Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What a Boy Wants, What a Boy Needs


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  1. LAME !!! ;)

  2. this is amazing

  3. I like how the uncle signs his posts


  5. Fake, and not especially funny.

  6. LOL!

  7. Can we please unblock his last name, because I need him for some, uh, housework?

  8. mmmmmmmmmm

  9. Aw, I think Steven & Christopher are totally adorable.

  10. People like “uncle mike” are despicable.

  11. yah, this is fake especially since that’s my avatar, and I’m not Steven. Good try.

  12. @Elanor
    ur a tard.

    i loves it

  13. @10 Elanor

    I don’t see how Uncle Mike is despicable here. Yes, he’s surprised his nephew is gay, but–from the context of a single wall post–he doesn’t condemn it.

    I think he’s as surprised that his nephew is gay as a aunt would be surprised that her niece eloped.


  15. LMFAO!

  16. AH! The avatar changed! Good work guys.

  17. Looks the same to me…”andrew”

  18. what is wrong with these people?! have they seriously never heard of such a thing called the “limited profile”? i, unfortunately, have a mother who is a total facebook addict, and she can’t see ANYTHING on my profile, other than my profile pic and wall. she couldn’t even see that before…then she got all facebook savvy and kept bugging me about it :@

  19. Rolando is just upset everyone knows hes gay by his name alone.

  20. hahaha Tyson rules.

  21. is Michael Steven’s uncle? jw, he didn’t make it very clear

  22. @ and ting

    are you serious?

  23. @seriously?

    wow, my sarcasm really must suck

  24. @and ting

    Yeah, kind of.

  25. This is just sad.

  26. and ting:

    I got it, but it took a second. That’s because some people are really stupid so I assume that first, then consider sarcasm second.

    Poor Uncle Mike. Not only is his nephew a homosexual but it’s possible his wife may one day find out her niece has eloped.

  27. fake for sure

  28. HA!

  29. Classy

  30. Classy!

  31. Dyson vacuums are awesome. Hands down the best brand.

  32. oh please, its 2009 fuck this omg youre a homo?!?!?! bs, people been gay forever, get over yourselves PC closet homos

  33. This isn’t fake.

    It’s so funny.
    I thought I would give steven the benefit of the doubt when I read BF in the first sentence. BF could have meant best friend… But “BBest BF a boy could ask 4″ confirmed gay for me.

  34. this isnt fake, i sent it in. i got to college with steven

  35. Holy hell. I’m always trying to out-gay my friend on Facebook as a joke. This makes me consider if one of my relatives takes it seriously, I could be in the shit with my father. He thinks gays are on a par with paedophiles.

  36. Fucking fags…

  37. lol, fags are gay.

  38. Haha sounds like Steven’s been doing the rounds. Poor Christopher. I’ll have the cookies if you don’t want to cook for Steven anymore…

  39. [...] This is not good for you’re uncle [...]

  40. Oh my steven! This is how your grandmother finds out you are gay?!

    Oh wait right, I am not his grandother I just said that for comedic effect.

    Stop posting these “set-up” lame facebook posts.

  41. Are you kidding me, this is fucking epic

  42. I agree with the calls of fake, this looks as “authentic” as one of those Australia’s Funniest Home Video videos of a guy falling off a roof into a pool.

    Mind you, if you said this in a high pitched voice, queue the sound of a vacuum cleaner, then a “boing” sound, then a “splurt!”-type sound, I’d probably laugh at it.

  43. the last comment is the best thing i have EVER read

  44. @Boz

    I try to out-gay my friends on FB also, although, they stopped playing along quite awhile back. Maybe I won and should stop now?

  45. lik OMG, dis wud neva happen in rl lyf!!!!!!!!`1

  46. I reckon it’s probably real. I think if you were going to fake this you would’ve used either a mum or dad instead of an uncle. That would be funnier.

    What’s so unbelievable about it anyway?

  47. Gotta love Tyson – his contribution is the ‘glue’ that holds the lameness together :)

  48. Muthafukin' Poindexter

    I still can’t find the ‘dick sucking’ attachment for my Dyson vacuum – anyone know where it is?

  49. @48… its definitly not the one with the bristles… trust me.

  50. @mcowles

    No! The gays don’t have a word for surrender! Or is that Japanese people? No – Japanese people have no souls. Right.

  51. i think this is the funniest post ever lmfao

  52. bahahahahah tyson

  53. uncle mike, your snooty entitled response to your nephew’s fb outing is precisely why he never told you to your face. -izzy

  54. Can’t bf mean best friend too? Uncle Mike might have been off the mark completely which is why the friends say he’s not gay.

  55. YUCK. seriously. :S

  56. Word.

  57. If I were Steven I’d reply

    @Mike: Not necessarily, he’s pretty thick.

  58. man, I definitely know these people and saw this on my facebook.
    Not a fake!

  59. Tyson knows what’s up.


  61. HAHAHAHAHAHAH. I don’t usually comment on these, but this is fuckin hilarious.

  62. My uncle found out I was gay at Mardi Gras when he met my girlfriend who proceeded to stick her tongue down my throat. He as a good sport, though. Ha ha ha!

  63. @me


  64. word

  65. Greatest thing I’ve seen on this site to date.

  66. hilarious!
    I’m mad Rolando had to call him out like that.

  67. Call him out? How can you call out someone that talks about his boyfriend?! The dude confessed all over FB!

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