Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Try Again…


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  1. Agree with Dratic

  2. WTF am I doing up here?

  3. Double Fail! Everyone knows it’s the endangered Kimono Dragon. I mean, duh.

  4. The Pig Pocketer


  5. Kimono Dragons, native to Japan, are actually a lighter, more flowing lizard.

  6. You all know that it’s actually Komodo and that they’re native to Indonesia, right? Right, of course you do.. :)

  7. She’s got lovely hair, though.

  8. Where the fuck are the sharks? Everyone knows sharks need water, and this is clearly a desert environment. Duh.

  9. Yes, I’m wondering where the sharks are, too. I thought it was a shark aquarium.

  10. Classic case of dumb blondes. DUH

  11. She looks pretty hot.

  12. a) that is a total honest mistake b) she *is* hot c) obviously there are other things at shark aquariums, lame-o!

  13. My professional opinion is that she needs implants

  14. i got the urge to punch her

  15. Dear *,

    a) All mistakes are hopefully honest. Making a dishonest mistake would seem very cruel.
    b) I’m guessing that’s you in the picture
    c) I’ve never been to an exclusive “shark aquarium,” but typically aquariums house predominantly aquatic animals.
    d) Did you try to insult me by calling me a lame-o? Because ouch, ma’am, very ouch.
    e) Everyone hates you. Stop ruining our lamebook.

  16. girl fran get yo roots done you be looking like straight up TRASH

  17. Tripl fail, Ben. Ratbastard is correct, and you are an idiot.

  18. It’s not the “shark aquarium” part that makes this post lame, stupid.

  19. TrainReq – Didn’t you hear? Dude to intelligent design sharks can now live on land. Furthermore, they can also walk and have opposable thumbs.

  20. Rick,
    I new there was total justification for this whole “God” thing. Now sharks will be able to take over and rule us, making humans their ultimate slaves. Evolution is such bullshit.

  21. *knew

  22. Yes, I’m sure this girl IS attractive, but she really needs to get kimono dragon punched.

  23. I know. Homo Sapiens are fucked. Not to mention, anyone who believes in evolution is racist.

  24. Good job, Jason.

  25. It’s the Shark Aquarium at Mandalay Bay, which does indeed have a Komodo Dragon to go along with the shark aquarium and other (not necessarily aquatic) exhibits. It’s really quite awesome.

  26. ive always been kinda curious, when you take a hot chick like this out on a date, what the fuck do you talk about with them? sadly ive only dated semi attractive smart chicks so thats why im asking.

  27. Quadruple fail, KOMODO. Unless my post was too extremely subtle and nuanced, it’s pretty obvious I know that it’s not a lizard with the same name as a Japanese dress.

  28. And Ratbastard is definitely wrong. It’s a Corona dragon, native to Mexico.

  29. Charlie, you talk about Pokemon.

  30. Charlie, talk about how stupid they are for thinking a komodo dragon is an alligator. It’ll destroy their self-confidence to such an extent that even a loser like you will have a shot.

  31. People, you’re all wrong. It’s a commando dragon, because it never wear underwear.

  32. Now that’s just silly.

    It’s actually a Commanche Flagon. Whilst it looks like an animal, it’s a complicated pottery jug, made by native Americans.

  33. I did some research, and it turns out I was wrong. Google shows that the animal is actually Commodore 64 dragon, for its abilities to totally school you in Donkey Kong.

  34. A common mistake, but I went to the zoo today and asked their lizard specialist, and he said that this animal is not a lizard at all!

    It’s actually a corroded wagon, a rusty cart used for transporting rice through China. It’s made to look like a lizard to ward off evil spirits.

  35. Ben,
    You win. Well done sir.

  36. I bet she wasn’t even in Vegas when this picture was taken.

  37. It’s a fucking Komodo Dragon not a “Kimono Dragon”. Jeez. It also has nothing to do with Japan, but Indonesia.

    WTF “Kimono Dragon from Japan…” I am stunned by the stupidity.

  38. well everybody i am the stupid vegas “need her roots done” girl! well i can honestly tell everybody that i WAS in vegas at the mandalay bay so joshua is right. there were sharks in there but i was standing in front of a glass window were the Kimono Dragon was. AND i know it wasn’t a alligator but when i posted the pictures i didnt really think i would be put on LAMEBOOK for it, but Jason did correct me so i never changed the caption so now that you all had a good laugh we can all move on!
    FYI: I AM HOT! :)

  39. VEGASCHIC, did you not learn anything? It’s KOMODO dragon.

  40. Candy Blackmail

    Looks fade, stupidity is forever.

  41. There are only so many Komodo Dragons in captivity in the world that you can be that stupid in front of.

  42. Hey Sabrina, you do realize the comment about a “Kimono Dragon” was tongue-in-cheek, right? “long, flowing, etc.,”?

  43. Maybe the responses to this lamebook post should be added to the WTFights section! The level of misunderstanding and harshness is hilarious!

  44. VEGASCHIC, we can never move on. We shall all debate for eternity.

  45. This bitch failed not once, but twice.

  46. Seriously, Sabrina and Aja, you both need to learn to read. Try reading the whole thread before you comment. It’s been discussed before and you’re wrong.

    And grow a sense of humour.

  47. Ben,
    I fucking hate you for expending all the words that rhyme with dragon. I feel as if i had so many more possibilities. But here’s one more anyway.

    The picture actually shows a colander flagon, which allows you to easily and safely drain whichever pasta you choose. Only $19.99 with 90-day money back guarantee, plus shipping and handling.

  48. I totally want to hump Ben’s leg.

  49. How the fuck can you possibly mistake that for an alligator? Its like mistaking a car for a tool shed. Which incidentally she is the ladder. Dumbass.

  50. Well you WERE hot, now you’re just a big headed bitch.

    Climb down from your cloud, join the rest of us.

  51. I can imagine few things sadder than a grown woman thinking that a komodo dragon is an alligator. I’m sure in a few years we’re going to see her with her kids at the zoo, describing every large cat as a “tiger” and mixing up the rhinoceroses and hippos.

  52. Whilst the idea of impressed humping my leg make me tremble with anticipation, I have better things to concentrate on. Like spreading the word that this is NOT a komodo dragon.

    I understand why TrainReq thinks it’s a colander flagon, as it is deceptively similar. However, due to my choice of biological specialisation, namely extinct species, and my love of art, I can tell you this wasn’t taken at an aquarium, but an art museum. It’s the famous painting, “A Dodo, gagging”.

  53. Oh, wow- Ben and TrainReq- that was awesome!!!

  54. I like this site just to read the comments afters… And Ben your’s were funny! She actually found out about her post and came here? I would be too embarrased!

  55. I think that this post has been my favorite one ever- and the comments are really what made it the best. I wish that I could wrap it up and give it to someone for Christmas.

  56. does anyone no her last name???

  57. Id tap that! And the hot chic too ;)

  58. Whitney’s hot, so I can forgive her being a total dunce.

  59. So long as it’s not a commode dragon – it might cause you a nasty fright and bite you on the bottom!

  60. I can screw my eyes up and unpixelate her. She is an awfy bonnie lass.

  61. I enjoyed Ben and Trainreq’s exchange waaaaay more than the post lol. ‘Corroded Wagon’ Haha great stuff sirs.

  62. I’m thankful for Joshua @25. But Devin (49), why is she a ladder?

  63. Rofl,even the guy in the caption still loses *Komodo Dragon*
    Chick HAS to be american.

  64. Thanks, Ben & TrainReq, your comments were totally inspired!

  65. Ben and TrainReq, you guys rule.

    With my amateur knowledge of car/squid interspecies breeding I was going to proclaim it a DeSoto Kraken, known to guzzle plenty of gas and be extremely docile on land. This would also explain the lack of sharks – the DeSoto Kraken’s fave appetizer!

  66. @TrainReq and Ben
    LOL!! :D Comments like yours are the reason I come back. That was inspired bedtime reading. “Corroded wagon”…:D

    PS. No come=cum jokes, please.

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