Wednesday, March 14, 2012


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  1. Can someone explain #3

  2. It’s irrelevant.

  3. Happy, now, Word?

  4. And the “I” versus “me” debate continues…

  5. Can this do anything? We’ll soon find out.


    What the fuck kind of name is that? He looks like a larger woman in drag…

  6. maybecakes, in number three they said “suck inspirational” instead of “such inspirational”. which still doesn’t make it funny, unlike font tricks, which are the height of hilarity.

  7. Black History month and basketball… now THAT is funny.

  8. ^ What did you DO?

  9. he did nothing apparently. i’m assuming he tried to use either html or script that got filtered out as there is no actual post in the source

  10. She, thank you very much.

    And yes, I was trying to be clever but it didn’t work. And beatus’ posts were empty so that’s not why, so I either got it wrong or it got filtered out as you say, but for a different reason. It’s not showing up in the page source.

  11. :-)

  12. Goddamn.

  13. <!–

  14. I give up.

  15. Don’t give up. Keep plugging away! Please!

  16. It’ll all go away one day.

  17. I don’t know. Somehow I get the impression that you actually run this web site, you’ve taken away my ability to do anything and are just sitting there chuckling at my vain attempts to change everything to Comic Sans. (Yeah, sorry.)

  18. my apologies blu. although beatus’ posts are empty visually, when you look at the page source you can see the annoying html he/she used between a set. whereas your post just has an empty . which means whatever you are trying is getting filtered out.

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  20. That’s OK, I just figured you were looking at the page rather than the source. Yeah I saw his random tags, I know how it happened the other day as it was me that changed everything to italics after someone else accidentally made everything bold. But now I don’t seem to be able to.

  21. Hey, AlstonRaquel, fuck off, spammer You are the lowest of low.

    Bluhevs, so far, the only three attributes I can get are italics, bold, and strikethrough. I don’t think fonts and colors are going to work, though, because HTML4 and HTML5 do away with those attributes in favor of style sheets.

  22. yeah, what beatus said. although i don’t think it is because of lack of support for deprecated tags, instead i think other tags are filtered out. for example and get filtered out. i’m sure there are only a select few tags they let through the filter.

    i do find it frustrating that baring the ability to remove beatus’ original post i don’t think there is a way to reverse what was done (i.e. it isn’t as simple as closing a dangling tag).

  23. God knows. But yeah I think you might be right about the style sheet thing.

  24. looks like the filter hit the tags i mentioned, which were font and script.

  25. Yeah I tried both of those, hence my apparently blank posts.

  26. Does the code tag work?

  27. i haven’t tried it but i seriously doubt it. else annoying folks like alston could spam malicious code.

  28. Underlining?

  29. No no no I meant the code tag as in makes the text look like computer code. It’s just another formatting one. But hey ho it didn’t work anyway, nor does underlining. I need to go away and do something more constructive… :)

  30. Oh go on just one more

  31. Damn damn damn!!

  32. personally i prefer if this didn’t work with any tags. its quite annoying. i was actually trying to figure out a way to get rid of the formatting.

  33. Bluhevs, the font changed on my Blackberry. Nice!

  34. Ooh yeah, just checked on my phone and it works there too!

  35. And this, ladies and gentleman, is what happens when the original post is mundane… Although I prefer these discussions of tags, script and fonts to the weeping and gnashing of teeth on that other page.

  36. *gentlemen. Dammit.

  37. ^agreed.
    Trying to read this shit makes my eyes bleed, but damagedcortex and FatSam make the blackened stump of my soul bleed.
    but it’s nice that sababe had some little friends over for a play-date.

  38. btw, we totally get that you guys are hardcore scriptkiddy haxxors…but you can stop whenever you’re ready…

  39. Eh, I just felt like being an ass today. It was actually kind of fun.

  40. I see you got PA notes, too, nice.

  41. U guys were all doing this before it was cool, right?

  42. What the deuce?

  43. Did the Lamebook boys have a big one last night and pass out by lunchtime? Why only 2 posts? And really piss poor ones at that. That is damn lazy, even for them.

    beatus, well done. You’ve surpassed Sobchak’s previous effort by doing everything that can be done to the text at the one go. I think…

  44. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Passing out at lunchtime? .. Fucking lightweights.

  45. Oh ms you hard bastard. I knew you loved me and couldnt leave me alone long enough. Nah I had work. Round 2 anyone?and despite everything at least you bastards can spell right :)

  46. And beatus this Is ficking with my eyes:(

  47. Yes, damagecontrol, many people here can spell correctly. Are being a droll motherfucker on purpose?

    March 14th, 2012 at 2:36 am

    [blah blah] Give us your best shot because sadly your lacking something. Moron idiot something with fuck , cunt or some other baseless insult. I wonder if your this stupid in rl or if you talk to people like this in rl, probe not. You’re too scared. Now come on. Say something non derogatry if that’s even possible

  48. No not really. If that’s what you thought then please accept my apologies.only being honest. I’m feeling good and alert after sleep :)

  49. Ms…still talking about me i see, but if you would excuse me , i have a life to get back to…enjoy your Lamebooking today Ms and the rest of your buddies MWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH.

  50. Bye sababe?

    Anyone like cheesecake?

  51. I make an excellent cheesecake.

  52. What flavour? I’m trying go make a mango macadamia ATM.I think it’ll set :s

  53. BORING posts.

  54. Whatever happened to that other guy with the muscles :p

  55. Is the third one a picture of Shrek and Princess Fiona mugging Bill Crosby?

  56. ^ No… That’s P-Diddy not Bill Crosby.

  57. the folks who run this fine establishment are from austin texas so they are probably on a bender at south by southwest. might explain the lack of new posts.

  58. MsAnne… you hadn’t noticed we had already stopped?

  59. My head hurts.

  60. Whoever is responsible for this; you’re all cunts.

  61. Yeah yeah Sam. I’m here :d just call!!

  62. ^ You say you’re muscular, but whether that’s true or not…your smiley depicts someone trying to lick what I can only assume is the jizz that you snorted out of your nose after having cock rammed deep down your throat. Licking it from your chin like this :p is much more acceptable. ;) (That one has jizz in his eye)

  63. :D

  64. A common mistake in life people make often, is Failure.

  65. ^Point proven.

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