Monday, October 26, 2009

Twilight Saga: And so it begins…


Tune in for more Twilight posts.

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  1. well i think that’s just hilarious.

  2. That is great.

  3. he’s lucky they didn’t just shoot him for loving twilight.

    i know i would have

  4. M.I.C is this an American thing?

  5. Words cannot describe just how awesome this stunt it.

  6. Any guy who goes on about Twilight deserves what he gets.

  7. @ bombel – I’m American and have no clue what M.I.C. is.

  8. I’d love to do this to everyone who drones on about how great fucking Twilight is to me, if only they weren’t such a waste of alcohol.

  9. This is fantastic.

  10. Hahaha, amazing!

  11. M.I.C.= Minor In Consumption (of alcohol).
    Oh, I am giddy with the possibilites of more Twilight-themed posts! I think I am the only female I know who hasn’t read it, doesn’t want to read it, and it disgusted of hearing about it ALL THE TIME.

  12. MIC=Minor in Consumption

  13. @4: mic = minor in consumption (of alcohol)

  14. damn #11,12 for beating me to it

  15. He deserved every bit of it.

  16. Christi, you’re far from the only one, trust me! This prank is truly awesome…and now, I have a strong desire to test it’s effectiveness.

    Does this compulsion make me a “fuck head”?

  17. Oh, so Alex is an 12 year old girl?

  18. Plus it’s great that Marc has made his peace with the fact that Alex has branded him a fuck head, by ‘liking’ the status. I’m assuming that’s just pissed Alex off even more. Me likey.

  19. You are not alone, christi. I started to read the first one because some of my friends kept pushing me to do so, raving about it. I could not finish it. The Edward character especially got on my nerves. What a bunch of creepy drivel it all is.

    As for the post, Marc was a bit harsh in his response to the Twilight waffling, but I can’t really say I blame him. Also, lol.

  20. LOL! fuck ya

  21. Simultaneously harsh and epic (although far more ‘epic’). Especially funny since there is a Twilight ad on the right hand side of this page as I type this.

    and kinda YDI….fuck twilight

  23. damn, i’m going to remember this one for the next time i have drunk idiots pissing me off! :)

  24. M.I.C is minor in consumption.
    but yeah what a dumass

  25. fuck heads FTW!

  26. oh joy, now there’s a Twilight ad on the right side of this page… goddammit Alex

  27. Haha! the twilight ad is the icing on the cake

  28. wa ka ka ka. Love it

  29. Muthafukin' Maurice

    FTW Alex’s “friends”! You’re fucking awesome!!

  30. LMAO – I wish I was this clever in high school…those movies/books are lame!

  31. @christi – SAME. HERE. I am so tired about hearing about friggin’ Twilight. Glittering vampires: WTF? A friend dragged me to that movie and I got lots of glares because I couldn’t help laughing at certain parts. And I eventually just walked out. I couldn’t take it anymore.

  32. Best post in quite some time. What a fuck!

  33. i think alex should just be grateful he’s got friends with a good sense of humor. and i’ve never heard MIC – in the south they call it minor in possession

  34. @adam

    He no longer “possessed” any of it… he had consumed it, he didn’t have a bottle in his pocket.

    This is pretty funny, though. If I was Alex, I would’ve definitely told Marc’s parents about all of this. After they finished laughing, they would’ve grounded Marc as well……. maybe.

  35. I’m staying well away from Twilight. Too many normal people love it – it has to be awful. I’m never watching Titanic either, for the same reason.

    They should make “being a werewolf” a crime.

  36. too right, Boz… book him for b.a.w.

  37. Bloody brilliant!

  38. I quit feeling sorry for him when he said, “I drank too much and…”

  39. Twilight is a joke. This, therefore, was genius.

  40. @ 38: Rick
    I quit feeling sorry him when they mentioned Twilight.

  41. hehe that’s fucking awesome!!
    i wouldn’t be glad with my friends if they would do that to me though :P

  42. Who gives a shit what he was talking about. You don’t leave your friend drunk outside of a copshop.

    People will eventually stop putting up with asshole moves like this and girls stop thinking this shit is cool when they realize that you’re just a prick. Enjoy the ride. It’s a short one.

  43. Wrong. If a guy gets drunk and only wants to talk about a teenybop vampire lovefest, he is not your friend. He is a douche.

  44. @ WTF America

    Surely that’s a very responsible place to leave him? It’s hardly like they left him somewhere he would be hurt. Then again, British police do tend to have a bit more sense of humour and would’ve probably just taken a photo and returned him home.

  45. Based on this, I suspect that I would do Marc.

  46. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    All Twilight fans need real-world educational experiences like this, and deserve worse. Sparklefags.

    If you find Twilight exciting enough to actually discuss, but aren’t a pubescent girl, you’re a retard.
    There are no exceptions.

    Vampires my arse – they’ve more in common with Mormons than vampires.

  47. Why are you guys all hating on Twilight??! I think it’s fantastic that it shows such strong morals to the youth of today. Abstinence, premature nanna-like behaviour, and a strong desire to be utterly controlled by the one you love.
    Pure romance.

  48. If it were British police I would totally think this was funny. Not here. I’m not sure about the whole twilight thing but whatever it is, it’s fans have a serious hater following. Maybe we should burn them like witches?

    If I actually knew these people my advice would be this…Alex, these people are not your friends. Marc, I know you want everyone to like you and to have super cool parties and stuff but don’t pretend to be friends with people who you hate and then wait for them to get drunk to show them. This type of shit is what makes people bring guns to school and judging by this Twilight fascination, you may want to stay home from school for a while.

  49. The issue with twilight is that it’s meant for tweens and yet read by 18-22 year old girls in college that think it’s the greatest piece of literature ever written. It’s just some lame vampire book, and if you’re 12 years old and enthralled in it, more power to ya. However, if you’re over the age of 16 (maybe pushing it), and you love twilight, then you should reevaluate your life.

    Twilight is/are books for people who hate reading and books.

  50. Any way you cut it, I think this prank is hilarious. I have now laughed over this post at least five different times today. And I will continue to do so every time I need another “pick-me-up” at work.

  51. Well played, that ahole deserved what he had coming.

  52. I quite agree that this was a seriously funny prank. Marc doesn’t necessarily hate Alex, he just got annoyed by him, and tried to teach him a lesson. Alex needed to learn to be a man. Sure, telling girls that you love Twilight might be a good way into their knickers, for the reasons mentioned above, but not when you’re with the boys. Alex obviously wasn’t that pissed off either, because he still has Marc on his friend list.

  53. @49(Jonas)
    I agree the writing isn’t the best in the books but I’ll admit I still love them for the humour. Granted the main character annoys the hell out of me and I hate the glittering thing/out in the sun ’cause I’m a stickler for keeping the myths and legends the same. I’ll also say I’m 18 (female), don’t need to re-evaluate my life (I don’t take the books seriously LOL) and thought the prank was hilarious!
    But anyway, I’ll stop taking up everyones time, I’m only a newbie on here after all.

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  55. Bella is the single most insipid character I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading about. Whatever individuality she had in the first five pages, disappears as soon as she meets that pussy Edward. What a joke.

    Go read some Poppy Z. Brite.

    On a side note – absolute GOLD! What a fucking funny night that would have been!

  56. clearly drinking and twilight do not mix. that is why twilight is for 12 year olds. i’m sick of adults taking twilight seriously.

  57. That is, hands-down, the most awesome prank I’ve ever fucking heard of. And if he was stupid enough to go on about how great Twilight is…yeah he sort of asked for it.

    LOL, and back in my day we thought a teabag was humiliation enough!

  58. this is actually fucking funny

  59. This is so win! Alex is a douche, and totally deserved it. Hahaha.

  60. Ikh -
    Good to know there are people who like the books and still understand that they are not the pinnacle of romantic literature. I’ve read all four and can’t stand them, but props to you for being a sane fan.

  61. This is great! Obviously no one deserves something like that just for liking some lame movie but DAMN ITS HILARIOUS.

  62. If you’re a dude and like Twilight then you deserved it. Never read it but it seems like a serious kids book. Not a Harry Potter kids book either(which boys can enjoy). He should be ashamed.

  63. @@@@@@@@@@@@@

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  65. too bad there were no pics!! too funny!

  66. Pure Killin It.

  67. Alex == Gayyyyyyyyyyyyy since he is a guy who thinks Twilight is awesome.

    Marc == Awesome for pulling this prank!

  68. I think WTF AMERICA is actually Alex in disguise…

  69. Woohoo go you fuck heads go!

  70. loved this, haha!

  71. If you love Twilight, this is what you deserve!

  72. Edward looks like a puss from the pics I have seen. I would slap that pale snatch face around. Then him what a man is supposed to look like.

  73. I also notice Twilight is also enjoyed by morbidly obese women in their 20s and up…

  74. All the loser women in the US think its a great novel and wish men could be more like Edward…….I guess they dont understand the word “fiction”.

  75. Twilight sucks ass. He deserved that prank.

  76. I think the punishment was proportional to the crime. Then again, there aren’t any actual werewolves in Twilight.

  77. Good job, Marc! It’s bad enough hearing my 30 year old best friend (who’s not obese, Mike) go on & on about “Twilight”; I can only imagine the physical pain that would be brought on by hearing a dude do the same.
    This “saga” is the most poorly written example of literature I’ve ever seen & the psychotic fans of this series deserve everything they get.
    That said, when does “LOST” premiere again…?

  78. ok, I’m a big fan of Twilight, more so of the books than the movies, but I do admit, this situation with Alex is hilarious. What I don’t appreciate, however, is all this dissing of Twilight, you heartless, cynical fuckers. And I assume you’re probably all guys, too. Figures. And, no, you’re not GAY if you’re a guy who likes Twilight. That term shouldn’t be thrown around so loosely, anyway.

  79. I’m a girl and I hate twilight. IT’s a bunch of shitty acting with ugly people. How can you possibly like watching those movies? I boo every time one of those trailers comes on.

  80. I’m also a girl. I also hate Twilight. I am seriously annoyed by people who can’t shut up about how awesome it is. Marc is my new hero.

  81. hahhahaahah

  82. Also a girl. Also hate twilight.

  83. Sorry, I dont mean to be mad at yall, Im just a raging dike on the rag, and I want to get pregnant by my father, but I cant when I keep swallowing his load, then snowballing it to my mother.

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  85. You need some new “friends”.

  86. @jon:

    No, he does not need new “friends”.
    He needs a new “conversation topic”.

    The End.

  87. Hahaha that is fucking amazing! I’d be quite proud if I had friends like that.

  88. moonchild444 (the real one):

    I assume the reason you like Twilight so much is that you have yet to read a book by a talented writer. Please do so, then rejoin us with your newfound enlightenment.

  89. The Youth Are Sick

    @Zorpheus: HOLLA.

    I’m a girl, I hate Twilight.

    And Moonchild, I’m sure there are guys who like the book — manipulative dicks who are gonna take a page out of Mr. Sparklecock’s Dictionary of Douchery and go after the morons who think that shit is romantic. Worst. Couple. EVER.

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  91. At first i was like.. awww..
    but then i was like.. mf deserves that shit!!! >:D

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  94. hahaha

  95. WIN!

  96. @53: I couldn’t have put it better myself!

    I also enjoyed reading the Twilight series. I accept that it isn’t, by any means, the pinnacle of romantic literature. It’s light, fluffy reading and it’s cute. I’m a 26 year old female, have a boyfriend (who is nothing like Edward but I wouldn’t dump him just because of that! :P ) and I love reading, to the point where I founded a book club. You can’t immediately write off every person who has read and enjoyed Twilight as being an imbecilic moron just because there are a few (or more than a few) out there who are!

    I do think that Twilight has one of the most obsessive fan groups in recent times but then again, what about Beatlemania? I’m sure there were girls in the 60s who were just as annoying as the teenie bopping Twilight fans! It’s fine not to like the series but there’s no need for everyone on here to be making sweeping statements about the entire fanbase.

    All that being said, I think this prank was hilarious! Poor Alex, that’s the risk you take when you get blind drunk. He’d probably do something to one of his friends if he was given half the chance! :P  

  97. *something similar

  98. hands down funniest thing ive seen on lb today

  99. Brilliant. Just genius.

  100. I just fell in love with you Marc

  101. Alex is such a gimp.

  102. How judgmental of all of you. Hardly any mention of the kid committing a crime by drinking underage, yet you go after Twilight like it actually matters. Of course each and every one of you would scream blood murder if someone attacked something YOU enjoyed. What hypocrites.

  103. OWNED!

    ps drinking underage? since that’s new…

  104. Literally the best idea anyone has had!!! ever

  105. John Players Standard

    Werewolves are humanoid beings walking on two legs. The lolwolves in Twilight were just stupid old wolves. Fuck I hate those piece of shit movies.

  106. Actualy i’m a guy who’s read the whole series, it’s quite good actualy, and i’m well versed in literature, to the point where i have a very large personal library, oh and there aren’t any werewolves in twillight, they’re actualy shapeshifters who just happen to change into wolves.

  107. I’ve read the series, too.

    But the fact that you like something as frivolous as Twilight shows your literary qualifications in very poor light, friend.

    If I had the chance, I’d sue Meyer for wasting my time, damn it!

  108. Lovely. Some people just ask for it.

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