Thursday, October 8, 2009

Triple Trouble




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  1. I think Tracey wins.

  2. Tracey does win, but Daniel is a close 2nd. It’s one thing to type stupid like Jill did plus having your status be about smoking weed, but what Daniel said is just plain pathetic.

  3. Nazi Fodder:

    Well Daniel was half right. Marijuana only has two vowels, “A” and “I”.

  4. mcowles: and ‘u’!

  5. wow. all i can think of is ‘what a shitty day these three girls are having, all equally horrible.’ also i have a huge decision to make, my dog needs walked, i have to go to work, i am a little hungry… oh, and my cousin hung himself, almost forgot that one

  6. I can’t even read the first one. Something about blunts and plane art?

  7. “All I can think of is planet Earth and Blunts. If this plays into your day let me know. I love you”

    Even if she did spell everything correctly, she’s still a fucking moron for putting that as her status. These people need rounding up and shooting in the head. I cannot stand internet speak!

  8. I can understand abbreviating those pesky, over-long words such as ‘this’ and ‘into’ but what’s the point of ‘thynk’ ‘iz’ and ‘dai’? And ‘bluntzz’ requires and EXTRA letter?!

  9. Apparently, ‘an’ requires an extra letter too.

  10. So it’s not plane art? Now I’m disappointed.

  11. Fucktards.

  12. If it’s any consolation I’m quite disappointed in myself for being able to decipher that crap.

  13. her cousin hung himself and it comes as no 3 on her list?

  14. @mcowles

    @Dee’s delivery was probably quicker than you were expecting.

  15. I cannot even begin to express how disappointed I am in these post.

    This is the future. These are the people my children will be looking up to.

  16. Houston's Problem

    My children will not be looking up to these people. My children will be the ones deciding whether or not these idiots get jobs.

  17. David Attenborough FTW!

    Gotta go with Jill, even though hers is the least funny, I remember watching Planet Earth and smoking all day, I’ve seen the episodes about 35 times each. Caves is my favorite.

  18. @Boz, yeah, a bit, haha.

    I also read this as planet Earth and then thought “what the hell does that mean? Maybe it is plane art. Hmmm, I shouldn’t be thinking about this for so long, but now I can’t stop. Crap, ok, think of something else… dogs, fish, gold coins, tampa bay buccaneers, corn for a buck an ear, planet earth/plane art, DAMN!”

    That’s a quote directly from my brain.

  19. I figured she meant planet Earth as in nature, herbs and the elements and all that. I can’t believe I’m actually trying to give it some meaning!

  20. You know… Planet Earth and weed is a solid combination (anything David Attenborough, really). Although usually mid-way through you are convinced insects are going to take over the world.

  21. If her car broke down and her Cousin hung himself on Thursday, would she feel differently about it?

  22. Her car has no money? You gotta feel for the girl.

  23. her cousin in fact “hanged” himself.

  24. @ Melissa: YES! Agreed.

  25. @ Negya
    She was building tension.

    And TRACEY he can’t have HUNG himself. He must have HANGED himself.

  26. 23 comments?? 23 comments?? On this site? I must say I’m surprised. And I couldn’t understand the first one. The second one made me shake my head. And the third one just made me feel sorry for that whole family, obviously for more than one reason.

  27. future: never go a changin’

  28. Jill appears to be typing in a language that I don’t understand. In the slightest. Thanks for the interpretation, Dex, but it still doesn’t make any sense to me. Is it because I’m English (as in from England, not just English-speaking)?

    You can’t really blame Daniel for his stupiditu. The marjana has destroyed his brain cells. That is, assuming he had any to begin with. If he didn’t, then he’s just a fucking idiot.

    And, well, Tracey. Tracey, Tracey, Tracey. The poor girl. I hope she manages to make that big decision.

  29. StupiditY.

    What a word to make a typo on. Goddammit!

  30. The second one made me laugh so so hard.

  31. Kill the first chick.

  32. No don’t, this is so bad it makes no sense.

    Where is she from?

  33. @Houston’s Problem

    Completely agree.

  34. @ gurgle.

    Maybe by “hung” himself, she means that he got a penis enlargement.

  35. Tracey’s dead cousin
    Does not give a flying fuck
    About her ‘broke’ car

    Tracey should decide
    That family suicide
    Trumps her mundane woes



    Jill – She means Planet Earth. It’s a TV show on the Discovery Channel. Check it out, it’s badass. What’s not badass is her hippie-nonsensical-children’s writing.

    Daniel – was either raised by wolves and is just now learning the alphabet or is the product of science experiment gone wrong. Either way, what an idiot.

    @mcowles: i’m disappointed in your first comment. i thought you were better than that.

    @BRUTALATOR: three girls?? it’s daniel, not danielle.

    Tracey – what a bitch. i hope her cousin’s parents get word of that and send her some sympathy flowers. do you think there were always people this clueless or does the internet just make them easier to find?

    Daniel wins.

  37. So many @’s..when did this become Twitter?
    As for the post, it’s fake and from Sorry to piss on your parades. :/

  38. @beanstalker.

    no. prove it with links.

  39. Stupid is as stupid does..

    Stupid in triplicate – Scary stuff…

  40. The 3 stupids

  41. RIP traceys car

  42. Daniel is so high,
    He can’t even count vowels;
    Daniel is lucky.

  43. Daniel stay off the marijuana!!

  44. Your cousin hanged himself dear, not hung. You hung a picture but hanged a man.

  45. @LMAO: my first comment was a joke. I even put that it was for the nazis (grammar nazis) to correct me. Boz caught on, and I was corrected within 30 seconds, haha.

  46. Oh, but thanks for thinking highly of me :) . Or at least better of me than a mentally challenged pothead named Daniel.

  47. umm there is an i in marijuana

  48. mclovin, please be joking…that is not the only other vowel…

  49. How can some dumb ass who thinks A is the only vowel in ‘marijuana’ still be able to afford a blackberry to use to post his stupidity on the internet. Guess its all the money he didn’t spend on student loans.

  50. vowels are the letters with the holes in it

  51. Tracy is evil

  52. haha
    daniel wins

  53. Tracey should follow her cousin’s lead.

  54. ^Rick ROLL’D … but agreed

  55. It’s hanged people, hanged when talking about someone committing suicide/being executed in that way!

  56. I can’t get over that Tracey put that her cousin was hanged last on the list.. as if it were the least worst thing that had happened on her Wednesday.

    Hopefully her big decision was blow up her broken ass car with herself inside it.

  57. Haaha
    BBC Planet Earth
    and Blunts
    where can i fnd this girl?

  58. mcowles October 8th, 2009 at 2:12 pm

    Nazi Fodder:

    Well Daniel was half right. Marijuana only has two vowels, “A” and “I”.

    umm you forgot the “U”

  59. Daniel, just say NO

  60. Goldenfry, you spelt marijuana wrong, you sure you have brain cells?

  61. Hey geniuses: spoken aloud in certain accents, marijuana only has different qualities of the vowel A.

  62. Tracey – Oh my! Have you ever heard the word ‘perspective’?

    Daniel – No, the only vowel in marijuana is ‘e’ ;)

  63. #61

    I see. That’s probably what he meant then, but he didn’t phrase it very well.

  64. to the first comment…talk about fucking jibberish

  65. @ #20: Never smoked weed I take it, not that it is something to be proud of, but it certainly does not make you delusional.

  66. actually weed does make you delusional. if it doesn’t you haven’t smoked primo stuff.

  67. @lizasaurus: Religion is MUCH better than weed at creating delusions.

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