Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Top Pics

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  1. Ben is yoinked!

  2. Koalas are ugly. that is all.

  3. Koalas are adorable.

  4. Bethany and Dina seem like they’d be good friends, though.

  5. topgearsuperfan

    still don’t understand how 111°F is gross… anyone care to explain?

  6. Having said that though i wouldn’t mind being one if i was an animal. Chilling in trees all day munchin on the sweet green tips of manna gums. I love the tale that the eucalyptus is metabolised in thier system in a way that makes them stoned.

  7. topgearsuperfan

    oh and littlest_hobo… if Ben is dead, how on earth can he be yoink?

  8. 43 degress celsius is pretty warm. Fat people might find it gross.

  9. I wanted to ben and typed the first thing that came to mind. Very lame.

  10. topgearsuperfan

    wouldn’t the water in them just evaporate? thus making them lose weight?

  11. I’m not much of a stever fan.

  12. They would then be loose skinned husks of thier former selves. still gross.

  13. topgearsuperfan

    Don’t worry, I don’t think anyone except Stever is a Stever fan!

  14. topgearsuperfan

    but a “possible” interesting sight.

  15. Wow.

  16. I can see a new market in some form of all over support garment to keep the folds of skin out of the way.

  17. entertain the image of the said husks bungee jumping.

  18. topgearsuperfan

    well at least someone can profit from it, even if that may be liposuction practioners (not sure if that is a real term), and ditzy shop assistants ooh and maybe even people loike Dan_Fargis?

  19. topgearsuperfan


  20. Dear Topgearsuperfan and littlest homo. Just admit you both love me <3

  21. *littlesthobo, sorry about the typo

  22. topgearsuperfan

    Where is everyone? Two people doesn’t make this interesting.(okay three, but Fred has only had four words so far)

  23. topgearsuperfan

    AHH Steeeever I don’t love you, i find you incredibly annoying

  24. top gear i’m begining to like you. and steve i am nowhere near the littlest homo. i’m more the slighly rounded homo.

  25. I am truely sorry if I bother you while you spend your days refreshing the comments section of a stupid website to see if some anonymous people will acknowledge your retarded comments. I will try and be less annoying, so you can babble on un-disturbed. Have a nice day!

  26. haha i love it when people fuck up animal names..
    That’s it.

  27. And 26th BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. D’OH! 28th

  29. I love it when people name animal fucks…up.

    Doggy style. Reverse kangaroo. The dangerous titmouse. Upside down porcupine. Impossible opossum.

  30. Dangling lioness.
    Puppy butt love.
    Turtle head pound off.

  31. The enlightend bilby, crouching tiger, hidden sausage.

  32. And let’s not forget, The Dreaded Woodpecker.

  33. thumping anteater, hanging sloth, rampaging wombat!

  34. Or the Panda Express…where you eat a bunch of cheap Chinese food, wait three hours, then fuck for 12 seconds.

  35. One hundred eleven degrees F *is* pretty gross. That’s the kind of heat that negates the morning shower in 30 seconds. And, if there’s any humidity in the air, it’s even worse.

    For the conversion, it’s 43.8 C.

  36. awaiting the moderators

  37. lamebook has been taken over.

  38. Awaiting the moderators? Never heard of that one. Is a moderator some kind of bird?

  39. it involves a lot of sitting around in the dark fondling myself.

  40. I feel sorry for Dina, clearly a victim of the liberal takeover of the educational system. If her parents had properly homeschooled her, she’d know her pandas from her koalas from her Asiatic blacks from her Polars. She’d also know that koalas aren’t even real bears.

  41. They’re satanic minions, right?

  42. Dawn of the Dan

    OMG Courtney, you’re up to 26,812 pounds?? I like, JUST SAW YOU a few days ago and you were SUPER SKINNY!

  43. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Welcome back alord, if you are bored by the takeover, I suggest you go back and read the comments thread where Soup met Yoink.

  44. Well fred, Koalas are notorius shaggers; actually whole colonies have been wiped out by soggy bottom disease which is actually a nasty dose of koala clap. The also don’t drink water. You just cant get any more satanic that that for a marsupial.

    @Dawn, LOL

  45. which thread is that, dukey?

    i spent the weekend in a hotel in anglesey listening to two middle-aged soap dispenser salesmen who spat when they talked swapping sex stories and racist jokes.


  46. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Here you go alord.

  47. Eeesh. Koalas are about 90% cute, but they lose that last 10% because their eyes are just so… beady.

  48. Rufio, they also lose Cute Points for eating their own crap.

  49. Don’t mistake Steeeever to be the real Stever.

  50. wow.

    dukey, thanks for that. i… i don’t know what to say…
    yoink wins, no? soup… loses?

    the big tear has started.

  51. are you getting misty or worried about a divide?

  52. hey, stever, i love how you always post ‘stever’.

    just thought i’d let you know that each new post fills me with inspiration, happiness and excitement afresh.

  53. topgearsuperfan

    hmm… I didn’t really miss much, and i love Dawn’s comment!

  54. topgearsuperfan

    @ littlest_hobo i’m beginning to like you too

  55. Where is this world going?
    God.. I’m glad there’s internet,and give us some joy, otherwise they would be just a waste of space.

    I can be a nice person :)

  56. Koalas are an Australian icon. They piss everywhere if you get within cooee of the little bastards, and they carry Chlamydia.

    I’m so proud to be Australian.

  57. Pandas > Koalas

  58. krasivaya_devushka

    Wtf @ Dina? Wow haha

  59. @Dawn, liked your comment.

    Do Koalas really carry Chlamydia? That’s so weird!

  60. @wordpervert, i second that, i love Australia :D

  61. As cute as they are, Koalas will rip your effing face off if you get too close.
    I’m not kidding.

    Thy DO drink water, just not often. In the last few summers we’ve had here, it’s been so hot that Koalas have ventured into peoples yards for a drink, and Kangaroos have gone swimming in the ocean!

    Anyway, what the hell kind of name is Dina?! Dina as in diner, or Dina as in der I can’t spell Tina…?

  62. My dog was attacked by one of those “cute” Koalas and had to be shot. Yes they do carry Chlamydia. Seriously though, once a year we have a Koala go though our back paddock and we leave it alone. Their claws will rip you to shreds (anyone visiting Australia would be best to go to a “Wildlife Park” and you are usually allowed to have a cuddle from one of these fearsome beasts). Also, they sound like an old man having sex when they mate. Except they are like, 10000X louder. ‘specially, when it is outside your window.

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