Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday TypOHs!

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  1. Odd, I can’t seem to find the typo in the first one.

  2. @Alligator3 – me neither. Have you heard the “me neither joke?”

    on another note, last pic – if that chick’s bod is not photoshopped – that is one smoking bod.

  3. I didn’t know Westboro Baptist had a Facebook page…

    I guess “colledge” has replaced “collage” as the preferred spelling used by future 13th Graders.

  4. I love that she tried to correct the spelling in the third one. At least we know she can spell have. Nice curves though.

  5. Hmm I’m pretty sure the Baptist Church meant “fag”

  6. @zoiid – All body and no brain, I suppose?

    @GeezMom – I actually found her corrective caption at the bottom pretty helpful, if only because I thought at first that she was trying to spell “compassion”, as in “You haven’t got compassion”.

  7. Some people are just so dumb that it’s cute. But that doesn’t apply to any of these.

  8. If that’s the church my fiancee’s friend attends, it most definitely is Capture The Fag.

  9. If that’s the church my fiancee’s friend attends, it most definitely is Capture The (word that I’m assuming just got this post moderated).

  10. If that girl sent me that picture, with that horrendous spelling to let me know that I had “Compatition”…I would not be worried….

  11. And miss Kirstie will not last long when she gets to “colledge”.

  12. Dark Angel Sarah is a hottie!!! who cares that the word has 1 extra letter on it, ummm to me it proves shes human. AND HOT!!!

  13. The extra letter isn’t the only problem. :) Unless guys start requiring spelling tests though, she’ll not have any trouble in that department for sure. But to me it makes it funnier when you correct one spelling error and leave another one glaring.

    I try not to judge too harshly though, because I am prone to typing errors myself. Lots of them.

  14. Normally I don’t care about spelling errors either, but her picture is just so arrogant and kinda bitchy. I don’t know how to describe it exactly…just makes me feel not bad about making fun of her.

  15. Hahahah I know the girl in the bottom picture.
    She’s like 15 and has a 27 year old boyfriend hahahaha.

  16. well, if she’s 15, I take that back…I do feel bad about making fun of her, that’s not right. My bad.

  17. @rosielou: I guess she won the “Compatition”?

  18. @Ivygurl7 seriously i wouldn’t worry, i agree with what you said in your other comment hahaha.
    @guinevere hahahaha

  19. IvyGurl7 its obvious your fat and ugly, your jealous of a pic of a goth chick and it has NOTHING to do with you…. LOL

  20. Dark Angel Sarah is totally hot. For a girl with no arms.

  21. @RollTideRoll and you’re creaming over a 15 year old.

  22. @17 ‘you’re’ it’s kind of the point.

  23. wow well ok then… “Roll Tide….”

  24. Well then. Don’t really feel like talking about a 15 year old, and certainly don’t feel like addressing some of the posts here. I’m going to move on for the day and hope that when my daughters hit 15 I will have taught them to spell better, and not act like douchettes on the internet.

  25. Why is someone embarrassing Alabama more than usual by drooling over a mall goth with thunder thighs?
    I weep for our colledge football fanbase.
    Or is it spelled collaj?

  26. Oh lovely yet ANOTHER amateur model. When will these idiots realise that taking a picture of yourself on timer mode, or getting a friend to take them, does not constitute as modeling?

  27. And before someone jumps all over me, I have big thighs too. I just don’t sit on the edges of seats and take pictures of them looking twice their usual size, then tell the bitches they haven compatition. Living With Curves 101.

  28. Oh come on, she’s a 15 year old goth/emo/vampire fucker/whatever the hell they call themselves these days, and she posted a pic of herself arching her back so far to show off her tits that she would probably pull a muscle if she wasn’t so tightly bound in that corset thing she’s wearing…She’s practically BEGGING to be made fun of. The atrocious spelling and the MS-Paint text and border are just icing on the cake.

  29. Whatever RollTideRoll, give my regards to Chris Hansen when you see him later…

  30. Was that girl sitting on the edge of a bath when taking that picture?

    And ‘GeezMom’, surely calling her a douchette is talking about her?

  31. well, at least my “smoking hot” comment was in before the “she’s 15″ comment.

    now that it is in, i supposed I’m required to make some sort of apology… (i honestly thought you were *supposed* to be 18 to be on FB… but I guess it is 13)

    i’m 27, but i’m not her bf, as 18 is my low and legal limit.

    thunder thighs = hot if you have the right proportions

  32. People just need to take a minute and make a spell check if they “know” what it was “supposed” to say.

  33. @zoiid
    Like I said, I have ‘em too, and it’s part of life to learn to make them look good; however, sitting on the edge of seats inevitably causes thighs to look like horse’s haunches, no matter how thundery they are standing up.

  34. Well I’m a glass-half-full type of person and at least Kirstie got 3/5 words spelled correctly and Sarah got about 12/16.

  35. @Walter: Kirstie’s “I” was not capitalized. And since I’m a glass half empty sorta fella, I’m going with 2/5.

  36. @ spicy boughner,

    I can just imagine Fred Phelps hiding in the bushes in camo gear with a rope lasso on the ground with a copy of Cosmo inside it, ala Wile E Coyote.

  37. The real Walter Sobchak NEVER would have said that he’s a glass-half-full type of person. At least, not out loud.

    You, sir, are an IMPOSTOR!!

  38. er…or ma’am. Anything’s possible these days.

  39. Wait a minute. Does she have arms?

  40. I’m gonna guess that first post is from Westboro Baptist Church!!

  41. She has no arms and fucking huge thighs. That being said I would do her!

  42. Why even censor out “Westboro”? It’s obviously them. It’s not a typo, either. They’re just douches.

  43. How does one ‘capture the fag’? But I do want some pizza, can I join?

  44. Where is You Haven? New Jersey maybe?

  45. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    The lamest part about this is that she calls herself Dark Angel Sarah.

  46. Vain, anyone?

  47. DragonflyOfDoom

    Little hottie Sarah should be a role model to all young goths out there. Show me some leg! Who needs arms anyway?

  48. ThinkingInPictures

    I would laugh so hard if a girl who calls herself “dark angel” anything took wannabe modeling pictures of herself in her bathroom and shopped them (poorly) in an effort to up the intimidation value prior to sending them to me… Granted, if the guy was actually considering dating (not just sleeping with) her, I’d probably drop him anyway. I can’t imagine that I have anything in common with a guy who’d wanna be with that.

  49. typos are usually really lame, but the first one made me laugh.

  50. #1 – Baptists play that game all the time…I narrowly escaped the other day from a rabid group of latent homosexuals brandishing fish decals on pitch forks.

    #2 – They spelled “vo-tech” wrong.

    #3 – while being armless is not a bad thing, poor initial spelling, then equally poor corrections are!

  51. lol

  52. Only if the competition was to see who get get to the deeper layer of hell, then yes, you would be correct.

  53. I’m pretty sure #1 isn’t a typo…

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