Monday, November 23, 2009

What’s On Their Minds





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  1. Last

  2. Also, second last one is using the pirate language. Best.

  3. I like the fact that the third one has Pirate speak.

  4. Yeah, the pirate speak is the best part of this post.

  5. What’s this?

    Underneath Marisa’s idiotic status. . .

    I’ve never seen that before.

  6. Then you aint lived my man! YARRRRR!

  7. Goldenfry, it’s pirate speak, I think facebook has the option of translating the page into pirate speak.

    D-U-M-B. That spells pirate speak.

  8. A bloke called Jon likes how Benny has got his dick pierced?

  9. It’s just a different language. It’s great for a while, but it gets a little repetitive.

  10. How do you change the language on your Facebook to pirate speak? I don’t seem to have that option. . .*sigh*

  11. It’s on the language section at the bottom of your page. I found it annoying after 10 minutes of not being able to understand what half of the text said! Theres also an upside down language which was just as infuriating.

  12. I imagine Mark is extremely proud.

  13. Sarah is lame! Does she really find it necessary to publish her stupidity all over facebook?

  14. Lame,
    your question is an answer within itself.
    She is STUPID, So yes, she is stupid enough to broadcast her stupidity all over facebook

  15. I like turtles.

  16. what is with the marisa one. what is bout one turn o’ yer hourglass mean? She sounds like a retart seriously. Dumb people.

  17. How could anyone actually think that would make toast? HA!

    g2g, I’m ’bout to go make hard boiled eggs in the micro. I mean, that will work won’t it?

  18. Flexo,
    The person who took the screenshot has their language set to “Pirate” on Facebook. One turn of the hourglass would obviously mean an hour. And “retart” is not a word.

  19. Nor – retart is a Lamebook word though

  20. i have a feeling we may see the wisdom of Flexo submitted to lamebook by one of his/her facebook friends in the near future. you ‘retart.’

  21. Riccardo can't get any

    I LOVE when dumbfucks call someone a “retart”.

  22. Leverhundar,
    When I was about 6 my mum (a science teacher) knew what would happen if she put a whole raw egg in the microwave but instead of telling me what happens, she decided to show me. nothing happened til she touched it with a cold spoon then BOOOOM! egg everywhere. Funny as fuck.

    I re told that story in my new house one night when I was drinking with a few mates, and without my knowledge one of them put an egg in the microwave. It exploded. Now every time I nuke something it smells like egg.

  23. Riccardo can’t get any
    if you are being sarcastic then I apologise but it’s a reference from an older post, you retart!

  24. It’s okay, flexo. They’re retarts for not knowing. *Microwaves Thanksgiving turkey*

  25. Isn’t it actually retarted?

    Anyway, microwaving a slice of bread for 5 seconds on high and coating in butter is really nice! Used to do that before my mum blew the microwave up….

  26. kaoss, it is chaos asshole. retart is to a word assholes. look it up in the dictionary. i am so sick of the jerks here who think their so smart. i bet youthink you are geniouses too.

  27. geniuses*

  28. they’re*

  29. shut up assholes. I have more brains then you to have. I spelt it right, you are the most retarted ones here.

  30. you think*

  31. you don’t have brains, beans only, I suppose

  32. i do too have brians asshole. neverhood isnt even a word dick smakc.

  33. neither is smakc

  34. *brains

  35. u all do know flexo comes on here just to piss everyone off, right?

  36. whatnot, thats what i said asshole, brains. get some glasses retart.

  37. Flexo? Dont you mean “brians”?

    And before anyone corrects me, for the love of Lamebook – read back posts. The epitome of flexo should have it’s own lamebook post, where we can debate on “retarts” and “brians”. It would make me happy. That way people would stop taking the troll seriously and be able to appreciate it for what it is.

  38. I like anal sex with pigs.

  39. Dude, you said brians! :D

  40. @39 Teehee.

  41. aniskai, shut up. I never spelt brians, i spelt BRAINS. GOD DAMMIT.

  42. whatnot, show me where i said brians

  43. hahaha Aniskai , you tried but failed

    Still, kudos to you for trying

  44. 32.flexo
    November 23rd, 2009 at 9:54 am
    i do too have brians asshole. neverhood isnt even a word dick smakc.

  45. And flexo or all of the flexo clones , you know that retart isn’t right and you know that the stripper said brians

    you just want to be able to keep calling people assholes

    But hey , if that makes you a little less miserable in life knock yourself out

    And i know , i m an asshole *sigh*

  46. Whatnot

    check the psycho stripper thread from a few days back , you’ll understand

  47. @43 It’s fine, Flexo’s my buddy.

  48. *gigglesnort*
    Godsdammit Anisaki! Stop winding up flexo… and flexo, stop being so petarded! You’ve both just made me spray coffee all over my computer…

  49. father sha, you are an asshole for sure.

    whatnot, you just modified that to be an asshole and make me look like a dumbass. well you are the dumbass because i never spelt anything “brians”

  50. *Aniskai

    Sorry – fat fingered moment. I can’t see the keys properly under the coffee… Should my keyboard be fizzing and smoking?

  51. ricketman, that wasnt coffee asshole, that was all the cum you gargled down this mornign for your daily knee therapy with the boss.

  52. @48 Awww.. but it’s so fun!

  53. flexo: *wasn’t*, *morning*

    And I can tell the difference between coffee and cum… But hey, if you need a promotion, I guess it’s always an option…

  54. I’ve got bendy legs!

  55. you guys are a buch of fascist mormons. i hate when you guys always pick on me becasue i am always rigth. i have never said brians, so stop posting this bs that i am

  56. Yes Flexo, I would modify that just to make *you* look stupid. You do know anyone can reed your comment without me copying it, right? #32 everybody!

    Oh and father sha, that does indeed explain a lot :) .

  57. morons.

  58. *read whatnot

  59. Correct :) .

  60. You see, some people can admit to making a typo. It’s really not that hard Flexo, you should try it.

  61. Flexo – he got you there!


  62. I admitted to spelling morons right asshole. BUT it is quite clear, I never said brians. I said BRAINS

  63. Whatsnot , it was good read i imagine … The psycho stripper and the epic fail are obligatory lamebook threads

  64. Sarah sounds like a great cook. I want her help in the kitchen this Thursday. Please let her know.

  65. Haha that’s true father sha.

  66. Flexo/blue flexo/imposter, you all said brians @ 32, 41, 42, 49, 55, 62.

    *sigh* It’s just no fun any more.

    *kicks stone into gutter, where it ricochets off a zombie turtle’s shell and hits Brian on the head*

  67. Flexo, you want a cookie?

  68. rocketman, in everyone of those posts i said I DIDN’T say brians asshole.

  69. And Brian at 68…

  70. It’s good to have you back…

  71. Yeah flexo, I see you saying brian in all those posts.

  72. Guys, stop arguing. You’re hurting my brians.

  73. ITS BRAINS ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!

  74. Stop trying to correct people. We all have a brian, we can think for ourselves.

  75. @ flexo-no one seems to be getting the inside joke.
    Use your brians,people! It was posted last week I think-ok,I’m lame for knowing that…

  76. This thread is making my brian hurt.

  77. i like the way ones in pirate makes it extra lame … :)

  78. @ Beckii

    If I’m a child that means you’re a pedophile, and I’ll be damned if i’m going stand here and take this from a pervert.

  79. flexo is just messing with you guys. quit giving him stuff to respond to and he’ll quit

  80. Apparently you need to use jokes/lines from popular television shows to be lame enough for Lamebook. Interesting.

  81. I’m fed up of all these petarded petards

  82. tito, apparently you have to have a dogs name to be a bitch.

    erm, you shoul dknow what your role is and shut your fat acne face.

    allison, i dont quit on something i am write one DUH!

  83. Mark is funny
    Marisa and Sarah are what, 8?

  84. sarah has got to be one of the dumbest people on lamebook

  85. sarah is definitely referring to an arrested development scene. titos right.

  86. I spent all too much time reading this series of posts. I also was way too entertained. As for Flexo, I admire the fact that you do not think you said Brians at first, fortunately you made me laugh hilariously so I have respect for you now. As for all the other assholes on here, I think that you guys need to stop being so goddamn serious. This shit is hilarious, even just laughing at peoples stupidity. I am becoming more and more of a fan of Lamebook as I keep reading all these posts.

  87. I put my cat in a microwave and I thought Mr Noodle would come out but no.

  88. Mark, you must have no friends on your facebook, or your penis is really something special. I have hundereds of people on my Facebook and I don’t think I would ever post something about my vagina unless it was more than true, just in question of embarassing myself. Jon is looking forward to Benny’s dick pics, kindof weird. Marisa’s pirate language kindof turns me on. And Sarah, is fucking dumb.

  89. wow, some of ya’ll are really taking flexo seriously.

    you guys…you make me happy to have a fully functioning brian.

    flexo, you tell those retarts!

  90. Flexo will you marry me? I think we’ve got the brians..

  91. a/s/l

  92. 65/M/China

  93. You are a pedofile arn’t you. i am so discusted now.

  94. flexo why do u always talk about cumming on faces. its a bit weird and everyone is getting concerned

  95. julian, i never talked about that dunce asshole. cumming isnt a word either retart.

  96. If only Mark’s status could be a reality for the rest of us. There would be no reason for war!

    PMSL @ 32. Flexo
    “i do too have brians asshole”. I have to ask who Brian is and was his asshole worth the pounding/licking/felching that you seem to be vicariously distracted with? Or was it used too much by yourself that Brains asshole is now more of a necklace that wear when on lamebook?

    Lamebook is eef’n hilarious and so is everyone of your contributions!

  97. If it was really in pirate language in would be written in Somalian.

  98. insane, shut up asshole retart. you need to stop being this huge asshole you are.

  99. I like how quagmire gave Brian a bunch of shit last night

  100. I like the way Mark tells it like it is. He doesn’t try to impress people with stories about the grandiose size of his dick, he’ll happily admit it’s more of a snack than a meal ;)

  101. flexo
    kaoss, it is chaos asshole. retart is to a word assholes. look it up in the dictionary. i am so sick of the jerks here who think their so smart. i bet youthink you are geniouses too.

    You’re a dickface, I was defending you, you dumbfuck. Way to go!
    And flexo, Since when do nicknames have to be gramatically correct? Last time I check Flexo wasn’t a real world either.


  102. this is like jerry springer on lamebook!!

    to clear all of this confusion over this word “retart”

    retart- no dictionary results … therefore it’s spelt RETARD, look it up on the dictionary and stop being lame.

  103. 1) retart

    Retarded spelling of ‘retard’

    2) retart

    1. Microwaving an already toastered pastry, such as a Toaster Strudel or Pop Tart.
    1. Someone who has had sex so many times, they have transcended “tart”.
    2. Any object that has been retarted.
    My toaster sucks, Imma have to retart this biYATCH.

    Your mom is such a retart.

    I’m gonna eat this retart, and like it too!

  104. flexo = fail.

  105. phill = I rape you’re dead childrens


  107. That microwawe text…. that’s the funnyest text ever…. hahahahaha…..

  108. @ Flexo
    haha if that is the best reply you can muster than you are a lousy impostor at best! Keep trying though fake-boy, it is hilarious watching you fail!

  109. The ONLY good thing about these is the Pirate English setting. I had that on there for a while, but it was fucking annoying.

  110. did anyone else notice the difference in Marisa’s name on her status and comment…?

  111. The first name will say “lady” before it – it links with the pirate speak thing..

  112. dumb bitch! did her mom slap her when she was born?

  113. @Yoski: probably not, but the doctor would have if she wasn’t already crying. and it wouldn’t make her turn retarded later in life either. what a stupid comment, Yoski.

  114. Have these people actually attended school? Learned some of the basics of physics? No wonder the rest of the globe thinks we’re backwards and inbred… Because we are.

  115. Epic comment above

  116. Mark = win! ….nuff said

  117. @115 – your awesome. As someone from another country i can defiantly say yes that is how we see most of you.

  118. I am jealous of Mark!!!

  119. I just want to know why is Jon so happy about Benny getting his privates pierced, lol.

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