Wednesday, March 3, 2010

WINSday part 2

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  1. Jesus is going to smite that vodka group so hard.

  2. Carmen if a Ginger kid bites you it’s already too late. Just lay down and die.

  3. Rachel, you made up that moronic little ditty didn’t you?
    Joshua, at least you owned your idiocy.

  4. dazedandconfused

    Like, three of my best friends are all gingers..and all guys. I love it when they bite me… hahaha.

  5. I am sitting here crying with laughter.
    Joshua ftw!
    Well done on them all though, especially the Jesus one – ha ha!

  6. If bitten by a ginger you must seek out the original ginger, and smite him/her before YOU become a ginger yourself. Careful though, those gingers are known to be angry…


  8. I’m a ginger. I never knew I was infected!!

  9. Adam ftw!!

  10. both adams!!

  11. english ftw!

    carmen…ah screw it, not worth wasting my breath!

  12. I love it that English commented on the status about English.

  13. Rilesx3, neither did Typhoid Mary.

  14. I’m ginger too. When I bite people it gives them special powers.

  15. I’m a Ginger too and I’m Black. I can’t figure out which revolution I should be working on. All I know is that the Ginger one might be televised.

  16. I thought it said “Cartman”. I know he hates gingers

  17. I’m ginger and I realised I had a psychic mind connection with other gingers. Is this just me?

  18. Wow! I never realised that there were so many gingers on here. It feels like I’ve come home.

  19. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    I’m probably going to be mocked for this, but what does it mean to be a “ginger kid”?

  20. Seriously?

  21. I thought is said Cartman at first, too. Oh well.

    I really like #2.

  22. MonkeycMonkeyDo-

  23. Leonardmustdie, I’m sending you a psychic message right now. Don’t download the attachment unless your brain can handle more 1,024,000 synapses per minute. It’s just a picture of a freckle anyway.

  24. Gingivitis you are not home. You are in the same infectious ward. I had a ginge for a sister untill i relised you can divorce a ginge leagally.

  25. this may help you understand a bit more about them too…

  26. @maskedman – You’re ginger AND you’re black? Isn’t that a Duracell battery?

  27. Jean-Paul’s is weird. Who the hell told him to ignore the exterior of subway trains?

    Also, English (the person) is awesome.

  28. Where in the world are they still drafting kids actively?

  29. I will never look at subway trains the same way again! Jean-Paul FTW!

  30. Damn, I’m about a 1/4 ginger, do you think I’m still infectious?

  31. Jesus still wins, with the amount of money you’ll be paying back on the vodka… you could have bought russia.

  32. Jesus, C’mon you can’t top that. A student loan into Vodka. & I’ve never been on a subway car but from what I’ve just heard about them, I think I’ve been put off the subway.

  33. This is excellent :)

  34. My brother in law maintains that he gets funding from the national lottery for caring for a ginge (my sister)

  35. Indiesinger, it’s more like a tired eye.

  36. @maskedman thanks, I really needed more freckles, I don’t have enough of those

  37. Grandma was Eva Braun

  38. The irony of the name ‘English’ in that one responses is killing me.

  39. ^^ one response*

  40. lol what happend if a day walker bite you? lol

  41. Damn I want to turn my student loan into Vodka.. Pour me that drink!

  42. Adam x 2 FTW!

  43. Ali’s comment is the only problem I have with feminism–namely, that feminists call for equal rights but never seem to call for equal responsibilities.

  44. I’m all for equal responsibility. Ali is an idiot. Please don’t let her represent all women who have worked for equal rights.

  45. What kind of name is English?
    He’s awesome =)

  46. I just want to know how Krystin’s Nazi Grandma felt about the stupid way her parents spelled her name.

    If you love English so much, why do you fuck it in the ass so hard?

  47. @maskedman

    Where are they still drafting kids actively? Um, try LOTS of places. Austria, Brazil, Chile, China, Denmark, Egypt, Russia, Germany and many more. Here, have a map:


    Ali seems to be saying that she gets out of being drafted because she is a college student, not because she is female. China, Eritrea, Israel, Libya, Malaysia, North Korea, Peru, Taiwan, Egypt and Tunisia have compulsory national service for women as well as men. Also, I don’t think Ali is a feminist. I do, however, think she’s a moron.

  48. @maskedman

    In addition to EmKittehs info, even in the US males between 18 and 25 still have to register with the Selective Service. We don’t actively draft now, but those lists are there to be used if it’s ever reimplemented, which has happened a couple time. The most recent being the late 60s for Vietnam.

  49. I was aware of the U.S. selective service because I also had to register. I just didn’t know there are other countries that are currently forcing people into their armed forces. Thanks for the info.

  50. Wow, I feel so enlightened now… I had no idea that gingers were suffering from a disease! Or that they had an official name! The things one learns through Lamebook.

    I like Adam’s comeback. Nice. Ali totally deserved having that thrown in her face.

  51. One of the best Winsday ever.


  53. I wonder what it was that made Krystin think of her hypocritical grandma?

  54. @Milo
    I reckon it was on another of those charming ‘U (UM 2 AR (0NTRY U SHUD SPEK AR LANGWAJ INNIT’ groups.
    As in, Ah, your inherent and ironic racism reminds me of my great grandmother who was also intrinsically and yet pointlessly racist.

  55. Carmen FT-F******-W

  56. If Krystin was the same person as the betty boop for grandma girl, I can only imagine what this gran’s tattoo would be =S

  57. lol

  58. I had to go up and relook at the pics because the comments had me laughing so hard I forgot what I was looking at and IndieSinger ftw with your Duracell comment!

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