Thursday, August 27, 2009

Whether or Not, Still Wrong


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  1. LOL. FAILLLLL. Tis a sad world we life in.

  2. dumbass.

  3. Oh hey, Kieran. Congratulations on your mom and dad being brother and sister.

  4. *sigh*Why Kieran? Why?

  5. This honestly just makes me feel bad for Kieran.

  6. I actually LOL’ed at this…

    EPIC Fail is EPIC

  7. carson is my hero

  8. Dear Carson,

    Thank you.

    Love, Cam

  9. This is why there’s a frickin’ DELETE button on your posts! Save yourself while you still can!

  10. PLEASE,PLEASE give me this persons last name!

  11. The elitist in me (that little person living inside my brain who strives to spell correctly and observe the formal flow of written English who goes bananas at people who are ignorant of both) wants to kiss Carson.

    My own mom (who also resides inside my brain) wants to smack Carson a bit for being such a cruel smartypants. She would say, “Aww, Kieran is someone’s son–no need to slap him with the ‘dictonary’ just to prove that you paid attention during second grade.”

    If you is indeed smarter, Carson, take the higher road. IGNORE the fool.

  12. Carson is my new fucking hero. What a legend!

  13. @sarcasticmeow

    But why not act in The American Way and educate the fool, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. It’s not his fault he’s illiterate, but by gumb, I’m sure he can be taught.

    Ignorance equals terrorism. Did we forget that?

  14. And also, when someone is failing this epic-ally, one must not stand idly by and negelct their duty to burn dat foo’. Kudos to Carson!

  15. I had to read it a second to realize all that Carson said was “Still wrong.” That’s all he said and all he needed to say. Idk, I thought that was funny. Also, I think she shouldn’t live in AB or BC, but move to CD or maybe even DE.

  16. or move to the end of YZ and never come back.

    *standing ovation for Carson*

  17. what a fucking idiot.
    some people are just so ridiculously stupid.
    you made a grammatical error yourself, darling. intentional?

  18. she belongs in Alberta, we don’t need her in BC

  19. i giggled

  20. I don’t think spelling errors or grammar errors should be corrected excepting the following cases:

    1. It interferes with the meaning of the sentence.
    2. It occurs while the grammar criminal is correcting someone else.
    3. It’s hilarious.

    Carson was guilty of unnecessary correction the first time, but by the time he posted for the second time, it was sufficiently hilarious to be worthwhile.

  21. I could die if i continue laughing.

  22. The thing that made me laugh the hardest was that Kieran’s last post was just one word. As if the Carson’s repetitive wall of accuracy eventually wore Kieran down. I haven’t laughed so hard at a lamebook post in some time. Big opps.

  23. Sweet Jesus, as someone who lives in BC I am begging you to stay in AB.

  24. Oh wait, spilly just said that same thing. Dammit.

  25. Well if Kieran is pronounced like Karen, I guess he or she had a bad start.

  26. hahahahaa!

    No other lamebook entry has ever made me laugh so much

    I think her living arrangements are the least of her worries :D

  27. Can anyone here point me in the direction of Jason’s Monster Fail fanpage on Facebook?

    (keep the thread alive, rofl)

  28. You’d have thought Carson would have run out of patience and said “Still wrong! It’s dictionary and weather you fool of a Took!”

  29. Re: Scott Speight:

    “You’d have thought Carson would have run out of patience and said “Still wrong! It’s dictionary and weather you fool of a Took!”

    To quote Carson: Still wrong :)

    It’s whether!

  30. @Nick search for J Doosh Bagg (it’s the one with the orange pants)
    @Boz, surely rule 2 applies here as they made a mistake while correcting THEMSELVES!

  31. Nice find. Carson is a winner!

  32. More ppl should have a Carson in their lives. Seriously, I would pay him good money to follow around a guy at my work place. When he lost his voice after saying “still wrong” a millions times per hour, he could just poke the guy with a stick or something.

  33. Hahaha this is why I love this site.

  34. sarcasticmeow never disappoints. “if you is”. brilliant! HAHA

  35. Two words “still wrong” just made my day

  36. Well played, Carson.

  37. Still Wrong!
    That must be her motto…

  38. What fucking dictionary would tell you that “wheather” was an actual word. My Firefox even tells me it’s not.

  39. HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Epic.

  41. wow what a tragedy and to think her name is really spelled Karen…lol

  42. Why would anyone ever want to move from BC to AB??
    I did the opposite when I was three and I have no interest in ever moving back.
    Plus, my mom’s family is there, so that is extra motivation to avoid the entire province.

    Still… Bruderheim ftw

  43. @Gatsby That doesn’t count for the purposes of humour.

  44. Nick – it is

  45. @ here2go: LMAO

  46. I vote for Kieran to go to Antarctica, we’ll keep Carson though.

  47. Can’t stop laughing at this one.

    All hail king Carson

  48. ATM?
    I don’t understand

  49. I can’t stop coming back to this one. And you guys’ comments are equally hilarious. #15 got a huge chuckle out of me.

  50. Carson is the man!

  51. hahaha – I love Carson.
    @ Bri Bri Bee Rat, ‘repetitive wall of accuracy’, excellent.

  52. ATM=at the moment

  53. Carson, I love you.

  54. I can’t breathe! I need more Carson in my life!

  55. stupid fucking Americans.

  56. LMAO!!!

  57. To the first entry…

    August 27th, 2009 at 6:15 pm
    LOL. FAILLLLL. Tis a sad world we life in.

    It’s actually ‘live’ with a ‘V’.

    I think it’s very funny that everyone on here are correcting each other from their comments about someone who can’t spell. (Guilty as charged).

    And then I’m sure, whoever DOES leave a message will make sure all of their words are spelt correctly so they aren’t ridiculed. (Guilty as charged again).

    All mockery aside… At least Kieran tried. Some people can’t spell well (and that, at times, won’t be due to lack of attention/education in school)and wouldn’t try to correct it.

    Although it’s on facebook and made public to all ‘friends’, at least Carson was a friend enough just to simply say, ‘Wrong’ & ‘Still Wrong’ and NOT ‘hahahaha you are such an idiot!! You don’t spell it like that!’. It was a simple acknowledgement and Kieran tried again.

    Anyway… enough of being ‘deep and meaningful’. – It still made me chuckle.

  58. ROFL:]

  59. I’m surprised that the amount of pointless American bashing (e.g. #55) on lamebook far exceeds the amount of pointless Canadian bashing. Either Canadians far outnumber Americans on this site or Americans posting comments aren’t living up to the stereotypes foreigners have created for us…

  60. Spelt? Smelt? Spelled?

  61. @sarcasticmeow

    Kill the mom living in your head.

    Carson FTW!!!!

  62. Like the silly Internet jargon of these comments make any more sence to anyone outside of Azeroth.

  63. Carson is my favorite person ever.

  64. I agree w/ mary, wow. Carson is awesome for pointing out Kieran’s obvious inadequacy as a human being. weather, opps, weither, wheather, dictanary, speel, dictonary. Please die.

  65. lmao FAIL

  66. This could have gone on and on. It gets funnier with time, and it would have driven the poor girl mad. And she would still be wrong.

  67. Hello all!

  68. Carson is a god among men. Reminds me of a young Kenneth Branagh

  69. Carson Langridge fan

    that’ll do Carson Langridge….that”ll do.

  70. Well met.

  71. For Nick,

  72. Being someone who lives in AB, but wants to move to BC, does that make him a ‘CD’?

  73. i think it makes him an AC

  74. Carson For The Win…LMAO

  75. On behalf of BC, please stay in AB.

    Carson is top notch.

  76. At least Kieran keeps on trying and doesn’t just say, “i dnt care cuz iz fB.” – We see that way too often. ^-^;

  77. I think I love Carson… <3

  78. really? that’s what the dictanary said? Honey now you might want to look it up in the DictIOnary okay! Thanks.

  79. Carson FTW!

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