Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday TypOHS!






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  1. Dean- ugh… you’re retarded.

    Eman- since when is ‘threw’ and ‘through’ the same thing?- Botard

    Andre- WTF?

    Tawera- Even in the lowest category of idiots you just Mega Failed.

    Nick- Do you really need to ask that question?…

  2. Best raper ftw!

  3. Standing ovation as I stare at our future.

  4. Tawera seems awfully acquainted with the word ‘impregnated’ since its practically the only word she spelled correctly.

  5. Tawera’s post could most certainly win the Pulitzer Prize. I hope she is nominated this year.

  6. Eman: Lesson commences:
    “I see you through the window.”
    “I threw you out the window.”
    Now both in the same sentence: “I threw you through the window again.”
    Repeat with actions until the difference sinks in.

  7. Nick. I feela for you bro – I hated having to rite essays about that Anna Lytical when I was at scool – some of the stuff she sais is realy stupd!

  8. Yes Tawera.. babies do gottah come outtah the ass

  9. You push babies out your ass? No wonder I had such a hard time having my kids. I was doing it wrong. Wow glad someone as edumacated like Tawera is around to sets the young’uns straight.

  10. Who gives out the award for Best Raper In Town?

  11. Thesaurapist 13F- You Rock

  12. @spicy boughner:

    tawera told andre he was the best rapist, duh.

    he must have fucked her up the ass, because she seems to think that’s where the baby will come out.

  13. Anyone notice the last post has facebook settings set to l337?

  14. not quite the ass tawera, but alrightt

  15. Oh god, Tawera is a Maori name, meaning she’s most likely from NZ. She’s bringing our entire country into disrepute goddamnit!

  16. The Scarlet Pimple

    Why ARE there even “l337″ settings?

  17. Yesss because it’s all the guys fault both of your dumb asses didn’t use a condom and ended up with a baby you don’t need or want. Birth control. Required abortions please.

  18. #6 & 7
    Thesaurapist for Mayor!!

    Babies DO come out of your ass. how else do you explain how they LOOK?

    Dean seems to have spent some time with something other than “knowlage” in his hands.

  19. See guys, having anal sex with your girl will get her prego. It just comes out the other way.

  20. #19. Oh CRAP!!

  21. #20. Oh? (FAP!)

  22. lostintranslation

    Nick: Yes, yes you do.
    Tawera: So *that’s* where babies come from? I’d always wondered! Please don’t procreate. Ever.

  23. lostintranslation

    Oh, and Dean’s use of commas – legendary!

  24. Tawera: You think guys have it easy? You have been allowed to get through life without being able (or willing) to spell the word “all” correctly. I’m sure there are people that will have sex with you even though you cannot spell “all” correctly. As a guy, in order to impress stupid whores like you, I have to have money. That requires me to be intelligent enough to spell the word “all” correctly.

    Your mom should have flushed you.

  25. Tawera thinks babies come out of ladies asses?? Hmmm, someone should probably sit her down one day soon and give her the proper explanation of where babies come from

  26. Why is the rest of Tawera’s post in 1337$p3@k?

    Is that a language to choose from on Facebook, or is that faked?

  27. I wonder if Tawera is actually female? I ask this because that person whinges like one, but doesn’t know the anatomy in question.

    1 and 2 are hilarious.

    So if Rappers are now rapers, does that mean the R&B is now Raping Bums?

    @Kracken Skulls: Fucking Hilarious man!

  28. I have lost all hope in the educational system. :(

  29. I will honestly beat my children if I ever see them type like that. I also refuse to allow my kids to grow up to be this retarded.

  30. Who gives out the “Best Rapist Ever” award? Is that part of the VMAs now?

  31. @Dr. Hymen: I would say maybe the award would presented by Jeffey Dahmer, but i hear he kicked the bucket. Maybe a catholic priest instead?

  32. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    There’s actually a forum written lik3 th1s?! Honestly, Tawera needs to be put out of our misery

  33. Yes Nick ,dear , you do…

  34. Tawera sounds like a kiwi name, I thought we were staying off this site but I guess Cannons Creek and South Aucklanders have to discover the internet at some point. God damn you Tawera

  35. Eman is a total moron. I hate it when someone spells or pronounces something incorrectly and, when corrected by someone, claims they’re the same thing. GAH!! If every word meant the same thing, we’d only have ONE WORD!! Something has got to be done about these idiots; like George Carlin said, “It’s time to start thinning the herd.”

  36. @CaptYossarian: Maybe we can all live in hope that tragedy (thinning the heard) will be a reality in 2012.

  37. #17 give the poor girl a break. She has no understanding of the female anatomy, how the fuck is she going to get her grey cells around birth control? She probably can’t even spell condom let alone work out how you use it.

  38. cocknose. If she is a kiwi like I think, then she probably knows exactly how to use one, we train our hookers to use them.

  39. I hope to god you’re right. Just imagine if it breeds…

  40. They do breed, but the offspring never move from the original slum, except for jail so we have nothing to fear. I know all this because I live in one of the slums. Gang war is always so interesting. It kinda proves Darwin right.

  41. Or wrong. Darwin theorised that we had all evolved. Aha! There’s nothing wrong with the bitch after all, she’s just a hideously mutated freak.

  42. Mike is my favorite.

  43. Apparently Tawera doesn’t know where babies come from…
    and wtf kind of name is Tawera anyway?

  44. Interesting… Have you not read the comments. Tawera is a Maori name, from New Zealand

  45. Eman’s parents are to blame…notice his name spelt backwards is….NAME? No wonder he doesn’t care that its spelt wrong. He has bigger things to worry about.

    And Tawera, on top of shittin’ out babies, it also “pisses the shit outah me!” WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR SPHINCTER?!?!

  46. #36 Insane – I always feel horribly guilty and heartless when I think that, but I’m happy I’m not the only one. And judging by your posts, you’re intelligent too. So, thanks for inadvertently making me feel better!

  47. Bayby come out from the ass ??????? i thought baby come from the sky like super man

  48. What? You mean you can’t order babies from Amazon?! What a gip!

  49. Tawera: Ka pai, you´re an idiot
    Andre: The biggest idiot.

  50. i love mikes final comment , you can almost hear the sighing sound he makes when shrudding his shoulders realising some people are just lost

    And i really hope to meet Tawera in person. Or better i d like to meet the guy that convinced her that he’d get her pregnant by gving it to her in her ass, must have been hard for the dude to stop himself from bursting out in laughter

  51. ow yeah , and she reckons that her parents finding out is a lot worse than being a single mom without an education

    She must have horrible parents , ultra religious maybe ? That would explain about the gap in her biology knowledge.

  52. @46 Bry: Thanks for the pick me up! It is nice to know my comical thought actually held real meaning to someone and in a round about way made them feel better too. I have my doubts about what 2012 has in store for the planet Earth. But one thing i am sure of is that we as the Human race have over populated this planet. As a result more Humans are being born faster than what natural disasters can balance the numbers out. I believe for that reason we are fucked. I wouldn’t say exclusively 2012, but somewhere down the track definitely.

  53. #’s 35, 36, 46 & 52
    Human mitochondrial DNA evidence suggests there may have been a MASSIVE die-back (to a global population numbered in the low thousands) probably around the time the Yellowstone caldera last opened. It pops every 600000yrs or so (if I remember the details right) and it’s thought to be overdue now.
    Personally I’m hoping 2012 will turn out to be the “Whole New Ballgame” scenario rather than The Apocalypse – but I’d settle for it just signifying the Mayans need to work on a new calender . . .

    Anyhoo, that’s a bit of a digression – and here’s another.
    The origin of Tawera’s name puts me in mind of a quote from the *excellent* Maori movie “Once Were Warriors”

    Grace Heke: Why’s everything so black, Toot?
    Toot: Dunno – maybe cos we’re all bloody Maoris!

  54. calendar

  55. insert clever name here

    @50 shrudding…?

  56. @ #53. ‘die-back’? DO you mean a natural killing off? I’m sorry but that phrase alone has made it difficult for me to follow your statement. Two theories I have heard of is: ‘the world is going to end’ and ‘a major natural disaster will create a new beginning’. Last I heard no-one knows for sure whether the Mayan calendar means death to man-kind, or a new beginning. Either way someone needs to them up and ask them what the fuck they were thinking!

    “Attention restaurant customers! Testicles! That is all!”.

  57. What? No, no, they know for sure. 2012 haa little more significance than changing from December back to January. It’s like shitting your pants every new year… Okay, it’s like shitting your pants every new year for reasons unrelated to massive intoxication. The only thing that’s supposed to be special is the changing from the last elemental age, fire, to the new one, aether, or spirit. Does that mean we’ll all leave our bodies and become beings of pure energy? I don’t know, has mankind been on fire the past few thousand years?

  58. @anus have u evar heard of it getting out of the belly from surgery

  59. @Mirai Suenaga

    It’s called ‘Caesarean (American:Cesarean) section’ or ‘C section’ for short.

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