Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Turn Your Life All the Way Around



for the full story on this winner click here! (includes video!)

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  1. this guy needs a backhand

  2. This probably goes beyond what you’d call “lame”.

  3. Toss the pervert into a tree shredder.
    In fact, toss the rest of the pedophiles and incest freaks in with him.

  4. This isn’t lame, it’s disturbing.

  5. I don’t think it can get any lamer than this. What a bastard. Brave of the girl and kudos to the mother. At least she has one good parent.

  6. I also, have fallen into Davids dilemma of the 360 degree life turn. Unfortunately nothing happened, and I woke up the next day. I have not, however, been turned down and turned in by my teenage daughter. That would have been a terrible thing to say if I had a teenage daughter.

  7. That ruined my sucky day. I just vomited because of that.

  8. So. Was she hot?

  9. why was he driving to meet her? were they divorced?

  10. Why are the 306 degree story and the incest story linked together?

  11. *360

  12. Why do they call it the Xbox 360?

    Because when you see it, you’ll turn 360 degrees and walk away.

  13. @Boz
    U idiot!!!! if you faced an xbox 360 then turned 360 degrees you’d be facing it again.

  14. @claire
    i saw one of my mates write this and i said the same thing, i mean im not an xbox fan but thats just a retarded attempt at an insult, i dont understand how its circulated, i mean there had to be someone along the line who said, wait a minute, this doesnt work, and not posted it anywhere and it would have stopped… :S lol

  15. Wow. What a fucking scumbag. Jesus. And why the hell does a 13 yr old have a facebook anyway? Sigh…

    People are sick…

  16. I don’t get why parents don’t take the time, to just sit down and make sure their kids aren’t on sites like Facebook and Myspace or any social networking sites until they’re a certain age. It’s lazy parenting. 13 year olds need to be watched over, websites, texts, phone calls. It might piss them off but oh well it’s protecting them from shit like this. Never say it won’t happen to you. I’m sure this girls mother thought the same thing.

  17. haha @Claire… Boz=douche

  18. Is that even the ‘real’ Boz? I usually chuckle at some of boz’s comments but yeah that was lame…

  19. Oh and that fucking creep guy is absolutely disgusting. Castration needs to happen. Seriously.

  20. Agree with Boz’s first post. The paedophile father thing is neither lame nor funny, it’s criminal. I hate it when people bitch about what should and shouldn’t be on here, but in this case I’ll make an exception.

  21. @Carmen, @Sa, actually I would say the opposite about her having a facebook profile. I think this 13-year-old girl showed that she was perfectly capable of being safe on the internet when she went to her mother and police over an online predator, especially since it was her father. The existence of predators on the internet shouldn’t mean she has to stay away from it altogether, as long as she’s careful with personal information and keeps up this kind of vigilant behavior.

  22. Kudos to you JeSuis, that’s a great point.

  23. @Carmen…. Seems her parent was watching over her. A little too closely, I might add.
    Lazy parenting is not teaching your children internet safety.

  24. Sorry to ruin your feelings of superiority Claire & JJ, but the xbox 360 “joke” is an old meme – you just fell hard for a troll cliche.

  25. The XBox 360 comment is a meme, guys. It’s existed since the dawn of the 360. Chill the fuck out.

  26. @Bob
    The word “meme” is also a meme. Whoah! Go write about THAT on your law blog.

  27. Excellent point @JeSuis

  28. This is a post about a father attempting to molest his daughter. And the comments section is discussing the Xbox 360.


  29. @Faux: The keyword there is “attempting.” If he had succeeded, this conversation would probably be a lot different.

    Fathers molest daughters more often than we’d like to think, so in a way this is a triumphant story: daughter is disturbed by father’s behavior, HELPS SET UP A STING, and father gets dragged to jail. I know if I were a victim of child molestation, I’d be reading this story in the same way a Holocaust survivor would watch Inglorious Basterds.

  30. I honestly don’t think this needs to be on this site. I come to lamebook to laugh at stuff when I’m bored. This is a site intended to entertain, and this honestly just made me cry. it’s sick and revolting. and i’m not saying the world shouldn’t know about things like this. yes, we can’t shield our eyes from disgusting things in the world or they won’t be resolved…but honestly, is it really appropriate for lamebook?

    and @JeSuis the mere fact that he didn’t succeed at molesting his daughter does not make this a triumphant story. While it is inspiring that she was able to handle the situation and get him thrown in jail, I’m pretty sure her something like this happening is still very emotionally traumatic. The girl’s not just gonna go merrily on with her life afterwards. She was still abused. Even if he didn’t actually rape her.

  31. String him up in the town square and let natural justice happen.

    ye olde Mrs Lovejoy


    @BOB LOBLAW – love it. “He’s very good!”

    Anybody know what’s going on here? How are David’s status and this heartwarming story of World’s #1 DAD connected?

  33. yeah 13yo’s need to be watched over… wouldnt be an issue if there wasnt dirty ephing scum like the girls father around… maybe its not kids that need to be watched over… this article makes me thinks its the parents…

  34. what a sick fuck.

  35. At first I thought the story was going to be about how the dad hit on some chick, without realizing she was 13 and his daughter. I was very sadly mistaken. What a creep!

  36. Yeah, it would have been a lot funnier if he didn’t realize it was his daughter. Now it’s just disturbing (even for this site).

  37. @JeSuis Yes. However, it is one thing to steer your kids from the internet and it’s another to allow them access to social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook – where creeps tend to attack more. I know my parents would always check up on me when I was online. It’s not about the parent trusting the kid or not, it’s about not trusting the creeps online.

  38. I just wanna make it clear that I’m not blaming the daughter at all. It was just a point that I saw. I think the father is shit.

  39. @ claire- maybe you’d walk away backwards?? :o P

  40. It doesn’t say he turned 360 degrees in the same direction. Maybe he turned 270 degrees clock wise, then 90 degrees anti-clockwise. Then he’d be facing the other way after turning 360 derees. QED.

    PS – I didn’t know a briel could be gay

  41. @Bob Loblaw

    Yeah. There really isn’t anything intelligent or witty you can say about a father pursuing his 13-year-old daughter for sex, so I went with an old dumbass XBox joke instead. I assumed everyone would be familiar with it. Apologies to people who mistook it for a troll.

  42. Law blogs rule. I love law. And Xbox 360.

  43. With the name “Forehand”
    I thought he’d be a wanker
    Not a paedophile.

  44. That bitch straight up pulled a 360 on her dad and told her mom.

  45. I second that Mr Haiku.

  46. Good thing they blot out the names or David (or his parents) may be talking with a lawyer right now about being linked with a pervert for no apparent reason.

    Added to the point that the pervert thing is probably a little too heavy for Lamebook, and it’s mostly Lamebook being lame here I reckon.

  47. So sorry guys. I’m feeling smaller than ever *down there*

  48. Has anyone worked out why these are connected yet?

  49. David is turning his life around and John needs to, that’s the connection.

  50. why do they call it the xbox 360?

    because when you see it, you’ll turn 360 degrees and moonwalk away

  51. @ madison ave

    Actually neither are turning their lives around yet both have to

  52. But still, no-one has answered the really important question posed by Michel.

    Is she hot?

  53. Jesus Ben, read through the comments. Then take a guess as to whether this is one of thoes websites where its deemed ok to laugh at paedos.

  54. @Ben… I smiled. Everyone else needs to get a grip and a sense of humour and not take life so seriously. OH NOES SOMEONE MADE A JOKE ON A SITE THAT’S SUPPOSED TO BRIGHTEN UP MY DAY A BIT, I WONT HAVE THIS

  55. Oh fuck, this is a website where people DON’T think it’s OK to laugh at paedos? Shit, I’d better change my attitude. Shape up, or ship out. Thanks for setting me straight, Roofie.

    Or maybe I won’t change, and I’ll continue exercising my right to free speech in the face of humourless, sour-faced cranks like you.

    How dare I make a joke about something you deem to be taboo? This is the fucking internet, you spaz.

  56. Hey, chill, I thought it was funny. But sometimes its best to go with the mood of the nation.

  57. that is wrong on many levels. and also why does a 13 year old have facebook?

  58. Well, the mood seems to be pretty abhorrent:

    “Toss the pervert into a tree shredder.
    In fact, toss the rest of the pedophiles and incest freaks in with him.”
    “Castration needs to happen. Seriously.”
    “String him up in the town square and let natural justice happen.”

    I think I’ll stick to making silly jokes and hugely over-reacting to people who don’t like it. It’s FUN!

  59. And, even more importantly, why has no-one answered the question?

  60. What’d she say?

  61. If there’s grass on the field, PLAY BALL FUCKERS

  62. Every true gentleman knows that the correct phrase is:

    “If there’s grass on the wicket, it’s time to play cricket”.

    Your crude comment seemed entirely designed to make my monocle fall into my martini.

    The real problem here is the disobedient child. When I was a youngster, we obeyed our parents.

  63. WTF is going on here? Who the fuck is David? What the fuck is juice?

  64. So he’s gonna turn it right back to where it was??

  65. Ew ew ew ew ew.

    That is all.

  66. LOL CoryTrevor

  67. Whoa, CoryTrevor… great name, I wonder how many people get the reference.

    Oh, and Ben, she was very hot. In fact, she could’ve easily passed for 14, which was probably this guy’s defense in court.

    If there’s no grass on the field, play in the mud!

  68. What? She looked FOURTEEN? Way to blow the mood.

  69. @Ben
    Of course throwing pervs into tree shredders is something I laugh at.

  70. The dads A shit but i dont understand how the two stories are connected? Am i just being blonde? Why on earth would anyone ask a minor for sex on such an open site? I always thought peadophiles were highly secretive, especially those that are sick enough to want to molest daughters.

  71. @mcowles
    omg!!! she looked fourteen?!?! holy shit that changes everything.

    anyway it looks like another father is going to the father daughter dance alone again…

  72. I thought social-networking sites were AIMED primarily at teenagers? … wtf? When I was 13 everybody I knew had Myspace or Bebo.

  73. @roofie: Your name is roofie! roofie! A RAPE drug. You can’t possibly be getting on someones case because they made a joke about this story…

    Also, 13? What an old hag.

  74. @Roofie… Any relation to Wally?
    Just curious.

  75. As for turning 360 degrees and walking away from the Xbox they obviously couldn’t resist stepping on it.


  77. @Boz not funny at all :-(

  78. @Heli

    What’s better than fucking a dead baby?


  79. I had hoped this would be obvious, but @78, @76, @47 and @44 are not me.

    I’m still glad this site is anonymous, though.

  80. @79 is also not me…

  81. I want to see what happens to a live baby put in a microwave on high power.

  82. @80

    I am gratified that you think so highly of my posts (or that you assume others do) that it’s worth your while to impersonate me.

  83. Also 82 isn’t me.

  84. @ fake Boz: Anybody who’s spent more than 3 minutes on this site can tell exactly which ones are you and which are the real Boz.

    And anybody who hasn’t, doesn’t care.

    Give up.

  85. I find some of his stuff pretty funny. Well that and new people reacting to it.

  86. I like to suck on cock.

  87. Also, #83 isn’t me.

  88. Also, #84 isn’t me.

  89. Also, #85 isn’t me.

  90. Also, #86 isn’t me.

  91. Also, #87 isn’t me.

  92. LOL I have an internet personality on someone else’s blog.

    A priest and a young boy are walking through the woods late at night. The little boy says:

    “I’m scared.”

    The priest turns to him and says:

    “You think you’re scared? I have to walk back alone.”

  93. this is a sad story. my condolences. Take life as a challenge.

  94. It’s NOT a sad story! It’s hilarious!

    This idiot asked his daughter for sex. On Facebook. And she shopped him to the police. Every element of this story is brilliant!

    “[He] referred to himself as “Bad Daddy”" GOLD!

    Stop being so morbid and serious.

  95. Yeah, the only people that think this story is sad, are those that were rooting for the dad. The daughter won! She might have a few mental scars, due to knowing how sick her dad is, but mental scars are much better than vaginal scars!


  96. Or anal scars.

  97. Like others, I’d like to know how the two are linked.

    I also don’t understand how Lamebook can call him a winner. He’s clearly not.

    ‘for the full story on this winner click here! (includes video!)

  98. It’s clearly meant to be sarcastic (for the full story on this winner…) – do you know the meaning of the word? Basically, Lamebook sarcastically calling him a winner, means they’re really, secretly, calling him a loser. Does that make sense to you now? It’s ok, my mum never got sarcasm either. :)

  99. Who doesn’t fakecent(other than me)?

  100. This just goes to show how disturbed people really are..I mean..
    1. thats just nasty
    2. how stupid can you be leaving documented evidence that you wanted to molest your daughter.


  101. This is literally the most disturbing thing I have ever heard!! The mental disorders people have completely amaze me.

  102. That’s fucking disgusting.

  103. i am not me, but sometimes i am when im really not, so im always me but thats not true cuz im lieing by saying that im me, when im not, but i am.

  104. you forgot to capitalize the “B”
    oh wait, im telling myself that…

  105. Forehand…served?

  106. the comments were better than the sick story…good job Boz…and Boz and that other wannabe Boz

  107. Boz just blew my mind… all 17 or 18 of them… 0.o

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