Monday, July 9, 2012

Welcome to the Club

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  1. How do so many people in this world have trouble putting petrol on their car? It’s not fuckin rocket surgery.

  2. “petrol on their car” == doing it wrong, unless your intent is arson. Which also isn’t rocket surgery or fuckin rocket surgery.

  3. If it’s your own car it isn’t arson. If you’re going to try and take typos and try to correct them, at least get your basic grammar right.

  4. I fucked Erin.

  5. Fake.

  6. hootie the blowfish

    Rocket surgery? Like, repairing a broken fin on a rocket, or what?

  7. Yeah, isn’t it “rocket science?” What the fuck is “rocket surgery?” And it’s “gas,” not “petrol.” ;-)

  8. Basic grammar? You fucking retard.

  9. Referring to petroleum as ‘gas’ is pretty retarded.

    Especially when you consider that some cars do actually run on gas, or, as the Americans would call it, ‘liquid’.

  10. hootie the blowfish

    Gonzo, get your head out of your ass. Gas the fuel is not the same as gas the vapor. Gas is short for gasoline, just like petrol is short for petroleum. It’s not that complicated, so if you fail to understand it must be because you are a dipshit.

  11. Gas is short for gasoline. What is retarded about that? Petrol is another word for gasoline. Gasoline or “gas” or “petrol” is a derivative of petroleum. Calling it petroleum when it isn’t is pretty retarded if you ask me. Which you didn’t.

  12. Gonzo must be short for Gonzoheaduphisass

  13. It does not surprise me that the same person (stickfigure) who said “rocket surgery” also says petrol. You Brits got it WRONG AGAIN. You do not put petrol or petroleum in your car. Petroleum is a naturally occurring substance in the earth. Gas or gasoline is made from petroleum but is not the same thing….You put gas in your car, you make gas out of petroleum.

    And as for you (gonzo). I recommend not being a fucking retard before you try to make fun of American’s again. Go read a book and stay off the porn sites, your brain is melting

  14. Jesus, I was just fucking around ’bout the gas/petrol thing (cuz I couldn’t give two shits or a flying fuck what you call it).
    But I’m not fucking around about the science/surgery thing. That’s just dumb.

  15. Hungover Hero: petrol [ˈpɛtrəl] n
    (Chemistry / Elements & Compounds) any one of various volatile flammable liquid mixtures of hydrocarbons, mainly hexane, heptane, and octane, obtained from petroleum and used as a solvent and as a fuel for internal-combustion engines. US and Canadian name gasoline.

    If I wanted advice on English, would I ask an American?

  16. ^ I like this. But it still doesn’t explain rocket surgery or why gonzo thinks Americans call petroleum gas.

  17. And I have no excuse for American English. If Charles Dickens saw what people wrote on Facebook he would turn over in his grave

  18. If Charles Dickens could see what people write on Facebook, he’d probably just smash the computer he would be sitting in front of. I don’t think he’d be in a grave at that moment.

    “Rocket surgery” is a combination of the “It’s not brain surgery” and the “It’s not rocket science” with a bit of emphasis on the “stupid”.

    “Petroleum” to Americans is the lube you use when your skin is dry, or when the Mrs. runs dry. I don’t want that in my car, thanks.

  19. Finally some clarity. Thank you

  20. ^ De nada.

  21. Why is Erin so concerned with a drop or two of gas dripping after fueling up the tank? Does it matter?

  22. OMG, so much butthurt, so little time…

    I love American’s really… and petrol. And gas…

  23. isn’t that the point of these forums? Otherwise I would take my frustration out on my girlfriend or my dog

  24. Lamebook, saving women and four legged friends everywhere

  25. How about we all just use the term, “fuel?”

  26. Because that’s too sensible and they’d be forced to put their handbags down.

  27. Oh wait, sorry, “purses”.

  28. Who fucking cares about what people call fuel or other things in various countries? Colloquialisms are wonderful things.

  29. Satchels?

  30. If it were all called fuel, how would we then differentiate diesel?

  31. stfu

  32. Diesel fuel.

  33. food can be considered fuel for the body

  34. Hungover, were you arse-raped by a chatty Brit? You seem very.. sensitive about your linguistic differences.

  35. My ass has yet to been probed by anything at all thank you very much. But I bet a few of you supposed straights who tend to gay bash on these lamebook walls would want a go at it.

  36. Americans, can’t live with ‘em, can’t kill ‘em. Btw guys, you can’t call that fluid we use to power cars “gas” because the word gas is already taken, it means something completely different.

    It’s not fuckin rocket surgery. (thanks btw beatus, at least I don’t have to explain that part)

  37. ^you need to chillax and open up a dictionary.. you will find a multitude of words with more than one meaning… *shock, horror*

  38. ^yep, and gas isn’t one of them

  39. Oh. my. god.

    The overwhelming stoopid in here is doing my head in. How is this conversation still going? And more to the point, why?
    I’m usually a fan of arguing for the sake of it, but there are boundaries, dammit! Motherfucking boundaries!

  40. ^mother fucking is 2 words

  41. This argument went 15 posts too long.

  42. ^ So is “ass hole.”

  43. Dammit, I keep coming late.

  44. ^ a problem I wish I had

  45. Petrol station attendants?

  46. How about cookies instead of biscuits. I remember that conversation from the other day about Oreos and some kind of English/Aussie cook… sorry, biscuits.

    And anyway, stickfigure, there ARE more definitions for gas in the official dictionary of the world (Urban Dictionary):

    1. Gasoline
    a favored drink by many, it comes in a few flavors, octane 87, octane 89,octane 91 and octane 94.

    Man, hook me up with some gasoline

    2. gasoline
    What americans call petroleum.

    American: Imma fill mah car up with gas!
    British: You’re commiting suicide?

    3. gasoline
    the liquid you pour on a campfire to get it started. make sure you pour a lot and stand back when you throw the match in.

    i poured too much gas on the fire. when geoff threw the match in it, it almost burned miller.

  47. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Speaking as an English person; ‘cookies’ is perfectly appropriate. The word ‘biscuit’ means ‘baked twice’, which most English biscuits and all American cookies aren’t (not any more, anyway). Those things they eat in the southern USA that they call biscuits though; those things are baked twice.

    Also; ‘sidewalk’ is more sensible because it describes what it’s for.

  48. I hate people who are named Geoff. They always get mad when you spell their name Jeff. It’s not my fault your parents are making it harder than it should be

  49. Wait, what’s the Brit word for sidewalk??

  50. Pavement.

  51. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    But ‘herbs’ definitely has an ‘h’ in it, fuckfaces. Don’t you forget it.

  52. ^for an idiot, you’re pretty fucking confident.
    biscotti means baked twice. biscuit just means fucking biscuit.

  53. Yeah, WTF? You think we bake our biscuits twice in the southern U.S.? That’s a horrible fucking idea. We might pour gravy over them, but twice baked? ack! Just what I want is burnt fucking bread…

  54. Gas=gasoline. It was a namebrand of an early variety of the fuel marketed over 100 years ago. It is now used as a generic term, same as q-tips , Band aides, or Vaseline.

  55. I love a good Italian biscotti.
    And we use pavement, but it’s more to describe the actual concrete or material (usually concrete).
    Ah, I tire of this now. Just shoot me.

  56. ^not yet.
    I’d like to point out that in ausfailure, the preferred nomenclature for pedestrian thoroughfares is ‘footpath’.
    foot. path.
    country of geniuses, I shit you not.

  57. Roger that. Just learned another one. Can you shoot me now? :-)

  58. probably for the best. the future’s looking pretty shit for the US.

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