Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesday TypOHs!






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  1. first time as first

    and yes i have some doughts

  2. Oh Chelle – god bless you

  3. Oh, the irony of James’ status update…

  4. When you can’t spell? lol

  5. Haha, James’ is amazing

  6. What a wonderfull bond between Chay and Jenni

  7. Can someone please tell me, what is FRCC and what is ‘doughts’ supposed to mean?

  8. I like Randy.

    Front Range Community College

  9. I’m guessing FRCC is: http://www.eastchance.com/uni.asp?id=1546 and ‘doughts’… is open for interpretation.

    Chelle’s typo is so good, given her last sentence haha.

  10. @ Lizzle

    I’m guessing FRCC is some sort of community college and “doughts” was supposed to be “doubts.” Acceptance to community college is not a shoulder-brush-off-worthy accomplishment.

  11. Chelle’s typo is something truly wonderful.

    By the way, I’m Italian, so English is not my first language. Looking at this kind of mistreatment of your language is, in a way, really flattering (“see, I can spell better than ALL these people”). On the other hand, it makes me sad to think that they vote, drive around, and breed. The last thought is more on the scary side, actually.

  12. Jenni has failed as a parent on a number of different levels.

  13. With a name like Qudrat, I’d want to kill myself too.

  14. take me away allah?? you should be capable of doing it yourself with a bomb strapped to your waist, just make sure you run around doing that classic arab war cry before

  15. dear Qudrat

    please shoot yourself in the face … but do it in the bathtub for easy cleanup.


    the world that hates you

  16. @ draeggs,

  17. Thank God Jadyn didn’t cater to the attention whore, Qudrat

  18. one less terrorist piece of shit delaying my flight time

  19. if only we could get all americans to off themselves, not only would we have nobody delaying our flights, we might even have world peace… one can dream…

  20. Thank you jordan spring and the rest of you fucking losers for reminding me why I should stop frequenting sites like these. Enough with your religious stereotypes and accusations. Open your eyes and realize that it is the stigmatizing persecution that people like you promote, which only propel wars and negativity.

  21. @kal, qudrat(kudret)means “strength”, “Power” better than “dick” isnt it?

  22. What kind of child tells her own mum “fu”?

  23. Even now if I said that to my mum she would tech me a lesson I would never forgot

  24. Jadyn made me wet my pants a little

  25. I hope Chelle’s post was a typo..

  26. @)Elizabeth: One that needs a slap in the mouth.

  27. @ popcorn: Just logged in to say that. Thanks.

    @ jordan springs and urmomsbox: Really, guys? popcorn is right, you’re both pieces of shit. You have shown your lack of intellect and education by latching onto a religious stereotype when CLEARLY that stereotype does not come into play. This isn’t like when you make fun of people for playing into stereotypes, you’re just jumping on top of one because, well. Neither of you is intelligent or creative enough to think of anything other than the most base thing to say. So you’re not really making him look like a “terrorist piece of shit”, you’re making yourselves look like morons who can’t think of anything better to say. It’s like when movies resort to fart jokes to make me laugh. It doesn’t. It shows desperation and a lack of creativity on the part of the writers.

  28. I totally thought James was trying to say “doughnuts” at first. And if Chelle needs a buddy, I’ll go to the gyn with her!

  29. @ LittleBit: That was my first thought too, I was wondering where the hell donuts/doughnuts came in to play

  30. @ hollymar
    Righteous rant… zzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Try to keep it short

    As for Chay- can we produce some special kind of venom for such an accomplished brat

  31. Great..now I am craving Krispy Kremes.

  32. By the fuck, Chay is just awesome, just above where they type is the world correctly and she still spells it wrong. What a douche!

    I would make a mess with Mandy, major lulz for her and me.

    Randy ftw as well. So much that is good and bad in the world in one go.

  33. I’m thinking Jenni isn’t really Chay’s mom. Maybe it’s like when a friend tells you to stop staying up so late all the time because it’s bad for your health, and you answer “yes, mom” a bit sarcastically.

    That said, it seems Chay does need a bit of “teching.”

  34. RE: Chelle’s post — I noticed she used a mobile app to update her status. On my iPhone, the auto-correct is notorious for changing “gym” to “gyn” for some reason, and it’s extremely annoying. So her post is more a fail on the technology than her spelling.

  35. Why is he so stoked on getting “accepted” into FRCC? To my knowledge, that’s a chain community college in Colorado…meaning there is no acception??

  36. @ Zoned: Judging from the rest of the post, I’d guess he’s just not that educated on how things work. I mean, he had to apply, you have to apply to ANY college. And I guess he doesn’t know enough to know that the application is just a technicality. What I mean is, he’s a dumbass.

  37. Very true, hollymar. I guess it was a rhetorical question in my own daze of confusion at how stupid some are (the whole brushing of the shoulder thing).

  38. Mandy rocks. And she even has a normal name. Strange

  39. Chelle needs to change her gyn if she’s worried about walking the next day. He must be a bit rough with his examinations

  40. Oh please. I’m from Belgium and I spell better English!

  41. “waah look at me i’m Pepijn and all I ever post is how I can spell better than everyone else”

  42. posty mcposterson

    I am wondering why one would choose to give a speech on morality and such on Lamebook. I say, if you don’t like what people are saying, log off. That is my 2 cents…. carry on….

  43. @sensible madness-Hell yeah Jenni failed miserably as a parent. If that were my kid, typing those words would have been the last things his fingers (or he) ever did! And what the hell kind of name is Chay?

  44. I think Chay’s mother needs to punch him in the throat…repeatedly.

  45. I was planning on having either Krispy Kreme’s or Big Apple’s tomorrow too..

    Hey, no mocking dancers, Randy! Electric Six’s not gonna be happy hearing that, that they might not sing a song about you anymore!

  46. Haha people misspelling stuff is HILARIOUS look look i’ll do it now!


    This shit is harder than it looks ain’t it?

  47. It’s funny when they’re swearing at someone and calling them dumb, or they’re trying to make out how oh-so-clever they are, but when someone just makes a general spelling mistake and someone else corrects it and that’s the entire post… that’s just lame.

  48. Qudrat, I am pretty sure that’s Calgon, not Allah that is known for taking folks away from their troubles. Allah is probably a bit busy to be doing double duty as a bath product.

    and Chelle, I hope that was a typo, if not, get a new gyno hun, it ain’t s’posed to hurt.

  49. Qudrat, I’m sure Al Queda can take care of your problem with a strap-on bomb vest! When you pull that trigger, you’ll take yourself and a few others to the promise land! Yay for religion!


  50. HAHA jadyn i cant stop laughing about that one –

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