Friday, October 30, 2009

Twilight Saga: Twilight Sucks


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  1. Andrew FTW.

  2. Dad sounds hilarious.

  3. Based off of her friend’s reactions (Francis and Michelle), Rebecca’s dad is going to be the hit of the party. Btw, Rebecca, if you want to have a fun time, I suggest NOT having your parents there.


  4. Does this mean Rebecca doesn’t like Twilight (not lame) or just doesn’t like older people making fun of her for it (über lame)?

  5. Yeah, that dad is definitely a kewl guy. My dad did almost the same thing to my sister when we were little, back in Ireland.

    I’ve never actually seen Twilight though

  6. @Kid

    It means Rebecca is obsessed with Twilight, and her dad is poking fun at her. Teenagers think their parents are the lamest.

  7. Twilight is lame in and of itself, it should be every entry on lamebook.

  8. I never thought my parents were lame when I was a teenager! Then again, I don’t think I was an everyday normal teen. I pretty much thought my dad was amazing and my hero. Apache pilot in the Army FTW. <3

  9. Yeah, I think she likes the guy so the parents are gonna ruin the image of him by having dad dress up like him. If it was me(assuming she made me watch it with her) I’d be quoting the cake all night.

    @5 What a stupid name.

  10. This is not funny or lame.

  11. Dad wins 10 internets.. I’d watch twilight just to have a dad that fun..

  12. @ekucBBw

    Yeah, you must have sucked.


    That’s my real name. My impersonators read my livejournal and figured it out.

  13. Shut up, Boz. You don’t fucking own the name Boz. Get over yourself, you fucking loser. You’re not even funny.

  14. that’s actually rather funny.

  15. @Boz

    I think the real question here is… who uses livejournal anymore?

  16. Yeah. He’s still got a livejournal in 2009! What a tool.

  17. When I started impersonating Boz, I never imagined somebody would impersonate me.

  18. I bet the other guy didn’t either

  19. What other guy?

  20. This Boz thing is messed up.

  21. i don’t even get it. is andrew saying edward cullen is gay, thus the dad is sucking dick as well as blood? that’s not all that funny

  22. @12 I know. It was a little joke.

  23. I’ll admit – I’ve seen the movie. But this is what leads to my confusion; how does one dress as Edward Cullen? It’s not like he’s got a “it’s a moody irritating vampire arsehole thing, you wouldn’t understand” t-shirt.

  24. Can we see pics of Harold dressed as Edward? Haha

  25. I love to snow ball cum all over my mother, from a random niggar

  26. Eastcoasty — No. Well, almost. Harold is dressing up as Edward Cullen because his wife suggested it. So Andrew is imagining that after the party, Harold will be.. well.. his wife will be showing how grateful she is that he took her suggestion and.. well, he’ll be.. eating. Got it?

  27. Blah Blah Blah it’s now my birthday………..where’s my cake?

  28. I ate it all because im a CUNT

  29. I am bored of being Boz. Who else can we all be?

  30. @Boz


  31. I’m increasingly suspicious that all the Bozes are the same.

  32. I’m increasingly suspicious that Boz is my father.

  33. Why does every comment section have to become Bozfest? Does anyone care who the “real” Boz is? None of them are funny or profound.

    @Spike Nesmith – I wondered the same thing. I suspect it involves glitter.

  34. Comments on this site have become a chore to wade through. Very little funny to be had.

  35. No-one seems to find it funny that Rebecca has a friend called Francis. I mean, Francis, seriously like WTF!? Who calls their kid Francis. I bet she cuts herself.

  36. @ Bozo –
    Francis is probably a male. Francis and Frances are pronounced the same, -is being the male version, and -es being the female version. I know several guys and girls named Francis/es

  37. Am I a bad person for hoping that some of her friends will embarrass themselves by desperately throwing themselves at her father at her own party?

  38. I am the only real Boz, the others are gay boys.

  39. The dad sounds like a hoot.


  41. I am gonna be Michael Jackson for Halloween. Is this kewl Y/N?

  42. @Boz

    i think we can work something out here…

  43. All my attempts to stop people impersonating me are backfiring horribly. Because I’m a stupid Irish livejournal-using moron.

  44. I am the real Boz, as evidenced by my Custom Sewing Products website.

    Turns out, my actual name is Paige. Who knew?

  45. no i am the real Boz, and i have appeared to defend my honor! I was away receiving a golden shower as you all were speaking foully of me…..

  46. @45 i want a hat!

  47. Me too!

  48. Facial Applicator

    I can’t wait to wrap your sack around my root and bring da funk. The noise will cum in a bit.

  49. haha i love this dad

  50. I’m picturing the modern family right now…

  51. Stop impersonating me seriously. From now on the real ‘original’ Boz (me) will go by the name of Foz

  52. But i am the real Foz

  53. I didnt say that

  54. OK back to Boz. Fuck you guys, srsly.

  55. inb4 Boz has nothing better to do than troll Lamebook.

  56. Didn’t make sense

  57. ha

  58. Andrew and Dad FTMFW

  59. Odd, I actually went as Howard for Halloween.

  60. Who is Howard? You mean Harold. Sparkling vampires are dumb.

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