Friday, April 9, 2010

Wins for the Weekend

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  1. No Daniel no!

  2. gay midget down syndrome queefing porn. Sadly I’m sure you could find it somewhere on the internet

  3. wow, gay jokes… daniels friends are lame

    HArlan is the only one that was even kind of funny

  4. don’t forget menopause, also it can be said herpes and hernia start with he.

  5. Dancinganimal256

    Tracy is one hell of a bitch. She must get shortended by a lot of guys to be this bitchy. Daniel and his firends sound like they are all in grade 8 or lower.

  6. Dancinganimal256


  7. I liked Joey’s, the rest were pretty predictable.

  8. Scott’s one was predictable but it did make me laugh so, ftw

  9. Is a 13 year old retard in charge of editing this site? Fuck, this is the lamest shit I’ve ever seen. “My dick” – that’s a “win”? WTF?

    And I’m the only one who voted this one down? You’re all fucking stupid.

  10. Three and five made me laugh way too hard.

  11. first is the only remotely funny one. the netflix one is puerile and retarded. dick jokes is all you could find? really? seems like this place is turning into “fratbook”

  12. Rule 34, man.

  13. Happy Tim Is Right Day, Tim.

  14. Why is there a capital ‘A’ in Harlan? He’s not funny enough to deserve the ‘HA’.

    Hopefully Tim Is Right Day is celebrated by more than a few individuals.

  15. You guys are right. Dick jokes are funny here and there but sometimes this site is just page after page of dick jokes. There have got to be other forms of humor out there and witty, witty remarks being made every single day. I would love to see some of those from time to time, just to spice things up.

  16. Mental illnesses and Mental breakdowns aren’t problems only women have….

  17. @ Tim – I’m with you, buddy. But you have to admit, while not a “win” per se, it is excruciatingly lame, which makes it truly worthy of Lamebook.

  18. Oh, and Netflix? Michael Caine.

  19. I’m in love with Daniel’s friends!

  20. My girlfriend describes herself as very cocksure, but able to be quite Dickensian at times. She says that she knows this is somewhat of a contradiction, but that it would be a fallacy to discount her penetrative mind based on such a brief description.

    So, based on Tracy’s reasoning, is this why my ass hurts every morning?

  21. Wow Soup, I used to be head over heals for you, but you’ve but out trumped by your girlfriend. Sorry.

  22. Damn, quite the fair weather fan aren’t we eenerbl? I haven’t been this disappointed since my daughter was born.

  23. ee! you’re back! and i feel kinda lame now that i was laughing at all of these….thanks for that guys.

    Netflix: Aaron Eckhart

  24. actually not tracy’s attention whoring. i forgot about that one. and i like daniel’s reaction in the last one. he isn’t a douche about it.

  25. Sorry Soup. Didn’t mean to disappoint, I mean my love did run deep, but man, that was some comment. You know I still love you though, and your noodle.

    lex, it’s been a hell of week, that’s all I can say!

  26. ee, how are you mate?, I’ve been calling out for you of late, but you haven’t been answering me.
    Have missed you so, but now I have no time to talk, so much shit going on at my end at the moment, mostly good though.
    Hope to catch you again real soon honey.

  27. It’s okay eenerbl. If my assessment of her is correct, we could all get together. There would be rods and holes for everyone. We’d be like sexual Lincoln Logs!

  28. Hi Soup, bye Soup.

    Love you both.

  29. That’s what you said last time, Word. You promised we could cuddle this time. *Sob*

  30. Oh word, I’ve missed you too! Life has been a bit too much, I’m sorry I’ve been missing out. :( We’ll catch up though, we always do! Much love to ya!

    Soup, I love linkin logs! It’s a date! All those rods and holes, whoa I just got the chills!

  31. sorry ee :/ you have my condolences.

    soup, if i didn’t love boobs so much i just might go gay for you…but probably not.

  32. I understand lexluther. If we ever met, it would probably be at some sort of Lamebook orgy, so we could just have a manly hug, and then just go insane on all the Lame trim. I mean, just go absolutely fucking nuclear on that Lame pussy. If a woman isn’t wobbly when she walks out of there, then we didn’t pound that Lame snatch proper.

  33. You boys, always with your dicks in hand ready to tear us a new one. No wonder we love you like we do. lex, Soup, you are both amazing in my book. With your witty words, what Lame girl couldn’t resit you?

  34. agreed. or maybe the roman forearm shake. until then, i’m a Soup fan. not the food, mind you. too mushy for my tastes…i have a thing with textures…..but yeah. nuclear. i’m in. keep me posted on that.

  35. and ee, with your burning sexuality, stimulating comments, well-developed sense of humor, and great taste in men, what lame guy could possibly forgo your advances?

  36. and word….same to you.

  37. Burning sexuality huh?! lex, you just added flame to this fire! I cheers you with my ‘cock’tail!

  38. and i salute you with mine

  39. eenerbl
    The day before we get together, I will eat rhinestones and glitter so I can vagazzle your lady parts.

    I’ll see if I can’t work something out with the Lamebook owners. Get them to post one of their advertising things to announce it to everyone. I look forward to Ben going on a rant about selfish lovers, then blowing his load after touching a boob.

  40. with you’re cock or your drink?

  41. Soup, you’d do that for me! Can I break out my cockdazzler? Fair is fair!

  42. Absolutely! But the application needs to be gentle. Last time around Dolly Parton made me slather on some Elmer’s glue and go mining for gems in her Country Hole. Not only did I get gashes from her gash, but I couldn’t pee for a week!

  43. Well, at least Elmer’s is water soluble. Did you have any luck mining? I hear those hills are full of hidden gems. Oh Dolly…She’s a woman after my own heart, her and her Country Hole and enormous breasts!

  44. eenerbl: both. i actually went and got a drink just so i could say that.

    Soup: i appreciate that. it’d be great to see BritishHobo getting smashed and hating on everything (been rather bitter lately. did the missus kick you out of the box or what?). Mario and Dreddy would be doing….his thing. whatever that is. malteaser would be lol-ing over in the corner. sensible madness would be down. and slim too. this thing has some potential….

    on an unrelated note, i loved the manilow reference. well played.

  45. lex, you win me over with your words! Thanks for having a drink with me, my glass in now empty and I need to retire. Till next time…

    Also, I’d like to join that party. All those famous Lame names, oh what a good time we would have. Hope I get a special invite for that soiree.

  46. eenerbl
    Oh indeed. The term “family jewels” took on a whole new meaning. Once the Queen of England got a look at it, she tried to recruit me to be the royal scepter. Sadly, I had to decline.

    The people on display would be amazing. It’d be like a war of fucking. But malteaser’s comments might make me a little self conscious.

    Thanks. And since I’m a narcissistic prick, I have to admit, I was kind of fond of my earlier international court scenario.

  47. cheers ee. have a better week. and of course you’re invited. it wouldn’t be a party without you.

    the bedazzling could wreak havoc on your “alone time”. or someone’s good-good. and don’t worry, malteaser will only lol directly at ben.

    sorry but i think i missed the international court……

  48. The only win here is Daniel, the others are just a little bit too predictable. Surely Lamebook can do better than dick jokes?

  49. lexluther, you are half right. It might have been studded for her pleasure, but for me? It was like driving over speedbumps. I just couldn’t get the velocity required to reach my destination.

  50. i dont get the big deal with dick jokes all the time. alot of ex girlfriends make fun of my package and call elephant man or pringles can or some dumb shit like that not cool

  51. HArlan is obviously a certifiable JAckass.

    Joe FTW

    Daniel is the true hero here though. Not often that you see someone react so gracefully to expressions of their sheeples’ minds being up Innuendo Alley.

  52. This whole conversation both disturbed me and intrigued me at the same time.
    I want to be part of the cool Lame people crowd so I can get invited to this party.

  53. lol

  54. The first one = win. And the only funny one, anyway.

  55. This place really dies on the weekends, doesn’t it?

  56. I also die a little inside on the weekends… huffing metallic spray paint helps though.

  57. The “Wins for the Weekend,” like me, suck balls!

  58. Alright miley?

  59. I fucking hate those battle of the sexes jokes. Everyone has heard them a thousand times and they weren’t that funny to begin with. If you want to be taken seriously, maybe try making your statements without reusing material that was lame and outdated in the 80s and come up with something original.

  60. I love justbeingsmiley more and more everyday.

  61. Sorry darlin’, I meant miley not smiley, it’s been a long fucking weekend.

  62. yeah tim and spooky… pretty lame, see spooky, told you i turn up every now and then

  63. A website called ‘ashley the whore’ both intriuges and scares me in equal mesaure.

    Either way, I ain’t fucking clicking it.

  64. another issue that most women have is MENtal retardation. ;)

  65. %JsSDLhhsgC!

  66. The admins need to delete and ban users who spam just to be the last comment.

  67. Last. :)

  68. ^Fail ;)

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