Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Winsday Part 2

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  1. These were all pretty good. Way to step up your game Lamebook.

    Oh, and poor Elvira. One of the only children born to parents that probably thought the Halloween Elvira was funny and/or amusing, so much so they name their brat after her.

  2. JesusOnADinosaur

    Gaz wins.

  3. JesusOnADinosaur

    Elvira’s right, women in the kitchen jokes aren’t fun anymore. But I think she’s more angry about the fact that she finds them insulting rather than because they’ve lost the fun.
    Me being a woman, I used to find those jokes funny. Now they’re just ooooold.

  4. Wow!! Aunt Peggy sure does have issues with Mom’s cooking!
    PS I am assuming by her permed hairdon’t that she is an older relative – at least in my mind :)

  5. Loads of points to Bradford for “scatological sex”.

  6. hehehehehehehe… enough said :D !

  7. Is not that kitchen jokes are funny, it goes beyond that, it reminds men of history, how women have always been the inferior sex and the pitiful lives they try to emulate without the stove, the sink and all her related friends.

  8. JesusOnADinosaur

    Beh… I think they’re just trying to annoy us.

  9. DeathWICH made me laugh. Yay for Nathaniel!

  10. Nathaniel AND Bradford, FTW!

  11. @JesusOnADinosaour – agreed. I’ve been making that point on here a few times. It’s just like “Your Mum”, “Dead Baby”, and “Blonde” jokes. They just get old, because they’re repetitive and people never come up with new material on them.

  12. I don’t wanna hear any smart ass comebacks from the women in the kitchen. The only thing you better comeback with is a god damn sandwhich!

  13. I loved all of these, hahaha : D

  14. @CheezusOnAGigantVertebrateAnimal

    Aye, and it is not unusual you must feel that way if we take as a factor your increasingly less cerebral and more emotional evolution. Women might be offended by this satirical humour.

  15. Women in the kitchen jokes might have pulled a laugh or two the first time, but then the same joke has been repeated a million times by 14 year old’s who would probably end up getting slapped on the ass by their mothers if they read their poor attempts at humor.

    See HeSaidWhat’s comment to see exactly why women in the kitchen jokes are blackholes of humor. Someone always thinks its funny to use some sort of boring and predictable comeback that involves a sandwich. I can see you put a lot of thought into that joke.

    For the record, I’m not a woman, I’m just depressed that this is the kind of shit that passes for humor.

  16. BritishHobette: Yeah, well, that’s what your mum said.

  17. hahaha, classic Snip ;)

  18. Ooooh ffs.

  19. :) I actually agree with you, BH, but I couldn’t resist. You were leaving yourself wide open! Insert your own joke here.

    However, I don’t think Lamebook is really the place to take the high ground on, well, anything really.

  20. JesusOnADinosaur

    Bahahahaha. Snip rules.

  21. “deathWHICH”… too bad the dumbass man spelled it wrong.

  22. JesusOnADinosaur

    @Franco – I have to agree with you. Us wWomen are more emotional, but I can’t say they all are less cerebral. After all, most of us aren’t offended by kitchen jokes.

  23. JesusOnADinosaur

    *women. Hate this keyboard.

  24. @Snip – lol. I’m not bothered by leaving my comments open to opinion. They can eventually lead to more humourous conversations. Basically, I’m leaving my cyber footprint of self-opinionated comments to this site. Nothing to take seriously if you’d rather not. I’m just putting my point out there for others to add on to.

  25. JesusOnADinosaur

    @Snip – not Lamebook, or anywhere else on the net, really. But it’s still fun to see what it leads to.

  26. Started out shit (I hope Cameron and Nathaniel die) but the last ones were funny.

    SERIOUSLY. Fuck whether or not it’s sexist. Women in the kitchen/making sandwich jokes are SO. FUCKING. OLD. Ooh, why not make a joke about George Bush being stupid, or Michael Jackson liking little kids? Oh, if you want something to get humour out of, I hear Heather Mills only has one leg.

  27. On a side note, if I see a comediam make one of the above three jokes, that’s the point I lose respect for him/her.

  28. JesusOnADinosaur

    You forgot ‘Yo mama’ jokes.

  29. Yo mama is so fat, it takes her two trips to haul ass!

    What’s the only type of wood that doesn’t float?
    Natalie Wood

    Three men walk into a bar… something happens to two of them, and the third one gives a blow job to a polar bear!

  30. I don’t understand Gaz’s comment. Someone explain?

  31. @bostono

    wasted = drunk/high/under the influence of drugs in a profound way.

    Therefore, if drugs are for homos and he is VERY much in a drug induced state, then he must be a homo to the Nth degree.

    Chicken Butt.

  32. Bradford is full of win.

  33. I like Bradford despite his pompous name. I wouldn’t mind having him as a friend on facebook.
    And as for farmville, yeah at one point I could say 75% of my feed had that shit all over it. I have some very boring friends.
    I fixed it though, blocked that fucker of an application, and joined the group “I hate farmville” to make my stand very clear.
    All good now.

  34. MsBuzzkillington

    I think women in the kitchen jokes are still funny. I mean anything on the internet gets over used. I can’t really think of anything that is fresh and new and not “old.” Just learn to laugh about it.

    I think people “protesting” farmville and saying “I HATE FARMVILLE!!!! YAY!!!” Is old.

    Seriously. Block it. That is all you have to do.

  35. In an odd way, Caroline sort of wins…she proves her own point, just sayin’.

    Also, British Hobo, I was in Belfast in the fall, and no one there knew what a hobo was, (or where one could find one in Belfast) I had to explain. Are hobos purely an England thing?

    Also, Desolation Row=best screen name ever, man.

  36. She is right about the kitchen jokes. They aren’t funny but try saying that and guys will just tell you to make a sandwich. It’s not offensive or funny, it’s just stupid.

  37. I kinda like Peggy. Ballsy old broads on Facebook…need to get some on my friends list.

    Yes, the women-kitchen-sandwich jokes are old, but I still laughed at “deathWHICH” loud enough to scare the cat.

    And I am going to start working the word “scatological” into more conversations.

  38. @padme so are you making a sandwich?

  39. Awesome/From now on/in lieu of any sort of punctuation/I will be using slashes/////THANK YOU PEGGY///1//

  40. @32 wordpervert
    lol :D
    And I hear ya on that Farmville shit. All good now.

    What’s wrong with women/kitchen/sandwich jokes? – besides it being sandwiches all the time? It’s not “old”, it’s “classic”.

  41. am i the only one that had to google “scatological sex”?

  42. Probably, dood. Bradford’s ending line about not needing to mess with shit would have clued most people in.

  43. No offense meant, though.

  44. I must stop rushing through the posts just to read the comments

  45. haha languorous, none taken

  46. @agent cooper: It’s actually an American thing, I think. Most people call them tramps in Britain. I prefer hobo :P

  47. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    i like “hobos” over “tramps” – terminology wise that is. “tramp” just doesn’t sound as pleasing to the ears as “hobo” does. Not that my opinion should sway anyone.

    Although the gist of the kitchen/women jokes have not changed (i.e women being submissive, inferior, etc), sometimes the context and delivery gets a chuckle out of me. Depends on the creativity of the comedian or deliverer.

  48. I think women staying in the kitchen sounds like a great idea, since presumably it means I won’t have to do laundry, clean the bathroom, take the rubbish out, do the grocery shopping, etc.

  49. Ah! EmKitteh takes me back to the classical medieval times, when men were men and women scrubs, and if things got a little out of hand a smack in the nose and dinner was ready! Oh, and the odour was magnificent! Yes, good ol’ days.

  50. 1.I was presenting an example of the bad humor that everybody was talking about.

    2. I agree with everything you have said simon.

    3. I am not for downgrading women. I have empathy for the poor souls that do find my tasteless joke funny. Women have fought for years to be treated as our equal, just to be knocked back down by assholes, that society has imposed upon them to think that women belong in the kitchen and nowhere else.

    4. My hat is off to the rest of you that realize that woman was taken from mans side to be our EQUAL, not to be above or below us.

    I should of been more clear about this from the start.

  51. ^^^@ desimon.

  52. Mans side? Do you know that at the times you are refering, man was not a gender-specific word. It means person, so i don’t know where are you getting your facts HeSaidWhat, but women since the beginning of times have always been equally treated as the same organism, divided in two parts that complement each other. Female and Male. Not man or woman.

  53. Sorry, i think this is not the place to get into objective facts.

  54. Okay Franco, why don’t slow down for a second a re-read what I said. If you don’t believe in what I said then you are basically saying you don’t believe in the bible. If you were able to get off the internet long enough to read it, you would see that it does not refer to the sexes as male or female. But as man and woman.
    Male: 1373, from O.Fr. masle (Fr. mâle), from L. masculus “masculine, male” (cf. Prov. mascle, Sp. macho, It. maschio), dim. of mas (gen. maris) “male person or animal, male.” Mechanical sense of “part of an instrument that penetrates another part” is from 1856.
    Female: early 14c., from O.Fr. femelle, from M.L. femella “a female,” from L. femella “young female, girl,” dim. of femina “woman” (see feminine). Sense extended in V.L. from humans to female of other animals. Spelling altered late 14c. on mistaken parallel of male. Reference to sockets, etc., is from 1660s.
    As you can see hear, the words male and female were nowhere near being said yet.
    Also if you have no argument other than the exact words I said, then WHY IN THE HELL are you jumping into a totally different topic?

    Oh, and can you please tell me what the fuck was so offensive about me saying woman and man, versus female and male?

  55. Oh and by the way, YOU were getting into objective facts.

  56. here*

  57. I’m sorry, I just cant leave this one alone just yet.

    The words wer and wif were used to describe man and woman in the times you are talking about so we were BOTH wrong on that note.

  58. Well, Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge, so woman or female, that bitch got us kicked out of paradise.

    And you just know that’s the cleaned up version. That snake was DPing her 12 ways from Sunday. Eve didn’t eat the fruit until well after the Tree of Dildo was picked clean.

  59. Omg Soup, now that is original. I can’t help but to laugh at that one.

  60. Cook the man some f#cken eggs! — Jake (the Muss) Heke

  61. ragu is shit.

  62. @Franco, the reason why man was often used as a non-gender specific word was because women weren’t actually recognized. Why would they need words like ‘policeperson’ when it’s always going to be a policeMAN? Likewise, considering that women rarely owned property or positions of power, and on becoming married ceased to be a person and became property of their husband (even adopting their name and becoming Mrs John Smith), you can see why saying man to refer to a man also meant any person in general.

    Now, obviously these are supposed to be harmless internet jokes, but in the real world they just don’t fly. Good luck charming a woman with your witty humor, or better luck getting it past the woman interviewing you for that job.

  63. JesusOnADinosaur

    Soup owned you all.

  64. Thank you for making the muddy waters a little more clear donsimon.

  65. What language is “circa un’ora fa?”

  66. @shelbyelisha


  67. 2 things I love about this:

    1) “DEATHwich” instantly brought “broodwich” to mind.

    2) Whoever that was saying it’s supposed to be spelled “deathwhich” – just…OMFG.

  68. lol

  69. spammers suck

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