Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Twilight Saga: One and the Same


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  1. and burned.

  2. LOL!

  3. Brilliant.

  4. Nicely done, William.

  5. ._. i didn’t grasp it

  6. I think lamebook and I see eye to eye on quite a few matters.

  7. I dont understand I love Twilight and CANT WAIT, I am so ready to touch myself to this movie!!!!

  8. LOL nice

  9. best one i’ve read yet…lol’d!!!1

  10. Nate has to be a guy’s name, rite?

  11. I get it that women and girls are exictied for this movie, but I can’t see how a straight man would be so excited. I bet Nate is jumping up and down right now. “Only 3 more days”.

    Then again, maybe he is excited about all the girls that will be at the movie and might try to pull some moves on a couple of them. Probably wont work out for him.

  12. Will FTW!

  13. I know Nate. He goes to my college. He is a fag.

  14. Yes Peeps, I’m afraid it does.. I figured the only guys seeing this movie would be the ones dragged there by their girlfriends/wives, but I guess not. Nate has opened my eyes! I have to admit, the trailers for New Moon look slightly more interesting than the Twilight ones did, but I still don’t want to see it.

  15. Will’s response is hilarious!

  16. @ Parson

    Whats his last name? I want to see how gay he looks.

  17. will will will..brilliant. FTW

  18. @ Parson

    Sounds like you avoided a catastrophe.

  19. parson

    there are like 2100 with that name, do you know what network he is in

  20. so nate should go ahead and change his name to natalie.

  21. Lots of guys are excited to see this. My husband is looking forward to it, but he’s definitely not as thrilled as I am. I think it’s cute that there are guys so into it as I am. But this is funny. I love lamebook.

  22. When I read all these things, and learn what it is that gets people so excited nowadays, when they leap for joy and shout, “tonight’s the night! tonight!” … I’m rather glad to live in my dark cave instead.

  23. hehehe

  24. In the PSU network. I just really wish people would leave him alone though, he is a sweet guy.

  25. like titanic, high school musical, harry potter, bridget jones diary and a few others, twilight is on the not to see ever list.

  26. YES! Will FTW!

  27. OMG!!!!!….that was hilarious….lmao

  28. I’m Nate’s ex girlfriend and he is definitely gay.

  29. @ All Killer

    There is a movie out there that has NEVER failed to get me action……if I can sit through at least half of it. “The Notebook”.

  30. @ Parson

    How can you go from saying he is a fag and giving us his last name and network to “I just wish people would leave him a lone. He is a sweet guy”?

  31. @ all killer
    i used to have an unwarranted bias against Titanic as well, but now that ive seen it it’s easy to realize why it received all the accolades it did. its a very well made movie that probably shouldnt be listed with the likes of harry potter and twilight…plus my bias back in the day was based on how leonardo dicaprio was a annoying fag/teenage heartthrob. i now realize hes a badass, and one of the premier american actors of the last decade n more.

    and nicely done nate.

  32. http://media.photobucket.com/image/should%20twilight%20end%20%25252B%20motivational/wonder_lick/Motivational%20posters/wonder_lick_TwilightMP.jpg

    I watched Twilight the other day ,it was on Tv and I watched to understand why the fuck does that fag sparkle. I haven’t witnissed so much fail in one room since I watched Happy Gilmore with my mum.

  33. Yeah I’m with CHAZZ, isn’t fag kind of a strong word to use to refer to someone you think is a “sweet guy?”

    If he’s not left alone now it’ll be thanks to you disclosing all his information, Parson. Good job.

  34. Will is my hero!

  35. hahaha how is that different indeed

  36. …and here I was thinking that Lamebook had moved on from it’s Twilight obsession. What’s worse than obsessive Twilight fans? Obsessive Twilight haters that won’t stop going on about how much they hate Twilight long after the fans packed up and left. Tedious.

    That said, Will definitely wins.

  37. Wow, I don’t even get that excited about movies i *do* want to see. Is Nate’s life so empty that the only joy he finds is in overproduced, cynical, poorly-written, teenage bollocks?

  38. Uh, #37, the Twitards HAVEN’T packed up and left. In fact, they’re louder and more annoying than ever.

  39. #39, fair point cinnamon, but really they only start Twittering when the haters bring it up again. It’s like feeding the trolls…

  40. @Kerri
    Your husband is gay.
    Get your divorce papers ready because your gonna find out he’s taking it up the arse pretty soon

  41. The problem is that Twilight *hasn’t* gone away. It’s eeeeeverywhere. Don’t hate the people who are annoyed by inescapable oversaturation, hate the oversaturation.

  42. I don’t mind twilight it was flawed in some small ways but what movie isn’t these days. I must say the second one from what I’ve gathered from the trailer looks much much better than the first by comparison of the trailers.

  43. @Spike – I see what you mean, but the haters keep the over saturation going. It’s like being caught in a never-ending circle of TwiDoom

  44. @33
    Twilight is fail, yes, but Happy Gilmore? C’mon, that movie is all sorts of win.

  45. @pooplol
    Agreed. Happy Gilmore wins on so many levels. kiwi is evidently being a “jackASS”

  46. Will FTW

  47. @nor’n monkey not at all. I don’t see any Ryan Seacrest specials on “the people who can’t fucking stand looking at those arrogant little pricks or hearing about a crappy childrens’ movie every-fucking-where they go”.

    Although, if there was, I would make that the first time I ever watched the “E!” channel.

  48. I sparkle.

  49. to all happy gilmore comments;

    he’s not talking about the movie itself, but watching it with his mom. I think that would be a bad movie to watch with your mommy.

  50. Pwned

  51. Can’t stand this Twilight bullshit anymore. On a sunday drive, my family and I stopped at a pizza place in Forks, WA (we live a couple of hours away from there) for lunch. All the damn waitress could talk about was all the filming they did there and if we were interested in having their “Bella Burger”.

    I told her to hold on to the fame cause that is all Forks has to offer. That place is a shithole.


    P.S. Keep looking for your tip, Katie! It has to be there somewhere, sweetie!

  52. @Spike – LMAO. I think I would watch that too…

    @Tristan – DON’T STOP IN FORKS!

  53. @ nor’n monkey

    I don’t have a choice now, my wife has banned us from ever entering that town again, if you can call it a town. The dumb bitch who wrote it could have picked a better town than Forks. Sheesh, what a fail author….

  54. @ Tristan
    u ley ur wife dictate were u can go?!

    twilight is not FTW, watching it is like making love to a hooly bush. ouch!

  55. @ nosh

    I didn’t exactly want, nor wish to argue with her at that point cause Forks sucks like a happy drunk sorority chick. That place is surrounded by lots of Indian reservations, so it looks run down to me…

  56. Wow, Tristan. Way to be a “round about” racist.

  57. I had never seen or heard of this twilight shit, apart from people bagging it out on the net, so I looked some info up a while ago. My, it seemed fucking awful. I feel very lucky here in my little bubble of decent taste (and grateful that my mates aren’t retarded).

  58. righteous nailbat

    Cocks. Twilight sucks big ones.

  59. Haha, loved this.

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  61. lol
    good one Will

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