Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday TypOhs!




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  1. Taylor… I’ve got news for you buddy, how about you learn to spell before you make any more comments about spelling. Or grammar. Actually, stop talking all together…

  2. How about the bitch who says you’re? What did she think the ‘re was supposed to stand for there? What a cunt.

  3. @Gatorugger maybe you’re being sarcastic and it’s lost in translation, but the second “your” should be “you’re”. Douche.

  4. Wow @Gatorugger. Fail.

  5. Actually Tony is right. Briana is being a douche
    You’re is short for “you are”
    why would Tony want to say “You are eyes pierce…”

  6. Um… You guys do realize that he was making those spelling errors on purpose to mock the mistakes in the “test” don’t you?

  7. oh the second “your” is wrong
    i fail

  8. Seriously?! Folks, the “you’re” is correcting the second “your” in the sentence.
    It can read “even when YOU ARE not around.”

    Briana is right.

    Some of you should be feeling some embarrassment right now.

  9. i ate a big red candle

  10. I’m CONSTANTLY wanting to correct people for spelling “you’re” as “your”, but then I would pretty much be doing it all the time. About 2% of the people I know get it right.

  11. @Brandon no.

  12. Did you poop it out yet?

  13. I ate a box of crayons.

  14. #3 is right, I believe she was correcting the second “your,” and was correct in doing so.

  15. Also, I love to eat filthy, shitty bumholes.

  16. Yes, I don’t get the difficulty. You’re goes where “you are” makes sense. Your is possession. I also find there/their/they’re incredibly easy, same with to/too (which even my brother doesn’t fully understand for some reason–he’s very smart). My little sister can’t figure out where/wear/were, despite the last one being pronounced differently.

    What I have problems with is who/whom. I’ve looked it up a million times and I seriously still don’t understand when to use whom. Sometimes it sounds like I should use it when I’m writing, so then I just change the sentence so who/whom isn’t in it anymore. Problem solved.

    Though, I admit, sometimes when I’m typing really quickly “your” finagles its way where “you’re” should be. I definitely know the difference, it just slips in. I catch it most the time, but 90 % of the population use it incorrectly, so I immediately get embarrassed. I don’t want anyone to think I’m a part of them.

  17. I like turtles!

  18. Cool story.

  19. i loled a little at Carl.

  20. Taylor pays for tests? Because otherwise, “reimbursed” is a weird word choice.

  21. There is nothing funny about these typos. They’re ten a penny on Facebook. Try harder, Lamebook.

  22. Why is reimbursed a strange choice of word? It means to be repaid.

  23. Yeah…and who gets repaid for tests? That’s kinda the point.

  24. Do you pay to take your tests Glen? Besides the HIV test, of course.

  25. it was apple flavoured candle flavour

  26. How clever, someone posted with my name. You must be so proud. I think lamebook needs to start a “login” system where users pick a unique username, I mean christ, even my own personal website has that.

  27. Is your name Weighed because you’re obese?

  28. Hey that’s my name!

  29. Who else hates people that write “ha ha” that way? Swedish dildolickers, I tell ya.

  30. @Quitit

    Easiest way to determine who/whom.

    Who is subjective case
    Whom is nominitive case

    So if it’s in the subject of the sentence, you use who….
    eg. Who is on the phone?

    If it’s not the subject of the sentence, use whom…..
    eg. You gave that gift to whom?

  31. @ KingNeckbeard

    If finding really petty reasons to “hate” is a badge of honour, then you definitely must be King. Ha ha.

  32. @31

    If you really haven’t figured out that sometimes the word hate is often used in exaggeration, you’re the king of a few things too. Obviously I was just expressing my distaste for the wording that way, instead it seems I was sending out a fishing line for losers that love to criticize. I see you’re from Europe or Canada, though, so I guess that makes sense.

  33. I think the comments on these submissions are more lame than the submissions themselves.

    Now, check my grammar and get back to me ASAP.

  34. @Quitit: Easier way to remember: If you can substitute ‘him’ (or her) into the sentence, it’s whom. If not, its who.

    So to use Bubbles examples:

    1) Who is on the phone? = He is on the phone. He=who

    2) You gave that gift to whom? = You gave that gift to him? = him=whom.

  35. No fail. I was discussing the first ‘your’ which I thought she was talking about. This is lamebook, not a fucking dissertation. Good grief Charlie Browns.

  36. No fail. I was discussing the first ‘your’ which I thought she was talking about. This is lamebook, not a fucking dissertation. Good grief Charlie Brown.

  37. I’m looking for you all to come up big here! I mean, huge mistake made in 1/2 of my previous sentences. Wait, is there? I’m not sure, but your, I mean you’re, I mean your dicks should be tickling right now at the thought of correcting my sentence structure and/or word usage. Trolls

  38. Gatoruggar, terrible save.
    Stephanie, thanks! That is one I have had trouble with.

  39. Gatorugger = Total fail. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Dumbass. Don’t worry, you won’t be completing a dissertation anytime soon! It’s all good — the world needs ditch diggers, too.

  40. Carl wins. I’d have said exactly the same thing.

    Course fees? They normally include the cost of the exams. If that’s the case he has a point.

    As someone who has worked in textbook publishing for some years, there’s a shocking amount of errors in those babies.

    Thank you! I always wondered that. It was that and the “less than” vs. “fewer than” debate. My problem was, that I never really cared enough. As long as people get your/you’re and there/their/they’re correct.

  41. who gives a fuck if he spelled “you’re” wrong? do you understand what he was trying to say? you do? then who gives a fuck?

    briana is pretty clearly the obnoxious pedantic bitch in this situation.

  42. 41…
    Why the fuck do you care if people are annoyed when others misuse elementary grammar? Are you forced to read their comments? No? Then why the fuck post this response?

  43. Everyone with a piece of brain should care about grammar, because
    1) The English one is one of the easiest in the world,
    2) grammar is the only way how to guess other people’s intellect, when meeting them online and not knowing anything but what they say and their nickname and
    3) I guess the main “LAME” point is that this “obnoxious pedantic bitch”, as you title the girl you don’t know, corrected the previous post from right to wrong.

  44. @43

    It wasn’t right to wrong. The original person said “your” twice, the second of which should have been “you’re”. Which brings us to number 2 of your list.

  45. Weighed is the new Boz.

  46. @44

    English is actually one of the most difficult languages you can learn. Note: I say ONE OF and not THE before someone jumps on that one.

  47. Wow… that Briana chick’s a dumbass. Haha.

  48. ^ uhhh, why is that? Aside from being a tad anal, she didn’t actually say anything dumb…

  49. Yeah, except it’s *due

  50. @#48 she totally fucked up

  51. @Jeremy
    NO. See #8 (and various other comments after). Briana did not fuck up.

  52. The problem with Tony is that he’s homophonophobic.

  53. LOL Spike, nice one. I was going to ask what it mean, but then I looked it up.

    HOMOPHONOPHOBIC noun, The fear of not knowing how to properly use words that sound the same but are spelled different.

    My only question is, should it actually say “spelled in a different way” or “spelled differently”?

  54. meant*

  55. Carl wins.

  56. This post and all the comments eat donkey shit. Please let me know how my grammar and punctuation are.

  57. The comments on this post are ridiculous. Every person who attacks someone else makes a mistake of their own, then the next person attacks the last person, and so on. There are plenty of intelligent people in the world who make mistakes in grammar and spelling. Nobody can be perfect all the time. Get off your high horses and leave each other alone. You are all lamer than every lame entry on this site. Enjoy the site for what it is, not as a means to make yourself feel better than others.

  58. Your an asshole, Briana.

  59. @ Anna



  60. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    @ Omg F’realz #58

    You must be new to teh interwebs.

    Skitt’s Law: “Any post correcting an error in another post will contain at least one error itself.”

    Your truly a doosh whom can’t toutch this: also probably Gatorugger.

  61. Briana – knob.

  62. Briana – a good knob.

  63. I love you Carl!
    Brianna is a little prick.

  64. Briana – I’d prick her.

  65. shit happens!!

  66. Agreed. Brianna is a know it all pedantic asshole.

  67. Briana …. =)

  68. OMG Briana his spelling was right the first time!

    And why would you even try to attempt spelling corrections when someone is writing a damn love note…?

  69. oh fuck then forget the first part of my comment…

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