Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Victims of Love

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  1. Can someone translate what Rob is saying?

  2. xD never got the first post before

  3. If you have to go all the way to the ear lobes to find some feature that you find attractive on someone, wouldn’t it be more honest to just say, “You look like a warthog with gas, but your ear lobes are awesome”? I guess that would sort of detract from the overall tone of the message, though.

  4. joelski is pretty weird

  5. Steven and Eric are facebook heroes!

  6. @1 Rob is jamming with his gorgeous fiancee. I’ve had a lush couple of days, I never want them to end :’(. I mean the way her eyes glitter and the way her hair sways in the breeze are just a couple of the things that make her so amazing. We’ve had our fall outs but all couples do and no matter what happens, she’s always my boo, love you.

  7. Rob and Kimberley appear to be exactly the type of condom-allergic muppets who’ll experience an entirely different nine month countdown after Valentine’s Day.

  8. Excellent work from Eric and Steven by the way.

  9. Thank you Steven … fuck, I wish I had that time back.

  10. I am in love with Stephen.

    Stephanie made me throw up a little in my mouth.

  11. Oops Steven… Damn.

  12. Steven has the post most worthy of reading in the entire above entry.

  13. Steven and Eric are men of few words, just my type.

  14. steven and eric this is for you;
    there are two types of point, one of them care front of you and back of you. other one doesnt care back of you, dots back of you.
    these guys just dot.

  15. “Gawjus”? Hm. That’s a new one. On a completely unrelated note, how do I stop my eyes from bleeding?

  16. Steven… Eric… I love you guys. So much that I’d write you a big cheesy romantic Facebook message, if I just so happened to be one of that particular breed of ANNOYING FUCKHEADS.

    Think I’ve gone over my feelings on these sort of Facebook posts a billion times before, so I won’t again. But next time I see one of these posts, I’m going to become a Steven or Eric.
    Just not upload it to Lamebook. Cos that’d be lame.

    Though, this is one of those rare times where I wouldn’t mind if the people had uploaded it, because they’re so awesome. About time people had guts to tell these annoying twats what they should do.

    Just in case I didn’t make myself clear.
    Imagine you’ve just typed a lovely little romantic message for your OH, all about how wonderful and perfect he is, and how you love him, and want to be with him all the time. You’re not sure if you should post it on Facebook, so just answer this question:

    ‘Are you a stupid, self-centered, boasting little prick end who doesn’t really give a shit about anyone but themselves?’
    If yes, go ahead and post that baby.

  17. Oops. Kinda went overboard there.
    Ah well.

    I can’t wait for Valentines Day, to be honest. Lamebook’ll probably be filled with posts like this, which will then be filled by my stupid pointless rantings.

  18. Facebook needs more people like Steven and Eric.

  19. eenerbl’s reaction to these posts made me throw up in eenerbl”s mouth. A lot.

    Stop using stupid expressions that were past over-used three years ago.

  20. Ahh, BritishHobo, you’ve got me all excited. Humm… Less then a week away and we’ll be submersed in the facebook “Love”!

  21. To be honest, spending the day ranting at people I don’t even know who won’t shut the fuck about their relationships on Facebook is probably the only way I’ll get through Valentine’s Day without hurling myself into traffic.

  22. Aww MikeyMike, you hurt my feelings. I guess I missed that memo.

  23. @BritishHobo Whoah! Tough being single so close to Valentines day, eh?

    I love girls like Julie almost as much as watching guys like that sad sack-of-shit Jeremy’s reaction when they realise that they have just become cuckolds. Grow some balls Jeremy and follow steven’s advice to stfu.

  24. @BritishHobo Great call! I am sure V-Day will be awesome.

  25. I know waaaay too many people like Stephanie. That was seriously disgusting. His ear lobes are adorable? Seriously? And “Mr. Bear”? Not only is that disgusting, it’s also the lamest nickname I have ever heard in my life. It makes him sound like a childhood toy.

    I think the worst part of Stephanie’s post was how she said “No Facebook world I am not pregos!” If it wasn’t obvious that she was posting this to Chris so everyone could see how in love she was, that statement made it crystal clear. She’s an attention whore.


  26. Too true Mercure. Cuckolds huh? That’s a new one to me but I think I can assume its meaning from the context with which you used it.
    The funny thing about these guys is how they’re baffled when the girl is in some other guys bed before the week is out. The guy who’s bed she is in is not telling her how her eyes glitter I can tell you that F**king much.

  27. I though you were my Mr. Bear! Chris… It’s over.

  28. I want to marry Steven.

    And BritishHobo – don’t do it! I’m planning to get so drunk on Saturday night that I just sleep through Valentines, or at least feel so ill that I don’t register the date. Much better tactic.

  29. Hahaha Steven summed it up too good.

  30. Eric is like some kind of god

  31. BritishHobo…who cares about Valentines? I seriously believe it’s for shallow couples who don’t know how to express their love outside of explicit intsruction or for little teen couples who don’t have a real anniversary date.

    My husband and I have never celebrated this holiday. The closest I come to even acknowledging this “holiday” is making paper hearts covered in glitter with my daughter for her to hand out to her friends.

  32. Steven should be knighthooded.

  33. honestly, I don’t get why people post shit like that on their SO’s walls. I have posted on my fiance’s wall a total of ONE times and that was a video I had been telling him about.

  34. Thank you Steven.

  35. Ashlee FTW.
    she’s the kind of stripper I like.
    p.s. are there really strippers on facebook that guys just randomly add? oh internet, where does it end?

  36. I always wear black on Valentine’s day to mourn the beloved St. Valentine’s tragic, immature death.

  37. get over it jeremy, and really stephanie? mr bear? youre gross :p

  38. Munfs? MUNFS!?!?!? M U N F S….

    I quit life. I’m done. Fuck everyone.

  39. @epicanescence: WTF?

  40. I like to read the creative speller’s posts out loud, then I imagine they talk like that in real life. I laugh. Then it’s over.

    @Penny LOL

  41. Steven = awesome.

    Everyfink = wtf?

  42. Erik can I have your babies? Or just a picture of your feet…

    Restraining Order? Erik WTF???

  43. No matter what appends?! Really??
    Happens would have been quicker to type, not to mention more legible.

  44. Did anyone else read the first bit of Stephanies vom-inducing post as Chris doing everything (including her on-line homework… how old is she?) while she’s sat on the couch, quaffing Ginger Ale, planning baby-names for their life together (I think she forgot to include ‘hen-pecked’)? Chris, here’s a word of advice: RUN!

    On top of that; ‘Mr. Bear’? To me, she makes it sound like he’s overweight and suffers from hypertrichosis (i.e. ‘cuddly and furry’). IMHO, it’s as bad as saying a girl has a ‘bobbly personality’. Way to go on flattering pet names, Stephanie.

  45. ParanormalRomance

    It’s not St. Valentine’s Day…Its St. Hallmark’s day

  46. awwww, don’t look now but I think MikeyMikey has a crush on eenerbl ;) He just did the equivalent of pulling her pigtails. So sweet.

  47. btw as far as the glucose filled sentimental posts – the caption is misleading. The only victims of love I see are all of us forced to endure the above heart shaped diarhea of the fingertips.

  48. I know yaya, he just couldn’t help himself.

  49. Argh, the spelling is so bad in the first one, I feel like I need eye-bleach.

  50. So when Stephanie speaks to Chris, does she say “and” or “andand”?

  51. what is with the slang talk… you must have failed english if you can’t type a full word!!

  52. Sergio’s last name is too long.

    And the geek in me likes how Stephanie writes in C.

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