Monday, November 16, 2009

Well Composed, Dad


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  1. haha, dad ftw

  2. Kingsley W FTW!

  3. is that the wife that likes the status?

  4. @Kevin …Haha, you got told buddy.

  5. Hahaha! I love it! You go dad!

  6. This is awesome! Dad is quite creative. :)

    The best part is mom liking the status… does this come before or after Kevin’s comment?

  7. How can you not be amazing with a name like Kingsley?

  8. 1 000 000th

  9. kingsley, with a royal comeback.

    good day sir.

  10. kingsley, will you be my dad?

  11. Might not be mum, could be sister or some other type of female relative

  12. It doesn’t matter what relation Ella has to Aaron, just so long as she either clicked before Kevin’s comment, or after Kingsley’s, which she probably did.


  13. Epic

  14. Haha you gotta love how everyone’s family members are on facebook now. Remember you used to be able to make a joke about your friend’s mom without her dad listening in.

  15. I agree with 6 completely. You can’t have a name like Kingsley and not totally kick ass!

  16. Fathers name is Kingsley and son listens to T chaikovsky, this family is royally balllliin

  17. @interesting

    LOL. i love you.

  18. @Ap

    lol thanks, I’m here all week.

  19. got hiiiim!!!!!!!! snarf snarf

  20. Ah, and we reach the end of the era where people can safely make “your mom” jokes.

  21. PorcellianProkofiev

    Is… is… Aaron Inspector Morse in disguise?

  22. Penny Flame Phucks

    Hey Kevin, give me a call. I would love to see that bone you have ;)

  23. How would you actually pronounce “Kutchyourkochoff”? Perhaps a speaker of Russian could let us know.

  24. I wish I had a dad like that on FB :D This is def a win .

  25. Music history class

    Sadly, Tchaikovsky did play on a few bone structures back in his day.

  26. @Music history class:

    Me no comprendo?
    You mean ivory?

  27. Kingsley needs to lighten the fuck up.

  28. Kingsley, you are my new hero.

    I don’t think Kevin will be Bach on Aaron’s page anytime soon.

  29. LMAO. Dad WINS!

    @StealthBanana – maybe you need to lighten the fuck up.

    @Music history class – not that I want to start a war, but are you implying that Tchaikovsky was gay? More importantly, that if Tchaikovsky was gay it would have been a bad thing? Hmmmm.

  30. Music history class

    @ 28 (nor’n monkey)

    Yes, I am stating that Tchaikovsky had a preference for (human) wind instruments. A lot is known about his private life, preserved in the letters he wrote.

    Bad thing? I don’t know. I don’t even know why I typed “sadly” there. It was just a way to start the sentence. May as well have typed “gladly”.

    But this all irrelevant. The guy wrote some cracking music. And I believe Kutchyourkochoff to be a most underrated composer as well. His best known work, “Your Mother in E major” is a gem.

  31. @Music History Class – “I believe Kutchyourkochoff to be a most underrated composer as well. His best known work, “Your Mother in E major” is a gem.”

    You just made me have a complete laughing spaz. Coffee everywhere…

  32. Music history class

    nor’n monkey – cheers!

    Completely agree with you on stealthbanana BTW.

  33. Haha OWNED!!! Nice work dad

  34. Nor’n and Music are cracking me up. Lamebook comment convos rock :-P

  35. This is the definition of WIN.

  36. So, I’m gonna take a stab and guess that Kutchyourkochoff is meant to sound like Cut-your-cock-off.
    Clever man, that Kingsley.

  37. ok….so, can someone tell an old lady what ftw means? I can only come up with F#ck the world and that just doesn’t fit!

  38. Here you go old lady:

  39. For the win.

  40. Thank you! I suppose I will have to catch up.

  41. I love it when my friend’s parents threaten grievous bodily harm.

  42. @Anny
    Glad to be of service ;)

  43. his name is kingsley; he won before he even said anything.

  44. ^

  45. Hah! Best post in ages. Kingsley FTW!!

  46. Nice comeback Kingsley

  47. Dad ftw

  48. Haha..That is awesome…Great comeback Dad :)

  49. Hmm. Listening to tchaikovsky. Drawing bone structures. Photo looks like the person is kissing a man. All signs point to …

  50. kutchyourkochoff;

    cut your cock off?

  51. ^ yes

  52. Go Kinglsey!

  53. oops, Kingsley..

  54. ok putting myself out there to be brutally slaughtered for not knowing on line etiquette but what does FTW stand for ?

  55. and i have restricted on line acces at work so the urban dictionary is not an option …


  57. *fail*

    FTW = For The Win

  58. i should have read all the commentaries , my bad

    And thanks a lot Lajeve.

  59. He better take that Bach…

  60. Snip! said: How would you actually pronounce “Kutchyourkochoff”? Perhaps a speaker of Russian could let us know.

    you pronounce it “Kutchyourkochoff”… Unless you mean to ask how to spell it, in which case it would be “кучюркочов”.

  61. Pronunciations are usually given in IPA symbols. That’s what I was hoping for – or even a layman’s guide to how the words would sound (like “dinosaur = die no saw”).


  63. @Snip!

    Please tell me you’re being sarcastic here.

  64. Sadly not… I just have a feeling that “Kutchyourkochoff”, said out loud in Russian, would sound nothing like the phrase it is representing in English.

  65. Snip! Russian isn’t pronounced any differently. That is to say, Russian is a phonetic language. Words are spelled the way they sound. So when you pronounce a word from one language, in Russian, called a cognate, it sounds the same way (plus a little slavic accent) as it would in the original language. Thus iseedeadpeople’s translation of the word into cyrillic is pretty good. clovo k russkam

  66. #58
    LOL at that epic fail!

  67. Crap, I go away for a little while and all the funny commentors are gone. Where did all the funny comments go?!

  68. LOL, that is the greatest fucking comeback ive ever seen :D

  69. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    Kevin needs to hide.. fast!

  70. #43! Perfect!

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