Monday, April 8, 2013

What are the Chances?



  1. The chances of picking up ‘the same’ card (as seen here – with the same rank, but different suit) as previously drawn is actually 3/51 since you have previously removed one card from the deck.

  2. Actually the probability of picking up two cards with the same rank is ~0.45% or 1/122. The probability of picking up one card of a given rank would be 4/52, then the probability of picking up a second card of the same rank would be 3/51. Given these events, 4/52 * 3/51 = 1/221 or ~0.45%.

  3. That first 1/122 should be a 1/221. T_T

  4. It’s 3/51. Because they don’t care what # it is. The chance of both getting a 3 is the 1/221. Suck it.

  5. She had B in there, Facebook just turned it into an emoticon.

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