Monday, October 5, 2009

White Fright


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  1. Terrible.

  2. not grandma, someone… ELSE

  3. I must admit that I thought it was an old dude too, at first.

  4. LOLOLOLOLOL totally looks like a man.

  5. If Jesus ever comes back, at least we’ll know where the the soul of Satan is hiding.


  7. If the grandma is on Facebook and can read that, Micah is gonna be in trouble. She looks scary!

  8. an honest mistake… haha

  9. This is not lame. This is win.

  10. Grandma totally looks like a dude! Friggin’ hilarious!

  11. That’s my grandmother!

  12. She’s a MAN!

  13. I totally saw that coming lol
    I think you can tell it’s a woman though

  14. That’s not your grandmother, that’s a man, baby!

  15. Ba da Ba da…. Dude looks like a lady!

  16. i am not funny at all, all my comments are lame

  17. @AnonisGay

    That’s not true! Some of your stuff used to be funny. When you did it first, it was very funny.


  19. C’mon, if your grandma looks like that you KNOW many people can assume she’s a man. It’s pretty obvious.

  20. Posts like this are rather funny. Poor woman! Old age has not been kind to her.

  21. yeah only blur out the eyes. makes them totally unrecognisable. lol @”that’s my grandma…”

    it it just me or is someone pretending to be AnosisGay and degrading him? stop it evil identity-stealer! you are not wecome!

  22. That’s not your grandma, that is SATAN!

  23. “You must admit, she is rather mannish”

  24. … and if you see your mom this weekend, be sure and tell her-

  25. Didn’t that guy play Peter Petrelli’s father in Heroes?

  26. Big Wiggly Style

    My conspiracy theory: Michael Jackson faked his death and that is what he decided to look like.

  27. John Saint Fisher Baptist Man With Large Ears

    That looks a lot like Barry Cryer…

  28. the comments on this site make me laugh much harder than the actual posts! keep it up you guys! you’re the stars of the show!

  29. Funny as fook!

  30. Did anyone else notice that dude has a cornrow weave? Who does that anymore? Ew.

  31. to Kamilisicous:
    And you were looking at his hair? If your a bloke your a fag, and there’s no girls on the internet, things arn’t looking good for you, fag.

  32. My money is that that anonymous guy does too. Either that or he’s got some seriously misdirected anger issues.

  33. Actually Anonymous guy was pointing out that you should have been scoping out that hottie to the left! Phwaaaar!

    (Anonymous, proud owner of a cornrow weave since ’95, worries about the fact the women he finds himself attracted to always get described as ‘butch’ or ‘manish’ by his male friends. He can’t be a ‘fag’ though, surely? Well… there was that time after football practice, but that was just goofing around. I mean… everyone does that kind of thing when they’re young. Right? Right?)

  34. wow….how hilarious! i, being a female, would notice a cornrow weave because i originally looked at the pic before reading the comments and that’s what i saw…..besides dude’s grandfather….err grandmother. i thought that was the bad part of the pic. if i was a mannish fag, i’d sure as hell be getting some head too. lamo!

  35. @ Anonymous (inventive)

    Errr…if there are no girls on the internet…what kinda porn you been lookin at? Says all sorts of things about you man.

    Oh, and that makes myself and Lamiliscious (presumably) figmants of your imagination, and we’re rippin on ya…dude, diggin yourself a massive hole here aren’t ya? ;)

  36. Liar. There are no girls on the internet, for real.


  38. I guess the earrings escaped everyone’s attention eh??

  39. Anyone remember those horror movies “Leprechaun”? ta daaa

  40. lmfao! that is one of the funniest things i have ever read.
    *awkward silence* HAHAHA

  41. My word, someone’s paper-round must have been uphill all the way…

  42. @ beanbag: I’ve refrained from commenting on your comment, cos I didn’t want to bump it off it’s spot as the ‘caption’. But I just have to express my appreciation. Coupled with the pic of the ‘man-granny’, that image keeps me laughing on the inside for hours :-) !

  43. meow!

    ok, so i know this alycia girl, she is hot.

  44. Grandma is a dead ringer for Snow Miser from The Year Without a Santa Claus.

  45. I’m Mister White Christmas I’m Mister Snow I’m Mister Icicle I’m Mister Ten Below Friends call me Snow Miser What ever I touch Turns to snow in my clutch I’m too much!

  46. That is awesome!

  47. thatswhat.shesaid

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Aaaah, that is brilliant

  49. To be fair it does look a lot like a male in this picture; it’s a guy’s haircut and you can’t see what she’s wearing.

  50. It’s a trap!

  51. Micah will be getting an Olympian whoopping.

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