Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday TypOHs! Part 1

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  1. second

  2. OMG! I want to beat the crap out of Lisa with a dictionary and an encyclopedia.

  3. And WTG Jonathan. I’m liking him.

  4. thurrd

  5. damm i fayled

  6. What the hell does the last one mean?? Not only does she/he? need to learn how to spell, they need to learn how to form a sentence properly!!

  7. Lisa’s is amazing.

  8. There’s been a lot of “2 seconds ago” type posts lately. I think lamebook has become too popular.

    I wonder if anyone is posting something like this, taking a screenshot, and then quickly deleting their comment so that their friends don’t get mad at them for being so condescending?

    I’ve actually thought about doing that to some of the “my daughter won’t stop crying” and “only God knows the plan” and “I can’t take anymore of this!” statuses.

    But then I’d use photoshop to easily change it to say “2 hours ago” instead, so I can pretend I wasn’t the one to send it in.

  9. Sammy needs a swift kick in the head.

  10. @ Fairy: I think it’s supposed to be three separate sentences. Typical UK retarded slut who can’t spell for shit but gives head like it’s going out of fashion.

  11. Not only did Jonathan submit this himself but he can’t spell “cant”, yet Sarah can. Ouch.

    By the way, making a typo doesn’t mean you can’t spell, it means you clicked the wrong key.

  12. @ Fairy: it says
    I like ‘suck yourself’ and ‘don’t wanna go to sleep’ [songs by N-Dubz, a british uhh.. 'band'] they’re all well good though. Dappy’s [lead singer] sexy man what’s his real name, i really wanna know

  13. @ cajas. Thanks, man. Makes some sense now.

  14. Did anyone else notice lisa signing her name as “monolisa?” Do people advertise having mono these days?

  15. This is for Will (5th picture):


  16. I don’t get whats wrong with Sarah’s post.

  17. I think the worst part about this post is that the girl COULD have been named “Kamryn” WTF kind of name is that?

  18. @rosin
    Families not famlies… Although I think the typos and incorrect spelling are lame lamebook entries… Unless the wrong spelling has another meaning… Just tired of the grammer and spelling police… Fk’n losers

  19. lisa, lisa, lisa…

  20. slimjayz the lameness of it was he fact that she was saying that you can’t spell families without lies – she was indicating the spelling.
    However – spellig things correctly doesn’t make someone a loser.
    Besides, we prefer “Nazis” not police…

  21. I dont think spelling* ;) things correct makes someone a loser… It is correcting others spelling in a casual setting… These are facebook status updates not term papers or reports for your boss

  22. @HuggyHugs that made me lol :D

  23. @slimjayz (18):


  24. my guess was the last one was saying she liked 2 song names.

    anyway lamebook has got so boring lately very samey.

    (hopefully i won’t get picked up on ‘samey’ not being a real word..)

  25. @Stretch

    Go fuck yourself. You and the rest of the grammar Nazis are nothing more than a bunch of pedantic bitches. You’re not the only ones that notice poor usage or incorrect spelling of words but this is fucking Lamebook. How many people do you think came to Lamebook with the intent of getting educated on English grammar? You have nothing meaningful to add to the conversation so why not just stfu.

  26. Incorrect spelling and grammar is just another form of failure. Deal with it.

  27. Haha I love the two words one!! I’ve uploaded stuff on here but it hasn’t been put on…must not have had spelling mistakes or something to do with God in it. Oh well.

  28. I like “Suck yourself” and “I don’t wanna go to sleep”. They’re all good though. Sexy Dappy man, what is his real name? I really want to know.

    She’s a typical N-Dubz fan, but really Dappy looks like some sort of demented chipmunk, hardly sexy.

  29. @ Rach, totally agree with you there…I really don’t see the attraction myself!

  30. LAME!

  31. @ notaNazi

    Merely pointing out the irony that a post bitching about the “grammer and spelling police” was itself begging to be corrected by one of them. You obviously didn’t catch the intent of my post. However, feel free to go fuck your mother, you whiny piece of shit.

  32. hootie the blowfish

    There’s nothing ironic about a typo by a person saying typos aren’t a big deal.

  33. @BringYourOwnSun

    You are an idiot… It is only a failure if you are trying to be correct… Facebook is casual… This is like saying someone fails at dressing properly because they went to the grocery store in jeans and a t-shirt and not a suit and tie… They werent going to the country club or a job interview… They are at a grocery store… So it is not a spelling fail when you update your facebook and arent trying to use proper grammar or spelling

    Now a spelling fail/typo fail would be at my last company where a memo was not proofread and instead of saying ‘stupid beyond reason’ it said ‘stupid out of season’… You get it now? no?… Well thats cuz you are an idiot… Go ahead, correct my spelling of cuz… You know you want to

  34. Poor Lisa. I hope she recovers from all the mono.

  35. slimjayz, you do realise that repeatedly calling someone an idiot when they’ve not done anything stupid (unlike yourself) just makes yourself looks stupid, right?

  36. @slimjayz


  37. Oh noes… Marc thinks I’m the stoopid!!! And he is an idiot… Its nice to see fellow idiots stick together… I didnt realize just how many people out there dont understand the concept of casual versus professional situations.

  38. Oh and Marc… You do realize that realise is spelled with a z, right? haha… fk’n idiot

  39. Not in the UK it isn’t … check the OED.

  40. Sherrie is mad dumb!

  41. RainbowGirl, you beat me to it!!!

    I was going to tear into that self-righteous ass.

    Oh well.

  42. actually slimjayz….

    marc is right realise can be spelt like ‘realise’ but it can also be spelt as ‘realize’ i always knew it as realise myself though.

  43. Depends which side of the pond you’re on… obviously, as the UK is the home of English, ‘realise’ is correct ;-)

  44. Yeah seriously shut the fuck up “slimjayz”. Realise is correct.
    On another note, I cannot for the life of me figure out what that girl is trying to say on the last one.

  45. Rainbow Girl is right, but the OED is *not* the source to check as it will list the -ize variant first. It has its own system, known as the Oxford system, which is a bit different from both the system used in America and the system commonly used in the UK. Other dictionaries will do it the other way though. (And in a technical sense, there is no clearly defined standard, we only follow various dictionaries by convention but not a single one of them has authority)

  46. Thats an excellent point about the spelling of realize… But you all must realize one thing… fuk the UK… Only good things to come from there are Americans ;)

  47. yes your right steve i was gonna type that then couldn’t be bothered lol :P

  48. obviously I’m on the english side of the pond :S

  49. See right there Finlay… Thats exactly why spelling and grammar nazis are a bunch of bitch… Not calling you that… Just your info shows how complex and dynamic language and communication are… So to correct people on it in a casual setting is lame… Thats all my point is… And its a damn good point if you can seperate the arguement from the asshole making the arguement

  50. slimjayz stop being so rude. You have no manners at all.

  51. *That’s

  52. Ah, fair enough – I don’t have access to the online OED since I left uni, so I couldn’t check. :(

    I do think correct spelling and grammar is a habit though, not something you just turn ‘on’ in professional situations and ‘off’ in casual ones. If that’s what most people are doing, that’s quite sad. Surely the amount of attention, good and bad, that misspelt posts draw on Lamebook is itself proof that inaccurate (especially grossly inaccurate!) spelling and grammar is worthy of scorn, and of entertainment value to those who bothered learning to do things properly?

    Of course, I make no associations between laziness and American stereotypes … ;)

  53. (Ha, thanks Steve … I wondered whether to point those out …)

  54. same but I thought that would be pushing it after what i said. lol

  55. Thank you Will!

  56. Oh sorry for being rude suzie (Fk that UK spelling of susie)

    Instead I will do what everyone else does

    January 19th, 2010 at 3:25 pm
    yes your right steve i was gonna type that then couldn’t be bothered lol

    Its you’re not your… And thats not improperly spelled, you used the wrong word… Wow you are soooo stupid and should be put on lamebook to be mocked… just saying

  57. lol

  58. your so childish.

  59. *you are

  60. OMG are you for real slimjayz???
    Like really show me one person any where who could actually spell right. Not even a spelling teacher can spell right with out looking in a book.

  61. None of you have anything better to do? Really?

  62. Honestly gr_on23 no I have no life and you must not either to have posted yourself??

  63. All this tomfoolery made me actually miss a decent post… Rainbow girl… I don’t know how it is in the UK… Here in the US in my generation we do not value spelling and grammar in casual situations and often not even in professional situations… And when something needs to be professional we proofread it and spell check it. With virtual meetings, IM on my computer and a phone next to me I am in constant communication with coworkers and spelling and grammar are the last things on my mind… I just want to know the facts and data… Often time I am dealing with foreigners… On a daily basis I deal with people from India, Japan and Vietnam… You think their spelling and grammar are perfect? No, but it doesn’t matter as long as we successfully relay our points.

    Now obviously some mistakes are funny… But those are the exceptions and not the rules… Now I understand that the UK is a bit more uptight when it comes to etiquette, but at some point someone has to ask why… Why does it matter how I say something as long as my audience understands what I am communicating

  64. no nothing better to do, I am avoiding work

  65. @37:

    Nice to see you’re determined: you get told you just make yourself look daft with you’re “ur an idiot lol!” arguments, so you carry on. I see your reasoning, if you’ve already made yourself look like a moron you may as well carry on, amirite? Then you try to be a grammar nazi yourself and fail to an epic extent ^^

    By the way, it’s not just people in the UK who spell it ‘realise’. It’s pretty much everywhere in the world where people speak English. It’s not that language is dynamic, people like you just can’t spell.

  66. @Aveldessa

    Thanks for reading all the arguments before jumping in. We are in agreement and I was just being an ass to those who defending grammar nazis. Glad to know those on my side are idiots also :facepalm:

  67. For what it’s worth, I agree with Rainbowgirl’s post above. It’s about habit. I’m a writer and it would be harder work for me to attempt to spell things incorrectly than to do it properly.

    Seeing the language being butchered – or reduced to nonsense as with illiterate ‘Lisa’ above – just grates. That’s all.

    They’re just buttons on a keyboard, why not just press the right ones…?

  68. Um am not on your side slimjayz sorry to have burst that bubble.

  69. Its Mark, not Marc… You non-Americans just cant get anything right

    I cant spell… Thats why I use spell check… Language is not a logical system… It is dynamic and there are exceptions to everything… I’m an engineer and have a brain built for math, mechanics and big picture thinking… Not for i before e except after c except in the cases of neighbor and weigh… I mean seriously… Thats exceptions to exceptions type shit and exactly why learning to spell is the most over rated ability in the world

  70. actually some people have their name spelt as marc not necessarily everyone’s names are spelt the same.

  71. shopping is only one word

  72. Am a American, and you are starting to sound um racist to me with all this non-Americans talk of yours.
    This whole post reminds me of the annoying e-mail forward people pass around:::

    I cnduo’t bvleiee taht I culod aulaclty uesdtannrd waht I was rdnaieg. Unisg the icndeblire pweor of the hmuan mnid, aocdcrnig to rseecrah at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno’t mttaer in waht oderr the lterets in a wrod are, the olny irpoamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rhgit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whoutit a pboerlm. Tihs is bucseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey ltteer by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Aaznmig, huh? Yaeh and I awlyas tghhuot slelinpg was ipmorantt! See if yuor fdreins can raed tihs too.

    Which um goes to show that it doesn’t matter how you spell or how smart you think you are….It’s been proven that you don’t have to spell correct for people to understand you.

  73. that because he is racist. =)

  74. It’s definitely not racist, but it is something. Perhaps..ignorant?

    I don’t have a brain built for math and yet I’m still expected to know 2+2. Likewise, you should know how to spell basic things. If anything, being on the Internet should help you; just Google it..geeze.

  75. “Here in the US in my generation we do not value spelling and grammar in casual situations and often not even in professional situations…”

    Speak for yourself, slimjayz. Educated Americans use proper English.

  76. @ Slimjayz: What point are you trying to get across? One minute you’re saying that you hate it when people correct other people’s spelling, then you start correcting other people’s spelling, then you start going on about how great America is and basically saying only good things come out of America and if you’re not American you’re not worth shit.
    What is it you’re trying to say, or want us to say?

    And don’t say things like “in America we don’t care about spelling and grammar in professional situations” because that’s just silly and generalises an entire country. I’ve never seen a President do an address like: “OMG Amezica is da BOMB! WOO!! We sooooo awzum! I lyk tottally luv this cuntry!”

    @ Aveldessa: It’s not racism, America isn’t a race. And you might want to read what’s actually being written, not just make assumptions. Also, that little experiment proves that as long as you have to right letters, even if they’re not in the right order, you can read it. As you may have noticed, these posts don’t have the right letters, they in fact don’t even resemble the English language.

  77. @72 Aveldessa

    If Sammy had typed her message like that I would’ve had NO problem understanding it. Actually it was a lot clearer than some of the posts on here. Pehrpas we sholud wrtie lkie tihs all the tmie!

  78. At the risk of labouring a point, I think Slimjayz (couldn’t help capitalising it – sorry!) has a good point. Non-standard spelling and grammar, which I won’t call ‘incorrect’ but which deviates from that propounded by the dictionary, is a feature of our generation – not of the US, or the UK, or any other country. The fact that ours is the Facebook generation simply accounts for the sudden widespread usage of this type of language.

    I’ll admit I’m a spelling/grammar pedant – which is more hassle than it’s worth! – and ‘correct’ spelling, phrasing and punctuation is built into my character. I learnt how to do it at school and I’ve never forgotten. I even studied English to degree level, so it’s pretty deeply ingrained! However, we’ve stumbled across the interesting point that this sort of linguistic behaviour is no longer routinely ingrained; it really IS something that we see as appropriate in certain social situations, and out of place in others. The question is, is it a bad thing that so much ‘incorrect’ language is being bandied about on the internet, or should we just be grateful that groups of people whose intellect, social status, lifestyle or interests would previously have restricted them to verbal communication are now turning to the written word?

    The increasing tolerance, and even validation, of non-standard spelling and grammar is something we’re going to have to accept, however reluctantly. Eventually text-speak and other common misspellings (e.g. definitely as ‘definately’) will become standard alternatives. This will annoy people like me (and possibly Steve!), but language is a utilitarian system, and the language of the masses will win out.

    Sorry for the lecture, guys! *hides in shame* I am a nerd.

  79. @Cowley… Great… You know 2+2 and I know how to spell most basic words… And the funny thing is when I saw dude spell realize with a ‘s’ it just looked wrong… I typed it in Word with the ‘s’ and it auto corrected to a ‘z’… So I did essentially look it up… I do stand corrected as I often will on spelling… But I didnt type blindly

    Also I am not racist or ignorant… I am an argumentive ass… I make jokes that are not always appropriate… But I am here to entertain me while my computer systems exchange data not entertain you folks

    And finally… I am not defending the kind of writing like sammy… Some go out of their way to spell incorrectly… I dont understand it, but I dont waste my time correcting it (As you have seen correcting spelling isnt my thing, lol)… Its just a generational thing… Texting, facebook, forums and twitter are changing communication… And in that free form communication grammar and spelling are not important… So to correct or hate on those that arent perfect is just being a stuck up jerk

  80. You referred to those who appreciate the English language as “grammer & spelling police” aka “fucking losers.” If you don’t want to be corrected or hated on, don’t hate on other people.

  81. Its ok to be a nerd Rainbow… I’m a nerd myself… Just about different things… Maybe in this crazy world an UK word nerd and an American math and sports dork can get along, lol

  82. jb565246… I didnt refer to those who appreciate the english language as anything… I refered to those that correct and hate on the facebook generation as fucking losers… Its like music… Love and enjoy your music, but you dont need to rag on other kinds

    BTW I am an educated American and I dont always use proper english… And I’m willing to bet you are older than I and not part of my generation :)

  83. Yay! *basks in nerdiness*

    By the way, was it me or Jb565246 who you thought was older than you? I’m 22 … :)

  84. You know.. we grammar nazis don’t need everything “perfect” (it would be nice, but we know it’ll never happen).. but what really gets our black blood boiling is the blatant butchering of the spelling of nearly every single word that the subject types :P

    Case in point.. Sammy! *seethe*

  85. @slimjays-

    I’m 21.

  86. Aveldessa, I hope you can see the difference between my participation and the rest of this. It’s not so much that people are arguing over this (although it seems to be a silly argument, but that’s just my opinion. No big deal.)… it’s more that it is the SAME argument (often by the same people) on what seems like every single post on this site. It’s just silly.

    On top of that, yes, I realize that my skimming through the comments is also a waste of time, but I’ve looked twice today out of curiosity to see if people are still arguing. Some people have checked back and responded multiple times over the course of almost 8 hours. So I wonder if they have anything better to do. If not, good for them. I was just observing.

    That is all.

  87. Wouldn’t it be nice if RainbowGirl and Slimjayz got together after this? I think that would be nice.

  88. @HuggyHugs. Thank you, that was what disturbed me the most about Lisa’s post, why would she call herself monolisa?!

  89. Um Kiwigirl… It’s really possible that her real name is Monolisa and she goes by Lisa for short.

    Or, Lisa is a Hoe that catches Mononucleosis a lot.

    Or, she’s retarded and is trying to be like the Mona Lisa, a very famous painting my Leonardo da Vinci. Only she’s stupid and spelled it wrong. She obviously can’t spell anything else.

  90. *by

  91. Slimjayz,
    I believe I said you were an ass :P
    But yes, I understand what you’re saying. However, I will say that when I text (for example) I do nt txt lik dis. I actually text with correct punctuation and grammar. And on the Internet for the most part I use correct grammar and punctuation. But it is extremely annoying when people feel the need to correct simple typos constantly.

  92. When I read something, I like to be able to comprehend it the first time. I don’t like having to re-read two sentences in four word sections trying to decipher what is being said. Secondly, if you are posting on Facebook, you have the time to spell actual words. Grammar Nazis rule, DiPzichx thek knt spl druel.

  93. is it lame that i just searched facebook for that application that rated sherrie’s name?

    i couldn’t find it…

  94. GrammaticalErrors

    @ elle em……this is lamer…i have done it http://apps.facebook.com/parentoriginality/

    There you go….i’m slinking away in shame now!

  95. Elle em, it IS lame, but not as lame as the application itself. Everyone gets a B+, except for the really popular names (Jessica, Ashley, etc) which tend to get Fs.

    Here’s the page:

  96. I already took it.. haha A+… here you go in case you’re still looking.. http://apps.facebook.com/parentoriginality/

  97. assuming the people who correct other folk’s spelling are not family, why would they be friends with people (mostly females – just an observation) who clearly type like a fucking retard

  98. lol @ jb… I am married… Im an ass and we are the first guys women swoop up

    @ rainbow… Yes it was jb591333 I thought was older… I was not correct… I expected worst grammar out of a 21 year old american, can you blame me… I am older than you both at 32

  99. lol @slimjayz first of all I agree, casual places are not meant to be stuffy, hence the fact that they are casual. There are always two very distinct pools of thought on the grammar/spelling/syntax issue here on lamebook. It is a debate that rages on with no end in sight. I perefer to stay the heck out of it.

    BTW, I respect the fact that you know you are an ass, freely own it (as does my own ass, er hubby) and that it helped you snare a wife. You are 100% correct, for certain women, myself included, assholes attract women like shit attracts flies.

  100. prefer, lol, lest the typo nazis, notice.

  101. :) @ yaya I’m also glad to actually hear a gal admit they like the asses… I still remember when I started dating my wife all her friends told her I was an ass and couldnt believe she was dating me, lol

  102. *what’s

  103. You forgot “all”

  104. Is Sammy’s language called Cockneybonics?

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