Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Touchy Subjects

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  1. stever…or something like that.

  2. hahaha fist loved

  3. aww samwise you were fist

  4. Am I the only one who had to Google Joseph Fritzl? Who just knows Austrian kidnapping cases off the top of their head? Maybe these people are European. Or criminology majors?

  5. @lametothemin – Thanks for saving me the trouble of googling it…

    I’m left strangely unaffected by these. I feel empty

  6. lametothemin:

    No, I’m sure there are other Americans whose knowledge of current affairs is limited by news corporations’ insular viewpoints.

    The Josef Fritzl case was one of the most widely-covered stories over the other side of the pond.

  7. “Literally the best thing ever.” Really?

  8. @ dakyras – forgive us for not making a point of remembering every damn sexual delinquent, european or from wherever else. Truth be told, except for Karla Homolka and Imamofo, I couldn’t name any.

  9. Out in the pub one day, messing with bluetooth. Up come the names Josef Fritzl and Michael Jackson. My cousins think they’re very funny.

  10. What’s with all the cunting off about Americans around here lately? You really do yourself a disservice and come across as an uneducated pseudo-elitist xenophobe who is more lame than the lamest of lamebook posts.

  11. Really guys? THAT comment is in moderation?

    I have said things far more foul that have tripped right through the filters.

  12. dakyras, we have plenty of sociopaths, sexual predators, and kidnappers over here, thanks, that we don’t all have the time to focus on Austria’s sickos. I’m sure there are plenty of non-Americans who have no idea who the hell Joseph Fritzl is either. Not to mention the fact that this dude was arrested over two years ago, so you’ll forgive me for not keeping a kidnapping archive in my memory. Asshole.

  13. And when he was found out and arrested, I was in Johannesburg doing a fellowship, so you’re gonna want to blame the South African news corporations’ insular viewpoints for that one.

  14. No lametothemin. I was in SA at that time, that was major news in evey newspaper, and on television. So was Natasha Kampusch (or spelt something like that). Blame it on being American, not on Safrica.


    anti- patriotism

  15. I’m from Canada, the Fritzl having kids with his imprisoned daughter was was publicized here.

  16. joseph fritzl is considered a liberal icon in many parts of europe. after all, it wasn’t so long ago that a man and another man couldn’t hold hands on a bus. thanks to pioneers such as fritzl, people in consenting relationships with family members may soon have access to the freedoms enjoyed by homosexuals, women and the jewry. don’t hate on progress.

    lametothemin – i love how you casually slipped in a reference to your glittering career as an international academic. perhaps in your next post, you could subtly allude to your side job as a lingerie model. this will distract everyone from the fact that you probably couldn’t even be able find fritz’s secret lair on a map of amstetten. americans, eh…

  17. *wouldn’t even be able to

    modals, eh…

  18. Vincent is fucking pretentious.

  19. Thanks for clarifying who Joseph Fritzl is. I would have just continued assuming he was a Von Trapp.

  20. High on a hill was a lonely goatherd
    Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo

  21. Saffer, I was being facetious when I referred to the SA news media as insular, so good job picking up on that. And I’m still not sure how my being American makes me somehow impervious to news, but keep up the stereotypes. They’re fun for everyone.

    Vincent, while I guess you could say I was an international academic (you could, I wouldn’t), my fellowship was actually work-related, and I only mentioned it was a fellowship to make it clear that I was there for an extended period of time, not just for a week or two. And no, I couldn’t find his secret lair on a map, but that’s probably because it’s secret.

    P.S. No lingerie, but give me your address and I can mail you some magazine spreads of my bathing suit shoots.

    P.P.S. Saffer, that last part was me being facetious again. I’ll try to point it out to you from now on.

  22. lametothemin…wow, just …wow! x

  23. Nobody yodels anymore …shame really.

  24. Am I the only one that doesn’t understand the first one?

  25. lametothemin, unlike Buzzkillington, you mean your name to be ironic, yes? Clever. And it rolls off the tongue more easily than defensivetothemax, right?

    As for Fritzl, he was worldwide news for a quite some time, but I guess not everyone takes note of stuff like that. Different news stories interest different people.

  26. @ bigday – yes. you are.

  27. i am actually quite shocked there’s people out there who do not know who fritzl is. my mates in australia know all about him. of course pretty much everybody in europe heard the stories – and even my american friends know him. what rock have you guys been living under?

  28. You’re right, word. Ignorant people who lack the ability to form original thoughts so often go to the old “uninformed, uninterested American” meme that it really should roll off my back by now. I’ll work on that. And no, I probably wouldn’t have been all that interested in learning about yet another of the freaks with whom we have to share this world. On re-read of the article, it occurs to me that this might have been the basis of a Law & Order episode, so it did filter down to me eventually…

  29. Saffer, again, that last part above –> facetious.

  30. I re-read it lamey, and still didn’t pick it up. I must have some inability on picking up subtle tones on paper that’s far worse a crime than ignorance to world headlines justified by a seemingly we-have-enough-troubles-of-our-own-why-do-we-need-to-know-yours attitude.

    The stereotyping was out of line, I apologise.

  31. whatthefargis: Plymouth rock. 🙂

  32. ….. Americans are stupid

  33. Come on, saffer, you’re killing me. The part about we have enough of our own freaks was, again, facetious. Damn. This is exhausting. I’ll be getting back to work now. But keep up the good work; I’ll check on your progress in a little while. And I accept your apology.

  34. Anyway, I’m glad you’ve been to my hometown (city) 🙂 Whereabout in JHB were you?

  35. that smiley ^ that’s how you indicate tones for the slow 😉 see I just did that 🙂 and again 🙂 and again…

  36. Har har. 😛 But thank you. I was tired of being mean, but I had to defend myself because…uh…these colors don’t run?

    I lived near Cresta, but I worked downtown on Rissik street. That’s a pretty scary town you have there. I liked it, though. Except one time my friend drove me sloooowly through Hillbrow and I was scared shitless. And another time I was driving home from work and four guys carjacked the car in the next lane to me and I was scared shitless. But hey, clearly I was too full of shit anyway. We all know this.

  37. I didn’t know Fritzl by name, but as soon as the “kids with his imprisoned daughter” thing was mentioned, I knew the story (it was covered in our media as well). Me not recognizing the joke has dick to do with being American, yet everything to with my inability to remember names. But please, don’t let this interrupt the generalizations from continuing…

  38. *to do with

  39. I also got tired of attacking (glad we at least agree on that).

    I know Cresta, I don’t know Rissik st. but I’m sorry you worked downtown- shucks… and Yes, Hilbrow is scary, your friend must not like you very much to take you there 🙂 Did you get a chance to go around other parts of JHB, or Safrica? Cape Town, Kruger Park, Drakensberg would’ve changed your experience- they’re my favourites.

  40. Comments beat me to it

  41. Am I going to be called ignorant or something if I say that i don’t get the “colours don’t run” pic? Please don’t hate me..
    (Fritzl was big here too..i have a dog called Fritz so that was a bit weird after that).

  42. Yeah, he said he took me there because I really shouldn’t be afraid and it’s not so bad and I should be exposed. Maybe he did secretly hate me.

    I did get to see most of JHB, and I really did like it a lot. I think about it often. Really nice people. Actually, for my first couple of weeks I lived in Newtown, but there were so many unsavory characters around I had to move. Looking back, it was stupid of me to try to live in Newtown by myself anyway. Luckily JHB has lots of old slave quarters…er…guest houses…available for visitors like me. 🙂

    I didn’t get to Drakensburg alas, but I did spend a few days in Pilanesburg/Sun City, a week in Cape Town, and a week in Kruger. It’s a beautiful country. I saw a leopard with an impala in a tree! And a bunch of lions eating a giraffe’s ass (no, literally, it’s ass).

  43. Potato –

    The colors on the bumper sticker are all faded away, should have red/white/blue on there.

    I’ve seen one of those in person that was completely faded and it cracked me up at the time. Glad someone else saw the humor.

  44. OOH I see it now! haha I was looking at it thinking “what weird flag is that up there in the corner?”I guess because the stars don’t really look like stars but a checkerboard.

  45. I cannot be the only American who knew about Fritzl…guys you’re giving us a bad name here!!!

  46. No, I’m American and I knew who Fritzl was. It was a big story a couple of years ago. Anyone who kept up with current events heard the story.

  47. Literally, Will? Really? Are you sure you want to make that commitment. You sound like the kind of guy who calls in love every week.

  48. I know about Fritzl.. but only because lamebook has made so many references to him in the past that I googled it at one point

  49. @ fivensky
    recall that there are a few other countries out there besides the US of A, all which do not use the same flag as said country, and therefore do not have the bumper sticker shown on pic 1. please don’t be ignorant and assume everyone in the world knows what’s going on there.

  50. mass, I yodel at certain erotic moments………….

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