Monday, November 9, 2009

Wareing Me Out


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  1. FIRST!

  2. What language is she speaking?

  3. Brings me back to the bad ol’ days I was 12…drinkin’, fightin’ and not having sex with more than 2 guys. Cause that’s the “defanision” of a slut, aye.

  4. She even spells her name like an idiot.

  5. wow, people like this frighten me because she will probably have 8 kids while the people with a IQ of 130 have 1 or 2. the world will be overrun by retards.

  6. wow. just… wow.

  7. natarsha

  8. Sleeping with more than 2 guys make you a slut? Damn.

  9. She means more than two guys at the same time right?

  10. Na-tard-sha

  11. Boner alert

  12. Apparently I am a complete whore.

  13. @McFirst – good on you! FIRST GAME FTW!

  14. Does she mean sleeping with two guys “at the same time?”

  15. I’m just amazed she couldn’t even spell her name right

  16. Hahahahha I wanna marry Boz for that comment

  17. Fourteenth!!

  18. Dang, beaten to it.

  19. She is 13!!! Why does she even have a running count of how many guys she slept with? Maybe she needs to be hitting the books instead of the sheets.

  20. so if i sleep with two girls i am not a whore , but if one of these girls sleeps with another guy then she is a whore

    thanks for clearing that up natarsha

  21. I should totally join this facebook group.

  22. i would hit it.

  23. man i hope she has parents, teachers and more of the same ilk as her fb friends

  24. I wish children would stay off of Facebook.

  25. or the planet….

    They can be raised on the moon.

  26. She sounds to me like she’s from downunder (Australia, New Zealand) the only people I know who talk like that are from there. I’m speaking in terms of the words she uses and the abbreviations. Not the “txt speak” on top of that what kind of girl has already had sex twice at 13?

  27. Seriously?! 13 getting mistaken for 12? Big deal. My 5 year old writes better than her. Funny how her name sounds like retard. Quite fitting in my opinion.

  28. The children are no longer our future. Someone please alert Whitney.

  29. is she trying to say that its ok for a 12 year old to have sex?? Its just not ok for them to have sex with more than one person……..oh man! Also i recon she should pay a little more attention in English classes, because her spelling and grammer are less than desirable….!!

  30. @ Name

    Amazing! FTW!!!

  31. best comment ever, 28…
    repeating so people on the front page can see it…
    “The children are no longer our future. Someone please alert Whitney.”

  32. Ricky your a dick. She could be from retard America or the wank nuts stab capital UK. AYE?!?!

  33. Monochrome Nuraver just made fun of someone for their “grammer.”

    Irony, my friend.

  34. but she IS a whore….a dumb whore

  35. WHORE!!!!!

  36. This girl spells worse than a nigerian email scammer.

  37. No-one say’s ‘aye’ in Australia or NZ.

    More likely a pom or yank.

  38. no one says “coz” in America. it’s “cuz” or “cause”.

  39. Does it really matter where she comes from?
    All that matters is she’s 13; may have slept with 2 guys and is basically calling me a whore!

    These girls parents need to get her off facebook and teach her some life lessons!

  40. Not everyone is the UK says aye.

    only northerners and the scottish. we have regional dialect, too!

  41. The last I heard, you didn’t have to have 100% accurate spelling and grammar laugh at someone with 0% accurate spelling and grammar.
    And this is NOT in relation to the OP, but why are people so obsessed with calling people idiots etc. for making A mistake in the spelling of their posts? Knowing *every single* rule of written english might actually take away from the brain space needed to function in day to day life. And not everyone has english as a first, or even second, language.
    I know I make mistakes all the time. That doesn’t make me unintelligent. It makes me ‘not the best’ at writing. People are smart in different ways, ya know.
    As for the OP. Natarsha needs to learn the defanision of ‘GTFO my internet’

  42. My comment was mainly provoked by weighted @ #33 btw

  43. Her defanision of her indivualalty brings tears to my eyes.

    No, wait, that’s me crying over the death of the English language.

  44. Leverhundar you are an idiot.

  45. Well, this 12 year old needs sex ed, STAT.
    Also according to Natarsha, apparently there are a lot more sluts in the world and I am a clean cut slut.

  46. @ 45 you all are … and i for one love you for it

  47. Hey Leverhundar, I didn’t “make fun” of anyone, I simply pointed out the irony of it. That’s like someone in a wheelchair calling someone else in a wheelchair “retarded.”

  48. Natasha can’t even spell her name right…. nevermind toughies such as ‘definition’.

    Still, i won’t write her off… i reckon she is scottish, and, if so, is probably top of her class.

  49. Way to go, Natarsha Darsh!

  50. I wouldn’t be shocked in the slightest if she was from the UK; the standards of learning are going down hill!

    I’m just glad I received my high school education a while ago.

    Hopefully the rest of the British public don’t end up with bad English skills.

  51. “Dress your age you 12 year old whore” – How’s a 12 year old whore meant to dress then?

  52. @Gregg, you are probably right!

    @Sakura, if you’re american, you can’t really talk about bad standards of english. the whole country speaks it wrong. :P

  53. Sounds like a NZer to me. They often incorrectly spell “eh” as “aye” and it’s used as punctuation.

    Trust me, I know this, I am one.

    I claim this as an artefact of my own national retardation.

    Though this being a post to a group I wouldn’t be surprised if this is all tongue-in-cheek. Not that anyone commenting on this site would be able to tell the difference.


  55. fucking peasants

  56. Chav

  57. This is utterly gross.

  58. This won’t stop me from fucking her when she turns 16.

  59. Well I guess I’m a a whore then…

  60. Am I the only one who’s finding the comments funnier than the posts lately?

  61. What a fucking retard. She may not be a whore, but judging by her grammar and spelling, she’s going to be in the ‘special’ classes for some time.

  62. I’m surprised her spell checker didn’t crash and give her the blue screen of death.

  63. kiwi – only if you slept with more than 2 men by the time you were 12.

  64. she could never murder the English language… she doesn’t get close enough to it to touch it.

  65. Why does it matter so much where this girl is from? I don’t think knowing she is from another country is going to make her status any less sad.

  66. I tried to find this 12 yr old to work out whether she was in fact from australia and i might run into her one day (perhaps at supre or jay jays where all the 12 yr old whores shop), i am now more horrified that there is 577 Natarshas on facebook.

  67. Forget the slut fixation, Natarsha, and let’s focus on the word stupid, because that is without a doubt what you are.

  68. @Sakura: you wouldn’t happen to have been a CRBer, would you?? If so, jeebus it’s a small world!

    @Leverhundar: /rant… play much Final Fanatsy?

  69. Then again, she is only 13. No one is at their peak at age 13. Hopefully she’ll grow out of the stupid (though I won’t hold my breath for that).

  70. I think she even misspelled her own name. Natarsha.

  71. Probably a Twilighter too. Taking it in the pooper using a shopping bag for protection *shakes head* Kids these days….

  72. English mother fucker… do you speak it?!!!!

  73. and oh , Natarsha is a commun name in Australia and New Zealand.

  74. that hurt my head

  75. @Rowan I’m not American no I’m British xD

    @DR I’ve no the slightest clue what a CRBer is sorry.

  76. I think you all are missing the point. Her mum gave her that name, misspelling “Natasha” and buying her daughter slutty clothes, giving the girl free reign to fuck about as she pleases. Obviously it’s her mum that is the idiot. We learn from our parents, right?

  77. But guys!!!! she only wants to express her individuality in her tiny clothes. As well as tell the world how many people she’s slept with, like it’s a trophy or something. “Hey guys look at me, I’ve had sex, so you should point your dicks this way”

    I will not WILL NOT WILL NOT let me 1 year old daughter dress or act like that when she is that age! It’s disgraceful

    I think we are all stalkers on this site… :)
    admit it, how many of you went to that group to find her out??

  78. loon22, assuming we all learn solely from our parents is to negate every other outside influences everyone is subjected to, especially when dealing with people of much higher impressionability standards – KIDS.
    I highly doubt the way half the kids express themselves is due to copying their parents. Rather, I’d say it’s a mixture of natural rebellion to what’s perceived as ‘authority’ (from parents, teachers, etc), as well as ones natural instinct to defines oneself as an individual, a long with the guiding influences of our modern society which dictates to a lot of children that to reach personal fame/fortune, one must dress scantly, act slutty et al, so to reach the eyes and preceptors of they who nominate one into the status symbol they aspire to.

    It’s fucking simple, and it’s ridiculous to pin it solely on parents.

  79. loon22, assuming we all learn solely from our parents is to negate every other outside influence everyone is subjected to, especially when dealing with people of much lower impressionability standards – KIDS.
    I highly doubt the way half the kids express themselves is due to copying their parents. Rather, I’d say it’s a mixture of natural rebellion to what’s perceived as ‘authority’ (from parents, teachers, etc), as well as ones natural instinct to defines oneself as an individual, a long with the guiding influences of our modern society which dictates to a lot of children that to reach personal fame/fortune, one must dress scantly, act slutty et al, so to reach the eyes and preceptors of they who nominate one into the status symbol they aspire to.

    It’s fucking simple, and it’s ridiculous to pin it solely on parents.

  80. what else do you expect from a girl that spells her name Natarsha!!

  81. @LOL. Couldn’t find the little dimwit. Wanted to see the replies. Think it’s been deleted.

  82. For starters, you should probably learn how to spell… that was painful to read.

  83. Also, I like how we all jumped on this one. We’ve been deprived for the weekend.


    I post this video because the part where he says “she’s just asking for it, look at what she’s wearing”, made me think of this post.

    Did she even hit puberty yet? No, I won’t even touch this one.

  85. @77


    Pfft!! Try camping out in front of Cheryl Coles’s house wearing a nappy and night vision goggles then maybe we’ll talk.

  86. The mouth-breathing knuckle-draggers shall inherit the earth. Natarsha, alas, is the future.


  88. Soulja Boy Tell 'Em

    “Defanision” is my new favourite spelling. Even I didn’t think of that.

  89. Natarsha.

    Enough said, aye.

  90. natarsha.. what a darsh bag

  91. Ware is the spell check when she needed it??

  92. GO AWAY, ‘BATIN!

  93. @tidy

    yeah, i haven’t quite reached that stalker status yet. i’m still small time. but good luck with your stalking endeavors! i know you’ll do great.

  94. I didn’t even know our Natarsha had a Facebook profile.

    I thought she was way too popular for that………

    Now I know why

  95. Maybe we should think of girls like Natarsha as the human equivalent of the sausages movie burgulars like throw to the guard dog when they are breaking and entering a premise – a great way to distract the dumb guys so that all the respectable girls don’t have to deal with them.

  96. So, do you think her name is really Natasha but she doesn’t know how to spell it?

  97. Natarded.

  98. @96

    If you put ‘Natarsha’ into search on facebook then there is 500+ people that come up, a quick look on the first 2 pages of results I had showed the majority were members of the Australia and New Zeland networks so I’m guessing that the name originates there and is probably alternete spelling of Natasha.

  99. @ weighed, I know you didn’t ‘make fun’. And I totally wasn’t having a go at you. The rant is mainly about other comment sections where people get their arses blasted off for making a mistake. And I agree with you about the hypocrisy. I just specified that it was about your comment so people didn’t say “wtf? we were talking about nationality” or some shit. And I guess ‘provoked’ wasn’t the most appropriate term. I just had to get that rant off my chest and it seemed like as good a time as any :P
    : )

  100. I think she needs to take a long walk off a short plank…

  101. So, at 13, in order to be a normal, “good girl”, you need to dress to your indivuality and not have sex with more than two guys.

    Yeah, if a 13 year old has been with 3 guys, I would call her a slut… so… ummm… her argument is valid?

  102. 100% trolling

  103. @#25 Name

    Elton John disagrees in the song “Rocketman”

    “Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids
    In fact it’s cold as hell
    And there’s no one there to raise them if you did”

  104. Blah blah blah, I’m a bad speller and I don’t want people to make fun of me for it.

  105. ware-(n.) An article of commerce.
    so what shes really saying is:
    “im 13 and i used to get called a 12 year old whore for what i was selling but u shouldnt juge ppl by what they sell, i was selling a high wasted skirt and go called a whore thats pretty uncalled for aye…”

    she’s obviously a pakistani adolescent who is perturbed by the response to the wares she is selling.
    she’s only slept with two guys (her father and her uncle) cuz thats how the do in pakistan.
    and ‘indivuality’ is one of the many gods she worships.

  106. @ 104. Not everyones first language is english. And no, I’m actually pretty good at spelling, thanks. It’s the grammar rules that trip me up a bit. And on here I’ve never once had someone diss me out for bad spelling/grammar, but I’ve seen a whole lot of people called retarded or an idiot for making a mistake. Which I proceeded to rant about. Thanks for being so friendly though ; )

  107. And I admitted it was a bit silly to direct it straight at weighed, who didn’t actually call anyone an idiot etc. However I already explained why I did that, in a previous post.
    Wow, *to self* Over-involved much? ha.

  108. To be fair, when you saw someone has bad grammar, and you spell it “grammer”, you set yourself up for that. That’s not even a language barrier thing, that’s just stupid.

  109. leverhundar. is so skokeloor. trying to hide behind a different name but still trying to protect her image from a whole bunch of people she doesn’t know

  110. and by saw, I mean say*

  111. I think far more serious than your alleged whore-ness is your inability to spell. This is much more of a concern to me.

    Also Ricky, I am from New Zealand, and I can assure you that we have a fine educational establishment which considers correct grammar a priority.

    I would surmise that from your judgmental and ignorant accusations, you can only be from one place.

  112. I’m proud of her, she spelled Whore right.

  113. Agree with #108

    And If you read any of my other posts on this site I think you’ll find I’m not skokeloor and I don’t care a bit about my ‘image’ in front of you guys. I just like the site xD
    But I did bring that on myself for being over-involved.
    I’m sitting on this website too much tonight. Gonna make a sammich methinks.

  114. Mmmm…sammich

  115. I wish John McCain would run for presidency again. Then it’s possible Natarsha may end up as a vice presidential nominee. Now that would be fun.

  116. I love than somehow being a 13 year old whore is more classy than a 12 year old whore.

  117. Natarsha:
    pics or GTFO

  118. @116, 13 year old whores FTW!! They just know how exciting it is because they only have one more year before they’ll be 14 year old whores and then they get to go up to sex with 3 guys plus 2 random guy bjs before you’re truly a whore! woohoo!!

  119. Don’t bash on her spelling. It’s just another way to express her “indivualality”

  120. Skirts are wasted on the young.

  121. Well Natarsha I’m glad your expressing your indivualality, good luck with that hoe.

  122. Holy hell. Am I right in assuming “defanision” is supposed to be definition?

  123. im 13 and what is this?

  124. @sakura

    THAT’S OKAY THEN 8D For only we may complain about our education standards! (which is pretty bad)

  125. Natarsha is the perfect example of why you should not drink when you are pregnant… also, the reason you should not be drunk when write their name on the Birth certificate!

  126. Am I the only one who finds it funny everyones arguing about where she is from? It’s a race for which country claims the most retards!

  127. @ Sadie: Why, do you dafine that word differently?

  128. Comment #123 is win.

  129. @zoned
    I think you will find its not a race to ‘claim’ her, it is infact the opposite.

  130. I’m an English teacher. And I will now go eat a bullet.

  131. I wouldn’t even put it past this poster to have spelled her own name wrong.

  132. hah amazing

  133. If you are only 13 and have has sex with anyone (much less two people) then, yes, you are a whore. And if you dress as a whore, you are just looking for attention.

  134. Natarsha likes it in the arse.

  135. Future pole-dancer in the making. IF she’s got the looks for it. Otherwise, the DMV.

  136. LOL I just had one of those moments where I realised I am getting old when the words “I don’t know, kids these days” escaped my lips.

  137. Is her name actually Natarsha with an ‘r’, or can she just not spell her own name? I’m still trying to figure out what she meant by defanision.

  138. Seriously guys, it’s not her fault her parents gave her a name that wasn’t spelled normally. I have an oddly spelled name and once actually had a passport application form returned to me because I’d apparently spelled my name wrong.

    (and before you start, yes, that is the right spelling of spelled – look it up!)

    @Lisa – she meant to say “definition”

    However, please don’t think that I am on her side or anything. She’s an eejit.

  139. @quarkz really? I know heaps of people from brisbane who say aye every other sentence, but no americans that say it that way. Don’t know about poms though.

    And I LOLed at her name.

  140. I came from Cananda, They think im slow AYE… I’d prolli hit that tho…

  141. naTARsha

    I will definitely be legally changing my name to NATARSHA in the near future. Her name just might be the best part of this post…

  142. I just looked up “slut” in the dictionary, and it looks like our dear Natardsha is wrong. However, if anybody wants to change the definition (YES! I CAN SPLL!) on urbandictionary go right ahead – I’m too lazy.

  143. @Anna
    Nah, Poms wouldn’t say AYE like that.

  144. re: The ‘aye’ confusion: it depends how you’re pronouncing it.

    In NaTARsha’s mind, I’m betting, this rhymes with ‘hay’. She is saying ‘eh’ at the end of every sentence, doubtless with an upward inflection, to indicate ‘Don’t ya reckon??’. The poor, underdressed, shivering little skank does not realise that ‘aye’ actually rhymes with ‘hi’ (Scottish-style).

    ‘NaTARsha’ is an unfortunate spelling amongst bogans who, for some unfathomable reason, think it sounds ‘classier’ than Natasha.

    Therefore, I’m willing to bet all my Melbourne Cup winnings that she’s Australian. (The shame).

    Anyway, what a tragedy.

  145. @ The English teacher don’t go eating a bullet; you can help turn today’s poor English skills around!.

  146. Muthafukin' Maurice

    Lamebook’s comments sections are out of fucking control.

  147. @#144 – Kiwis also say ‘aye’ or ‘eh’ (pronounced the same) a lot!!

  148. LOL Justsaying….

    English teacher, don’t be so hard on yourself. Just be glad she’s not your student.

  149. Wow, I’ve never seen English like that before.

  150. @144 – Aha, that is true, my friend! Thanks for pointing that out – the Kiwis can have her!! ;)

  151. @spoder
    Yeh the group consists mainly of australians, they talk about perth and sydney girls etc
    I say ‘eh’ sometimes and i’m not bogan or country, its just a habit they have in North QLD and i lived there too long.
    Natarsha is bogan and as bad as names with hyphens, brayden braden and baden, shayla, Tenisha, Raelene, Madison, ashlyn….its just cruel and awful.

  152. Score- i found her comment on the group and there are 39 comments on her post also…she has changed her name to ‘Tarshiie Rose Skyee Summerr ‘
    If you are interested its on nov. 3.

  153. @KK – sorry, I meant you when I said ‘@144′, not ‘back at myself’ (the numbers thing doesn’t work so well for me as my screen doesn’t display them properly)…

    @girl – Ha, yep, that sounds about right. I live in Perth, and I think I’ve seen this girl (or her generic equivalent) at some of the outer suburban shopping centres.

    Not having a go at anyone for the ‘eh’ – lots of Aussies do it and I know it’s a local thing.

    Hahahahah @ the names list. Couldn’t agree more. Particularly the Brayden, Baden, Boden, Bodie, Brodie, Body variety. Woeful.

  154. I have never seen someone manage to fuck up the spelling of “definition” that bad before.

  155. she most probably misspelled her name as well=P
    and dudes, we’re not talking typos here, but ‘defanisions’ of spelling being harshly broken..buahaha.

  156. “Knowing *every single* rule of written english might actually take away from the brain space needed to function in day to day life.”

    LMAO… Oh god, my Idiot Detector just broke!

  157. Jesus. Get an education before trying to defend yourself eh?
    ROFLOLZWTFBBQEXTREME im having a laughing seizure

  158. She cannot possibly be from the UK. Having only slept with two guys by the age of 12/13 would practically make her a virgin by UK standards! To be a slut in the UK, you need to be at around 5 guys by 13, or you are totally going to fall short. Or be expecting her second child.

    Prostitots!!! Mwahahahahaha!!!!

  159. @welshraz
    “To be a slut in the UK, you need to be at around 5 guys by 13, or you are totally going to fall short.” LMAO.
    Isn’t it around 13 that you start trying for the second child in an attempt to procure the council house?

  160. @ nor’n monkey

    Too true! The list for council housing has a check box for it.

    “You’re 13 and you don’t have two children? No council house for you!! Get back out there and procreate!”

    On a Monday, you can’t even move in the Post Office because it’s crammed with twelve year olds pushing their double prams, picking up their child benefit and discussing who they shagged over the weekend.

  161. I’m calling kiwi.

  162. Yup, cuz people who don’t know the “defanision” on whore are the stupid ones.

    Almost certainly a New Zealander through the use of “ay.”

    And I’m saying that as neither a good nor bad thing.

  163. Additionally, has anyone else noticed the riot that is “indivualality?!”

  164. “unless u no the defanision dont say it coz u make ur self look stupid”


  165. if i was her parent and i saw this, i swear to god i wouldn’t let this chick leave the house until she could spell every word on that correctly.

    also, natarsha sounds like what you would say if you’re making fun of a girl named natasha. her parents made the lives of her friends easier and more enjoyable

  166. Oh my god, her name is a type-o!!

  167. What a SLUT!

  168. Dear God. I didn’t even spell this poorly when I was five.

  169. I had book published by her age. Tragic how education is failing society.

  170. had a book

  171. What’s this 13 year old doing sleeping with multiple guys anyway??

  172. @171
    What’s this 13 year-old doing sleeping with ANYONE anyway? Seriously.

  173. wen ur 12 u can only sleep wit 2
    wen ur 13, then u get 3
    14, 4
    15, 5
    16, 6
    17, 7
    18, 8
    19, 9
    20, 10

    ectt ;)

  174. 3′s company, 4′s an orgy

  175. Natarsha,
    I’d call you a cunt but you lack depth and warmth.. And a freaggin’ brain.

    I am pretty sure when I was your age I was worried about my first kiss and I was called a slut for that. Jesus, these kids have no morals.

  176. #16
    McFourteenth November 9th, 2009 at 8:17 am


    McFourteenth November 9th, 2009 at 8:18 am

    Dang, beaten to it.

    How lame! LOL

  177. Dude! I guess I am a total slut!

    Scary thing is… these people are out there and ONE DAY THEY WILL BREED!

    Can’t they sterilise people like this at birth?

    Nuff said!

  178. How is this girl not on “Are you Smarter Than a 5th Grader?”

  179. Spending more time learning spelling and grammar would serve you better than sleeping with boys me thinks dear!!

  180. Thank god this slut finally cleared up the definition of the 12 year old slut. I was just wondering to myself the other day the definition of a 12 year old slut when I realized nobody gives a fuck and 12 year olds shouldn’t be fucking anybody anyways!

  181. holy fucking shit. I don’t even know how to feel about this.

  182. your spelling and grammar make you look even more stupid..and like a whore :)

  183. anyone else thinks it’s messed up that a 13 yr has already had sex with two guys?

    Does she even have her period yet?

  184. She clearly isn’t even aware of what a period is. (Both the monthly kind and the punctuation kind).

  185. I am from Aus, and so is that skank, more than likely. I know of a 14 year old who GENUINELY doesn’t think she is a slut and has OPENLY had sex with 5 DIFFERENT guys over 16. She is disgusting. Most of her myspace shots are of her drunk or with cleavage out. Nasty.

  186. I really think that you should be able to spell simple words before having sex. Or possibly just get to high school first?

  187. I think her spelling errors are her mother’s fault. why would you spell her name NATARSHA?

  188. cuz a 13 yr old who has slept with 2 people isnt a slut?

  189. I happen to know this girl and her name is spelt right. What gives any of you the right to judge someone on the way their name is spelt…….GROW UP!
    And if you read the post correctly she is trying to make a point, that young girls are called sluts on what they wear, not how mant times they have had sex. I know for a fact that this girl has not had sex with anyone. She is also trying to define the real meaning of “slut”. I suggest you all take the time to look up the word in your dictionaries because some of you would find the meaning of yourselves. Its sad that young girls feel that they have to justify themselves on a pathetic site like FB. Who are we or you to judge anyone, take a look at your own lives past and present.
    Oh, and some of the comments on here show just how simple minded and pathetic some adults really are.

  190. who cares what she’s trying to say? she sounds stupid. why does she even have a facebook when she’s 12?

  191. Kassidy read her post again…….duh……….SHES 13 =P

  192. 13 year old sluts should not be allowed near a computer if they cannot bloody spell!!!
    It is not fair to say that places like Australia and New Zealand (mainly Australia im defending) solely communicate in text speak. Granted there are morons here, but there are also alot of morons who use text speak fluently who reside in the US

  193. I think she actually spelled her name wrong too …

  194. she is a dumb whore.. i mean seriously??? not even im like that… 13 and has already slept with 2 guys.. me compared to her… gosh.. id so win…

  195. somebody give her a dictionary!

  196. John Players Standard

    What kind of fucking moron parent names their child Natarsha??? Nadarsha!

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