Wednesday, February 17, 2010

With so Much Drama in the LB

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  1. “You’re in my Top 5, easily.” HAHAHA

  2. Jeff and Matt are me hero. Just like women should be treated.

    James you are supposed to donkeypunch old balls

    Mark and Dustin my choppper goes roflroflroflrolfcopter.

  3. Lamebook post is lame.

  4. ‘Both of your mothers would be upset with you’


  5. That is either…his two lesbian moms, or his mother in law and his real mother.

    Also Jeff is kind of funny… I might have to go mend his broken heart.

  6. Jeff should be the president

  7. The Mark one is strange as whoever submited it has edited it to delete the time frame that these were posted.

    My guess it was Mark himself that posted this quickly did a screenshot and deleted it. Befor using photoshop to remove the timefram and also the fact that it would say delete next to the post. In otherwords it’s fake.

  8. erin is just an attention terrorist, otherwise she wouldnt try this stunt and just dump/unfriend/block Jeff. Kyle is right, she doesn’t ignore people because she wants people to notice her – which says alot about how little Jeff respects her because of that.

    Mark is having a hissy fit, his bf might just like him as much as he says, but he still craves the pussy he cannot get from him !

    James needs to enlighten us more otherwise its only half a story

    Matt getting hauled over the coals by his female “friends” has to be the funniest, he’s so lame for setting himself up for that !

  9. The “both of your mothers” comment to Jeff could refer to his mom and his step-mom.

  10. Jeff you rock… way to handle a drama queen..

    Mark… very uncool… specially if your trying to keep this guy

    james… nobody cares lol

    And matt…. epic burn!!! hahaha funny shit

  11. People are fucking idiots.

    Good day.

  12. Best Lamebook updates in a while.

  13. Erin really likes her drama. What did she expect? Jeff needed to protect himself somehow. : )

  14. Anyone else wondering how many ‘bizzles’ Jeff has? Or, for that matter, what a ‘bizzle’ is? If forced to use the vernacular, one would have to (hafta) say that Jeff’s ‘da man.’

  15. Im guessing ‘bizzles’ means businesses, that is, other things to do….

  16. hmm, ok looks like im not up with american street ghetto (being an aussie and all)…
    bizzle – A word meaning Bitch. Created by Snoop Dogg

  17. Matt’s a P-I-M-P


  18. Thx@smartie Your American street ghetto is much better than mine. Because he was funny, I gave him the benefit of the doubt–the comma suggested he was referring to her as his bizzle. How nice, a cute way of calling her his bitch.

  19. Jeff FTW

  20. bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    This shit is classic! You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried!

  21. Okay, goodbye. Here’s a quarter, buy a clue. Goodbye. Obviously, Jeff doesn’t care. Goodbye. Or he wouldn’t have done what he did. Goodbye.

  22. “My bizzle” = “my bad” in this case. You’re welcome.

  23. Women


    This is nothing new.

  24. Jeff knows how to bring the lolz. I would have handled that drama queen about the same way. No tolerance!

  25. I might just be wantin’ a bagel with my coffee.

  26. Lost takes priority over everything. I dont blame him.

  27. Well Erin sounds kind of annoying but Jeff is just a straight out prick.

  28. James… his post… leaves… just so many questions…

  29. Regardless of what Jeff did prior to Erin’s post, Erin is retarded for making that public.

  30. Mike’s ‘say what?!?’ is what did it for me. Unless I’m the only one who said it in a really flamboyant voice in my head when I read it…

  31. ^^ hahahahahaa

  32. Nice one, Jeff!

  33. I heart Jeff – wonder if he’d marry me.

    I want to see the feedback on James’s status.

  34. top 5 easily , classic funny asshole behaviour.

    Cheating on your fiancé with the bridesmaid should be a standard pre wedding action.

    Women have something old , something blue and something borrowed
    Men have … something with the bridesmaid

  35. surely Kerri would be a bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding…?

  36. Jacko, as her sister, Kerri is more likely the Maid of Honour. There’s probably a few other bridesmaids.

  37. @Falateda – I’ll fight you for Jeff. He’s my kinda guy!

  38. If romantic comedies have taught me anything, it’s that the primary purpose of a bridesmaid in a wedding party is to screw the protagonist and/or his wacky best friend in the broom closet before the wedding. Also, to complain about her dress and fight like a wild hyena for the bouquet when it’s thrown.

  39. @sensible madness – were you at that wedding I was birdesmaid at last week? You’ve kinda just described my day…

  40. i wish the bridesmaids over here were more like you then gingi … That would make these social events bareable

  41. Where is over here?

  42. Jeff…

  43. Over here is equal to a pretty small country in Europe …

  44. New Year Baby Daddy

    What kind of passive-aggressive retard [Erin] says “I hope the rest of your days bring you nothing but sorrow and pain” followed by “good luck”? Well, which is it, you dumb bitch?

  45. Ha, well you should definitely get yourself to a wedding in the UK – all sorts of debauchery is usually afoot!

  46. On the other hand , i had a friend who walked out with the bride on her weddingday… she left on her honeymoon and came back earlier to be with him

    I d kill her and him , but that may just be me overreacting.

  47. The UK , the promised land for loose women and big ol blokes yelling aye mate when you pass by

    Lovely lil’ island

  48. Father Sha – are you actually from the UK?
    I assure you not everyone yells “a ye mate” especially not in the South. lol

  49. …but all the women are loose.

  50. Oh are they… Guess I need to visit the UK

  51. ha! @gingivitis

    “…but all the women are loose.”

    That’s the best tourism marketing strategy EVER.

  52. @New Year Baby Daddy–”Good luck” is used sarcastically. I use this from time to time.

  53. insert clever name here

    Who in the holy hell is Paco?

  54. I gotta admit, I’m kinda feelin’ Jeff now.

  55. @ New Year Baby Daddy- I’m pretty sure the good luck was sarcastic.

  56. Jeff, I personally think you’re awesome and I would so watch Lost with you.

  57. PS-I love Awesome and Zombiemonkey.

    I am quite relieved that I’m not the only one that thinks Jeff is kind of rad.

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