated in Africa…

  30. Yes, but Europeans have held a lot of claim in South Africa for forever pretty much, if I had my World history correct. India used to be a British (territory?) yes.

  31. i clearly make the distinction between niger and nigeria in my post. don’t try and make out i’m a fool, nanana.

    i know they border each other. i know niger = niamey, nigeria = abuja; niger is a former french colony, nigeria british. i do admit i had to wiki the origin of the name niger – apparently it is from the tuareg ‘ngheren’ – but ‘niger’, and hence the ‘nig’ part, is an entirely french creation.

    europeans drew up the borders of, named, really created many of the african countries out of groupings of often disparate tribes.

    not to mention that my parenthesis was meant to be a bad pastiche of the ignorance someone like bethany or doug, so i could have exchanged ‘eurapeeens’ for brits, or canadians or anything.

  32. nanana – you think europeans had nothing to do with africa. that’s ignorance on a grand, grand scale. we pretty much took all its diamonds, gold, etc, raped a few women, caused a few civil wars and then p’d off.

    if it weren’t for europe, africa would just be a country with few borders, lots of wandering tribesmen, no currencies, no child soldiers…..

    probably a much happier place.

    but no world cup!

    sorry for the rant, but don’t try and correct someone (nana, tabitha) unless you have thought it through first/have a faint clue what you’re talking about.

  33. krasivaya_devushka

    It’s not soccer, it’s footbal! Ughh.

  34. krasivaya_devushka


  35. oh, and krasi – high five!

    don’t get me on to another of my bugbears – my spleen is aching!


  36. you come across a little insecure alord…

  37. soccer..

  38. no just get my knickers in a twist sometimes. i’m not someone who corrects people when they’re wrong – it’s not my job to disabuse them. :-) but someone correcting me when i’m not wrong…? it’s annoying!

  39. oh, and nice baby tricks!

  40. Um… Is it only me who’s going to raise the obvious glaringly obvious point that Germany aren’t even in Nigeria’s group?

  41. my apologies.. i was just looking for a cheap wind up.

  42. and nor are niger :D

  43. i really hope someone has understood what the fourth guy meant by “not what i expected”. if you haven’t, google it.

  44. p.s. it really is football! Association football if you want to be precise, but honestly the world’s with us on this one.

    “American Football”, or “women’s rugby” is always American football outside of the US, and football refers to… football.

  45. @44 in a country where the three biggest sports are all referred to as football, soccer is a necessary alternative..

  46. lol at “women’s rugby”.. you got no clue..

  47. er, piveh….?

    this evening has been intellectually disorienting. either i have viral meningitis which has inflamed my brain, or everyone else has.

  48. #40 Exactly. And the only game the Germans played so far was against Australia. So there are two possible scenarios: This pic is a) old or b) fake.

  49. given you felt the need to defend the name “football”, i take it you are a “soccer” fan… now i don’t think any “soccer” player could take a single hit in a game of american football and get back up.. or a rugby hit for that matter.. i also think that there would be not many “soccer” players that would have the stamina for a game of australian football. out of all the “football’s”, soccer is by far the softest.

  50. I just realized it: Of course it’s an old picture. The “layout” of the thingy where the number of goals is shown looks completely different now, it’s brown.
    And besides, it’s – as mentioned above – Niger’s flag. Niger isn’t even attending the World Cup.

  51. ohh daym i think i need to correct my fail here
    i thought you meant niger/nigeria was in europe

  52. lawlz

    Football’s the beautiful game, chump.

  53. And another thing (wahoo, I’m in the mood today) that leads me to believe this picture is fake: The G’s are bigger than the other letters. Hmmm.

  54. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_most_popular_sport_in_the_world

  55. http://www.google.co.uk/search?&q=niger+germany+football+-nigeria


  56. did you even read what i wrote? chump.

  57. krasivaya_devushka

    You kick the ball with your feet, therefore, it’s football, Fussball, futbol, fudbal, fudbol, etc. etc. and then soccer? Psh whatever. I hate that damn word.

  58. i played soccer for 8 years ao1chtra i have nothing against it… but at the same time i played aussie rules football… now i could have said i played football for 8 years but at the same time played football.. i don’t think anybody would know what i was talking about..

  59. i may as well bang my head against the wall than try to explain anything to ignorant, closed-minded fools

  60. i don’t think how tough people are has anything to do with it. ao1chtra is being a bit of a douche though.

    i just hold that krasivaya’s point is spot on.


    american football = america + small american franchise outpost pockets of europe
    rugby = commonwealth + a bit of america + argentina
    aussie rules = well….
    FOOTBALL = everywhere – the sport that unites the world.

  61. fun fact.. the oldest football club or sporting club on earth is melbourne football club(aussie rules footy)..

  62. sorry i should have said that there is some debate.. but 1854 is the year it was formed..

  63. If I were to call “tennis” “eating fruit”, it too would be confusing and incorrect. The world calls tennis “tennis”. That is its name. Eating fruit is something entirely different.

    “American Football” can call itself “American Football” if it wishes, but football is called “football” the world over. Connection of foot with ball is the key. Good sensible name for the sport.

    Why Americans didn’t call American Football “soccer” (a name both American and untaken and having nothing to do with anything etymologically) and save this whole stupid name fiasco is a mystery.

  64. sorry i should have researched that one a little more.. The club was officially formed on 14 May 1859. On 17 May 1859, members of the club codified Australian rules football. Melbourne has participated at the highest level of its code longer than any other club in the world.

  65. Does anyone else think the Niger/Germany picture is of a video game?

    It looks very familiar, in an xbox 360 sort of way.

  66. Nowadays, the word soccer is usually attributed to Americans, but just like the above example, it was not the Americans who first used or invented the word, they were simply the ones that used it to full effect.

    So where did the word soccer come from? I’ll try to solve this mystery in the article ahead. You probably know of the slight dispute revolving around the word “soccer”. The English will never agree to use the term “soccer” around what they call “football” for centuries.

    Paradoxally, the origin of the word soccer comes from…you guessed, England. But in order to fully understand what I’m talking about, keep reading ahead as I’ll share some of the beautiful history of soccer.

    The date of October 26th 1863 is to soccer what March 4th 1787 is to the United States. It’s the day that several soccer clubs all around England gathered up in London and formed The Football Association, the first soccer organization up to that date.

  67. The reason I compared this date to the day the United States Constitution was adopted because the Football Association organized the game into a sportive “constitution” called the Laws of Football. The term “soccer” appeared shortly after, being an abbreviation from “Football Association” (from assoc.) and although not as heavily used as soccer, it was a short, light form to describe the phenomenon.

    Reportedly, the man who stands at the origin of the word soccer is Charles Wreford Brown, an Oxford student who always preferred shortened versions of words, such as brekkers for breakfast, or rugger for rugby.

    Soccer gained popularity in the United States later than in the rest of Europe and since the Americans already had a use for the world “football” in understanding the sport of American Football, a middle option was tried on in between 1945 and 1975, when the organization that controlled soccer in the USA was called the “United States Soccer Football Association”.

    Besides being long, the name was still confusing so after 1974 it simply adopted the name of “United States Soccer Federation” and the word “soccer” would define the sport in the US area ever since.

    It’s often mistakenly thought that the United States are the only country that uses the term soccer for what is traditionally known as football in Europe, Asia and other parts of the World. However, the new name was adopted by other countries, specifically those that associated football to a different sport prior to soccer being popular. Such countries include Australia, Canada, New Zealand and some parts of Ireland.

  68. p.s. Alordslums, My comment was unnecessarily defensive perhaps, because of the nonsense about how strength was the important issue in sport(?) but it was not douchery, c.f. 31-32.

  69. you see that ao1chtra you dozy twat… it is soccer it’s your own fkn word for it… how u like them apples…

  70. It’s a colloquialism from one man for “association”. From a man who “shortened” rugby to ruggers.

    USA! USA!

  71. @mcowles
    Yepp, I think you’re right. That would explain the larger G’s as well. What a relief, now I can watch Brazil vs. North Korea and stop thinking about this picture. :)

  72. krasivaya_devushka

    Yes, the word did originate in England, but they still call it football overthere.

    From association to assoc. to soccer..
    Seems kinda stupid to me, but oh well – it’s not really that big of a deal?
    : )

  73. sorry for flooding…

  74. p.s. Our word for it is “football”.

  75. Tits, you’re an Aussie right?, and from what I’ve seen, quite the shit stirrer. Nothing wrong with that if there’s a fun undertone to it, but you lack that element in your comments. Chill out, buddy. You take yourself way too seriously.

    As for Aussie rules, it’s a bunch of great-looking bodies running around with no rhyme or reason. If you want to talk about soft, then that’s the game.

    Football (soccer), is incredibly skilful, and when played by the best, is beautiful to watch, but when Australia gets an ass-kicking like they’ve never had, it’s horrifying.

    Rugby league for mine.

  76. Why are you people bitching about the word soccer. It’s not like we (as in the people on here) invented the use of the word. Stop being so damn butt hurt about the naming of the sport and just enjoy it. Your complaining about the word does nothing for us (Americans), nor you.

  77. Truefacts. End.

  78. p.s. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG North Korea are holding Brazil wtf. This World Cup is the win.

  79. krasivaya_devushka

    I’m more bothered by the noise coming from these horns aka vuvuzelas than by anything else. They are pretty much killing the atmosphere with all that buzzing.

  80. True krasi, I’m watching it right now. I hate that you can’t hear the crowd.

  81. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Lol @ the comments. Mcowles is right, video game.

  82. Krazy Eyez Killa

    This is what happens when Dunga makes Brazil a pretty defensive outfit, you’re no longer fun Brazil. Go North Korea!

    And ‘soccer’ (ugh) by far requires the most technique out of all the footballs.

  83. Wow… I gotta admit, I did enjoy reading that little history lesson. I think it would make more sense if soccer stayed football and American football was called something else. I mean, seriously, you are using your hands a LOT more often in the game. I’m Canadian and grew up using soccer, but I like calling it footy.
    BTW, Korea has been playing extremely well defensive, only saw about 30 minutes of the first half while on break, but brazil was still moving the ball really well. Really enjoyed watching it.
    On another note, I noticed it was a video game right away, nvm the size of the letters the player didn’t look real. Still funny though because it could happen in real life.
    Lastly, I want to see Portugal vs. Argentina in the finals. Messi vs Ronaldo! Though both have been held scoreless in their first games…

  84. nothing lamer than a canadian who says footy

  85. ALL WHITES!!!!!!!!

    Yea boi, finally got a point :D

  86. it’s so funny to have come back from the pub a bit sozzled and have the vague memory of being somehow involved and entwined in this insidious debate. i think my cheeks were probably flushed and my fingers frantic, at some stage.

    now there’s a smile on my face and fairies dancing on my laptop. i don’t care who wins the world cup, nor what the sport’s called, as long as there’s peace and love on earth.

    shit i hate this faggy pan-optimistic faze – better get back on the wine and battle through to the belligerent self-questioning phase (my self-indulgent favourite!)

  87. it’s so funny to have come back from the pub a bit sozzled and have the vague memory of being somehow involved and entwined in this insidious debate. i think my cheeks were probably flushed and my fingers frantic, at some stage.

    now there’s a smile on my face and fairies dancing on my laptop. i don’t care who wins the world cup, nor what the sport’s called, as long as there’s peace and love on earth.

    shit i hate this fayggy pan-optimistic haze – better get back on the wine and battle through to the belligerent self-questioning phase (my self-indulgent favourite!)

  88. Buzz_Killington

    who would like to see some drawings?

  89. only if they’re gabe’ssssssssss

  90. “Don’t mention the war” Basil Fawlty

  91. Soccer, football, whatever the fuck you want to call it, it doesn’t matter. It’s a severely underrated sport in the US, due to the fact that it requires skill and finesse as opposed to brute force. I get so sick of hearing idiot guys here say that it’s a pussy’s sport. Whatever, I’m more interested in watching Ronaldo’s amazing footwork than a bunch of big, sweaty guys crash into each other.

    It also doesn’t hurt that footballers are far more attractive than the athletes in other popular American sports. But that’s just a bonus, hahaha.

  92. First of all Pineapplesalad, football requires just as much finesse, skill (and more brains on the QB’s behalf) as futbol. Secondly, you have already discredited yourself just by admitting to be a woman, another fatal error in your argument.

    but seriously, instead of sitting utop your pussy, pretentious cloud above the rest of America, why don’t you open up your head a little bit also and give football a try since you want all of us to accept futbol…an obviously inferior sport.

  93. I’m with wordpervert about the great looking bodies running around, who cares what they are playing or what it is called!!!

    On a side note, GO THE BLUES!!!!!!!!

  94. #90:
    Way to be completely ignorant. Americans are quite familiar with football/soccer: it’s extremely popular as a little league sport, and most kids learn to play it at an early age. We don’t watch it on tv as adults because many Americans find it rather dull.

    Your “skill and finesse as opposed to brute force” comment shows that you don’t have the first clue about American football. The two most popular US sports, American football and baseball, are much more intellectual than other sports. It’s the strategy, not the brute force, that builds the tension in these games.

  95. Wow #92, you’re a moron. If you think that a bunch of men dressed in tight pants jumping each other is entertaining, then my other suggestion to you is watching gay porn… oh, and if you’re worried it may not have enough “strategy” for you, well you would be surprised.

  96. 1. Don’t tell me what Americans are familiar with, because I am one, and thus have lived among Americans here in America my entire life. I thought that was pretty clear when I said “I get sick of hearing idiot guys HERE say that soccer is a pussy’s sport.”

    2. Familiarity is not popularity. I never said that Americans weren’t familiar with the sport, but simply that it isn’t as popular here. I don’t recall ever implying that Americans don’t know what soccer is.
    Yes, soccer is popular as a child’s sport, but its popularity wanes significantly among teens/adults. The NFL has 32 associated teams, and the MLB, NBA, and NHL have 30. The MLS, at this point in time, has only 16. Like you said, many Americans consider it to be “dull”. Why would you argue with my remark about soccer being underrated in the US when you agreed in the very next sentence that many Americans find it dull?

    3. Why is soccer dull to Americans, as opposed to almost every single country in the rest of the world? My personal opinion – which you are more than welcome to disagree with – is that American viewers are more interested in sports that require much more physical strength and forceful actions, rather than sports that are primarily reliant on being swift and nimble. Americans tend to be pretty big on flashy stuff, whether it be big explosions in movies, or big guys throwing each other on the ground in a football game. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s not something that I’m personally interested in, and it seems to lead to the assumption that if a sport doesn’t require immense physical strength, then it’s somehow unmanly and therefore worthless and boring. I’ve got no problem if someone simply finds soccer dull or boring, because that’s just a difference in taste, but when someone says that it’s for “pussies”, I have an issue with it. It’s not a pussy’s sport, it simply requires a different set of skills than the ones that are praised in popular American sports.

    4. I never once said that football and baseball don’t require any intellect, and as someone that has played both (I was quite the tomboy back in the day), I can certainly attest to the importance of strategy. When I talked about “skill and finesse” vs. “brute force” I was only referring to the physical actions required, namely agility vs. power. I will admit that skill was not the right word to use, as all sports do require a lot of skill and training, so I will at least take that remark back.

    5. My post was simply my opinion that soccer is more interesting to watch than football, and that it is passed off as an effeminate sport in the US. You don’t have to agree with it, but please don’t call me ignorant just because you disagree. Sure, I could have worded my comment better, but come on, this is Lamebook, not a fucking dissertation.

    Speaking of dissertations, I can’t believe I wasted 10 minutes writing this response. Damn it all, I need to stop arguing on the internet.

  97. tl;dr


  98. i’m more offended by bethany saying that hockey sucks than by her general stupidity. but then again, her kind of people aren’t really the kind of hockey fans i want anyway.

  99. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    A ball game that is played predominantly with the feet would naturally assume the title of football, would it not? Sorry just offering a spanner for the thread works.

    Does nobody in the States call it grid iron?

    Politics, race, even the placement of apostrophes seems fair play for argument fodder on lamebook, but does anyone really give that much of a shit what to call football/soccer?

  100. I don’t think it’s worth getting anyone’s knickers in a twist over whichever code people prefer to refer to with the word football. It’s like the word hockey – depending on whom you talk to, it may mean field hockey, ice hockey, or inline hockey.

    @96 – one of my friends argues that soccer aka association football can’t be called ‘football’ since the points can be scored from the head. I have told her that’s as silly as calling Australian rules football ‘football’ when you can score a point from the ball being deflected from an opposition player’s arm, but she doesn’t quite see my point… either that, or she’s refusing to concede it!

  101. To go back to an earlier point, WWI started with Austria-Hungary invading Serbia after the assassination of Franz Ferdinand (not the band, unfortunately). Then Russia started mobilizing its forces, and Germany, as Austria-Hungary’s ally, logically reacted by declaring war on France. Which they followed up by invading Luxembourg. So Austria-Hungary made the initial declaration, Russia the first mobilization of forces and Germany the first actual invasion. I’ve memorized the entire timeline for every major European war since 1700, and did not at all depend on Wikipedia for the above pedantry :P

  102. I’m pretty sure the last one is homemade from a computer game.

    For a start, Germany haven’t played Nigeria, or Niger, or anyone that’s not Australia…

  103. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    Why in the world would you lot argue about various ball games on Lamebook of all places?

  104. @wordpervert #75.. as to you saying that there is no fun undertones in my shit stirring, i beg to differ.. whats funny to one doesn’t have to be funny to another.. i don’t often take myself seriously, though at times people seem to take me to seriously. i choose who i shit stir based on who seems most obnoxious or pretentious.. the thing i take most seriously is pushing the buttons of those i’ve chosen to wind up..
    perhaps you’ve seen a similar opportunity in myself.. which may be why you slipped in a few condescending comments directed at me… thats fine.. ill cop them on the chin, as i understand where you’re coming from.. and you’ve not come across as a twat in your other comments ive read..
    though you do seem pretty ignorant with your ideas about footy(aussie rules), you are living in a dream world to call it soft.. there is as much or more “skill” and “finesse” in aussie rules as there is SOCCER.. i have played both at maybe not high levels, but definitely above average levels.. and there is no doubt whatsoever which is a tougher sport to play… it is easier on the body playing a SOCCER game, than half a game of footy.. it also takes far more strategy and concentration playing footy.. i don’t know why the fuck im writing all this.. fk maybe i did take your comment way to seriously.. anyway ao1chtra is a fkn nob thanks for your thoughts and stick em up ur ass..

  105. Do you know, I’ve been won over entirely by your endless charm. I used to think you were a stereotypical US douchebag but now you’ve flamed like this I recognise I am totally wrong.

    I’m off to cry in a corner. Forgive me if I am too upset to reply in kind with puerile vitriol.

  106. @ titsonabull, actually the oldest football club is sheffield f.c. formed in 1857, proper football

  107. krasivaya_devushka

    Oh my, what have I started..

  108. Wow my picture is getting around haha. Yes its Niger v Germany. Hence the player in the orange kit. I’ve wanted to do that for ages but nigeria are always NGR. Never Nig. But WC2010… result.

  109. …hockey isn’t boring.
    Neither is this thread, it’s entertained me for the last 20 minutes! Thanks guys!
    I personally call ‘soccer’ football; it makes more sense. But here in Canada, we generally call it soccer, and to do any different would reak chaos. Soccer isn’t too big here, but the World Cup is (and the rivalries…Canada’s soccer team pretty much sucks, and isn’t even in the World Cup as far as I know, so everyone here is rooting for other countries) it’s real fun.

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