Wednesday, February 10, 2010

WINSday Part 1 (+ a TypOH! bonus)

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  1. 1st.

  2. Yeah, I know I’m kind of pathetic, but who cares?

  3. Nizz made me giggle.

  4. I hope Tiya won’t have to miss 3NGLISH again.

  5. I like people who use Pirate Facebook. People who use Pirate Facebook make me happy.

  6. Nizz FTW, and I hope Tiya will go back to her real planet soon.

  7. It bothers me so much when people call things OTHER THAN their vagina “vagina”…

    If you have hair on your actual vagina then that is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard of. No one, not the hairiest beast in all of Eastern Europe has a hairy vagina.

  8. Another title name: heyOH!

    to accompany typOH!


  9. Ah, just when I need something to make me rant, Lamebook brings me: people who make tiny penis jokes, and music snobs.

    Except I can hardly be bothered. Instead I’ll just list everyone in this post who’s a giant bell-end, in order:
    Tiya (…the fuck?).

    Also… I’m confused as to why somebody would make a Facebook most that’s merely a fact about peanut butter.

  10. Can you add Russell to your list, just for succumbing to the obvious and therefore irritating me?

  11. Oh, and Penny Lane – agreed. “Fanny” (although only in the UK) or “muff” would have been far more appropriate.

  12. Oh, shit, I meant to add Russell, for just seeing the world blow and making a shit joke out of it. I bet he’s the sort of person that used to say ‘that’s what she said’ to EVERYTHING.

  13. Creed is than Nickelback. So is Brokencyde. That may be about it though.

  14. BritishHobo: When you say “music snobs” are you referring to Justin? Therefore indirectly acknowledging you like Nickelback? Just wondering

  15. Edit: Creed is WORSE than Nickelback*

  16. predictable, pedestrian, boringly lame. Or lamely boring. Either way. Sigh. I got nothin.

  17. Gigivitis, yes! Or she could have said something like, “Got the runway cleared!” or “Edged the lawn!” or “Well, that’s one rain forest I won’t be sad to see go.” or “Made more room for more fun.” or “Got the puff off my muff.”

    A miss opportunity…really.

  18. Osama Bin Laden’s beard hahahahaha

  19. alproshazam, allow me to correct you:

    BritishHobo: When you say “music snobs” are you referring to Justin? Therefore indirectly saying that Nickelback is ‘music’? Just wondering

  20. alpproshazam: I do like Nickelback, but I’m not a big fan, or getting pissed at him for insulting a group I love, if that’s what you mean.

  21. Penny Lane, touche. I set you up for that like every fucker in this post set themselves up for this symposium of cliched jokes.

    This was all too pedestrian.

    For the record, the BeeGees were the worst band ever. Ever.

  22. It’s all very in to dislike Nickelback now isn’t it? It bothers me because I’ve hated them from day one. I’m not one of those fair-weather haters.

    But in all seriousness…I see many anti-Nickelback t-shirts in our future. They suck, but I have a feeling this trend is going to suck more.

  23. What alproshazam? No “Staying Alive”? Come on, Saturday Night Fever is a classic.

  24. BeeGees…NO! They have a handful of MUST HAVE SONGS.

  25. Crap jokes are Russell’s are not lame, they are just crap.

  26. Beegees = Audio Rape… Sorry but my idea of stayin alive incorporates not bleeding endlessly from the ears or arsehole. People that listen to the Beegees too much will eventually suffer both these maladies, you can tell by the way they walk…
    Ok, I admit that was crap, and the Beegees aren’t the worst ever, I was just trying to start a discussion more interesting than these posts.

    Does anyone else suspect that Nickelback could also be part of the we hate nickelback movement because they also make cash of those t-shirts too? It’s actually genius…

  27. I’m convinced Nicckelback are in on it.

    I think The Beatles are the worst band ever.

  28. @alproshazam If that was the case re: Nickelback behind those shirts, I would respect them more. That would be awesome. It would be like me respecting Wes Borland more when he said that he wouldn’t actually listen to Limp Bizkit music if he wasn’t in the band.

  29. Am I the only one who’s bothered by Justin’s lame attempt at recreating a “This user was banned post” from 4chan?

  30. @gingivitis Beatles the worst ever?! No f-ing way. That is poppycock. Even if you don’t appreciate their music, they have had a HUGELY positive impact on all subsequent music and paved the way for a lot of the great acts we have today.

    Bands like Brokencyde, Nickelback, and Creed are basically just bands selling regurgitated, generic crap that does absolutely nothing to push music forward and manages to sound like complete shit at the same time. It’s like they are capitalizing on people’s stupidity like a late-night infomercial.

  31. I think gingivitis is trying to get under my skin. lol

    Audrey, anything from 4chan is lame.

  32. haha ‘i bet that was one of the last times you’ve been blown’
    now that is a win

  33. alproshazam, you made me giggle before I finished a cup of coffee…well done!

    I LOVE “Stayin’ Alive” and the entire soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever. Maybe it’s because that movie was a hit the year I was born…I dunno. I always have had a desire to know what the world was like when I entered it.

  34. All Nickelback would have to do is appeal to the lowest common denominator to get a fan base of simpletons then just crank the crap up a couple of notches. Fuck, just talking about them now is exposure for the aforementioned t-shirts… This is pretty sophisticated misanthropy in my books…

    But the Beatles being the worst band ever, now THAT’s a contentious statement!
    The spiel I would insert here would be perilously close to chip @30, so I’ll cool my jets…

  35. @chip – ok, ok, I like The Beatles, I own lots of their stuff and I even live right by Abbey Road. Just wanted to see how long it would take get a reaction ;-)

    That said, I do still think they are overrated and don’t deserve their god-like status (nobody deserves such adoration simply for writing and singing some somgs, surely?).

    But enough of that. Let’s be friends.

  36. *songs

  37. I like Nickelback, The Bee Gees, The Beatles, and pretty much all the other bands mentioned here.

  38. @gingivitis I completely agree with that. I’m reminded of this article:

  39. WTF tina learn to spell or atleast write english

  40. @Tina, now that you are bald-eagle, I can do you very fast and very hard!

  41. that is so rude of michael to talk about me like that

  42. Dan has a future as a weatherman (they can’t judge size either)

    Kim – I thought that was what they invented gummers for

    Justin – depends who you ask – I have zero opinion

    Tina – wowsers, you are way brave (and very hirsute apparently). I have only ever waxed my bikini line, but never my gud-gud

    Russel – heeheh heh hee – you said blown

    Tiya – 3h? No habla 3nglaise

  43. yaya are you japanese? wax your huhu would yuyu.

  44. Big Bud Niles

    Go away.

  45. Good point yaya, but I fear a weatherman may be pushing it. I see him in a more “minuscule” job.

    I hope Tina didn’t suffer any 2nd or 3dr degree burns down there since she did wax her “vigina”. She never really did specify, you must be very careful with those delicate parts. Don’t know what kind of sensitivity you could loose by burns.

  46. I have to agree that Brokencyde is the worst band ever.

  47. So am I the only one who looked up that large cock group and found out that it doesn’t actually exist? Interestingly enough though there IS a group with the exact same name, but with small instead of large. Can you change the name of a group after it’s established? If so, and that’s what happened, that’s one major win for whoever did that.

  48. @kyleM, You can change the name of a group once it’s been made and people have joined etc, so yeah that could be what happened.

  49. Right there Justin I saw what you did. And it wasn’t amusing. Not at all.

  50. The last one is right. There is no English.

  51. u can tell that she needs on english class… (tiya) wat kinda name is that anyways…

  52. I don’t listen to anything that rhymes with Pickle Sack…

  53. Haha well I definitely enjoyed Justin’s post

  54. Did Justin’s ex-friend Antoniette spell her own name wrong? Or did her parents actually call her that? Surely you can’t just create a new name by swapping 2 letters? :/

  55. Well I stand corrected, apparently you can. There are 500+ ‘Antoniette’s on Facebook.

  56. GAAH! Somebody please stab Tiya in the eye!

  57. I presume Lady Destinee is of royal English blood. Or maybe that’s her whore name. As if there’s a difference.

    Whiny little bitches who comment on Lamebook about how lame Lamebook postings are, as you might guess, lame.

  58. Penny Lane THANK YOU. The vagina is on the inside people! Vaginas do not grow hair!

  59. Why would post that you waxed your vagina? Is nothing sacred anymore? Do these people have real life friends that they get together with? “So, you waxed your vagina huh?” I liked it better before, when people knew what shame was. LET ALONE, IT WAS A MOBILE VIA TEXT MESSAGE!

  60. Ew…hairy vagina. It makes me so sad that there are women walking around that consider their pubic area/vulva their vagina. It would be like if a guy waxed and went around saying, “I waxed my penis!” ummm…no, you didn’t. and I know that PennyLane and Lola already pointed this out, but I just had to reiterate.

  61. I’m going to assume you’re divorced, Dazey….

  62. Tiya is the last monkey that should be missing out on a English class. Although, we can always use a few more spunk guzzling prostitutes walking the streets. Destiny is a bitch, eh?!

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